Sniper: Ghost Warrior Xbox 360 Review

The Polish City Interactive decided to make a change of direction as to
the atmosphere and subject for their next game. Known so far as the
authors of Chicken Riot I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover, their new
production Sniper: Ghost Warrior, a war simulator that puts us in the
shoes of a sniper. According to the team developing the idea came from
The History Channel television programs based on the life of the
military. The story sees us play as a skilled sniper who decides to take
action in support of a group of rebels who wish to overthrow a military
regime instituted imaginary Isla Trueno.

The Warsaw Publisher City Interactive announces with Sniper: Ghost
Warrior’s first Xbox 360 title, which will also appear on the PC. The
game takes a fictional South American island, where you control an elite
sniper soldier who should overthrow a military dictatorship. The
ballistics would be more interesting than the story: Since the focus is
on dealing with the Sniper Rifle, City Interactive announces to combine
the distance of the shot with the gravity and the wind conditions.
Accordingly, the proper breathing techniques also lead to a quieter gun
stance. In the Sniper Rifle is in constant contact with the other
special units, which mark him for goals. By moving a total of 16 Level
one is the shooter by mines, ruins, coastal patrols and the jungle.
Several multiplayer modes for up to 16 players will also be integrated.
Snipers are often the real nightmare in the titles of many players.
Avoid combat helmet with an open, dynamic and prefer a bit cowardly
tactics, often for the repeal of teamwork – if you share this sentence,
it is possible that we will soon celebrate the happy ending of the era
such practices. City Interactive has created for the production called
Sniper: Ghost Warrior – which might attract fans of the game, freeing
them for other items, and on the occasion of the introduction of the
company in the world of game a larger budget than those hitherto seemed.

Come to the kingdoms of South American island, ruled by a dictator. This
is not a visit, from which the CEO would be happy (if he knew about it)
because its purpose is to deprive him of power by allowing him to leave
the world sooner. Unfortunately, the glory of the long game, something
goes wrong, our victim managed to escape and survive, knowing the risks,
and our task is obviously more complicated.

On the occasion comes to light we would be embodied in several forms.
The whole operation took part in fact quite a few people and we will
follow developments from the perspective of some of them. At the
exhibition presents two heroes. To increase the rate of 5% of game time,
he was destined to play a member of the assault.
And then – in one of the missions, almost without noticing it inspired a
similar scene from a board game Infinity Ward attacked an oil platform.
Carry rifle in my hands, placing explosives on the door, their breath,
and the fall of the premises and move in slow motion there, entrenched
enemies – just look at the marginal parts of the game. Because we spend
the lion’s share of a sniper in the skin.

The Polish publisher City Interactive will make this summer a
first-person shooter on the market, where you assume the role of a
sniper. The first trailer of Sniper: Ghost Warrior convinced.  On a
fictional Latin American island to the military dictatorship be
overthrown. Targeted actions as an elite marksman take you to this. Now
the debut trailer was released, where you can admire the first scenes.
Above all, the graphics engine does a very good impression and promises
graphic highlights in the style of Crisis. The game itself will offer 16
missions in which you can be a sniper need to be demonstrated. This
leads to the proper breathing technique and the Notice of wind speed and
gravity on. In some missions, but it is also equipped with other
weapons.  Sniper Ghost Warrior leads you to the fictional South American
island Trueno. There was the democratic government was overthrown and
the ruthless General Vasquez is now in power. As a member of a commando
squad must keep their course, and it works in the meantime, together
with the local rebels.

Key features in Sniper: Ghost Warrior includes:

  • The most realistic sniping experience In a video game ever, right
    down to managing your breathing for increased accuracy of sniper shots
  • Enjoy a fully realistic ballistic system that accounts for bullet
    trajectory, including bullet drop and environmental effects such as
    wind, fog & rain
  • Pull off the perfect headshot and watch your bullet strike the
    enemy with pin-point accuracy in Bullet Cam mode
  • An arsenal explosive weaponry is at your disposal. Defend you
    perimeter with Claymore mines, demolish enemy outposts with C4 charges
    and make silent kills with throwing knives
  • 4 types of sniping rifles: ASSO, MSG90,5R25 & SVD Dragunov
  • A variety of mission types ranging from sniper vs. sniper
    elimination, real-time tactical assault and fixed machine gun combat
  • Built on the Chrome engine that immerse players in lush jungle and
    detailed industrial environment

Game play:

Anyone who has lived their lives
hang videogame best FPS of history know well what is a Head Shoot the
ultimate death blow, or at least the shot that inflicted the most
damage. The character that embodied this philosophy has always been a
sniper, ubiquitous type of multiplayer but with limited appearances in
the world of Single; often relegated to mere game sessions ready
programmers. But City Interactive has finally decided to give greater
luster to this figure dusting off the old and dear philosophy: "A shot
dead." Obviously we hope for a quality product, a product that can make
us forget their old title for PC Sniper: Art of Victory (very bad in all

The Latin nation of Isla Trueno suffers under a tyrannical ruler and as
Marine sniper Sgt. Tyler Wells, you have been sent on a covert mission
deep into its jungles to aid the rebellion, one head shot at a time.
Unfitted in a Ghillie suit that renders you virtually invisible in the
dense foliage, you must stalk an enemy whose knowledge of the terrain is
superior to yours. Can you deal crippling blows to the dictatorship as a
top ranked sniper? Are you tough enough to succeed in a close quarter
battle as a member of a hard charging Delta Force assault team hell-bent
on liberating the oppressed nation.

Colombia has been ravaged by the economic crisis and is now on the brink
of civil war. Guerrillas and mercenaries are already dominates in the
cities and into the jungle, until a deposit of uranium falls into their
hands. We can no longer watch The United States sent in place snipers
elite Delta Force, to fix things quickly and silently. In Sniper:
Southern Strike you are a member of this special team, a sniper, a real
hunter of modern warfare. Creeps along with your "spotter", the soldier
alongside you giving you useful information and guidance: targets, wind
conditions, the result of your shots.  All as a true "sniper team.
Sniper: Ghost Warrior delivers an extended stealth game play experience
that challenges players with a variety of strategic and tactical choices
that affect how they approach their objectives and eliminate their


Hardcore gamers all just talk about new games by EA, Activision and Co.,
but also a Polish publisher and developer City Interactive is extremely
successful with its action-shooters and adventures – if perhaps more to
the casual fans or savings foxes. But in the immediate future, the
company would also like to appeal to new audiences and conquering the
consoles. With Sniper: Ghost Warrior was recently presented a play, the
Xbox 360 will appear the first time.  

Controls & Location :

Action about snipers – the genre rather specific and highly specialized.
Motionless lie in the mud in the pouring rain waiting for the
opportunity to make a single shot – a dubious occupation. Nevertheless,
his admirers have similar games still are. And it is not surprising,
because a serious simulator sniper very realistically reproduces the
features of fire, forcing the breath control and to make allowances for
the wind. Polish Studio City Interactive creates Sniper: Ghost Warrior
is for those who decided to test their perseverance, willpower and eye.
And the developers hope not so much on old-school players, many on the
younger generation raised on military transmissions History Channel, and
Military Channel. This is plainly stated in the official announcement
of the studio. Despite the controversial decision in choosing the target
audience, here you can find at least one positive point – Ghost Warrior
exactly comes at the appointed time. For other relevant television
simply forget.

We are particularly emphasize the
realism. Any shooter recent years forced you to click a button and hold
their breath before accurate shot. However, the Sniper looks
complicated. Breathing here you need to specifically monitor and press
the trigger – only on the exhale, as described in any textbook. Do not
forget about the heartbeat. Behind it is also necessary to monitor and
shoot only at a certain rate (about 80 beats per minute). And all this
applies only to the body sniper, and when it comes down to the rifle and
fired, begins this math.

Calculate the approximate trajectory of the bullet to help a special
device (actually exists), but make an allowance for gravity, wind, or,
for example, the rain will have on their own. Rules of the game as close
to life. If the first shot went off "in milk", then you are likely to
be detected and destroyed. Second Chance falls very rarely, as a
"remove" multiple opponents. Sniper closely followed the rule of "one
shot – one corpse." And do not forget about their own safety. Before any
assignment all the approaches to their firing point should be mine,
neatly placed in the correct places briquette on C4. However, such
detail weekdays sniper shown only at a high level of complexity. At the
very lightweight computer for you to calculate all the variables and
gently illuminate the red dot the place where the bullet gets.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior will take us by yet another South American
dictatorship that has developed on the Trueno fantasy island, where a
small group of rebels trying, with limited success, to overthrow the
oppressive grip. Obviously the U.S. military will not stand by and watch
you send in support of the revolutionaries along with a nice platoon of
Marines. So the plot is certainly not the most attractive, which
generously fishing from the best (if somewhat inflated) war movies of
the 90s over Korea and the Gulf bring the spirit to the present day. The
whole history is based within 16 missions totaling 11 hours of game
play, and longevity rather than discrete (if you think the 4 / 5 Modern
Warfare 2), supported by a mode multiplayer on which unfortunately has
not been issued no comment. But we talk about the game play obviously
being a sniper stealth warrior, to avoid boring and stagnant phases,
there will be sessions from within the missions pure FPS , facing with
rifles, grenades and throwing knives (recoverable after use) .

These sessions will be recomputed or programmers or triggered by our
mistakes, such as alerting the enemy wrong shot or making too much
noise. But the interesting part, more innovative course regards sessions
sniping pressing the left trigger will the viewfinder with a series of
basic data to calculate and set the shot. Besides the inevitable red
targeting reticule (which will disappear in more advanced levels of
difficulty), will send your heart rate and speed and wind direction
these data will strongly influence your ability to target and send the
shot to score. Wind can deflect the parable of the projectile if not
calculated and the heart rate at high levels make it difficult to aim,
in fact, have to try to keep the 80 beats per second rest after a race
or trying to reach safety from enemies. Will also be available a way to
slow down time (called Focus Mode), which aims to simplify remote or
mobile targets, if the shot would be perfect in that way the camera
follows the bullet to its target, to our satisfaction magna.

But this is only the final stage of our preparation, because we seek a
suitable place to carry out the murder, a location that visual field
than to leave us free to give us the possibility to escape calmly or at
least a ease. Wrong place we will be stuck on the roof of a building or
to find their backs to the wall, in short, a whole series of unpleasant
situations. To get there we must also be careful not to alert nearby
enemies and to do that we watch a handy indicator that will show the
overall alert level (filling it’ll take a manhunt) and a mini map where
they will be reported different colors enemies calm, agitated or
alarmed. Unlike many modern securities City Interactive has refused to
put a system of self-medication of the health bar, considering it
tactically trivial and trivializing, re-entering the old Med Kits,
forcing the player to ponder well his actions before plunge headlong
into the fray without any strategy. And frankly I very much welcome this
decision. In addition we must be careful that we leave the corpses
behind, threatening to spread panic among the inhabitants and to
maximize the bar of the alarm. The graphic is good quality and also very
impressive, managing to recreate with a great care the characteristics
of a tropical island well not bad for a low budget title.

Following current fashion, the authors decided to diversify the game an
additional character. Declaration 16 tasks are divided between the
sniper and conventional attack aircraft. The latter relies on the
correct machine, do not bother to calculations and shoot everything that
moves. At such moments, Ghost Warrior turns into a normal shooter with
explosions, sparks and splashes of blood. While the sniper, too, not
only with a rifle over the hills hiding. He occasionally has to quietly
"shoot" the guards and enter into melee. Fighting promised harsh, with
extrusion of the eye and dissection of the neck. To cut the patrol was
more convenient, the game will include throwing knife. Natural born
sniper probably will please and special slow repetitions. For Aimed Shot
in the head player is awarded the movie, where the camera as if
attached to the pool – you can trace the flight lead to the goal

As a private army of enemies in favor of disgraced South American
dictator. Action Sniper: Ghost Warrior is set in a fictional country
Isla Trueno. Accident inhibits cruel tyrant who overthrew the previous
government and established in the State of its orders. Further down the
thumb – camps for unwanted, mass executions and exponential penalty.
American Army in this case is only one – to invade the country and call a
scoundrel to justice. Prehistory and the entire conflict Sniper cause,
but rather a condescending smile, empathy than the oppressed people. But
the Latin American country could be unexpectedly good backdrop for
everything that is happening. Long time and kept lying and have to aim
in the dense Amazon jungle, putting the arm hanging vines, admiring the
beautiful waterfalls and the ruins of ancient temples. Hero shall also
visit the mine and plant. Let these places and do not represent the
aesthetic or historical value, but it is suitable for intensive sniper
duels. In general, in words, everything looks fine, but there is one
pitfall – the reputation most City Interactive. Studio sadly famous for
its squalid shooter. But hopefully, Sniper: Ghost Warrior will be for
her the beginning of the era of bright, exciting and beautiful projects.

Conclusion :

Being a game where you control a sniper, Sniper: Ghost Warrior could not
avoid appearing in a movie entirely dedicated to so-called "headshot"
head shots that leave little hope to survive the unfortunate enemy.
Although most of these new images are without doubt from kinematics,
this does not necessarily looks very nice despite the lush forests that
promises the software. City Interactive is not known for making very
good FPS but give them a chance. Who knows, maybe with the 100% multi
camped Sniper Ghost Warrior servers Warfare 2 will be cleaned of some
horrible campers.

Furthermore, we are promised a high-quality optics, multi-faceted
scenarios (urban, jungle) and a complex ballistic system, which for
sniper games do not is not important. A non-linear campaign and playful
liberties are also characteristics of sniper Ghost Warrior. For the long
term is a fun multiplayer mode, provide in the room can accommodate up
to 16 players simultaneously. It will be interesting how "Sniper: Ghost
Warrior" in the summer suggests that when it goes on sale. In addition
to a PC version, there will be a version for the Xbox 360.

In this show you can expect quite different tasks, in addition to
shooting from long distances, you have to you sometimes in close combat,
infiltrating positions or traps. Also a multiplayer mode, there will be
offering the different modes of play is. It can take up to 16 players
simultaneously. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is for PC and Microsoft console in
the second Quarter of 2010 appear. Unusual here is that the developers
with the History Channel and Military Channel worked together to detail
as possible adventure "of a sniper to simulate the". In the game you are
allowed on Isla Trueno try to reason the military commander to make a
crazy. As part of a Special Ops team help to make a rebel, in order to
fulfill various missions and to kill the potential dictator.  

The leap forward from their first title on the sniper is awesome, with
graphics and a game play renewed and improved, plus it was confirmed
that the title will be issued at reduced price, or $ 40 version for Xbox
360 , probably something less Edition PC . Another title that falls
within the new philosophy of Microsoft of exclusive partial ( PC and
Xbox 360 ) as the recent Metro 2033 and neighbor Splinter Cell:
Conviction although budget level, in these exclusive ranks more titles
as Tropic 3 and Section 8 . So is definitely a title to keep an eye on
which perhaps we will have some good content but reference to review
such judgments. Are you ready to embrace the gun. Finally I would like
to note that, despite the obvious budget, looks more than decent game
but the jungle is that raw, impenetrable and saturated greens. Hiding in
such – a pleasure. In general, guessing until we are. But the campers
from the Battlefield can already start "polishing" index finger – are
preparing for a first-class shooting range.



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