Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Preview


This November, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is going to put you into a
fresh open-world scenery following the wheel of the world’s fastest and
nearly all beautiful cars. From Criterion, the prized studio in the wake
of the Burnout series, Hot Pursuit will redefine racing games for an
entire new generation.

You’ll experience dazzling speeds, takedowns, and getaways as you combat
your friends in the most associated Need for Speed game ever. Through
Need for Speed Autolog and its ground-breaking approach to connected
social contest, your Hot Pursuit skill will enlarge beyond the console
onto the web, social media, and cell phone, continuously pouring your
gameplay in latest and sole directions.

Overloaded with exploit, this game will dare you to turn out to be
Seacrest County’s top cop or most wanted racer. For the very first time
yet in a Need for Speed game, you are going to be capable to play a
complete career on any side of the law. This fall, no matter you’re a
lead-foot speeder or a police man with a mean splash, make definite your
aviators are spick and span and your driving record is whatever thing
but. After the first sample, the game appears truly back to basics. This
arch, the circuit is blocked; the cops are there and of course the

Checkout the very first trailer of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit:

About the Game:

It’s a glance of some of the remarkable cars, locality and exploit you
can anticipate from this part of Need for Speed. As you can imagine,
it’s all about high speed pursuits. You be able to occupy yourself as a
Cop or Racer – blackout the terrible guys or get away from the law!
However if you look narrowly, you’ll find further than just a enormous
police pursuit!

Back to its Roots:
NFS Hot Pursuit is inspired by the original NFS on 3DO as we all loved
the excitement of driving the open road and trembling off the cops in
striking supercars. The foremost thing you’ll notice in this game is the
unwrap, speedy roads of the coastal, jungle and arid regions – very
evocative of 3DO inspiration.

License to Thrill:
With Need for Speed, we’ve got a heap of fresh toys to play with for
unmatched – real, licensed cars! Here you will find what it’s like to
escape from the cops in the Koenigsegg CCX, McLaren’s unbelievable fresh
MP4-12C and ultra elite Pagani Zonda Cinque. It would be a waft if the
cops weren’t packing uniformly exclusive hardware – the Ford Shelby
GT500, the unusual Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and the celebrated Lamborghini
Murcielago for the begin. But don’t get much friendly – pursuits are all
concerning high speed destructive driving. Don’t anticipate to
terminate in a pristine car!

Escalating the Action:
Cops are kitted out by way of a full set of weapons and equipment to
facilitate bringing those lawbreakers to justice. As the pursuit
escalates, so does the tools on hand. You will find “Road Block”, “Spike
Strip” and “Helicopter Support” in battle, but you’ll also make use of
lots of others as a Cop and a Racer!

An ancestor merely focused on enjoyable and speed away from the garish
neon lights and sharp adjustments of its many descendants. Expanding
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit , Criterion has vowed to keep this creed.
And for all we have seen, the challenge seems successful.

The cat and mouse:

To give you an idea of hot pursuit, try to see a mix between sexy Hot
Pursuit 1998 and Burnout Paradise. A game of cat and mouse in semi-open
world, believe me, you’ll love. Everything starts in the magical world
of Seacrest Country. A country with its typical Rican forests, deserts,
villages misfits, its roads, its enforcement and its drivers. In this
context, funky and colorful as you begin your career as a police officer
or criminal. In single-and multi, you will feel many game modes which
you unfortunately can not speak here. Moreover, we could not try one,
the mode leakage. Each turn, players will embody two, one a fugitive,
the other a cop. If the cop should logically stop its target, the
fugitive must sow his prosecutor and disappear from the screen for more
than twenty seconds. A tall order.

The arms race:

For the two adversaries will not have their own driving skills to
compete. Four bonus per fireball and many subtleties of gameplay make
every lawsuit a stressful time and loads of fun. By speeding through
traffic, the fugitive will raise a gauge which will enable several items
in addition to the classic nitro. Among others, it may trigger a
superboost, confuse the enemy radar or otherwise make appear decoys to
better clear out at the first intersection course. In short, the perfect
outfit for the perfect Fast & Furious.

Regarding the Act, if the police cars will not explode NO2 for the
meters, their engines are overblown they roll a tad faster than their
competitors. Five hundred horsepower plus some bonuses to halt the
pursuit as soon as possible. On the program, the police checkpoint, cars
controlled by AI that will come in reinforcements, an EMP to reverse
the orders of the enemy he should turn left to go right and vice
versa-and, best of the best if you lose sight of the goal, a chopper
that will follow the fugitive to the trace. Unlike its counterpart, the
cop will have the opportunity to play the fine-activate the EMP-280 in
full turn or buggers, breaking down the other Chase HQ. Tasty.

Friends and cops:

The last thing to know about NFS: Hot Pursuit is that not only points
earned in Career Mode and more used to unlock the same-hundreds-of cases
disposed, but the game solo and mix lightly Multi. You can then start a
game against an AI, then be joined by one or more friends who will sit
on one side or the other. A total of eight competitors in both the
maximum for all possible combination. Will you be good enough to fly
against seven police officers?

This aspect multi pushed, we find a system called Autolog. It will show
your progress to your friends, invite them to join your party and create
a whole new challenge. The Autolog is a mix of lobbying and social
network, polished and seemingly well built for immediate gratification.
And so now NFS Hot Pursuit is not the running game the best that is
there is still pre-alpha it is already far more fun than many
competitors. Easy when you called Criterion.

Well we have wait for for couple of months to get this action in hands.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is scheduled for November 16 this year on
Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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