Sony Ericsson Hazel Mobile Phone Review

Mobile manufacturers are, as the most electronics manufacturers, fully
aware that they are harming the environment. To be more environmental
friendly (and probably improve their image), therefore, any mobile
manufacturer will make, with respect for themselves, one or more "green"
cell phones.

Sony Ericsson, as a part of this, has manifested itself in the form of a
Green Heart series with less environmentally harmful cell phones. It
begins to be some environmental models to choose from, Sony Ericsson. It
is not long since we tested the classic Elm, and now it has happened to
add slide phone, Hazel, under magnifying glass.

A little greener

To call a mobile environment may be to accept, but Hazel is trying at
least to reduce their environmental footprint.

Recycled materials, healthier paint, less packaging and a charger that
meets certain environmental requirements mean that Hazel will reap the
appreciative eye on next Bellona hits.

Moreover, it uses less and less environmentally harmful substances in
the production of Hazel. For example, 99.9% of Hazel materials other
than brominated flame retardants. We can not help thinking that we are
not particularly interested in rub 0.1% brominated flame retardants on
the face, so we hope that Sony Ericsson and others manage to make a
phone that actually is completely free from such substances.

Green also on the inside

Environmental awareness is reflected in the menus. Hazel has not only
pedometer, but also shows how much CO2 you’ve saved by walking instead
of driving. You also have an environmental calculator that shows how
much CO2 you get out for a few selected activities.

Finally, you also have a program to increase environmental awareness
using your quiz, safety facts and encouragement when you make green

Green camouflage

Sony Ericsson Hazel is a pretty sturdy slider phone, and nothing on the
look reveals that this is a green phone.

The ground is too thick to be compact, such as W595, but rather seems a
bit rich, is more reminiscent of a W760 when you have it in your pocket.
Hazel parts otherwise it slightly curved shape of the
environment-brother Elm, and is well in hand.

The quality and feeling is mostly good, but on our test sample battery
door creaked when pressed on the keyboard, which pulls down.

Slide out the keyboard you can press on some pretty big number keys. The
keys are good to press, but they are also quite flat and smooth. When
they also hung together and partially without being particularly well
marked require some adaptation for SMS writing is in full pace.

Menu buttons are a bit on the same street, and it is not so easy to
recognize with your fingers if you touch the right key. They are quite
large, and the arrow keys are on his side to good use.

In the familiar style is a volume key on the right side of the phone.
This is not particularly well marked and can be a bit difficult to
operate during the conversation.

Cool menus

Sony Ericsson’s Hazel runs usual proprietary menu system. This is very
simple and straightforward, but lacks the more advanced capabilities.
Text messages appear as conversations, so-called threaded sms.

Hazel responded mostly instantly when we browsed through the menus, but
sometimes we think it went a little slow. Especially when you use the
media menu, it feels tough to navigate around.

Something else that is a little tough is the Facebook application. This
is clear and delicate, and can be on the home screen of your phone.
Unfortunately, it is quite slow, and it needs at times a bit much
pressure to set what you want. It provides you if you do not know when
you have new alerts.

We live in a wireless world with the integration between Facebook and an
example of image viewer. As you browse among the images on your phone,
you have a special election for Facebook to take you to the photos you
have left on Facebook.

However, notified our phone periodically is something by giving up a
little grunts on a regular basis. This happened without a message came
on screen. We were unable to find out exactly what made this sound, but
guess it has something to do with Facebook application trying to
download data – or something like that.

Splash proof

Hazel looks like any phone, but Sony Ericsson claims that it can
withstand water splashes.

In the absence of rain, we kept it under the tap for 30 seconds, and the
phone worked just fine afterwards.

The screen fits the phone well and is big enough for regular use. You
can not tap the screen, here is the interface with buttons that apply.
You can compare directly with the hottest AMOLED screens, the Hazel
screen will probably seem a little washed out; but in normal use, this
is not something you want to think about. Here are the colors clear and
the resolution is high enough that menus and photos appear sharp and

Also you can display well in sunlight and at a right angle, it is easy
to see on the screen even in direct sunlight.

Environmental Extras

Accessory Package is perhaps the place where it is easiest to be kind to
the environment without compromising the functionality. Sales package
is compact and small, and even if the box is not completely without
paper brochures, as is the traditional paper manual replaced by an
electronic. It comes without any memory card, but maybe you already have
one or more Micro SD card lying.

How environmental friendly is that Hazel has no standard headphone jack,
charger and data cable; we are however more uncertain. To use the same
accessories in a variety of phones without having to purchase separate
adapters had undoubtedly been more environment.

Package Content:

  • Telephone
  • Battery
  • Chargers
  • Stereo Handsfree

We’ve said it before and we say it again: now almost all phones except
the very cheapest packed with wireless functionality.

It is therefore not surprising that with Hazel you can surf the express
speed over virtually the entire world, connect to wireless networks
while using a GPS to find out where you are and let you entertain with a
wireless stereo headset.

We are not far back in time before it was a utopia even in the most
expensive and coolest cell phone. With a green image of Hazel in mind
there is no doubt that we feel pretty spoiled with phones that are
packed with features that we only partially need.

Do not look for Google Maps, because Wise Pilot is already installed in
it. This is a complete navigation software, but you only have a 30 day
trial license included.

Mixed features

The moderate use of the mobile took three days before we had to plug the
charger in Hazel again. Nothing to say on this, even though we’ve seen
phones with bigger and more power consuming displays last as long with
more active use.

In case you were wondering, Hazel charged in the usual manner and the
power consumption is probably quite normal. There is enough time until
you can buy functional phones that are a half years between each time
they must be filled in with the feed or water, or what kind of fuel that
might drive the future of mobile.

Hazel is equipped with active noise cancellation to reduce background
noise. If this is what we do not know, but the other party was satisfied
with the sound quality when we talked in Hazel. We rarely had problems
with coverage, but found the coverage at times was less than on other
phones in the vicinity.

Useful Customization

Professional user will appreciate that Hazel can sync against Exchange.
Hazel is picky on which the Exchange servers that you can synchronize
with. Whether it will work for you depends on how your Exchange server
is set up.


We are pleasantly surprised that Hazel can view HTML-formatted e-mail.
If you open an e-mail photos as attachments, preview images without
opening each image, Word documents and other common document formats,
however you will not be able to open with Hazel.

Plenty of programs

Hazel has been stuffed full of various Java applications. Some are their
own environmental programs, while others are more traditional news
programs. Among other things, you have a program that will read bar
codes, but it worked reasonably well. We got it because we do not
understand a single barcode.

You also have a program that can display the calendar as wallpaper, as
well as a program that alternates between displaying time, different
places in the world. Without that we spent very much time to investigate
it, so we did not find out how we could put these applications as a
background application. This has been possible on other Sony Ericsson
phones, but here it looks like you can only add some other programs on
the start screen.

You can however have multiple applications such as Facebook and
pedometer on each side of the home screen. Unlike phones with touch
screens where you typically can scroll right or left to change the
starting screen, you have to scroll up here first before you can switch
between the different programs. More pressure makes you so do not use
this function as often.

Simple pro

Thus neither the monitor nor the software is in smartphone class, select
when you set your browser to the test. It shows common sites without
any problem, but the phone is working hard and the screen is also made
at least browsing the usual sites.

The browser can download in the background so you can run multiple
simultaneous downloads.

In original condition, you should not bet on Hazel as a music player. It
does not follow with memory cards, we see no problem in this respect.
If you do not have one before, you can buy a large memory card for a
reasonable price.

We are thinking first and foremost on the headset that is not able to
provide the music full justice. The music is flat and with an unusually
tame bass. Hazel can not get involved when it plays music.

The sound is obviously better if you connect to a decent headset.
Unfortunately this is easier to say since you cannot find a minijack
input. Instead you must buy a transition knob if you want to use

There is fortunately a longer and longer between each time we see a
phone with proprietary connections. Unfortunately, Hazel can hardly be
said to promote recycling.

Light Point

Hazel is not totally hopeless. The music player is easy to use and can
jazz up with different interfaces. In addition, you have more or less
user-friendly features such as SensMe and TrackID.

Do you have normal hearing, you may have experienced the lowest volume
of the music player in mobile phones is too high. In quiet surroundings,
it is not always you will get pressure ears full of music at high

This behavior lets you Hazel. Here you can not only adjust the volume of
many steps, but the lowest step is also comfortably low. Do you have a
heavy run headphones or likes to have music on full sludge, it may
however be that you think Hazel is unable to deliver enough sound.


Although the resolution is relatively good, we do not get blown away by
the picture quality that Hazel deliver. The colors are indeed good, and
although much contrast makes it difficult to find the optimal exposure,
most images usable.

However, we do not think the images are so sharp that you should have
been, especially considering that Hazel has autofocus, details tend to
flow out.

Video recording, however, the notch better. VGA resolution makes the
videos actually stand to be shown afterwards, although this is not the
camera you use to shoot a lot in the first step.


  • Size: 102.0 x 49.5 x 16.0 mm (4.0 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches)
  • Weight: 120.0 g (4.2 oz)
  • Screen : 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA), 16,777,216 color TFT
  • Available colours: Superior Black, Passionate Rouge
  • Memory: Up to 280 MB; MicroSD support (up to 16 GB)
  • Camera: 5 megapixel up to 4x Digital Zoom
  • Battery performance
  • Networks
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 – Talk time: 10
      hours Standby time: 430 hours
    • UMTS/HSPA 900/2100 – Talk time: 4 hours Standby time: 450 hours
      Video call: 3 hours
  • Music
    • Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
    • Music tones – MP3, AAC
    • Album art
    • Media Player
    • MegaBass
    • PlayNow
    • SensMe
    • TrackID
  • Web
    • Pan & zoom
    • Web browser – Access NetFront
    • Bookmarks
    • Google search
    • Web feeds
  • Entertainment
    • Radio – FM radio with RDS
    • Tracker
    • Walk Mate
    • YouTube
    • Video Clip
    • Video streaming
    • 3D games
    • Media
    • Java
  • Connectivity
    • aGPS
    • Bluetooth technology
    • DLNA Certified
    • Google Maps
    • Modem
    • PictBridge
    • Synchronization
    • USB support
    • USB mass storage
    • WiFi
    • Wisepilot turn-by-turn navigation
  • Messaging
    • Picture messaging (MMS)
    • Conversations
    • Email
    • Exchange ActiveSync
    • Predictive text input
    • Sound recorder
    • Text messaging (SMS)
    • Instant messaging
  • Communication
    • Noise shield
    • Video call – dedicated camera
    • Facebook application
    • Twitter – Homescreen widget
    • Intelligent volume adaptation
    • Clear voice
    • Speakerphone
    • Vibrating Alert
  • Organiser
    • Alarm clock
    • Calendar
    • Calculator
    • Flight mode
    • Notes
    • Phone book
    • Stopwatch
    • Tasks
    • Timer
    • Torch functionality


Actually it should be, of course, that all mobile phones has no toxic
substances and are designed in a way that does not harm the environment.
But it is unfortunately not. It does not help with all of the world’s
Palestinian scarf, memberships in environmental organizations and green
political standpoint. Do you have a mobile in the inner pocket, you have
certainly helped, albeit marginally, to destroy our planet.

In order not to lose sleep over your environmental sins so we can inform
you that there is luckily options. Sony Ericsson has a range of
environmental mobile and now we have tested the "green" phone, Hazel.


Hazel contains less harmful substances and is produced in a more
environmentally friendly than conventional mobile phones. It is also
chock full of various widgets to increase your environmental awareness.
One example is the pedometer that shows how much CO2 you have saved to
go today’s action, instead of driving. Not only is a Hazel less harmful
to the environment, but it can withstand the environment around him
better. Because you can splash water on it without it to be damaged by
it. We held our test items under the tap for half a minute. Several days
later, the phone works just as well.

Hazel is emerging as a pretty ordinary slider phone. You can not tap the
screen, but use the key set to operate the phone in the traditional
way. The screen works well, however, as the screen and is good to see in
most situations. The keys are in turn a more mixed experience. They are
certainly large, but flat and indistinct that it is not so easy to know
which key you press. Once you hold the phone in your hand you will
notice that Hazel is not a super-compact slider phone. In return, it is
slightly curved and comfortable to hold in your hand.

Hazel works well to talk to, and the sound during conversation is good.
The battery is pretty average, and we spent two-three days between
charges. As it should be Hazel has both super-3G and Wi-Fi, so you can
transfer data at high speed. Although the transfer is good, browser is
working slow when browsing the usual sites. The pages appear, however,
correctly. The same can be said about the Facebook application. It is
functional and delicious to look at, but is a bit slow and requires a
lot of pressure to get the information, a natural compromise when the
screen has a relatively moderate size.

Music player in Hazel gives a mixed experience. It is good to use, but
the sound is unfortunately below average. A large part of the blame for
the flat and tame the sound to the simple headphones. Hazel uses,
unfortunately, Sony Ericsson’s own connection for headphones, data cable
and charging. Not very environmental friendly, and hassle when you use
your own headphones.

The camera is not particularly impressive. It has autofocus, but we do
not think the pictures are as sharp as they should be.

So in all, Hazel has some weaknesses, but overall a sturdy phone without
serious shortcomings. The same manufacturer even provides Yari, which
has more fun but for the money. It is somewhat less equipped, but is a
bit more elegant. On the other hand, it is environmental conscience


  • Good conscience canned
  • Many new applications
  • Good wireless connectivity
  • The volume can be tuned
  • Good sound in conversation


  • Slightly thick
  • Slow Web browser and Facebook
  • Average sound quality
  • Camera comes up short
  • Below average sound in music player
  • Shapeless keys


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