NBA Elite 11 Preview


Electronic Arts is recasting the foundations of his series of best-known
sports games. Already left on a good foundation in 2010 with a version
of NBA Live , which was more or less forget the wanderings of the last
episodes, EA Sports has decided to be even more dramatic this year.
Tired of seeing NBA 2K him wrest the title of best game of basketball,
the Canadian studio has decided to take matters in hand and start a mini
revolution comparable to that experienced by FIFA when he made up his
mind ironing before PES . Like say loud and this new mindset and focus
on the consequences of the many changes facing the players, the series
also sees an opportunity to rebrand. NBA Live is dead, long live the NBA
elite .

The news of the changes is not no bluff or mere tinkering. The control
and physical system are so different that, indeed, it seems that this is
another game. We were able to confirm and prove how this new gameplay
mode against each one. The control is initially disconcerting, but
suggestive. If the struggle of EA’s football sim with swords held high,
the same is true in the battle of basketball games.

According to David Littman, creative director of NBA, "in EA Sports aim
to give the player the tools to create moments of immersion. Do not give
more animations, or large scripted sequences, but have the feeling of
bringing a professional athlete." With these changes, the goal is to
"change the way people experience the basketball," says ¨ Littman.


About the Game:

NBA ELITE 11, the next progression in the NBA LIVE sequence, will
transform the method of basketball simulation sports events are played,
by means of all-new technology base, a novel control scheme and a
concurrent physics system.With the design philosophy from some of EA
SPORTS top rated franchises, NBA ELITE 11 brings up numerous momentous
gameplay modifications that center in the region of user control.

The new ‘Hands-On Control’ scheme lets for one-to-one receptiveness of a
player’s faction and movements on the court, as disparate to customary
prearranged animations that need users to hang around while a scenario
played out earlier than the next move taken. Hands-on Control relates to
the whole things inside a player’s offensive and defensive stores, that
includes dribble progress, immerse, drives to the basket, fadeaways,
mid-air modification, chunks, steal and further.

The fresh real-time physics method in NBA ELITE 11 permits every player
on the court to go separately of one another, eliminating the 2 man
connections that have long taken the user control away of basketball
simulation video games. Additionally, a latest skill-based execution
system needs correct user input, based on a player’s location on the
court, against the arbitrarily created dice rolls that have driven
shooting in basketball video games in the history.

In fact, developers have not misplaced of what may have been their
colleagues on fight night and placed the right analog stick in the
middle of gameplay . The concept is simple: it is he who commands the
hands of your basketball. To dribble with his right hand or left, it is
sufficient to orient the stick side wanted. One turn and you can show
off with making a small caper very useful to clear your vis-à-vis. The
movements are simple to perform, natural and executed in a blink of an
eye by your basketball.

The shooting also become dependent on this unique system, since simply
hold the stick up for our man rushes and release it in time to throw the
ball. Caution, however the accuracy of your gesture, since the
orientation of the stick will affect the angle of the shot in the end.
The dunks, they are made of a semi-automatic approach the basket and
making the same gesture to pull the cart. But even in the air, you can
juggle the right stick to avoid, for example, be a bash as a rogue
player opponent.

Render as a real player
with two sticks:

It aims to achieve this through the sticks. With the move the player
left on the court and the right to control their movements with the
ball. To put it more graphically: the left stick are the feet and the
right arms. During the demo that was all he needed, the EA Sports people
said when you’re playing five against five the right trigger will
happen and also there will be more controls for really hardcore gamers.

The faces of disbelief and distrust followed the announcement of EA to
change the control of the series, but Littman asked us to prove before
judging. And we did. If you wanted EA Sports was surprised he succeeded.

Contrary to what may seem a priori, the new control is more intuitive
and easy to learn. The key is to coordinate the movement of two sticks.
If you move forward when you move the ball down the right stick (to what
would be seven o’clock), the player will pass the ball back. But if you
move and tours which will be passing the ball in the back changing
hands. You can do similarly hooks, twists in the air …

To shoot baskets, climb the stick and when the player is on top, let it
go. If you do it too soon or too late, or if you turn the stick left or
right, the shot will fail. It is important to monitor the movement for
matching the time they throw the ball to the hoop. Again, the intention
is to make it realistic.

More impressive is the entrance to the basket. You can make a mate
moving up the right stick as you enter the area to put you in the
basket, a tray by turning the stick at the same time or even to emulate
Jordan. Remember when he entered a giant basket and tried to plug and
solved it by correcting the air, changing the ball and stuck his hand
against the table? Now you can do if if your player jumps to crush and
move the right stick back and forth.

But that does not mean you can do with any player. In the demo we saw
some data appeared on the screen indicating the player’s ability based
on the position with a green angle became more narrow if tirabas from a
difficult area for that particular player. If you have a free kick with,
say, Shaquille O’Neal, the angle is much narrower than that of Lebron
James. These differences will not be the same result with a player with
another, even if your skill is the same.

The EA Sports has been surprised by possibilities therein, as the change
from hand to kill them and even mentioned the possibility of pulling a
goal from midfield. When defending, the movements were tested plugs when
jumping with his arms raised and attempted theft by moving the right
stick down.

A physics engine
replaces real-time animation scripting:

The second great revolution is closely related to the first. Given this
control, the animations are meaningless scripts activated by movement of
the stick or button. Now they are natural in real time. If you run the
track and, after jumping to make a tray on a player like you, roll it
and fall to the ground as they would in any real court.

For the physics of NBA Elite has used the same technology that has
already been applied to NHL, another of the great franchises of EA
Sports, although it has been changed to more subtle interactions.

Littman said that the specific aspects of basketball, EA Sports has
specialized consultants as Novell Thomas, former Canadian national team
player, but the gameplay is the player wanted to feel that victory
depends more on his skill. The game tries to be as realistic as
possible, imitating what people do in real life.

This was only a first approach to the news, and one to one. Of course,
many questions remain unresolved. Graphically do you miss the
resemblance to reality, the typical basket tickets for each player?, Is
really notice the differences between each player at the time of
shooting or drive to the basket? It is hoped that EA Sports does not
take long to reveal the answers to these and many other issues and to
disseminate more of the title.

For now, even if the game is still booming and we could not see that
duels, we must recognize that 11 NBA Elite seems to be surprising
maneuverability. Both flexible and natural, this new system allows you
to control your player with impressive accuracy and handle much more
movement than in a classic basketball game.

NBA Elite 11 will go on sale this October on PS3 and Xbox 360.


With the range of proposed actions, the margin of increase seems most
comfortable and that the title should know exactly reward the most
skilled players and workers. After a few minutes of play, NBA Elite 11
seemed so very promising. However, it remains to be seen how the game
will behave in the real game and if that handling will be as attractive
in these conditions. See you this fall for a final verdict, hoping that
this revolution will be as effective as it looks.




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