Clash of the Titans Xbox 360 Review

Clash of the Titans takes up the adventures of the eponymous film that features Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington and Ralph Fiennes. Set in the timeless grandeur of Greek mythology, adventure immerses the player in a war between humanity to the gods Zeus and Hades. Through vast environments ranging from mountains to the depths below-ground, enjoy two game modes: the adaptation of the film or freer than the greatest Greek myths. The gameplay-oriented action-adventure allows players to use an arsenal of weapons and powers. Players can also travel to many only as to accomplish the quests as they encounter a wide range of legendary enemies.

Defy Destiny – Born of a god But Raised as a man, Perseus is helpless to save His family from Hades, vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus and Unleash hell on earth.


Hades has unleashed his minions and you must conquer or be conquered, in this epic war of the gods. Relive the adventures of Perseus as you battle through a vast mythical underworld with over 100 different enemies.  Clash of the Titans is based on the action fantasy film from Warner bros.  Pictures and legendary pictures and goes beyond the script to give you additional quests, weapons, and enemies.  You can acquire and use your enemies’ weapons and grow stronger as you defeat them.



  • Over 1 00 mythological enemies to battle: Centaurs, Succubus, Cyclops. Slay enemies from the film and many more brutal beasts from Greek mythology.
  • Environments: 1 s vast mythological environments to explore and conquer.
  • Weapons: over so customizable weapons to equip Perseus as he goes to battle.
  • Fast-action, iconic game playing steals the weapons of your enemy to power-up yourself.
  • DLC: bonus quests, enhanced skills, custom items. Exciting DLC will be released to enhance gameplay and weaponry.
  • Take the lead role in the greatest mythological fantasy adventure game ever created with the official video game of the blockbuster movie "Clash of the Titans";
  • Slay over 100 different enemies and brutal beasts from Greek mythology Including Medusa and the hideous sea monster, the Kraken;
  • Intense action gameplay with over 80 customizable weapons and skills to master, Including Powerful giants and weaponry, Numerous combos, ranged attacks and chain attacks seize;
  • Explore and conquer vast mythological environments through 15 More Than 80 Varied and challenging quests;
  • Destroy the majestic environments and use the debris to your advantage During fights;
  • Original gameplay mechanic lets players seize weapons and use Opponents Against Them for power-ups;
  • Immerse yourself in the fantastic universe with over 15 hours of gameplay in Story mode and 100 missions in this mode;
  • Play the Entire game in 2-player co-op mode Either with a friend or an AI companion for an original and thrilling experience;
  • Feature-packed downloadable content enhancement to gameplay and weaponry coming post-launch.



Perseus : Tamer of Pegasus. Slayer of Medusa. This is Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae. Acrisius, Danaes father and king of Argos, had grown fearful of his daughter and grandchild after consulting the oracle of Delphi who prophesized that he would be slain by Perseus. He cast his daughter and grandson into the sea in a wooden coffin, certain of their ultimate demise. Alas, they became entangled in the nets of a fisherman from the island of Seriphos, who rescued and  Brought them to safety. To win the heart of Andromeda and save the world from wrathful gods, Thetis, Perseus must set out on a quest to defeat the Kraken and prove himself a champion.

Zeus : Lord of Thunder. Vanquisher of Titans. Shortly after his birth, Zeus narrowly escapes an early death. His father intends to devour the infant—a fate that befalls all of Zeus’s siblings. Rhea outwits her infanticidal husband by hiding the child in a Cretan cave. Upon reaching manhood, he accosts his father and induces him to vomit his undigested siblings, allowing them to successfully defeat Cronus and the Titans. Armed with a mighty thunderbolt, Zeus is the unchallenged authority on earth and atop Mount Olympus.
Supreme god of the Olympians. Master of the Sky.

Hades : Son of Cronus and Rhea, brother to Zeus and Poseidon, supreme authority of the netherworld. Attended by a host of demons including the ghoulish ferryman Charon, Hades rules his House of the Dead without pity. He is disliked, even despised, by the other gods; many refuse to utter his name. In his depravity, Hades schemes to bring ruin to Olympus and wreak havoc upon the known world. Left with no choice but to do battle with his brother, Zeus elects Perseus to bring Hades’ reign of terror to an end.

Andromeda : Daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia, Andromeda paid for the sins of her boastful mother.  Proudly proclaiming that her daughter was more beautiful than the sea goddess Thetis, Cassiopeia drew the wrath of Poseidon.  The supreme god of the seas commanded a monstrous creature to ravage the kingdom of Cepheus and Cassiopeia.  There would be no end to this torment lest Cepheus sacrificed his daughter to the sea.  Luckily, Preseus espies the beautiful Andromeda tied to a rock, awaiting her fate at the hands of terrible Kraken and becomes determine to rescue the princes.

Calibos : Once the handsome young son of Thetis and failed suitor of Andromeda. Calibos was transformed into a hideous, horned, thing like creature as punishment for slaying Zeus’s prized heard of flying horses, save for one Pegasus, bearer of thunderbolts. Perseus must battle Calibos-and answer an impossible riddle-before he can marry Andromeda.

Dracos : A skilled fighter and leader of Praetorian Guard, Draco accompanies Perseus on his epic quest to the River Styx and beyond.   This experienced soldier encourages Perseus to make use of his god-given abilities.  Draco also has personal reason for going on this journey, as his daughter was taken to the underworld by Erebos on her sixteenth birthday. Along the way they encounter many unholy demons and fearsome beasts which they must defeat.  Willing and loyal, Draco will do anything to protect Perseus and help him reach Medusa.

Centaur : Trapped between the worlds of animal and man, the half-human/half-horse Greece. The Centuars originate from Thessaly in ancient Greece.  The Centaurs are a wild, incorrigible land creature that cannot b tamed.  Skilled with the bow, the axe and the sword, Centaurs prefer stealth to a head-on fight.  They stampede over land and forest, carrying off whatever they can hold: food, treasure and nymphs.  Their dual nature is the cause of an endless inner conflict between the civility of reason and sheer animalism.

Siren : The Siren is a seductive, and dangerous, woman with fish-like traits hailing from the mysterious Sirenisian Islands.  Their bewitching songs lull mariners aboard distant ships, causing them to deviate from cause and sail into treacherous waters.  These songs are songs for promise, but not a promise of life.  The Siren song leads to torture, pain and even death.

Chimera : The Chimera is a strange, terrifying creature with the parts of three different animals combined into one.  Body of a lion, beads of both the lion and goad, and topped off with gruesome bat-like wings that sprint from its hideous back.  In the words of homer, it is a “thing of immortal make, not human.. Snorting out breath of the terrible flames of the bright fire”.  According Greek mythology, Cerberus and Lernaean Hydra mated. Their love child was a monstrous Chimera, the terror of Lycia is Asia Minor.

Harpy : A legendary, hybrid creature closely related to the  Siren and the Centaurs, who became infamous for stealing off the plat of Phineas, King of Thrace.  Cursed by Zeus for revealing too many prophesies, Phineas was banished to an island with never-ending supply of food. However, the king was never able to satisfy his eternal hunger because these hideous winged beasts of Zeus would swoop from the heavens and snatch food from his hand with their clawed feet before he placed it into his mouth.

Other more characters are :

  • Pegasus
  • Medusa
  • Kraken
  • Stugian Witches
  • Cyclops
  • Scorpioch
  • Charon

Game Location :

  • The Underworld
  • The River Styx
  • The Fens
  • Stygian Mountain
  • Seriphos Island
  • Desert of the Djinn
  • Argos


Just like in the film, Clash of the Titans will play the role of Perseus, who is caught in the epic battle between Zeus and Hades . The God of the underworld, Hades, summoned an army of monsters to destroy the Earth . Both Zeus and Perseus are trying to find a way to stop him, but unlike the movie, the action goes beyond the script that allows players to develop a unique history and unique warrior. If Perseus wins, the gods bless him, if he loses, the forces of hell unleashed on earth.

There are over 100 monsters to fight in this game. Perseus will travel through different places (swamps, mountains or even the underworld). Customizable weapons with which to fight the Cyclops , Centaurs or Medusa or the mighty Kraken . The game offers two modes. In single-player mode Perseus will advance through the game in developing their own way and unlock new areas, after defeating the armies of Hades’, but in multiplayer mode that can team up with other heroes to defeat Hades. There are over 80 weapons to customize, as well as 25-30 hours of gameplay in single-player and 15 environments. To improve the gameplay will provide developers DLC on a regular basis. It is very easy to compare this adaptation to video game Warner Bros film Clash of the Titans (Clash of the Titans) with the fantastic saga of Sony God of War. And they are enough similarities that are both productions, both in what he has to do with its setting and with your gaming system. But after a few hours of play, we realize that it is not the same.

Mythology :

Greek mythology is hotter than ever, that’s a fact. And we must say that much of the blame for this trend has to do with that God of War. Clash of the Titans also deals with Greek mythology and puts us in the role of Perseus. This boy who control will be a "simple" inhabitant of a fishing village to become a demigod, something we discovered as we proceed in the plot. The mission of this guy is basically that of rescuing Andromeda from his fateful destiny and, incidentally, to stand up to Zeus, who apparently is always to blame for everything wrong when it comes to Greek mythology.
The gameplay clear commitment to the action and close combat … maybe too much. We explain. The title consists of fifteen levels, each of them, it is necessary to go to play a certain number of missions to go forward. As usual, the former are quite simple but as we exceed them, the rivals to be faced growing in number, power and resistance. To combat can make use of a good collection of weapons, over 80, Arsenal can also be empowering.

The problem is that these fights will not be just amazing everything they should, and eventually become repetitive in the medium term. Part of the blame for this fact lies with the combat system itself is far too limited … but the gameplay unchanged, that just encourages us to nothing more than to fight incessantly: the "dose" of puzzles, minigames, exploration or platforms is virtually nonexistent. If we play the thing Cooperative improves slightly but not enough for the game to end up hooked.

Classic Greece :

The representation of the Greek world and its mythology is not bad collection at all in Clash of the Titans. Most notable is the huge number of animals against which it is possible to fight during the course of the adventure. Among skeletons, mermaids, giant scorpions, Minotaur’s and other add up to more than 80 different creatures, some of which are well conceived.

The environments are more irregular. We have found some good spots and covered with textures modeled quite polished, and much more austere and lacking in detail. What does that keep almost all of them together is a rather small size, and also that the transitions between them are marked by minor (but existing) load times, something that eventually ends up annoying because it breaks the rhythm game.

Sound :

Sound is one of the most successful of the title, especially its soundtrack, including tracks really worth listening to. For its part, the dialogues between the characters are quite numerous and, despite being in English (with subtitles), the mood properly help each of the missions that we are involved.

The bar set in the action adventure based heavily in the fighting is very high. And that’s the main problem Clash of the Titans, the competition it faces, led by the colossal (and never better) God of War III. Simply Clash of the Titans does not compete in the same league.


In this game the player assumes the role of Perseus, and must assert themselves against more than a hundred of different opponents. Namco Bandai also gave out an announcement to this momentum of new screenshots.  This action-adventure can probably hope for more excitement than the film. The game will play in scenarios such as a swamp in the mountains and in the underworld.

This film adaptation of the same name adopts many concepts of God of War saga but unfortunately never quite materialize. And is that, apart from being just a festival for the eyes, the battles just proving quite monotonous and lacking in spark. We believe that with a few more months of work by the game developers have uploaded whole, but we assume that the dates set by the film itself have marked much of this action game.

Clash of the Titans / Clash of the Titans (Java) – Game Developed by Glu mobile, a leading expert in the field of mobile entertainment. Clash of the Titans is based on the plot of the same movie, in cinemas in Russia known as the Battle of the Titans. Gameplay resembles a mixture of God of War and Hero of Sparta, you will find a fascinating journey with lots of mysteries and full of dangers.


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