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Explosive, the first Crackdown released in 2007 had severely blasted a
rather poor Xbox 360 titles like at the time. Three years have passed
and the context for a suite under Ruffian Games is much less favorable,
with competition as diverse as muscular. And, like it or not, Crackdown
was the first one of the games highlights of the Xbox 360 because it was
the first title in HD for this machine. Founded in January 2009, the
studio Ruffian Games consists partly of former members of Realtime
Worlds, the developer behind the first Crackdown . By blocking these
traitors rot boarded the license with them and decided to get to work on
Crackdown 2 , again with the blessing of Microsoft.

About the game:

Crackdown 2 Is the Ultimate Open-ended world action experience, only
available on Xbox 360. The game lets you judge, jury and Executioner for
a huge, fully explorable city. Crackdown Takes 2 multiplayer gaming to
unprecedented Levels for the ultimate co-op and competitive multiplayer
experience, you and your friends Providing with the complete freedom to
explore, destroy, and play your way as you restore justice and peace to
Pacific City-by "any means necessary.

The scenario of Crackdown 2 is 10 years after the events of the first
episode which saw a guy smash GM full of ugly in a futuristic city
called Pacific City. The city is still there but ravaged by war being
waged by various gangs not very nice people, dominated by an
organization known for The Cell. Suddenly it’s a bit messy, the city is
in ruins, there are villains and zombies everywhere, and you have to do
the housework. That is roughly the scenario which was anyway not much to
shine especially since we’re all here to fart in the joy and good

The Freaks, these misshapen monsters to zombie false airs, have invaded a
large part of the city they have not failed to fire and sword. To top
it all, the Agency was violently rejected by a terrorist faction not
really funny, Cell. The magnitude of the task to bring peace and
tranquility in the streets of this megalopolis is futuristic and a
monumental handful of clones with super powers would not be too long to
act. Luckily, this is exactly the kind of guy that is going to lead to
clean Pacific City.

Checkout the Trailers of Crackdown 2:


The basic principle has not changed in the manner of an ATM you walk
freely in the city on foot or aboard various vehicles borrowed from
generous passersby in search of more or less varied missions and enemies
knock out the rocket launchers. If the mission schedules so looking
orbs or racing through the city are still on the agenda, remains the
most boudinage rule with such a place to clean, so much to defend until
reinforcements etc. … Crackdown 2 offers course its share of new
weapons with such a kind of slime gun that allows you to use elements of
the set as a weapon. Check bin, lamp post or a car, and you will be
attached to this object through a kind of big rubber band, turning the
game into a pretty fun mix of JOKARI and bowling.

As the first Crackdown in its time, this new episode plays the card of
freedom at any cost and with little delicacy you airdrop alone in the
chaotic streets of the city, without a constant stream of cut-scenes
sounding neither mandatory assignments that are important hand. Unlike
GTA and others, the missions dig here without constraint and consist
mainly of the gradual conquest of each district of the city. The premise
of the game does not change beyond measure and a new risk game design
dared singularly sober, even confused some players.

Side gameplay , Crackdown 2 is also up to his first love in entrusting
us a super soldier capable of incredible leaps, to hover like a
cormorant or even throwing cars face of unwelcome and tear the street
lights come to pummel the first . Again, the idea is to give maximum
freedom to the player by offering him unlimited powers that will unlock
over time and experience gained during its journey. Subtlety of this new
version: a magnetic grappling device that allows much fun to play
roughly with the backgrounds and enemies as does Rico in Just Cause , a
bit of detail and react more extra.

Side vehicles apart from traditional cars, trucks and things with
wheels, the big news is the emergence of the helicopter that will make
travel faster while giving you a breathtaking view of the city. And once
at 3000m above sea level, no need to galleys to come down like a big
nerdy normal type, you can skip directly and offer a small meeting of
freefall. Crackdown 2 seems to focus on freedom increased, whether the
choice of weapons or traffic in the city.

Blow it up:

Multi side of the game will feature up to 4 cooperative and good big
deathmatch playable up to 16 players, which lacked the first album. It
will include the Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch’s or King of the Hill,
where the goal is to keep as long as possible a crown on his head while
all the remaining players try to take you. It has unfortunately not been
able to try to cause technical problems but it looks even more hassle
the solo, except in the classic deathmatch, for example, we talked about
how Rocket Tag, a variation where all players are equipped with Rocket
… The multi like the solo should therefore build on the show and the
frantic action in both titillating new Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and
Dolph Lundgren other inside of us.

However, the Agency will charge you to retake the city. For this, there
is only one way to act: we must speak the powder. Again, there are many
similarities between this sequence and the original game. First, we
cannot say that the developers have risked meningitis in the scenario.
It really looks like a minimalist, leaving the lion’s share to an action
that could be described as continuous. Second, the principle is also
very similar in Crackdown 2 could see what was playing his predecessor.
The agent that is directed primarily about the powder, it achieves its
objectives and, gradually improves the material available to it –
starting with his armor-to reach places which are initially time
allowed. For developers, the basic idea was to better integrate all
these elements to a more convincing scenario. That’s why they have
introduced the concept of "bad guys who come out at night. Without being
a real scenario, say that this is an acceptable backdrop…

And yet, there is a structure in the retaking of the city. As we saw
during the demonstration, for example it will give way to a power plant
to supply power to the desert headquarters of the Agency. Of course, the
place is in the hands of a gang that did not really want to dispossess
them. The opening of the four valves needed to boost power production
will be increased by eliminating anything that will stand in the way of
your agent. On this point, we still specify it became clear that such
missions were designed to satisfy fans of game coop. Indeed, as
Crackdown 2 will be able to accommodate up to four participants in a
game set in this mode, they can stay in groups or split to go and open
all the valves at the same time as the others.

Regarding the fighting, let’s say we have witnessed skirmishes where the
player is found against a dozen opponents but it was only the beginning
of the game when senior producer, James Cope we announced that later
enemies will be counted in hundreds, we’re perfectly willing to believe,
especially since the streets are filled with groups of bad guys who
will not hesitate to follow you if you identify. Another important
point: the Freaks you follow the rooftops. In the first, we could take
some distance and get away by climbing on the buildings. With this
result, it will be completed. That said, this is only a fraction of the
enemy that can follow you. The flight to the roofs could therefore take
on the appearance of strategic withdrawal as long as you serve him to
face fewer opponents at once.

The big improvements of Crackdown 2 is the reactions of its physics
engine. Already, nearly all elements present in the scene can be used as
weapons. You can remove an example post from the ground and use the
piece of concrete which carries with it as a club. It is also possible
to convert a gas cylinder torpedo. To do this, just go out and shoot his
gun into the cap. A very consistent physical record will do the rest.
We were treated to a magnificent fireworks display when the
aforementioned James Cope used a code to create gas canisters on the fly
to fill the chimney of a factory. A grenade in there and it was left
for the show. And things get really strange with the onset of magnetic
grenades that can bind a metal object to their users so they use it to
hit an opponent.

By using a slightly different and inventive, Mr Cope has simply
suspended half-dozen cars between two buildings, just as if they were
folders on a wire rack. One can easily imagine what it could give if it
were gas canisters. With this weapon, we can create dangerous traps in
multiplayer parties. To end the arsenal, the developers have also shown a
gun which creates a sort of impulse. It can be used to send an opponent
almost at the other end of the map. It is also possible to shoot a
scene for the object that hit an enemy with damage really important.

Ultimately, the main novelty of this suite is essentially opening a more
radical of the game to other players for an adventure in coop up to
four game modes and online that can accommodate sixteen berserk, now
promises to be literally explosive. Imagine sixteen hep cats loose in a
city with such characters as powerful is not necessarily easy, but the
mess caused promises to be quite pleasurable. Alas, this new multiplayer
suction causes some fairly graphic austerity. Version beta that we
discovered was, in fact, a certain difficulty to dazzle the world from
this point of view. Textures and other concerns clipping and pop-ups
rather obvious, but also quite common in these pre-release, disturb the
game that is very difficult comparison to the actual competition.
However, expect the arrival of the final game on July 6 before selling
the bear’s skin, evil as well.


Finally, note that the design has undoubtedly played finesse but it is
always in style between cell shading and cartoon does not necessarily
convince everyone. In any case, we cannot remove him to do one of the
hallmarks of Crackdown. You will understand, what we thought Crackdown 2
both actually improved but still very close to the first strand.
According to the formula, it is a kind of "change in continuity" we
analyze the real interest in a future.


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