Mortal Online Beta Review


After a long wait, Mortal Online , the MMORPG made in Star Vault has
finally decided to lift the NDA a few days ago. It is now some months
now as brave adventurers, some 15,000 souls, walked the first countries
Nave, crossing deserts, forests, steppes and mountains in search of
happiness and an adventure to save the teeth.

Despite hopes that Mortal Online has managed to generate among fans of
the genre, we can only say that the results of the beta is mixed, for
the moment. Only two patches are planned before the fateful release of
the game and we should not expect miracles patch, which will lack a
certain level of content the game This fact is undoubtedly due to the
relatively small size of the team in charge of development, no publisher
backing the project. Here is my report on the current state of the


Mortal Online is a sandbox type, where every action you undertake
affects indelibly on the world. You can not kill such indefinitely
dragon or even the same minotaur. Once the beast vanquished, only
legends remain and bards to tell your past exploits. For now, the
beta’re integrating only mythical creature, the Minotaur – beware horn
blows. But it is already possible to see a dragon in the launch video of
MO .

Since the open beta, which started early October, updates recurrent day –
every two weeks – came to decorate the features (additions of land,
skills, skills, creatures ,…). However, Mortal is not really finished
and most of the announced features are still being tested and, although
very promising, they are not, at present, reliable and complete and do
not develop further their full potential and entertaining although the
fateful release of Mortal Online should not be very far, nothing has
been finalized.

Checkout Trailer and Gameply of Mortal Online Beta:

Physical Abilities of
the engine (Unreal Engine 3.5):

Although the graphics capabilities are currently limited options with
the most basic (for the sake of stability for the beta), some landscapes
are already very beautiful and attractive. Among the most successful,
we must mention the sky and water that have a record that honors UE3.5,
MO and engine, although it is still below its real graphics
capabilities, there good chance they will be more attractive to its

The viewing distance is also very impressive, although details are not
very advanced at the rendezvous. But remember it, MO is a
non-instantiated MMOG, seamless, "change" occurring in the zone of
transition "nodes" that are felt by a complete freeze 2 / 3 seconds (see
Atlas for 3). Overall the landscape is still quite successful, although
very heterogeneous: they go from a bush that seems odd to a beautiful
waterfall (but remember it, probably because of low resolution textures)
and you will notice a void fairly present in outside areas of

The Myrland:

The world is composed of MO 4 continents: Sidoia south-west, Saducaa to
the west and north-west, and Nordveld Myrland. The Myrland is the only
implemented for the time and recurring accruals territories and content
will complement the world gradually increased after the release. The
Myrland seems to have a more or less "square" surrounded by the sea,
except in the north-east or a great fall, a legacy of Conflux ,
separates the Nordveld.

In the middle is a large lake, now called Sausage Lake, formed by
various sources in the nearby mountains rising and coming to lay in it.
Around the lake lie the steppes of Myrland to the mountains north and
east, the desert to the west and the hills and forest to the south.
Exploration is pretty epic as there are currently no in-game map or
compass to navigate easily. However, these objects can then be

The towns, villages and

A plethora of villages and towns have already made their appearance in
the Beta. For the moment, apart from housing, very few things are
located (housing, some inanimate objects and NPCs). There are still
craftsmen for each type of material (leather seller, metal …) for the
craft and for the purchase / sale of goods.

There are three villages of origin Khurite southern steppes in the
forests, they are pleasant to visit, although small sizes. The capital
Khurite, very promising indeed, has already been implemented. Located
north-east steppes, after a parade epic single path, it happens to be
surrounded by mountains. However, no activity is dynamic or
precalculated what makes this pretty bleak villages outside the presence
of players.

There are also two towns still under the yoke Tinderemene, a seaside
after the desert, medula, and north in a small plateau, Fabernum. They
are also well made but also quite empty of life. Another city, ancient
seat Tinderemene, is now a prey to barbarians and is located far north
in the mountain, whose record is successful, Mephistophelean atmosphere
gives a feeling of oppression.

Character creation:

We must first choose a race among the four present: the Ogmirs the
Alvain, Humans and Thursars. Then each breed has several families that
are just either choose either separately or mix them.

The Oghmirs (a kind of dwarf race) are at present composed of a single
family, Blainns, stocky and hairy little guy, they are from and Norveld
seem accustomed to living in polar temperatures. Another family of
Oghmirs, quoted in the Lore, the Huergars, inhabitant of Myrland, will
perhaps not present at the game’s release

The Alvarín (a sort of elf race) at the moment consist of two families:
Sheevras and Veel. Veel akin to the Elves of the wood and Sheevra to
skilful mountaineers. The human race seems to be the best for now. We
are five families: The Khurites we love relate it to the Mongols, came
from and live Myrland steppes and forests.

Tinderemenes The former undisputed lords of Myralnd, are only confined
to certain regions of the north. They are apparantent to the Romans.
Their capital is Tinderem, the largest city Myrland. It is not yet
implemented but will come before the release of the game and should be
at the northwest Myrland.

Finally, Kallards, a kind of Viking are inhabitants of cold regions of
Nordveld; The Sarducaans a soft blend of Byzantium and Arabia, the
inhabitants of Sarducaa; The Sidoians, akin to warriors SSA are
residents Sidoia.

The system of mixed blood:
The system of mixed blood is surely a key strength of character
creation. He can mix different families together, provided they remain
in the same race. With the exception of Half-Orcs for which he must
choose among the various human descent families in this race.

Of course, each race has its own characteristics and which also depend
on the age of the character. As an example, the race of Alvarín will
have greater intelligence and that of Thursars more strength. And an
elderly person has more intelligence and less force than his younger

Customizing physical

The physical character customization is below what we’ve seen in other
MMOGs. You can not edit different parts of the body, only his face is
briefly configurable. You can also choose the age of his character and
size (scale size by race and age). Moreover, we regret the appearance of
certain characters that seem almost slapdash (Alvarín particular). But
we will not complain about their looks more "realistic" in comparison to
other MMOs that provide us with characters who seem to frequent the
best gym in California.


The attributes are the basic skills of your character, there were six:
Size, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Psyche and Constitution. Each
of these attributes has a cap (maximum) determined by your race and age.
There are a limited number of points to distribute across all these
attributes. Thus, we can not be both an excellent magician and a valiant

The size improves the level of health, speed, endurance, maximum weight.
The strength increases the damage, the maximum load, endurance and
ability to bring a particular heavy weapons without penalty to speed.
The skill increases the speed of movement, gives bonuses to the handling
of the bow and the horse and damage bonuses. The intelligence does so
far no bonus (?). The psyche and the number increases mana. Finally, the
constitution increases endurance, and maximum load points.

Additionally all attributes from bonus to certain skill. For example,
skill domestication has a bonus related to the level of intelligence and
psyche of the character. The system attribute is also incomplete, not
everything works properly (you can not unlearn an attribute by reducing
these issues, you can not reach a size greater than 1.90, …). The
system is very basic, but functional and if it works fine for the game’s
release, it will be interesting.


Skills are the key to the system of specialization MO. There are two
types: primary and secondary. The primary skills are linked to
attributes, the secondaries with the primaries. As for skills,
competencies have a heading and must be chosen carefully based on its
gameplay to advance those as the total number of points (on all skills)
is limited.

The system is well thought out and very interesting but again, on "74
promised" to exit the game, only a dozen have already been implemented.
Among those, we note the presence of weapon skills, chivalry or mining.
We therefore looked forward to see happen all the skills promised to
really enjoy the specialization of his character.

Fauna and Flora O:

There are few creatures MO: two types of wolves, weasels, birds of
terror, bison, horses of the steppes, the domestic pig and wild boar.
The animations of animals are still being developed, many bugs remain,
although many others have already been repaired at previous patches.
Their behavior is fairly basic and lacks evidence of particular skills
that could make their entertaining encounter and difficult. The record
is somewhat mixed for the moment.

All animals can be domesticated, provided they have the competence to
dressing a certain level. It is the same for mounts, we must find a
horse, alone or in groups, try to tame then mount it. But beware, once
tamed the beast, it will need to master the skill of riding if you want
to run around like Gandalf on his horse. There are three levels of speed
for the frame, it takes a little getting used to riding before you
attempt to increase speed. Only the horse is present as a horse despite
those presented in video, The Bull Horse and a sort of big hairy
rhinoceros (in the first video presentation of the game).

Again the results are mixed. Some trees are treated fairly and printing
density of forests well rendered, but the bushes and shrubs, already
very briefly placed along the continent, are unconvincing.

However, SpeedTree 5.0 has just been integrated into the UE3 .5, it has
not yet been implemented in Mortal Online. It should not be a patch
before (after leaving the game?) But the developers assure us all and
some models of the library from ST 5.0 will be integrated soon.


Many resources are already available and scattered over the territory.
For now, there are a dozen types of wood, each with its own
characteristics (light and friable or solid and heavy), and 4 types of
rocks (Granum, Calx, Gabor and Sabura), each of which can be refined for
various metals. Every rock provided more metals and minerals, some are
"refinable" several times and can get in still smaller quantity of metal
even more prestigious. It is also possible to refine animal carcasses
for horn, bone, leather or wool. Again various types are available and
depend on the prestige of the animal killed.

So far the craft has not yet been dynamically integrated. It can not
only make his weapons and armor, we must rely on artisans present in
various villages scattered along the continent to produce and refine. A
large number of weapons, three arches and a dozen sets can be created by
a blacksmith. Of course, each weapon can be created by the utility and
the desires of each: one will want a straight shaft, bent, long, short,
heavy or light, another a straight blade or curved. Each armor has its
specific features (leather or metal, light or heavy).

The appearance of weapons is quite acceptable, even enjoyable. The
crafting system though still sketchy on some points, continuing the good
ideas and we hope he continues on this path. It is expected that
players can have a more active role in manufacturing.


While great on paper, the battle is not yet mature, because of lag and
bugs. The system is exotic for an , only the ability of the player
actually counted and only his experience will save in the event of an
attack. We play for the first person, as in an FPS, which provides
intense feelings during fights.

However, the combat system is not without a glaring lack a , the total
lack of skills or spells active type root / mezz, etc.. Besides sending
his shot or throw, there was no gameplay involved. It is hoped that
these elements will be added before the exit to lead to real fighting

Different skills, one for each type of weapon (sword, ax, blunt weapons,
polearms …), are available. Their rate of growth is of course
decreasing, but do not require a huge bashing to reach the last levels.
They reach the time to familiarize themselves with the system. When the
lag and bugs do not rage, the battle involved can be very pleasant. The
beatings must be loaded, using a left click, then released when deemed
suitable. Keep a Loved suspends consumes stamina. The system is well
thought of (when it works) and got used to it quickly.

The shield is also a click, this time maintains that the shield law in a
defensive position. You can either remove the protection or shield a
blow to the opponent back. The collisions are taken into account in MO,
so the shields may find all their interest. One can imagine many battles
with cohorts of legionaries.

The archery is sympathetic without being transcendent. One regrets the
lack of shooting skills side (arrows poisoned arrows piercing …) and
the limited variety of arc (short, long, unbalanced). By cons we
appreciate the construction of the arcs: if one wishes to make a good
bow, he must sail on the net to find out how our friends the Huns,
Galois, Sarmatians or the Mongols built their best composite bows (not I
will not say how).

To shoot, you click the arrow to punching, it is, and hopefully is
released. The engine takes into account the physical laws of ballistics,
so if you want to get very far there is 45 degrees, but there is
nothing to hope for less known or to be De Locksley many.

For cons here is the carnage. Only six lots available for the moment,
nothing to delight fans of fireballs. So, fans of soothsayers, sorcerers
or necromancers, shamans, will not find, for the moment their account.
To cast a spell you must first load it and start it when you want it
(there is a limited time before needing recharging). Spells are basic
for the moment: two treatments, a purification, the rest in damage,
including a dot.

We hope to see schools of magic shows to give real meaning to this
jurisdiction. For now, there is little interest in being only magician
and especially little fun.

The mounted combat and archery are very nice climb. What we regret is
the bug still present (horse dies without too many reasons, a weapon
that remains locked in attack position …) it is fairly playable,
except during recess lag .. . The system operates on the same principle
to walking.

The housing and the
guild system:

These two systems are the essence of success "expected" Mortal Online,
as the game moves to the GvG. They are intimately linked. For the
moment? there is a unique type of house with three possible
developments: Tier 1, 2 and 3. Each augment third floor of a home. In
addition, modules can be added to the house to enlarge. The usefulness
of these modules is in the shop of a craftsman in the stable.

To construct must pay a certain amount (according to the increasing
complexity of the plan) and find someone selling plans (found in Morin
and Khur Fabernum). Then he must find a preset location on the map by
clicking and strolling. When a location is found disposable, a patron of
the house appears, it can then be put foundations. It is anyway to
build his house by starting with the first tier, and then expand by
adding additional modules or third parties. The construction costs more
or less quantity of wood, stone and metal, it is not instantaneous, is
deposited building materials in the trunk of the house that are
regularly consumed as well. Moreover, we can increase the speed of its
manufacture if the players are actively involved in construction. The
houses are needed to create the guild since only the stone guild to
manage them. Now this stone can be placed in a home.

The guild system is still in its infancy. There is ten different grades
(configurable in the next patch?) And a guild chat (now innate, but may
require an improvement in the guild right out of the game).
A basic system of declaration of war is also possible. So players guilds
officially at war does not suffer from the deadly flag if they are to
fight against each other.


If one looks forward to its potential, we can only worry about the
current state of Mortal Online. The lag is common and bugs of all kinds
abound and come again reduce the enjoyment of the game experience Lack
of features completed, accomplished heightens a mixed review. This is of
course that a "beta" ™, but the fact that only two major patches are
still planned, and that many would see as miraculous, is not
reassuring. Of course Mortal Online is still in beta, But now its time
to get it in its Final release.


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