World Rally Championship (WRC) 2010 Preview

It’s been so long since way back in October 2004 that excellent WRC4
arrive, the last official game of the World Rally Championship (WRC).
The license was exclusive then Sony for PS2 absolute dominator then left
us a number of excellent titles developed by Evolution Studios, creator
of the series currently Motorstom. Driving arcade, cars and real
flights, rally and a variety of excellent technical level for the time,
left us a few games that even undermined by their continued annual
output were very straight and admit that I personally still use to put
from time to time to remember the exploits of our champion Carlos Sainz,
this is still the same.

Incomprehensibly, launch disappeared and the license has remained in
oblivion until the year 2010, the duo Black Bean – Milestone’s going to
recover in a few months. Milestone Italians are great lovers known games
of speed on two wheels and four since he created in the 90’s that great
PC game called Screamer. Developers are the latest installments in the
Superbike series, which highlights its latest edition SBK X a few weeks
ago and it inspired a lot of praise from the fans. In four wheels and
having made great PS2 titles such as Evolution GT, just do not seem to
catch you rate the new generation and his saga "SuperStars V8" based on
the Italian championship cars, do not get out outside the country.

Since this latest version of the WRC much has changed in this tournament
and is on the one hand has gone stiff competition, the IRC a
championship more independent and less costly, and time and as has
happened in other official competitions as the World Touring Car
Championship (WTCC) or the very DTM (German championship) the crisis has
dented the competition and today only two brands, Citroen and Ford have
an official team with almost complete domination of Sebastian Loeb at
the helm of Gallic cars. So we expect that to increase a little more
variety of vehicles, Consoleros version Italian developer of the garage
to feed also available from other categories of this world as the Super
2000 Rally Wrc or Junior Production.

Full 2010 season, whats

The 2010 WRC consists of 13 tests provide an incredible variety of
terrain and tracks. From the snow of Sweden, the desert land of Jordan
and Mexico, asphalt and gravel in the Costa Brava to end up as almost
always with the humid forests of the rally of Great Britain. WRC veteran
will miss the legendary Monte Carlo Rally with which he used to start
the championship, but a couple of years ago fell off the final list,
passing by the way the IRC .. One can imagine that when we officially
licensed rally all available with their unique and changing climatic
conditions modify the development both of the tests.

On the game itself yet know few details, as they hardly have shown a
couple of videos in the past E3. We can assure that we will have a
career mode that is based on creating our own driver and team from
scratch, to start competing in regional rally, and go slowly move up the
ranks of pilots to receive offers to reach the official teams.

Graphically, and although this is not one of the highlights of the games
in Milestone, this time if I know that putting too much emphasis on
this aspect to create very detailed models of cars, especially the two
official models reproduced the millimeter, and the different surfaces of
the sections, designed from actual photographs of many of both the
track, as the surroundings and is also intended that the vicinity of the
tracks are very careful and reflect the area in which we run.

This type of championship is only focused on the fight against the clock
so that in principle any online modes will also be based on timed
events. We compete in both single-stage, rally championship full and
even, in order to improve our position in a virtual ranking, but never
will agree on the track with more cars. As usual we will go to the
network online and get off our records instances of the first to help us
improve each section.


Seem to confirm that we will have available a simulated GPS system, and
that just happens in the repetition that we see on TV, we will show the
trace of the best drivers compared with ours.

If we follow the trend as Italian developers have been his last game,
hopefully we have several ways of driving between arcade and simulation,
so we have to wait and see how they respond each and available support.
The development team has been deeply in contact with pilots, mechanics
and engineers with the aim of capturing as much detail as possible
driving these powerful vehicles, and response on different surfaces. As
usual we will also have the ability to make mechanical adjustments.

It seems that the Italian study will give us a surprise, given the
images of the teaser trailer where land is sprinkling of Hollywood stars
and models of cars are not known in the worlds of rally.

Tough competition:

In terms of content, in addition to the official license which will allow tracking the teams, drivers and tracks from the current season, WRC will have a mode "Career" in which he must prove himself before claiming to be the Loeb equals our country. It will then form a team, define the color, choose a sponsor, in short, have the best possible environment elements to look good once in track. Otherwise, gamers can also engage in a championship standard or custom – Custom Championship – not to mention a sort of "Time Attack" to set new records. Finally, the WRC will feature a multiplayer mode allowing up to 16 players to compete online. It will also discuss Hotseat, which is always good to take, and also a lot of rankings to see the best performance. With development completed at 75%, WRC has a long way to go, obviously. The grip was not really demanding, sometimes to the point of having the sensation of flying in arcade mode, without exaggeration.

Although we have not enjoyed the official license, yes we could keep
running in rally thanks to another excellent game mythic saga in this
world, Colin McRae. Dirt and Dirt 2 have allowed us to enjoy some
evidence although this mode against the clock has gone into the
background, especially in the excellent second half with their pros, we
have brought to light evidence as spectacular as the X-Games and cons ,
which just had a couple of rally stages around the game pure.

Although WRC 2010 will have to deal with a few months full of
long-awaited driving games like F1 Codemaster and Gran Turismo 5 which
will also bring rally stages, hopefully as you do get a huequecillo and
allow us to return to enjoy this great championship. The worldwide release of the WRC is scheduled for Autumn 2010 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.



As might be expected with Milestone , WRC incorporate a damage system that inevitably influence the conduct repeated shocks too. The vehicle may lose some elements on the track, or even damaged his windshield, but the violence of damage exhibited by the developers was not necessarily proportional to the damage received by the car. One point on which Milestone will obviously work before leaving the game. You could catch the trajectory with ease somewhat doubtful, which may make purists cringe.


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