Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Preview


If Ezio thought that he could run a quiet life after his disappointments
in Assassin’s Creed 2, he is gonna miss it. As the war between the
Templars and the Assassins continues, another begins, that of Ezio
Auditore cons Borgia clan. The work of a murderer – a bit like a factor –
never stops. Ezio Auditore has just returned to his house after having
cared for a bloody tale of revenge at the end of Assassin’s Creed II, as
bullets burst forth in his room while he tries to distract himself in
good female company.

It just months after the events of the previous pane that runs this
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. For Ezio, time is at recess, the murderer
of a strong reputation undeniable joined his villa in which he
personally wanted to take a little rest. Alas, Cesare Borgia did not
hear it that way and expects to end the life of the Master Assassin. To
do this, it does not skimp on the means and attack the walled city clan
Auditore with a small army consisting of siege towers and catapults.
These first phases sees the introduction muscular Villa take full rubble
and give us the opportunity to take control of a cannon to slow the
progression of enemy forces for the sole purpose of allowing our
citizens to flee. It is also time for Ubisoft to explain that this
episode will include the amount of "memorable moments" for the growth
rhythm, like the kite flying sequence in the second stage.

About the game:

Live and inhale as Ezio, a well-known Master Assassin, in his continuing
fight back against the powerful Templar Order. He must trip into
Italy’s greatest town, Rome, center of power, ravenousness and
dishonesty to strike at the heart of the adversary. Defeating the
crooked tyrants entrenched there will have need of not only power, but
leadership, as Ezio commands a complete Brotherhood who will unite to
his side. Barely by working jointly can the Assassins overcome their
mortal enemies.

And designed for the first time, introducing a never-before-seen
multiplayer cover that let you to select from a wide range of sole
characters, everyone with their personal signature weaponry and
assassination system, and match your talent against other players from
roughly the world.

It’s moment to bond the Brotherhood.

Game Features:

  • Master
    The Possibilities – As Ezio, a legendary Master Assassin, experience
    over 15 hours of single-player gameplay set in the living, breathing,
    unpredictable city of Rome.
  • Lead A Legendary Brotherhood – Recruit and train promising young
    Assassins. Deploy them across the city as you see fit, or call upon them
    to aid you in your quests.
  • Experience A Rich Historical Tapestry – Collaborate with real
    historical characters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli and
    Caterina Sforza.
  • Win The Heart Of A City – Use your hard-won currency to revitalize
    the crumbling capital city. Rally the citizens to your cause and unlock
    extra factions and missions.
  • Deploy Secret Weapons – Swiftly eliminate your enemies using tools
    such as poison darts, parachutes, double hidden blades, hidden guns, and
    an advanced flying machine at your disposal.
  • Memorable Multiplayer – Choose from multiple authentic character
    classes, each with their own signature weapons and killing moves. With
    richly-detailed maps and a wide variety of unique multiplayer modes,
    you’ll never fight the same way twice.

The whole thing looks pretty good. From the beginning of Assassin’s
Creed Brotherhood Enzio finds himself reeling from the roof of his house
against 30,000 enemies approaching fast on the hill (shock revelation:
they are the terms of the producer, we have not really had time to count
them). These are the Templars, stronger than ever, ready to destroy
everything that is on their way. The first minutes of the Brotherhood
consists of a series of furious battles flying Enzio, which were given
to you just in time to receive orders from Uncle Mario – a name that
sounds strangely also in a video game . You will repel the attackers
time that employees of the manor can get away.

It will then use cannon to destroy mobile towers to try to argue that
besiege you. You will also be carried through the streets of the town on
horseback while the Renaissance style buildings collapsed a few yards
away. If you’ve spent a lot of time to decorate your home, it only takes
30 seconds to blast off at Ubisoft. The possibility of riding is one of
the main novelties of the Brotherhood. It will be possible for the
first time to use them to travel within the city, and the opportunity to
stroll through the narrow streets other than walking is a brilliant
idea. Fighting on horseback are also scheduled. You attack the front or
remote, it is extremely pleasant to be able to drop the frame of an
enemy with a skillful stroke of blade.

The fight has been reviewed, even when you’re walking, as suggested by
the arrival of Ezio on the battlefield. In the first two games, the
combat system was based on the response and defense. For Brotherhood, it
aims rather to "Strike fast, strike first." In terms of sword play,
this translates into aggressive enemies who are not waiting to attack
you (unlike the previous titles, where the enemy waited politely, as if
they had to queue at the bakery) and who prefer to run around even
before you have touched. Meanwhile, the animation, as always in the
series, can transform the smallest piece of the city into something

Before the introduction finishes, you will have time to try the new
guns. Simply select a distant target and then fully enjoy the spectacle
of the demolition of a mobile tower. One of your oldest friends is then
killed by Ceasare, the main villain of the Brotherhood, and the game
begins in earnest.

For now, Ubisoft has a tiny glimpse of the game, but it seems that the
game is a perfect companion Assassin’s Creed II. Ezio is back, and it is
a fascinating variation of his previous adventures. While some elements
seem familiar, it aims to a whole new plot. If the previous album
focused on how we could become a master assassin, Brotherhood rather
show you what it means to be one. If previous components caring for a
revenge story, you must now do justice. There was also a band, but
you’ll rarely have to think of it this way. The last date scenario puts
you in the streets of Rome, fatigued by the reign of the Templars. We
are in 1503 and fear is felt in the streets. Ezio will then form their
own guild of assassins – a brotherhood that will clean the city and
restore hope to people at that time.

Despite his obvious goodwill, Ezio cannot prevent the Borgias to
penetrate its walls, forcing him to come to blows. This allows us to see
the changes to the combat system; first, the AI is more aggressive. If
she had previously tended to let us bring our shots at an opponent that
others do not come to interfere, it will no longer hesitate to hit us
now loose in the back, forcing the player to be more cautious and mostly
more initiative. New movements are also emerging, such as to throw
heavy weapons, illustrated here by a pretty cast ax previously stolen
from a soldier in armor. Also note the arrival of gunblade a firearm
concealed in the sleeve of Ezio which can be combined with strikes from
the sword through a combo system very elegant.

There is also not the fight that benefits from the arrival of novel
movements, Free Running is seen also enhanced, particularly by the
system through which lifts said Ezio can use pulleys to lift heavy
charges to propel themselves through the air faster and reach a point in
height. And yet, Ezio will fail to avoid the worst and will watch
helplessly Cesare Borgia into his town and kill his uncle Mario. And now
the Master Assassin falls in apples.

A faint transformed into an ellipse and after which we find Ezio in
Rome, a city where he hopes to settle his accounts. To this end, he will
recruit citizens dissatisfied with the handling of the Borgias and make
murderers, in fact create their own fraternity. That’s where the scene
BAM system for assistance Brotherhood Move. Perched on a roof, facing a
gunsmith archers come replace Ezio need only make a gesture to appeal to
one of his disciples who will pounce on the intruder for him to plant a
knife in the back before returning to attend to his business.

Further, noting that his path was blocked by a patrol, the same hand
movement is falling in a shower of arrows at the soldiers, what will the
effect of freeing the path to its target Ezio, a religious figure. Once
inside the church, we see indeed that target, and four assassins in
position on a ledge at the ceiling. Four assassins for as many guards in
which to pitch his blade. It remains only to use a new weapon in the
game, the crossbow, to finish with the target. It’s pretty effective,
but interesting to know exactly how pre-orders are given, it will take.

Ubisoft has gone further than turning the little that you can expect.
Even if the adventure focuses on one city – Rome is 3 times larger than
the city of Florence in the previous section – and gather your guild is
much more exciting than a simple quest Annex. The members of your
fraternity are recruited after having conquered the city in different
people. You will then send them to travel in Europe to reach their
training. Looks like a mix of level-up RPG and chance, because you
always run the risk of killing promising recruits by sending them too
early to break pipe.

After reaching their maximum level, the game becomes really fun, and you
can send assassins qu’Ezio mission for caring for her own problems. A
level from a advanced part of the game is revealed to us. Ezio enters
enemy territory and send its recruits after spotting the defenses to
destroy. A simple whistle is enough to summon the faithful to clean your
roofs shooters who ys’y hide. Once the streets of the fortress reached,
the hero may be called a "air strike" to get rid of the guards watching
the perimeter, before entering a church to kill a crossbow, a new
weapon in the game (The crossbow seems to work wonderfully, and brings
the camera to the shoulder to allow the line to aim with silver inlaid
in the weapon.)

Once back outside, a third and final whistle sends your assassins deal
with Swiss guards who surrounded you, and that’s when Ezio flees the
scene that you realize he has killed one person throughout the mission.
When you’re the best, it seems that you can sleep on both ears and let
others do the dirty work for you. Rather than being an apprentice,
trying to highlight your skills, Brotherhood promises to unveil the life
of a man at the controls – one person at the center of everything that
makes the job without ever tarnish his reputation. Obviously, it will
need to get your guild to a certain level to get there, but it is good
to remember that the Brotherhood is a new tool among all the others you
can trust.

Obviously, in the life of an Assassin, everything has a price. If you
want to make disciples of talented, he will bring them some upgrades.
For this you need to distribute skill points correctly and especially
send a mission across Europe, they will come back strong missions new
skills … provided they return. Woe to you if indeed you decide to send
a colleague a mission in Denmark without them being able to really,
because if he fails, he dies, he dies for good, no resurrection
possible. Pass if it is still a beginner, but the thing is much more
unpleasant if it is a highly trained disciple who goes to the
snack-pipe. It will be wise and prudent.


So a very pretty package of new features and innovations for a title
that, despite what you might think, does not seem to just be an
Assassin’s Creed 2.1. And if that Ezio were followed during this demo,
Desmond is also in the spotlight, raising a little more light on the war
between the Templars and the Assassins and his own involvement in this
murky business.

It is fascinating to see how the series evolved and I am tempted to say
that the only thing that Ubisoft could do to improve Assassin’s Creed:
Brotherhood would be to lift the embargo on the details of the excellent
multiplayer mode that will be announced later in the week.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what they are doing. Although it is
frustrating not to mention the way in which the solo mode has been
adapted for online gaming, it’s always great to know there’s a strong
chance that there arise a new episode managed which appears for the
moment even more interesting than the previous. Rest, we’ll see on
November 16 2010.

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