Fable III Preview


Announced at the last gamescom Fable III had not been shown that through
artworks and a few furtive images, appeared particularly in the famous
books developer Lionhead . But for the E3, Microsoft has not failed to
highlight the next installment in Peter Molyneux, who had obviously made
the trip to distill new details on the series, with playable on Xbox
360 premium. Fable III was one of the flagship games of the X10 event
organized by Microsoft in San Francisco.

By way of introduction, the games creator Peter explained his desire to
do something different from the previous Fable, something new, fresh …
Finally, "fresh" is perhaps not the word that best, because if Fable
III actually decides with its predecessors, it is first by its darker
side. The game world, Albion, is far less bucolic than before. It is
plagued by the industry, crime and corruption. It must be said that the
story takes place 50 years after the second episode, and things have not
changed a lot.

The kingdom is now under the thumb of a tyrant, that the player will
have to reverse by putting people on his side. For that all means are
good, including good old promises only bind those who believe. But the
quest to depose the despot is only half the game in the second part, it
was the turn of the player to experience the joys of power in Albion
manager. Nevertheless, we will not know more at this stage, it will have
to wait to discover this.

About the Game:

Fable III takes place fifty years after the events of Fable II. The main
character is the son of the hero of Fable II’s mission is to end the
reign of Logan. During the first part of the game, the hero must
overthrow the tyrant to become king of Albion. In the second part of the
game, the hero may experience the power and make decisions that will
have a major impact on the world.

Fable III” place the phase for an unmatched action and adventure
occurrence, where you need to be called upon to go up from revolutionary
to leader of Albion. The options and sacrifices you create at the time
of fanning the flames of rebellion, and then as you rule as Emperor or
Queen, will guide to a forever evolving planet of consequences that will
be felt diagonally your whole land.

Wrapped up in a distinctive box created in the likeness of a book from
“Fable III,” the contents include:

  • A new quest: Uncover
    the mystery of the haunted forests of Silverpines and earn the legendary
    sword, Wolfsbane, deadly against wolves and balverines.
  • Exclusive location: Unlock a new region, ideal for settling
    down with a family and discovering new treasures.
  • Fable III” playing cards: Created by Lionhead, these cards
    depict every type of character in “Fable III,” including Heroes, royals,
    rebels and villains from across Albion and beyond.
  • Guild Seal Coin: The coin features a Good side (blue) and
    Evil side (red) to assist players in making critical decisions that will
    impact the fate of the world forever.
  • A new dog breed: Renowned for its loyalty, the Boxer is a
    brave canine companion worthy of greatest Queens and Kings.
  • One unique outfit: Unearth one male and female outfit from
    the mysterious, faraway land of Aurora, a new destination in your “Fable
    III” adventures.


The player can migrate parts of Fable Fable II to III. The actions of
the father or the mother of the hero will still be visible. To become
king, the hero will need the support of the people. This support will be
harder to find in highly controlled by Logan. To encourage citizens to
join the revolution, the hero must make promises to the citizens by
convincing them that their life will be better with the hero sitting on
the throne. As king, the player may decide to keep these promises or

Once king, the hero will hold the office of judge. During periods of
sitting, the subjects explain their problems to the hero. These problems
are often disputes between two groups of citizens. If the player feels
anxious, he can send one group to prison immediately, do nothing or give
gold to one of the groups. If the player wants to be more informed
about the cause, it can travel far and the problem has begun to make a
fair decision (or completely wrong). Molyneux wanted to understand: is
it a legendary hero will necessarily have the leadership to govern? It
raises the question: If a beggar enters the castle and asks him to give a
little gold, the player has the choice between prisons or sent to pick
him up and give him ten gold coins?

For the players deciding to be a selfish king, chests full of gold
waiting in the castle. The hero’s family is going to put pressure so
that it improves and maintains its castle. To extend its power, the
player will have the opportunity to go to war. Much of the story takes
place in Albion, but the player can explore the neighboring continents
and attach them to his kingdom.

As in the previous sections, the hero’s appearance will change depending
on its alignment. But now, the appearance of cities can change
dramatically. If the player has to pay heavy taxes to the inhabitants of
a city, they seem very poor, destroy their houses and some even attack
the hero if he spends in the region. One example is Bowerstone, which
has changed significantly. It is now consumed by industry and crime.
Once king, players will stop such activities, which will change the
appearance of the city. Even the appearance of the hero’s weapon will
change. For example, if he kills a lot of undead, it will look to be
made of bones.

Fable III will also differentiate itself from others with its terms.
Some expressions will be able to allow the hero to be physically closer
to his (her) partner, shake hands with others, cuddling, etc… Molyneux
showed a quest to save a girl from a burning house. The hero could
comfort her in the cuddling and provide a safe place, taking her hand. A
hero villain can drag force beggars to plant for sale. If someone angry
hero, he can show his true nature by making wings out of his back, the
style of the wings depending on its alignment.

Checkout the Gameplay Trailer:

Action Events:

To throw us right into the action, let us not go back again in detail
about the context of Fable III, it suffices to recall that it takes
place 50 years after the second component, a Albion eaten by
industrialization and under the thumb of a tyrant that you can choose to
dethrone or replace. But to do this, it will take before all you
incarnate in this world by creating (or importing) your hero. At this
stage, people usually entitled to menu creation and customization. Well
those days are gone. Here, everything starts in a room in the center
where you will find a world map and a series of doors leading to various
other rooms, like your dressing.

To change clothes, you just have to go and choose her dress and put it
on. Ditto for the selection of spells you decide to assign to the
character. They will be represented by gloves, one for the right hand
and one for the left. The icing on the cake, not only do you have two
powers, but they will increasingly be combined. And this method will
apply to other situations later, as the purchase of equipment for

Later in the second part of the demo, after some socialized in the
streets of the beautiful town Brightfall, we tasted a little fighting in
Fable 3 on the island of Aurora, a desert where the floating hero and
his mentor fail in spite of themselves. If outside the sun hits hard, we
will see little since the action took place here in a gloomy dungeon
inhabited by unwelcoming presence controlling an army of shadows. The
ideal type of enemies to see just how wallop balance in this third

Basically, the combat system is very similar to that of the previous
episode, even in the distribution functions of the buttons on the pad.
We send large sword with the X button, pistol shots with B and spells
with Y. And of course, if a key is held down, it triggers special
attacks. What has changed in fact, the pace of the fighting, most
violent, more violent as in some way and marked by the effects of
staging, camera shots and slow classy. This coating can provide a little
more emphasis on fighting.

This is not everything, since according to their changes (which will
occur in phases, each embodied by a mini-event similar to a passage
level, meaning that our weapon was transformed), we will also have
access to "finishing moves "different, then triggers mini cut-scenes in
combat. Our hero also mutate on its actions and also the Good or Bad
side, it will be more robust if, for example regularly uses a heavy
weapon, or inherit a very strong skin magician who plays with fire and
lightning ‘s He likes to toy with the elements. Magic has also evolved
in Fable III: Each spell is now attached to a glove, and we can wear two
gloves at the time to accelerate the pace of combat, but also combine
spells. Otherwise, the action scenes are taking place globally in the
same manner and offer the same feeling while actually showing a little
more rhythmic.

If one perceives already facing the unfortunate creatures of shadows,
the effect is even more obvious then when we come across a sentinel of
quite respectable size and carved in stone. After all these adventures,
the victorious player will find his mentor in a bad way and unable to
see his surroundings after being hit by the evil presence that haunts
the premises. This will be the hero the chance to take her hand to guide
him out of the temple, and introduced the famous "touch" that is to
occupy an important place in the game Take a character’s hand being that
one possibility related to this aspect touch screen. Once outside, the
demo ends.

And as in Fable II, once back in solo, we retain all the experience and
items gained in multiplayer. The last element discovered in this
presentation: the "touch system". It promises new kinds of interactions
with the residents of Albion, and one could for example shake their
hand, yet take them by the hand to take them somewhere. At least when we
do not hate. In this case, we can always take them by the hand and drag
them into such a bleak place with the run. Note also the absence of the
wheel emotes Fable 2 , which was replaced by contextual actions
displayed above the NPC when you come near them. Whether we are
reassured, there will still be able to fart in the face of bartender and
threaten fruit vendor. That’s also Fable . The graphics engine has
meanwhile apparently little changed from Fable II , but we have to wait
longer the game in hand to decide on this matter. Output expected at the
end of the year on Xbox 360 and PC.


There always comes a meeting with enthusiastic an episode of Fable. If
this third chapter takes up much of the mechanical already known, it
brings new features, like customization, "direct" in his character or
especially the emphasis on the fighting made more forceful. And it goes
without saying that the universe appears darker than before appealing.
It now remains to discover the famous co-op mode which has still not
shown the tip of his nose.


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