EA Sports MMA Preview

After a year without competition on next-gen UFC game from THQ is
preparing to welcome a rival to Electronic Arts made in size. Developed
by teams from the Orlando and Florida based publishers, MMA is about to
make us live with games online similar to television evenings of free

Based on the same engine as Fight Night , MMA dramatically evokes the
famous boxing simulation of EA Sports including modeling of the
wrestlers really impressive details. Side gameplay also parentage
arises, particularly through the use of the right analog stick to
deliver blows to his opponent – point out, however, that the final
version will be playable with classic touches.

MMA will bring you all the Mixed Martial Arts action with your favorite
MMA fighters from around the world. EA SPORTS MMA will feature the most
authentic, intense and broad mixed martial arts experience to date –
complete with a vast array of top fighters and fighting styles from
around the world. EA SPORTS MMA will be available on the Xbox 360 video
game and entertainment system and the PLAYSTATION 3 computer
entertainment system.

The free fight or MMA, whose concept is to confront two fighters master
several martial arts, has the wind in its sails! The evenings are packed
fights and scores of pay-per-view are the highest pay channels.
Happened last year on the niche market of interactive with the
officially licensed UFC, THQ has won the bet with great sales, justified
with the quality of the title, the 2009 version. Unable to stand idly
facing this financial windfall, considering the sport for years as her
business, the giant Electronic Arts honed his game in MMA. At first
glance, it is difficult to distinguish the game from THQ that of
Electronic Arts. And yet, leaning a little closer to the beast, as we
discover a radically different, both in gameplay and as regards the way
in online gaming.

Although a common basis for two games remaining. The various combat
disciplines and the cage in the front line, and then the main game modes
as the inevitable career mode. However the game from Electronic Arts
will offer several rules of clashes from the multiple organizations
(Strikeforce, Pride …) while the title of THQ remains confined to
those of the UFC. But the main distinction between the two titles on
undoubtedly the gameplay. In fact, MMA opts for differentiation between
offense and defense and the use of precise timing. The best example to
illustrate this gameplay while focusing on the feelings might be at a
transition to the ground.


When the player wants to attack position "progress" on his opponent to
put itself in a more advantageous position, the controller vibrates
player’s defense, stating that it is time to press a button to parry,
dodge or counter. The game revolves around three fighting positions
namely free fight standing, ground and choke hold. Controls can either
be suitable for those with Fight Night beatings on the sticks, or
configured on the other buttons on the controller. The fighters are
responsive to requests and original gameplay that changes us a bit of
obscure quarters of laps Stick claimed by UFC Undisputed.

On pressing the trigger, so one could switch between hands and feet in
attacks necessarily different, especially since each fighter has a
unique style and is therefore more or less comfortable and effective in
different situations. Feints, parries are, of course, a great role in
the clashes, but MMA is also distinguished by its running game. With a
click on Y or Triangle, our man will not hesitate to go for ball head on
his comrade in the ring and throw to the ground to attack him

But the fight is so far from finished since the attacker can quickly
find themselves overthrown by his opponent and lose the precious
advantage which he enjoyed before. It is in these conditions it will be
welcome to try a little bid of families – a good arm lock, for example –
to try to end the game in a short sequence of play terribly well into

EA Sports MMA is already capable of staging fierce fighting, easy to
learn, while suggesting a substantial margin for growth to reach a high
level – Rocky do not know much persuading to twist the arm of our
fighting in two, three movements, as soon as he had decided that the
demo was long enough. However, the precision of the blows still left to
be desired, as their impacts often lacked power, but let us hope that
this will be corrected by the game’s release.

True to his habit of combining sports stars to their titles, developers
have offered the services of Fedor Emelianenko, Randy Couture or Dan
Henderson to name a few among the sixty fighters available. It will also
create its own fighter and even offer him our face with Photo Game Face
system already in force in other securities of the EA Sports game. One
option that might be of the highest order given the tenor of the online
mode of MMA. The bouts will be staged on the same model as the evening
television fighting, with presentation of athletes hampered by their
exploits, videos of provocation sent to the EA servers or Youtube to
raise the pressure and comments during the meetings.

MMA also start piloting a mode online rather original because of special
events will be promptly established to invite players to concoct and
upload to the official website of the game their own little video clip
to challenge other fighters. Developers hope to give their game a sense
of community inspired youtubesque manly decorum surrounding the reality
of MMA matches. The question is how this option will be specifically
included in the final game and that will be able to make the players. In
short, many questions still surround MMA and it was not until the end
of this year to have all the answers, particularly with respect to UFC
2010 Undisputed .

With an audience that may rise to a thousand spectators, you can imagine
the tension in the fighting and the explosion of a community of
fanatics. Incidentally, EA took the opportunity to sponsor these events
by advertising for their other games, as well as for the pay per view
shows to come.


The only small problem concerning the speed of movement of lorries on
the ring. But this should be corrected in the final we were told.
Clearly, the highlight of the stock relative to its direct competitor is
none other than his fashion line particularly stunning. If the
development team has its way and that the technique follows, MMA could
bring back the video game competitions into a new era of e-sports show.

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