Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 PSP Review


As the latest and most advanced of the highest rated fighting game series based on the NARUTO Universe, NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja 3 evolves the best-selling series to the next level with major innovative features. Master 40 of the most loved characters from the universe and relive the major battles and events right out of the TV show!

Customize your character with the Ultimate Jutsu of your choice! Unleash your favorite characters’ Ultimate Jutsu beyond traditional multi-level super attacks to dominate your opponent. For the first time in the series, you will be able to turn some of your favorite characters into more powerful warriors and summon giant creatures as allies. Relive the major events from the TV show up through the Sasuke Retrieval Arc in Hero’s History Mode in both English and original Japanese VO. This simply is the best of the series.

Derived from the saga Ultimate Ninja on PS2, the game gives pride of the fighting up to four via the LAN connection to the console. And as everyone is not lucky enough to have one or more other PSP owners around him, he also offers adventure mode, alternately fighting and phase’s beat’em all completely failed. Good news, though: the title covers the beginning of the Shippuden. After Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 scenario also unusual that no one, CyberConnect2 is therefore to fundamentals and that’s good since this part of the manga portrays many new characters, including members of Akatsuki. They are waiting to be unlocked in single player to form a large roster of fifty fighters. Besides that, there is not much new under the sun of Konoha.

Bandai-Namco offers for the third time, the adventures of Naruto the little ninja phenomenal. The company seems to take into account the errors of Opus past to provide a more sober. Indeed, if the style in force on the consoles of Sony seems sufficiently well tested to show no significant changes, the novelty here is the introduction of multi-player mode. Besides the age Shippuden lends itself perfectly as it is full of fighters more powerful than each other. With this new version will therefore offered very many "fighters" continuing to complement the already comprehensive a game that tries to follow the evolution of its paper counterparts and audio-visual. Always bigger and using "jutsus" more devastating as ever, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 will not fail to attract fans and collectors

The Shippuden debut on the PSP came with Akatsuki Rising  rather moderately from. Debt was mainly the 3D Kloppereien dumb and skinny character team. Ultimate Ninja Heroes is back on three instead classic 2D action figure and a rich offer. Narrative, we plunge even further into the story than all previous Shippuden Naruto games – cooperative story missions for up to three players included. List of

Characters in the Game:

Naruto  Ino  Juice  Gaara  Orochimaru (in the body of kabuto) 
Naruto (four queues)  Choji  Deidara  Temari  The 4th hokage 
Sakura  Assume  Sasori  Kankuro  Naruto (bwidth) 
    (hiruko, 3rd kazekage, puppet)     
Sai  Kiba  Tobi  Chiyo  Sasuke (schoolboy) 
Kakashi  Shino  Itachi  Yamato  Obito 
Neji  Hinata  Kizame  Shizune  Kakashi (child)
Lee  Kurenai  Hidan  Tsunade   
Tenten  Sasuke  Kakuzo  Jiraiya   
Guy  Suigetsu  Pain (3 bodies)  Kabuto   
Shikamaru  Karin  Konan  Orochimaru   

Note : The game supports up to four players multiplayer mode may be history, may change the jutsus, habarcara history from the beginning until sasuke shippuden vs. deidara and then a story that is the game, although sasuke itachi can use kirin and Susanoo.

Tips :

  • Kakashi, Obito and Yondaime: To get you must select the third part of the last episode of the story mode and win the last row of matches (the lowest).
  • Schoolboy Naruto-Sasuke and bwidth: you must select the third part of the last episode of the story mode and win the last row of matches (plant).
  • Kabuchimaru or Kabutomaru: To get you must select the third part of the last episode of the story mode and win the last row of matches (the top).
  • Yahiko-Pein, Pein Pein Animal and Asura: to get these characters must select a quarter of the fifth episode of the story mode and win the last row of matches (plant).
  • Konan: to get this character you must select a quarter of the fifth episode of the story mode and win the last row of matches (the top).
  • Jiraiya: to unlock this character must select a quarter of the fifth episode of the story mode and win the last row of matches (the lowest).
  • The rest of you get as you pass the story mode.

I advise you to do missions with the aid because they are quite strong. (To help them with ad hoc just have to put yourself on the mission click circle to select the first option with the circle and then press the square, if you do this you’re the host, joining a host must press start on the way history and select the third option.)

You have to take Young Kakashi at the beginning of the fight you have to immediately make Chidori and if he is on the ground you’ll have to invite her chakra, and then he specialized Angriff. Wenn the floor is once again makes her double jump and attack and if he does not KO is then Just a Chidori and he’s dead.

Plot :

Naruto grew up, 2 years have elapsed since his fight against Sasuke fratricide, his greatest friend. Meanwhile, the latter was trained by Orochimaru as the little Goldilocks followed Jiraiya in his quest for information on Akatsuki. During this truce welcome to heal the scars left by the last battle of Konoha, everyone has the opportunity to deepen its techniques before moving ahead with a challenge far more dangerous, even threatening the balance of the land of fire. On this attractive frame that builds the story of this new episode. This episode is clearly intended for fans that will help in choosing their fighters. Shippuden Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 draws a lot of episodes that were on the PS2 in its time, thus proving the ability of the PSP to achieve very good ports. In abandoning the system "card game" proposed at the adventure mode of the previous album to move to a version Mission / side-scrolling adventure, albeit a very decided, but the trend is revealed in numerous challenges, This small laptop honors his big sister.

In the "adventure", it will jump start the "kunais" and fight to reach the goal within a limited time. This mode is not without interest, with the ability to play several connected or be accompanied by AI-controlled allies, but especially its maneuverability and its management hand, almost similar to versus mode, make it a welcome alternative to clashes between two full-bodied. Colorful and well detailed animations enjoying the pace of combat is backed by a soundtrack transcribed effectively in the bustling atmosphere while incorporating the sounds of each. However, if the challenge is met quite accessible on most tests, as often with this license, the later levels require a mastery of the "game play" verging on perfection in the fighting taking place in the arena. In all respects similar to versus mode, these battles use a number of items as opportunities. Although known players who have practiced the old episodes, the matches are in a fight face to face in 2D.

But innovation has been the license does not limit the combat area visible on the walls, because they are used to continue the fighting or vertically on another layer, depending on the selected site. Moreover, the limits usually found in 2D fighting are skillfully circumvented by the existence of a second combat zone available at the bottom of the arena, where a second "track" movement. However, when the two opponents are not on the same plane, the standard attacks have no place. On the other hand, ranged combat is enhanced by the many arms of jets available to challengers. In addition to their usual arsenal, they also have a range from simple knife launched Bombings widespread. These weapons increase the potential relief of evolutionary struggle, and their management gives a tactic that suits perfectly to the world of Manga / anime Naruto.

Indeed, the mind ‘ninja tactician "is so well developed, a character to keep fighting capabilities below a very high chance of defeating opponents much more formidable, if he uses all that the environment makes available. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 is in the simplicity in terms of content, with the versus modes, adventure, training and online. It offers an optimized use of what the license already provides for almost 10 years. Even the odd mode entitled "Tree of the Ninja", a gallery is being developed that will please most fans especially pure strain of the manga, but seem commonplace to gamers looking for a new fighting game, they have not previously interested in "Phenomenon Naruto. Moreover, your load times a little breadsticks while navigating in the menus may irritate some. But still, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 draws much its own game by offering more than 32 characters with unique techniques, all shot from the anime with the game follows the storyline. They are all attractive, because of their appearance, and the pleasure generated by the discovery all the proposed techniques.

Among these, the most powerful is transcribed as a cinematic, sometimes so close to the visual rendering of the lively that it seems straight out. Unlocked this multitude of fighters will then clearly one of the Interests of the most attractive way. Especially a pleasant surprise for the players more motivated when they finally discover the four characters "bonus" episode unique to PSP. Thanks to this approach and the opportunity to play against real players and the life of the game is extended favorably. The possibilities to his team before every fight will play a role important enough to prompt the user to try all possible combinations. In this search for "dream team" will be the choice depending on personal taste, but also affinities with the protagonists have with one another. For example Master Guy does not behave the same way if he associates with his disciple Rock Lee or his rival Kakashi. What a pity then that the "game play" is limited to team’s official license without giving players the opportunity to customize their own associations.

Game play :

Adaptations of Naruto-and by extension any other manga "shonen" – are a greater danger than Orochimaru when he pulled a can of black paint to the face: falling into redundancy. The most famous case was the first anime inspired by the adventures of the young ninja, since the series ended inexplicably stretched over 80 episodes that did not contribute anything bland to the core story. Fans are still suffering from attacks of hysteria when they hear the word "stuffed." With the game takes place more or less the same. At first titles featuring Naruto had the surprise factor in his favor, but the novelty eventually gave way inexorably to the routine. Therefore, the developers who have in their hands a product based on the manga should accomplish two goals to make a critical and commercial success: first, the game requires enough content to attract followers, the so-called "service fans "or fan service," and secondly, the experience requires a solid playable and fun.

Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 takes as a reference point Shippuden, the second installment of Naruto. The protagonist, after the deal was against his fellow mission discovers his actual power is not sufficient to address the threats that beset him, so he decides to retreat and train until the desired strength. Two and half years later, the boy returns home, the Hidden Leaf Village, where they have no time to prove to his comrades the magnitude of his achievement, as the irritating Akatsuki organization has kidnapped one of his friends, Gaara. The main mode of play is "The path of the teacher," an adventure structured in seven chapters (plus prologue) tells the rescue mission. Because Shippuden is a kind of "reset" players outside the original source will not have any trouble adjusting to the world of Naruto. As if that were not enough, history is replete with simplified but well adapted dialogues that will gradually introduced as the main cast as previous events with a bearing on the plot.

In turn, the chapters in "The path of the teacher" are divided into acts, a series of squares by Naruto must move forward. The boxes of missions, the most abundant levels of platform-old 2.5 D-forward linear-dimensional environment in which the player must either reach the end of them before time runs out or kill a certain number of enemies . Although initially the proposal may seem attractive, the repetition of scenes and the controls end up denigrating the experience erratic. What is the main problem with the controls? Well, they appear to have been designed for combat. For example, the player needs to move fast to dodge the many obstacles, but the jumps are slow and defy the laws of gravity. Also, the lack of attacks is at the height of the variety of enemies.

Battle Mode :

Ergo, the stars are the main mode of battle fields, where Naruto and company will face one or two members of the staff of 50 wrestlers. Although it is possible to win the battles pounding buttons without rhyme or reason, players who want to recreate the peak moments of the series will feel right at home. Jutsu attacks, tactical equipment, farm, experience … Too bad the tutorial to focus more on detailing minutiae rather to explain the basic concepts, relegating the task to the option of "Practice." However, launching the opponent into the air or send to the back of the stage to examine very closely the hardness of their amusements that mountains are just bored, is that "The path of the teacher" sins of exceeding content and constantly repeat . In the end, the player hopes that eventually the huge amount of missions and battles boxes give way to a more diverse event, but apparently the ninjas are people shaped practices, the only incentives to continue the story will discover how to read history-and it is best to go to the manga, and unlock all the extras of the title.

The reason for this is probably the very basic controls, which also completely without litters: With X jumped,  attacked with circular, square, with items used and collected by Triangle Chakra and energy released to initiate special actions such as Sprint attacks, raids or team jutsus. In addition, you can turn with the L button (awakening) and defend with the R key, or teleport to the back of the attacking enemy. All actions are loose from the hand, combo of action and diversity remain manageable, individual handicaps, can switch on at any time – ideal for easy whipping action in company. Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 contains two modes: "Practice" and "Battle free." Also, the title allows up to four players will embark upon the great majority of primary missions or fight between them through adhoc connection. The addition does not solve the problems of "The Path of the Warrior", but at least the dims.

Positive Point :

  • A good cast
  • Fighting up to four
  • The Japanese voices in the options
  • Very respectful of the universe "Naruto"
  • Fighting fluid and dynamic
  • Image and soundtrack quality
  • More than thirty characters

Negative Point :

  • Game play seen and reviewed 
  • The phases of beat’em all missed
  • The mess in the fighting four
  • Little innovation to license almost 10 years.
  • Loading time a bit long

Conclusion :

The game’s graphics are another story, another example of the PlayStation Portable has not yet shown its full potential. The character animation is amazing and the scenes are filled with small details such as streams, leaves dance beat at the mercy of the wind or the candor of the fire. Paragraph sound content with a more secondary role, although it acknowledges the possibility of changing the original dubbing voices in Japanese. The battle ended, and has not entirely cleared who the winner. It is obvious that the developer has made every effort to create a product true to the manga / anime, but the main mode of repetitive sin and its controls are erratic. Maybe the result would have been better if Cyberconnect two had chosen to focus more on the quality of the missions, rather than quantity. Shippuden Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 has fallen into the clutches of the worst enemy of the series: the filling.

As often with fighting games, is above all the commitment of the player to the world of the license that will make it last. The creators could have made an effort in providing a deeper gaming experience than that offered in previous episodes. However, catching up with the class of the old clunky attempts adventure mode, the PSP gets a game this episode with Naruto, he does not clearly demonstrate originality, however, allows to highlight the ninja through a turbulent "game play" which felt the nervousness and the technical work like a charm. Accordingly, it is frustrating not to have a bit more to immerse themselves tirelessly in Konoha powerful, which may limit the purchase of this title to fans and the curious! But a "soft" as Shippuden Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 is undoubtedly sit alongside titles such as laptop or Blazeblue Guilty Gear XX this as a serious competitor.


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