Samsung GT-B7300 Omnia Lite Mobile Phone

If you thought Windows Mobile 6.5 were an extinct species, then you need
to think again. We have actually tested the Samsung GT-B7300, better
known as the Omnia Lite. We have previously praised some Omnia models up
in the clouds, such as Omnia HD. Other times, we have not been little
impressed, something test by Omnia Pro is an example.

The question is whether the Omnia Lite is a new highlight in the Omnia
series. The price is certainly no obstacle, namely the Omnia Lite is an
affordable Windows-phone.

Too old Windows Mobile operating system

Although Windows Mobile in version 6.5 is hardly years old; it is
tempting to think of dinosaurs and extinct breeds. When Google and Apple
wonder every street corner in the mobile world menu, you have to be
quick in the labs to keep up with developments.

Although Windows 7 Phone is launched for a good while ago, it is of
little help for you to have phones in the near future. For many people,
there is very little temptation to buy a phone with an OS that will soon
be replaced, especially when we know that upgrading to Windows 7 Phone
hardly be possible.

An established operating system has of course its advantages too. This
is a proven platform where children diseases are pruned away. The number
of applications that is available is also good. Although competitors
can set with a host application, they are also, not to mention more
accessible, not controlled applications for business users who do not
immediately require for each mobile platform that appears.

Steady Case

Omnia Lite is not particularly colorful. On the contrary, radiates the
functionality in a compact design. Although this is not extremely thin
Windows-phone, so it is quite narrow. This is a phone that slips into
the pocket without any problems.

The strong impression is unfortunately somewhat muted by the fact that
our test items creaked when the pressure at the bottom of the phone.
Omnia Lite is a pure touch phone without the sliding keyboard or other
moving parts.

Narrow Screen

Omnia Lite is as mentioned quite narrow. This obviously puts limitations
on how big the screen can be. Even if the screen fills out the front of
the phone, it is not more than 3 inches. Combined with it is quite high
and narrow, the result is quite impractical.

Screen rotates though in some situations, for example if you type a
message. Unfortunately, this applies also rare, and if you’re in the
menu or the calendar, you must settle for portrait view. When the
resolution is not near what you find on some other pro phones, get the
whole thing a slightly cheap feel, understandably, given the moderate
price tag Omnia Lite has.

The monitor itself is working or usable even if it is a bit washed out
compared to the colorful AMOLED displays.

In press

Screen of Omnia Lite is pressure sensitive. This means that you can use
pen or a fingernail to press the screen. The advantage of this is that
you can be very precise when you press the screen but you miss the
floating touch-sensitive operation.

Touch screen worked just fine. The edges had to press harder for it to
respond, and it has not the closest to the capacitive sense that the
best resistive screens have. You also have Windows menus to take their
share of the blame for the large flow of staff absence.

Samsung Special

Samsung has made some adjustments to the menus of Omnia Lite. Among
other things, they made their own navigation. This is in contrast to the
usual Windows menu becomes clear. Menu options are collected in four
different categories, each on its own page.

Scroll left or right switches to the next category and this makes it
easier to find than the standard menu.

Take 2 pay for 1!

You’ll notice quickly that adjustments in Samsung have not come
completely to the bottom of the operating system. This means that you
have two menus, two players, two file manager, two search features, and
two Task handlers.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Samsung’s own functionality,
often it works better than the one Microsoft has provided, but we are
left with a messy impression.

Click the Start button, for example, a different navigation than if you
press the menu button on the side of the phone.

Ready – done – start!

You can choose from different start screens. You have a start screen
with a typical Samsung look where you can add widgets and has a widgets
bar on the side of the screen. The disadvantage of this is that you
might as well end with open widgets menu when you actually want into the
start menu.

Furthermore, you also have a start menu in Windows Mobile 6.5 classic
style where you scroll up and down between the main menu options. If you
as users use calendar frequently then you will appreciate the home
screen where you get today’s calendar entries directly on the front.

Knowing about the Windows Mobile, you will learn to appreciate features
like search in the address book as you type and threaded sms. Messages
appear in a slightly different view with something that almost resembles
the speech bubbles. Unfortunately, you does not require the entire
message in each bubble if it has a certain length, and when it is not so
easy to see that here there’s more text you can continue to miss

We are as you see only between happy with the menus. They are proven and
functional, and also have a host of adjustment options, but the absence
of flow and it feels as if you touch something that has been patch up a
long time. The fact that Microsoft has launched the next generation
operating system, Windows 7 Phone, long before the first phones that
have this available; do we get the feeling of pressing yesterday’s

Extras package is well in keeping with the price. The essentials
included, but there are no lavish luxuries. Earphones are of the simple
sort, and you cannot with any transition to use their own headsets. The
memory card is less than 512 MB, and can be regarded as a supplement to
moderate internal memory than adequate storage space for music and film.

Package content:


  • Mobile Phone
  • Battery
  • User Guide
  • Chargers
  • Data cable
  • Stereo Handsfree
  • Micro SD card inside of 512 MB
  • Adapter card
  • Pen

Omnia Lite has as you have known until now, Windows Mobile 6.5 operating
system. That means you have some professional features included. For
example, you can sync to Exchange, so you can work calendar and email
sync with your mobile phone. Since we are talking about two Microsoft
products that are talking together, it works great. Integration with the
user interface are however not completely flawless.

If you read an e-mail on your PC, so it will be marked as read in the
inbox on your phone so it should be. The notification that you have new
e-mail disappears, however, does not of itself, so you can have multiple
notifications for new e-mail that actually is not new.

A little trifle in itself, but an annoyance if you use Activesync.


What you see is what you get or WYSIWYG has made the online life easier
for those who do not read code in the same way as the main character in
the Matrix.

The e-mail reader display HTML-formatted e-mail which is an example of
just that. Here you get what you can get on most other pro phones today;
e-mail is displayed so that it is going to look like with images and
other formatting.

The built-in GPS feel may not receive what is promised. Although Omnia
Lite will have GPS, so it helps little when it is not included even the
simplest map software. To install Google Maps should be one of the first
things you like Omnia Lite owner does.

We were not activated for geo-marking of pictures, but was only greeted
with a message of "Connecting the GPS…" unless we got something on.

Artificial intelligence?

Omnia Lite supports so-called text recognition. This means that you can
take a picture of text, after which the phone interprets the image and
converts the text on the image to text on your mobile.

The point is of course that you should not have to type in again if you
have text from paper into electronic format. We realized that this
feature worked like that fairly easily. Your handwritten scribbling have
to be interpreted by itself, it works naturally only to typewritten

Enough power?

Samsung Omnia Lite has an 800 MHz processor. Although it is not the most
awesome you are today, it is still respectable for such a cheap Windows

Internal memory is in turn modest, 250 MB, and when it comes to the
memory card with 512 MB capacity the new and larger memory card is
something you should consider purchasing first and last, if you’re
interested in Omnia Lite.

The speed of the Omnia Lite is perceived as good. Although not the most
responsive and lightning fast phone we’ve tested, it was rare we
experienced troublesome inertia when we used the phone.

The screen has a moderate size making it a positive impact. Smaller
screens mean namely lower power consumption.

We went from two to three days between charges, which certainly are
acceptable for a professional phone.

Not as impressive was the sound quality. We experienced the fact that
opponents sometimes had trouble hearing us. If we are connected with the
included hands-free device, the sound was good.

It may therefore indicate that there is a weakness in the microphone, if
nothing else then at least on our test sample.

Office Package

Under the skin of the Omnia Lite you can also find the Office Mobile, so
you can open and edit Word documents and something similar on the
phone. More advanced users will appreciate the typical Windows Mobile
features such as VPN connections and RDP. The latter makes it possible
to connect to other computers and remotely control them.

Samsung Omnia Lite does not especially play with her tight design.
Although it is not the most entertaining in the Omnia it can anyways
offer more fun than the appearance would suggest.

Media Player handles Omnia Lite in good way. It works well as a music
player, although the included headphones are of the simple type and with
advantage can be replaced with someone who has better sound and better
fit in your ears.

Unfortunately, neither the Omnia Lite mini jack nor transition for this
complicates the use of their own headphones. The exception is if you
have a wireless stereo headset for Omnia Lite supports like most new
phones, the so-called A2DP standard.

Video playback works just like the music. Omnia Lite also supports
playback of Divx movies. Monitor support is certainly on the edge of
what is appropriate for viewing movies on the go.

Midomi – What’s that?

You may not have heard of Midomi before, but it is a function to
recognize the music. You have two different modes to choose from, one
where you can whistle or sing yourself, and one where you record audio
from the radio or something similar.

If the song can be recognized, you get the title and artist on the
screen after a few seconds. The principle is, in other words, exactly
the same as Sony Ericsson’s TrackID service.


Bubble Breaker and Solitaire have to be one of those games with the
longest career as a mobile game. Do you have a Windows Mobile phone in
recent times; you’re almost certainly familiar with these.

Dice Throw is something we’ve looked at several phones in the past. How
much entertainment value is by throwing dice aimlessly, we have
previously questioned but you have at least the possibility of Omnia

Another thing you have is the possibility of easy video editing. Well,
it may not Oscar classics that are being made on mobile, but it’s
definitely more fun than throwing dice.

Low Cost Camera

The camera in the Omnia Lite has a resolution of 3.2 megapixels. There
is also no camera bomb we are talking about but to create a Windows
Mobile phone at this price it will be some compromise.

If that is the price that is to blame, we know not, but even if Omnia
Lite has autofocus, so you cannot decide where to focus. Shutter release
button is pressed namely whether or not pressed. So you cannot press
the button halfway down to focus.

And the camera works great assumptions taken into account. Difficult
lighting conditions except that the exposure is good and the color
balance is good.

Anyway, it is not going to get away from that resolution and optics sets
its limitations. Details tend to be wiped out, and you will probably
not print images from Omnia Lite in full size.


  • Design: Full Touch
  • Operation System: Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Browser: Opera 9.5
  • Band: GSM&EDGE Band Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900), 3G Band 900,
  • Network & Data: GPRS, EDGE, 3G
  • CPU: SEC S3C6410 800Mhz
  • Weight: 109g
  • Dimension (HxWxD): 107 x 51.8 x 13.3mm
  • Display: 3.0" TFT WQVGA (240 x 400)
  • Battery: 1500mAh
  • User Interface: Full Touch Screen
  • Camera: 3MP


Samsung Omnia Lite is far from the first phone Omnia series, and it is
certainly not the last either. However, it is enough to fall into
oblivion quite quickly. Omnia Lite is actually a phone that does not put
forward either in one way or another.

Although Omnia Lite is a relatively inexpensive Windows-phone, it is not
enough to bring out the big smile this time. Well, it is a functional
thing we have to do anything too tight appearance underscores. The
service is via the three-inch touch-sensitive screen. You have more
initial screens to choose from. Among these is a typical Samsung variant
with a widget bar on the side of the screen, as well as a few classic
Windows Mobile start screens.

It must be allowed to say it: Windows Mobile 6.5 is getting old, yes;
some will probably argue that there have never been modern. Although
Windows enthusiasts have mentally gone over to Windows 7 Phone, this
will fall away.

Samsung’s addition to the menu system works well in isolation but
together with Microsoft’s own menus, the end result is rather messy. The
interface is therefore quite outdated, and the great flow of absence
even though Samsung has made some adjustments. Eager iPhone or Android
users will probably frown on the nose if they use this menu system a day
or two.

In some respects this is also positive. With Windows Mobile under the
shell has just about everything you expect from a professional phone.
Synchronization of e-mail, editing documents and installing new
applications is obvious functionality on a phone of this kind. Also, you
can play both music and video. Want to watch Divx movies while on the
go, you should certainly purchase a bigger memory card than the 512 MB
large as supplied.

The screen allows the great film experiences thrust. First and foremost
is the smallest team to watch video. This has an advantage as well,
namely, increased battery life. We went two to three days between each
time the charger was brought forward. The audio quality during call was a
mixed experience. A couple times we had to connect the supplied
hands-free device for the other party to hear what we said.

So in altogether the Omnia Lite is a phone that most will bypass in
silence. Although it probably was a bit more appealing immediately after
it was launched a few months ago, just to state that this has not been
or will be some mobile favorites. The competition is, fortunately, for
those who buy mobile phone, too much that this is high on the must-have
list when you buy a new mobile.



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