Nokia 2220 Slide Mobile Phone Review

Although mobile phones are becoming more advanced every day, one should
not think of the very simplest models. Are you one of those who only
want a phone with which you can call and send SMS; Nokia has introduced
its latest model 2220 Slide. It costs about $100. Now we see what you
get for the money.



  • Express yourself with a choice of colours and a
    customizable screen.
  • The Nokia 2220 slide combines quality with a flair for style.
  • See everything clearly on the bright display.
  • Enjoy the solid feel and compact design of the slide.


  • Listen to the built-in FM radio and stay entertained.
  • You can even record up to 8 minutes of audio from the radio to
    enjoy again later.


  • Browse the internet with GPRS connectivity. You
    can access social networking sites, keep up on the news, and search for
    useful information, all on the move.
  • Access popular sites directly with pre-installed web links. Add
    your own bookmarks for your personal favourites.

Photos and Video

  • Take photos and share them online or by

Practical tools

  • Stay on top of your inbox with the built-in
    email client.
  • Store up to 1000 entries in the phone book. There’s plenty of
    room for your friends.
  • Keep up with your appointments using the calendar.
  • Wake up on time with the built-in alarm clock
  • Write yourself notes to help remember shopping lists,
    directions, and other information you need throughout the day.
  • Track your expenses with the expense manager.


  • Stay on top of your inbox and in touch with your
    friends with the built-in email client, SMS messages, and rich MMS


  • Use your free email address from Ovi by Nokia on your
    Nokia 2220 slide, or access free webmail on any PC.

Nokia Life Tools

  • Keep up with the latest agricultural news –
    including weather reports for the day ahead – with Nokia Life Tools
    Agriculture services.
  • Get important career information and increase your general
    knowledge with Nokia Life Tools Education services.
  • Receive entertainment news and daily horoscopes directly on
    your phone with Nokia Life Tools Entertainment services.

Round the edges

Nokia 2220 Slide has the sliding keyboard. The forms of the phone are
very rounded making it good to hold in. It is not uncomfortable to carry
around in your pocket.

Nokia 2220 Slide has screen of 1.8 inches. This is not unusual or
surprisingly bad for a phone of this caliber. But when you take it
outdoors, you will find you can’t see the screen outdoors in sunlight.
Indoor screen seems bright enough, but outside in the sunshine, it is a
blissful exercise to see what you are doing.

Solid matters

The sliding mechanism is like a dream and just the right tight. One
would also think that such a cheap phone would be shuffling the sliding
mechanism. But the Nokia 2220 Slide is well screwed together. Clamps on
the back cover it may be some small squeaking noises.

Screen section and the front of the phone are made of shiny plastic,
while the keypad portion and the back are made of metal plastic. The
lower portion of the back cover is grooved, giving you some extra grip.

The phone is fairly compact and the weight feels just right. This phone
is actually far more durable than some phones that cost several times as

We like both the menu keys and number keys well, even though the number
keys may be perceived as a little too flat. All are reasonably spaced
and easy to hit. Number keys are also good to write on, if you were to
be SMS-freak.

Nokia 2220 Slide does not have a single shortcut key. Do you want to
control the volume while talking on the phone, working up and down parts
of the navigation key to this during conversations?

On top of the phone, there is the end of the charging connector plus an
output for 3.5-millimeter headset. If the latter really is no point in
such a simple phone like this, we come back to the future.

In the package you get:

  • Phone with battery
  • Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102
  • User guide

The menus of Nokia 2220 Slide is pre-installed on a grid, but you can
choose whether to see the main menu choices grid in list or just a
single icon per screen.

Applications and features are sensibly organized and will be easy to
find if you’ve used a Nokia phone for the simple brand before. Beginners
should not have to spend many hours to make him known in the menus.

This phone is far from the fastest we’ve tried. It is not annoying slow
when browsing the top of the menus. It is only when you reach a little
further into the matter that things start to go slowly.

The price reflects a good range of features of Nokia 2220 Slide. You
can, for example, surf with faster technology than Edge and you can only
call via two GSM frequencies. This means that the phone will not work
in the USA.

A disadvantage, which is considerably larger, is that your phone does
not support a single way to transfer data locally. It has no Bluetooth,
no infrared, and no port for USB plug. Would you like to send files to
or from your phone, you must go through e-mail.


We think the sound at Nokia 2220 Slide is enjoying the impeccable and
have rarely seen such high quality sound on call at such a cheap phone.

Battery life is not bad. The moderate use causes the battery empty in
three to four days.

Nokia 2220 Slide is not just something for the program enthusiast. In
addition to the standard package with alarm, timer, tasks, notes,
calculator and stopwatch, you get a currency converter and a program for
organizing your expenses.

Surf and read e-mail

Although the phone only costs $100, you may well use it to send and
receive e-mail. The phone has in fact a very simple email client. Fill
in the email address and password and pick up the phone so the rest of
the information it requires.

We also like that Nokia has equipped phone with by far the best browser
for simple mobile phones, namely Opera Mini. This browser will reduce
site so that they are adapted to the screen you are using. So you do not
lose track even when you are surfing on a 1.8-inch "big" screen.

There is nothing to tell about how the media player to the Nokia 2220
Slide is working. To transfer songs to the phone is quite impossible. We
tried the only method – e-mail – but the phone could not download the
file because it was "too big". The file was 6 MB, and the internal
memory of the phone is 32 MB. Understanding that, it does.

There was no music on the phone when it came out in the sales package.
When we connected up to Nokia’s music and software store, Ovi, we only
notice that there are unfortunately no files to download in the Music

The sound of the handsfree kit bundled is not exactly good. The music is
hollow and metallic and all varieties of bass you can see far behind.
But you will catch the morning news on radio or like, it works fine

Most radio listeners

Are you an avid radio listener; it may be a good idea to also connect to
a decent headset.

Since the phone has little internal memory as well as missing Memory
Cards, it’s not strictly just the radio you can get much musical
pleasure with the Nokia 2220 Slide.

The mobile phone comes with five pre-installed games in various genres.

Small and indistinct

Camera of Nokia 2220 Slide is very low fixed up, namely 0.3 megapixels.
This is so low fixed up that you can get it but not unusual in so cheap
phones like this. The pictures are still click: small, grainy and faded.
White spaces also appeared yellowish.



  • Slide
  • Dimensions: 97.14 x 47 x 15.85 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 93.5 g
  • Volume: 75 cc

Keys and input methods

  • Slide-out keypad
  • Navi-Key

Display and user interface

  • Size: 1.8”
  • Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels
  • TFT (thin film transistor) colour
  • Over 65,000 colours


  • Graphite
  • Hot Pink
  • Warm Silver
  • Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Dark Blue

Power Management

  • BL-4C 860 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Talk time (maximum): GSM 318 minutes
  • Standby time (maximum): GSM 496 hours


  • Internal memory: 32 MB

Operating frequency

  • Dual Band EGSM900/1800
  • Automatic switching between GSM bands
  • Flight mode


  • 3.5 mm AV connector


  • Email
  • Data: Calendar, Contacts, To-do, Notes, E-mail

Personal Information Management (PIM)

  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Recorder
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • Converter

Call management

  • Contacts: up to 1000 phone book entries

Browsing and internet

  • Web browser
  • Supported markup languages: HTML, XHTML MP, WML, CSS
  • Supported protocols: HTTP v1.1, WAP
  • TCP/IP support


  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels)

Music features

  • FM radio (87.5-108 MHz/76-90 MHz) with Radio


Looking for a cheap phone, you had to be careful. The quality is
actually very different in so cheap phones, and you have bad luck, you
may end up with a model hardly can call with.

Fortunately, the slider phone like Nokia 2220 Slide is one of the
exceptions that confirm the "rule".

Firstly, the Nokia 2220 Slide is well screwed together. There is no
slack to trace the link between the two parts. The phone also has good,
responsive keys for those who like to write a lot of SMS.

The menus are easy to understand and should not offer too many problems.
However, what is a problem is to use the phone outside in the sun. When
you see the fact that virtually nothing of what’s happening on screen.

If you need new business mobile phone then Nokia 2220 Slide is probably
not so much to consider. But if you only read email and surf a little in
between, then this is a very good phone for you. E-mail is easy to set
up, and the Opera Mini browser makes surfing to a transparent

However, there are limits to how fast surfing will take place, since the
phone has faster internet technology than Edge. It has also no
technologies for local communication: no Bluetooth, no infrared and USB.
The only way you can transfer files to and from your phone is thus via
MMS or email.

Are you happy while talking on your phone; the Nokia 2220 Slide is clear
enough beef for you. The sound of conversation is just as good as with
the phones in thousands dollars. This phone makes it clear that it is
not always the number of million to spend out that determines how good
the basic functions are.

Using Nokia 2220 Slide as the music phone, you can never forget one time
for several reasons: the phone’s internal memory is 32 MB. That means
you can fit the top six songs of usable quality. There are no
opportunities to expand the memory with memory card either.

The third reason is that the phone seems to object to the reception of
music files via e-mail – even if there is room. Therefore, you cannot
transfer a single song to the phone. It has a good radio, which stores
all the available channels for you automatically.

Do you love to listen to the radio; you can get a proper sound so good
if you connect a standard headset to the 2220 Slide. The phone has
namely an output of 3.5 millimeter audio jack.

You can also take pictures with the Nokia 2220 Slide. In short we can
say that the pictures you take will be miserable. Optics is not a
priority part of such a reasonable phone, and the 0.3 megapixel camera
gives you pretty much awful blurry and faded photos.

To sum up, we can say that the Nokia 2220 Slide is one of the better
options if you are looking for a cheap mobile phone with few features.
It is good to call with offers to write SMS and you can keep up to date
by listening to the radio when it suits you.

Is there something you need to check online or e-mail, the phone is also
not good for this.


  1. its d wrst phn evr cz wt 2days gnratn nid iz bluetuth n mny othr thngs n wn dat s nly nt dr dn illetrate ppl wud nly use it plz try 2 ve sm sort of changs in it

  2. it’s a good decent phone in this range. After all, what all can we expect in this range ?
    ya, its a big mistake to give mp3 player on this phone with no such availability to store music anywhere, anyhow !


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