FIFA 11 Preview


While Konami wondered if he could play again in football one day,
Electronic Arts continues to make adjustments to FIFA meet the ever
increasing number of football fans. EA is going to present the latest
innovations with the upcoming FIFA 11 and i guess it is going to stay
the best soccer simulation ever created. The world of football video
games is polarized in a battle fought every year because none of the
opponents are willing to throw in the towel. FIFA this year commitment
to deliver a title more tactical, more oriented to people who like
football lovers that control. The characters will replicate actual
rendering of the players both physically and in how to behave on the
pitch. Read on to understand why EA Vancouver is so grateful to your
computer database.

With Fifa 11, EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer franchise utilizes a network of
1,700 scouts, editors and reviewers positioned around the world to
evaluate each player, creating one of the world’s most comprehensive
databases to drive its market-leading soccer engine. Personality+ will
be integrated everywhere in-game. Elite players are now empowered to
showcase their world class skills.

About the game:

FIFA Soccer 11 introduces fresh Pro Passing where pass accuracy is
determined by a gamers’ capability on the control pad, and player’s
ability, condition and urgency on the pitch, yielding an intensely
rewarding passing system. Poor decisions or over/under striking the ball
will denote error-prone outcomes. New types of passes like swerve
passes will allow players to create a safer and extra effective play.

New body types and player models will additionally differentiate each
player on the playing field. In addition, goalkeepers have also been
injected by means of Personality+. The real-life personality of the
keeper, whether acrobatic or traditional, will utter his style in the
match. Dive attributes will decide the keepers with the ability to
arrive for further shots though reflex attributes determine reaction
times, so a keeper like Petr Cech of Chelsea FC will be able to showcase
world-class skills.

Furthermore, it is clear that FIFA 11 will carry in its suitcase three
different sizes of socks – that kills the argument – and that the shorts
will be shown when temperatures flirt with zero. If FIFA was thus
improved on the graphical plan, however it remains the cream of the crop
regarding the animation of the players. These continued to tear at each
balloon as starved, and are now looking up effort on the centers and
the deep passes over the defense to adjust their positioning. Do not
forget to report the presence of several styles of racing, and Andrei
Arshavin light hooks will contrast with the sprints heavier Sol
Campbell. To summarize, FIFA 11 still gives the impression of watching a
real football match with the mouth guard who on his defense, attackers
who express their frustration by raising his arms, or even verbally
notify the referee before out the toast. Naturally, other delicacies of
this kind will be included in the final game, but it’s not really in the
artistic field was expected FIFA 11 at the turn to be honest.

Electronic Arts believes that FIFA 10 was achieved very intense gaming
experience but smeared some black spots still needing to be culled. The
Vancouver studio has asked the user community and has made an intense
raid to remove these imperfections. Gary Peterson, creative director,
says there have been nearly 250 improvements in all aspects of the game
while displaying plenty of feedback from users of the game. All
complaints are studied to see what was necessary to correct.

As a result of these changes matches will be more leisurely in its
development and will require more planning. The real players will have a
more reliable virtual replicas, with all its strengths and weaknesses.
The victory does not depend as much on your ability to control it with
your ability to serve as coach and develop a proper game plan,
especially with the right players. FIFA 11 is more simulator than ever.

In each of the sections of this special you will learn the most
important changes you’ll find FIFA 11 ended the game with about 50%.


Each year, the team responsible for development of FIFA is ready for a
particularly tedious but necessary, post mortem of the previous version.
Their own observations are then confronted with the complaints of
players from the community forum interposed. Besides the various bugs in
Manager Mode or online, the two main points they should be corrected
with the next version was the AI of the guards, and the pass system
"ping-pong" that could bring a player in the shooting position without
much effort. The developers have therefore corrected the AI of the
guards by setting up a system of reading trajectory shots.

Specifically, the guard will travel more natural, since the latter will
react according to a path, not the arrival area of the ball in the net.
No more goals that make a moonwalk for preventing a ball going into the
goal after a confused action too. To demonstrate the changes involved in
this improvement, the example that was chosen was none other than a
deflected free kick. Whereas in FIFA 10 was goalkeeper Strawberry,
lacking the presence of mind to stop its plunge, the goalie for FIFA 11
has detected the new track in time to try to grab the ball. This example
on the guards at least talking behind us, it was time to dish: the

Starting with the removal of the unbearable "Ping pong passing "that
allowed so far to turn the ball without any risk of losing it, and
create a little too easily offsets the edge of the penalty area. Always
listen to the community, the developers of EA Canada have reviewed their
copy and moved to Pro Passing that takes into account not only
technical skills of players, but also takes into consideration the
context of the match. If the change was not made fully apparent on
certain phases of the game, embarking on a bull in the middle game is
now much more complicated. In fact, depending on the angle and pressure
the opponent, the pass will be more or less accurate, forcing the player
to control the ball before passing, the chances of recovery are then

Unconsciously or not, the game is at once more brought forward because
it is more immune to an interception in his own half. In the same
spirit, Personality + system will better differentiate the behavior of
players on the field. It is known, Hatem Ben Arfa is often reluctant to
defensive duties, and it will not be allowed any time to type forty
meter sprints with attacking midfielder of OM, to catch the opposing
striker. This desire to make every single footballer in FIFA 11 is also
found among the defenders will be much harder to fool with a fake moldy
M’Bia that Sammy Traore example. Excellent. The other major change that
has jumped out when we took over FIFA 11 for strikes, even if those of
FIFA 10 has already won in consistency.

For once, and not be afraid to say it clearly resembles what happens in
SEP , with a heaviness that encourages them to take his chance of always
twenty-five yards. Wayne Rooney continues to strike with his disgusting
Cracked often catching the frame, but it is also on when Drogba managed
to get into position to shoot. Again, precision strikes depends greatly
on the inclination of the stick and the famous 360 who does not forgive
any approximation, even at ground level. Good. And since it should
still put a few words on the cross, they will show an incredible purity
when it comes to finding the right mix. With a ball physics still neat,
reverse the game is a pure delight.

Personality +, players
more real than ever:

All the news that FIFA 11 stem from what the developers have called the
system "Personality +". Under this name barbaric, in fact conceals a
better representation of football players in the game visually First,
athletes are more true to their models. Wanted EA Sports FIFA 11 players
to behave realistically, for what it has decided to establish
attributes and rate setting for each individual player what their style
of play, their strengths and weaknesses based on dozens of parameters.
Personality + get that FIFA is "a game much deeper and more tactical,"
says Peterson. It forces you to think to create an opportunity. "

Using a new technique of texture mapping on a 3-D geometry of faces, the
players are desperate realism. To represent their athletic bodies, FIFA
11 corpulence table on eleven types, against three for the earlier
version. Then, to make them as accurate as possible, the sizes are
adapted with twenty anchor points, against fourteen in FIFA 10. Finally,
we should better identify the players on the field based on their body
size. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, to differentiate the
football stars, we can also rely on their strengths and weaknesses ..

When selecting players, no need to analyze tables with all these
parameters, but Electronic Arts wants it all, visual and simple. The
option has been chosen so far to achieve is that the tab of each
defense, midfield and forward the list of attributes appears with a
shield next to those points where the player is good. So you’ll see at a
glance before starting the party who is best suited for each position
in that game, considering the characteristics of the player who will
front. Before, players had all the advantages fast on defense, but now
each player has a strategic value that you must evaluate.

The main objective of Personality + is that the players feel that the
characters on the screen act as they would the players they represent in
real life "so that in the Arsenal game has to go through Fabregas,
because it is who runs from the midfield, and if I pass the ball to Xavi
try to dribble, because they are good at those who are good in real
life, "says Aaron McHardy, production head of FIFA gameplay.

If Personality + works when you control the player, when you do not
behave well with some realism. During the presentation we saw a video
that compared to Rooney and Berbatov. The first he kept running and
pressing, while Berbatov was much more passive and slow but do not
control the player either. It is because each player will have an
attribute high, medium or low in defense and attack will affect their
behavior without the ball.

The pro-passing to
counter the ping-pong passing:

The main complaint of the user community was what the EA Vancouver
called ping-pong passing: when is a pass and the player is capable of
receiving and kicking in the same movement. It is very easy to make a
pass on the real football would be very difficult, which, according to
McHardy, "emotion is reduced to creating opportunities and score." The
solution is called pro-passing, using the contextual error and adds the
factor of player skill including Personality +. The context includes,
among other things, speed and height that the ball arrives.

In FIFA 11 you can make those passes or not depending on the player you
control. McHardy said: "If you come pass the ball and making a 90 degree
angle to the direction with which you arrive, a player with skill and
Fabregas would make it okay on many more occasions than one with a lower
skill." When playing this means you have to think like a real soccer
player: receiving, tap, and move forward to make better passes.

With the ping-pong passing was not necessary to have knowledge of
football, but with errors + contextual and personality is more important
to establish a strategy and know the characteristics of real players to
be an expert with the controller. Electronic Arts does not want a
complicated control for soccer franchise, as demonstrated by FIFA World
Cup South Africa 2010 and the new mode of control with two buttons, as
the depth of the game is more tactical in deciding who will be on the
pitch . In FIFA 10 the game gives the less experienced facilities for
the command, but now the concept is different.

Electronic Arts is aware that most players, when facing human opponents,
chose top teams like Inter, Barcelona or Madrid. "Everybody played well
with a good team," says McHardy. Now you can have the Manchester United
but you know the players and what they are capable of. Cesc Fabregas is
one of the best players in the world, the best happens, but not very
good at entrances. In previous games so it would be because their
statistics are high, but now will not be as good as Alex Song, Arsenal
central defender. These differences are in the best teams and the bottom
. Just knowing the strengths of your team and weaknesses of the

Specific situations
resolved by Personality +:

One of the disadvantages highlighted the fans of the series is that
plays like throw-ins or players door knew where the ball was going
because the artificial intelligence was reading the path. Personality +
also solves this problem. Now players will wait to see where the ball
can go, so the moves are more spectacular and real. McHardy shown with
an example: "People like Rafa Marquez noted for his skill with the ball,
but has the virtue of being in the right place at the right time. It’s
good to read the trajectory of the ball and that means it’s fast gaining
position.’ll get to those balls come before. "

One of the main consequences of these changes in the gameplay is that
action on the pitch has slowed to a pace "a little less English and more
like Spain, more real," says Jaramillo. "People complained that the
game was very fast due to ping-pong passing. By including the error
system and add new variables take longer to pass difficult," says
McHardy. Now you have to have a little more strategy . In return, he
says, have become important cross passes and the passing game.

A special case, the
porters and movement:

In the porters also produced the phenomenon of being launched for the
ball almost before it left the player’s feet. Now its attributes depend
on the time it takes to figure out the trajectory of the ball.

The goalkeeper had another problem for the players when they rushed for
the ball, and were able to rectify the position and pulled in the
opposite direction so unrealistic. Now, if the goalkeeper is moving in
one direction it can go further if the ball comes from that side and if
it comes in the opposite direction to the movement may not recover and
throw no more. Santigo According to Jaramillo, producer of FIFA gameplay
specializes in the goalkeepers, "we want the goals to come are those
who must enter and not by deficiencies in the animation system."

When asked about how to behave with the game ignored as emblematic as a
goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Jaramillo says, "As a goalkeeper Casillas, who
is not so high, but nimble and with good reflexes, it will be easier
when near goal meterle compared it with another keeper. " These
differences will also be visual, and there will be players with more
traditional animation and more acrobatic, "In a traditional doorman are
straighter legs and torso as well. When launching Casillas shrugs his
legs and seems to be flying." It is hard to think of greater precision,
but Jaramillo suggested that it is likely that in the future to deepen
even more in the Personality + system of the porters.

You choose the chants
of the fans and the game music:

The sound could not be excluded from the news. In the console versions
of FIFA 11 you can replace the sound and music that comes standard on
the topics you have in the console (maybe this sounds because, in
effect, is a feature that will also include PES 11). You can apply it to
a league or a specific team, but this year is no one song can be
assigned to a particular player.

The songs, whether music or chants of fans, must be included in the
playlist of your console, either because you’ve dropped it, what have
you done digitally or because you have recorded directly from the field,
eg For the singing. Jeff MacPherson, director of FIFA sound, explains
that the hardest part has been "get the game, which is something we
control, and operating system console, which is something we do not
control us, so that the game can access lists and everything working
properly. "

The topics you have selected will sound along with those who have the
game by default at a rate not yet defined and you can not modify. Ring
in the main menu, at the entrance to the field team, winning or losing
and score a goal. In the latter case, the song sounds from entering the
ball into the goal until it is removed from the midfield. In the case of
online game, each player will hear the issues you have in your console,
it is not possible to share playlists between users.

During the day the doors of EA Open that was entirely devoted to FIFA,
journalists from across Europe were able to test, in addition to the
game, this option recorded in studies of the complex sound of EA
Vancouver one song from each country. The result sounds very well
integrated into the game, but we must not forget that the issue is sound
as the mp3 that contains it and in this case the equipment and
technicians who recorded it were professionals

Players with more differentiated bodies and expressions humanized:
One of the complaints coming from the user community was that PES
players were more like the real ones than those of FIFA, so Electronic
Arts decided to go deeper into the creation of the players with the aim,
says Michael Day, director Art of the athletes that "each player is
unique and recognizable." For each body is used to build a library with
130 items which are then scaled to each player. FIFA 11 In the study
fine spinning and even has included three options for the height of the
socks. The game this year has renewed the modeling and skeleton for the
players. Day shows a comparison with that of FIFA 10 and shows that the
new more natural now, with more defined waist, leg muscles more
pronounced and more proportionate in general.

Of the three types of body that was last year fell to 11 for most
players, which must be added for special cases like that of Peter
Crouch, now it will highlight in height in relation to other players .
Running form Cristiano Ronaldo is peculiar enough to have changed the
animation to fit, even if you made a motion capture, in which imitated
the actor how to run the Portuguese star. Also moved the modeling of the
heads of the star players. Day notes that so far it took seven days to
create each one with photos. Now it generates a high-resolution geometry
subsequently reduced. In fact, it is less faithful to the original, but
is perceived as more real.

A recent development in modeling comes from the hand of facial
animations, which will have a set of poses for the most popular players.
Before you used the same expression for all players. In FIFA 11 will
have several expressions, one neutral and frustration, pain, excitement
and emotion. To enhance the expressiveness at the shorter players will
also flash and wrinkles, helping human.

For FIFA 11, the developers were keen to make more visible
characteristics of the players. A good player can run the ball, keeping
the ball close to him through a multitude of ball, while an average
player will have their speed reduced stroke and will not be able to
control the ball as well. To do this, the team reworked animations and
transcripts involved statistics of each player. Also new data was added;
commitment. Every footballer is therefore wearing a ranking value from
low to high through medium. Specifically, a player with a good degree of
commitment will not remain idle when he loses the ball, and will do
anything to repair his blunder. Conversely, a player with a commitment
to placing minor return as if nothing had happened. In the same vein, we
attended a meeting of passes in four first-line players. As and when
the ball contacts the ball ends up taking the height and become
unmanageable. Only a good player like Fabregas can pass without
inspection, put the ball on the ground.

If in addition to these profound changes in gameplay there are plenty of
small changes (the version of FIFA 11 will manage three different sizes
of socks, nice!), It was most amazed by the efforts of the development
team to make it unique each version of the game through the audio
customization. In fact, it will now be possible to use their own MP3
songs throughout the game Besides the playlist that plays in the menus,
you can also assign a title when his team takes the field, and even on
goals! Similarly, we may hear his own songs in the game fans that they
have been registered ourselves in advance with our sweet voice or that
they have been recovered on Saturday evening at the stadium. With such a
system open to customization, you can imagine the madness that is going
to appear in terms of jokes and other provocations.


For now, the only problem that FIFA 11 for the system of penalties
inherited version FIFA World Cup. Despite the eagerness of every moment
we have not yet been able to do. Otherwise, fun game is immediate. While
the new gameplay requires a little adjustment, but ultimately the game
was the big winner. The new pass system brings a welcome bit of
randomness and reinforces the FIFA series in its place of No. 1 football


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