Pure Football Xbox 360 Review

With Pure Football a very special football game came on the market. Players and fans dream about in the world and worship the sport. A sport of which they thought it would be nice, physical and hard fought. But today, the once-great sport with greed changed to great wealth and unfair actions. A game alone cannot change course. However, it can bring back the purity of sport – a dream of pure football.

Against the backdrop of the annual duel between the football simulation EA and Konami, Ubisoft decided to take the field dodging rivals: Pure Football is indeed a true soccer simulation, as in fact a male playing football in five road. Anyone who sleeps with the football at the foot of the bed feels so called because here is the review for Pure Football. The game promises pure football: five against five. Both the shoulder camera perspective and the acoustics respond dynamically to the action. For the action are 230 professional players, 17 national teams and 17 football legends are available. Up to four players can compete locally, online two teams directly against each measure.

Ubisoft wanted to join the lucrative world of football simulations is not very fresh news.  Given that the differentiation between the two giants and their philosophy, that want the product more simulation EA Games and strict compliance with Japanese opponent,’s faster and more dynamic but also arcade, it is interesting to analyze what the positioning of Ubisoft with its Pure Football. Pure Football will focus on a plan diametrically opposite those of the most famous football games. The clash on the same field of production over ten years of tradition would be a huge risk, in addition to the objective difficulty to propose a title from deep enough to go into battle without the experience of annual output. Football also brings with it the idea of bringing an immediate game, frantic and without frills.

The game seems to repeat the approach to FIFA Street, EA Big series signed, or propose a kind of football, arcade and much simplified, enhancing the physical and the players. Compared with the EA series, however, the title of Ubisoft Vancouver is different for some artistic choices.  This feeling is confirmed by game scenarios, with environment and those who wink to the fantasy atmosphere. Although both evaluate the quality of the technical side, and what can be visually convincing as a choice, just remember that one of the negative Academy of Champions was just the questionable artistic talent. Graphically the game seems to still occur in a pleasant, some doubt remains about the animations and their fluidity but this can only be discharged once it leaves the game. The image we have, looking at the (little) material released by Ubisoft, is that it is almost a "FIFA Street bourgeois" without the roughness of improvised pitches in the street without shirts and casual soul freestyle. And we would add, without the actual purity of football.


Feel the Fight : No offside’s, no red or yellow cardd just an intense non-stop football experience. Only by playing too aggressively at the expense of good football will you be penalized. Take advantage of a huge array of offensive and defensive physical moves including slide tackles, upright tackles, shoulder barging, contested headers, off-the-ball tussles and more.

Play in the heart of the action : See what the players see with the camera close in behind them, looking up the pitch. Feel the power and intense bursts of speed of the world’s finest players – all supported with VFX such as motion-blur, slo-mo and camera shakes. All this gives you the feeling that you’re actually playing football rather than sitting in the stands or in-front of a TV broadcast.

 Experience the Spectacular :

  • Take Aim – Take full control of your shots and watch them curl into the top corner or bullet past the goalkeeper.
  • Pure Shots – Unique presentation and control for perfectly struck shots. Cool volleys, bicycle kicks and trick animations are all authentic to real football but can be triggered with a level of frequency not seen in the professional game.

Play with the Best : 230 elite players, 17 top International teams and 3 legend teams. These fine athletes tangibly feel different to one another, with attributes that really exaggerate differences in the speed, the strength and the skills of their real-life counterparts.

Get Your Name Out There : Get yourself known and respected as a player both offline and online:

  • Campaign Mode – Create and take your player into the Pure Football world, then impress and recruit the world’s greatest players to your team, ultimately travelling to Africa… where the best Pure Football team will be decided.
  • Leader boards – See how you rank against your friends, other players in your city, region, country or the whole world.

Team list:

  • England
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Ivory Coast
  • Cameroon
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Scotland
  • Croatia
  • Belgium
  • Turkey


  • USA Legends
  • German Legends
  • World Legends

Game Plot:

The game will be available 17 national teams, complete with official uniforms, and players will be true, although "deformed" to their real counterparts. In addition there are 17 unlock able legends timeless, presumably for a nation in total the game will have 230 players. There will of course editor to create from scratch your virtual alter ego, which can be used both in single player mode that challenges in the network. The matches are not likely to wander very far from what we saw in FIFA Street, and charged with assorted fallacy absolutely allowed and some small power-ups (the trailer will be at a sort of boost). It will be interesting to see the reaction of the players on the field, most serious defect of FIFA Street.

The only real significant innovations to make life more interesting are the shot of the game, which follows behind the player controlling. Halfway between the second and third person, the choice seems to have been made to increase the sensation of dynamism and user identification. Difficult to say how practical such a shot, especially for watching the game on the field. The life of the modern professional footballer is one of status, success and celebrity. Yes there is a group of elite players who are prepared to risk everything to participate in something more.  They want the beautiful game in its purest form, 5-a-side football played on the very edge, where the rules are deiced by those who take part, not by a referee. It is here that the players are free to play, her that they feel most alive, here that they are first and foremost footballer. “Pure Footballers”.

Pure Football is a sports title that aims to reproduce, in a highly-arcade football five road: two teams of five players caught directly from reality, from sixteen national teams will compete in football field-sized actually larger than the classic soccer fields. The matches take place on playgrounds located in eight cities, among which our Milan: as mentioned, the game play of the title of Ubisoft is characterized by a strong arcade game, with the ball trajectories that defy the laws of physics, shooting and tricks to limit the likelihood and conflicts that transcend the game without any qualms of fairplay. Everything revolves around the timing also in the key presses to deputies shot and cross, so it is necessary to press and release them optimally (depending on the placement of a given indicator moving) to obtain the so-called cross shots and "pure" characterized by precision and incredible power although not mathematically infallible. Hence an action game that aims primarily to spectacular conclusions rather than tactical maneuver.

Game Modes:

The Pure Football game modes are divided mainly between multiplayer and single player: the first four players on the same console or via Xbox Live for two players, while the second one attempt in exhibition games or a real career game. It provides for the creation of a team (with a name, logo and corporate colors) formed by a captain and other players of fantasy, with the aim of challenging the national and world rankings to reach the summit: the progress of events set in the capitals where there are playing fields, you can unlock one of the points to improve the skills of its master and the other new players, if so real, to be taken in pink to create a true and its dream-team.

Before each match you can decide to send the five components of training in the field: they are naturally selected, given the nature of the arcade title, forms, and tactics to except the right to increase or decrease the aggressiveness of pressing their players. Also with regard to the online department is a sort of career through which to compete his team created from scratch with that of opponents in the flesh (alongside the traditional challenges friendliness between national): As the career mode in single -player, even then you can get rewards in the form of points to spend to buy new players to integrate into their team and rose to unlock customizations for different teams and players. The game is finally fully localized in Italian and supports the system Uplay Ubisoft, with which you can invest the premiums earned during the game to get rewards in other titles from the publisher.


Career in single Pure Football is the element that most impressed me the title of Ubisoft, as well-crafted and compelling: the fact that you start with players unknown to gradually acquire the celebrity football, next to the climb the overall standings with other nations teased me immediately and urged them to grind goals on goal. All this because the rest of his career (traveling to various fields of capital) is not simply based on the sequence of normal games but they always include several objectives to be met: the need to score first for a number of goals to actions required to manufacture a certain type and so on. Also to unlock the real players must perform certain actions during the match, a reason that prompted me to try different moves depending on the opponent that I was interested in acquiring gradually to give life to my dream-team.

Being able to make shots and powerful, precise cross could distort the gaming experience if they had not been inserted properly, creating such loopholes to easily put the ball into the net. Fortunately this does not happen in Pure Football for two main reasons: to build is not so simple because the execution will be submitted to perfect timing in the key presses and, above all, they are not mathematically infallible. That’s because the times that I managed to do an action that have flirted levels in stadium.

Unfortunately Pure Football flaw in the most important item for a title like this, that the game play: players to maneuver the title of Ubisoft, I had the distinct impression of having to do with soldiers to say the least wood in their movement and nailed to the rails invisible. All this has resulted in an overwhelming feeling of cumbersome game when, for a football game arcade, everything would appear bubbly and easy to master. If we add to this the absence of classical chance to run (it’s only possible because of limited shots covered by charging a separate bar) and a difficulty in amazing dribble and tackle the opponent, the omelet is quickly made and served.

Completed his career, Pure Football has little else to offer but friendly simple: it is true, even in online mode you can build your own team and gradually improve it, but I certainly would have liked this team could have been the same in my career already created single-player, something that inexplicably does not. In short, once you create your dream-team of the reasons to continue to score falls down, having too little of the brilliance game play with the title of Ubisoft.


My advice is to play Pure Football with the sound volume level to zero beyond a soundtrack anonymous, what are the constant annoying phrases spoken by players on the field, because it totally repetitive and spoken at random. The sound effects generated by the ball, as well as more generally the whole technical department of the title of Ubisoft do not shine also in quality, so that the result looks more suited to the last generation of games that it is today.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Pure Penalty: Earn 10,000 points only in one session
  • The path of power: Mark four consecutive goals to pull even in a power game in any mode
  • Nice share: Mark a goal for each of the holders (excluding the goalkeeper) in any mode
  • Pure Massacre: Exceeds a human opponent of well over 1,000 points in Play mode
  • Wizard Kicking: Scores 3 goals in a game with one player in any mode
  • Frenzy: Mark with 10 shots of pure power in any mode
  • Pure Alchemy: Mark with the goalie in any mode
  • Pure skill: Earn 1,000 points playing well in any mode
  • Breathless: Mark in the last 5 seconds of playing time in any mode
  • A good start: Mark 1 goal with the first shot on goal in any mode
  • Unstoppable: Reach the unbeaten in any mode
  • Shot of shore: Mark with a blow on the pole in any mode
  • Full: Scores 3 goals and 2 assists with a player run in any mode
  • The 4 bits of the apocalypse: Scored 15 goals with shots on the fly in any mode
  • Work up: Score a total of 30 goals with precision shots in all modes
  • Dominator: Win a game on each field in any mode
  • Serial thriller: Win 5 games on penalties in any mode
  • Brave heart: England beat Scotland at the well
  • TBI: Score a total of 50 goals in all modes of head
  • Pacifist: Win a game without being shots on goal
  • A new millennium: Score a total of 1,000 goals in all modes
  • The Vagabond: Along a total of 100 km on the ground in all modes
  • One Small Step: Unlock the first cities in a campaign
  • Captain my captain: You get the honor man of the match your playing captain of the campaign
  • Guest uncomfortable: Win a game of the campaign by completing all five goals engagement
  • The Guardian: Complete a campaign with a defender with a rating of 4 + stars
  • The effluent: Complete a campaign with a midfield player with a rating of 4 + stars
  • The murderess: Complete a campaign with a striker with a rating of 4 + stars
  • 29 days after: Win the Final Tournament
  • Forced Loyalty: Unlock all players in the national
  • World famous: Upload your captain at the end of a campaign
  • The going gets tough: Win 3 consecutive matches of club play with all
  • RSVP: Play a game against a friend
  • Certificate of Promotion: Earn promotion to division 7 via online games
  • Badges, that passion: Unlock the 4 coats of a challenge online
  • Too easy: Scores 3 goals in the first minute of a game of club play with all
  • Higher and higher: Earn promotion to Division 1 with online games
  • The Titans: Beat a player of a division or someone who has already beaten into play with all
  • Never fall: After a defeat for the club, win a game of club Play goalless in all
  • Odyssey Online: Unlock all the arms of the challenges online
  • Pure premonition: Para a total of 5 penalty kicks in all modes
  • Pure party: Complete a game with 4 players in team play mode
  • Pure Pressure: Run successfully 300 slips and contrasts
  • Sheer tenacity: Earn a total of 100,000 points well outside the country
  • Objective secret: Continue playing to unlock this secret objective.


Pure Football is undoubtedly a controversial title: well-designed single-player career and multiplayer game modes but poor, with interesting shots and cross members as "pure" but clipped a tricky game play and far from immediate. It follows a gaming experience that instead of the spectacular sports that I would expect from a title like this, leave early in the randomness and frustration, accompanied also by a technical department dull and very incisive. In the end goal no chance.

Pure Football is still unknown. The title Ubisoft has remained shrouded in mystery, perhaps not immediately be defeated by the giants of football gaming market. The decision to focus on a vision arcade is interesting, even for the long absence of FIFA Street, but some decisions on the side of design and game play leave any doubt, to be assessed in the review. We expect May 30 to find out if Pure Football can be a breath of fresh air or just a clumsy leap in the dark.

The shots of players unlike other football games will last a few seconds, but we need to ensure an advantage on the opponent to shoot at goal and pushed the network a game recommended for those who love football but also to those who want to try something innovative and fun . It understands the whims arcade game play, rather simplistic except for actions "Pure" and the possibility of achieving technical. But the game play is less forgiving unsatisfactory Pure Football, accentuated by a collision management winded, a little ball physics and a credible overall rigidity that is difficult to see.




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