Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Review (Wii)


In 2009, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 had already set the bar very high for
the Wii. Among its many game modes, controls and ultra-precise realism
bluffing, the famous golf simulation from Electronic Arts largely
outclassed its competitors. Now history is about to be repeated with
this eleventh edition extraordinarily complete.

Each summer the arrival of heatwaves, Tiger Woods offered a sleeve of
his favorite game: no golf, no sport in the Room, but the game of the
seven differences between the new annual variation of PGA Tour and the
release of newly last year. This ritual is a bit heavy, however, should
not overshadow the qualities of a series that reigned over the green for
many years. Facing the power of the license PGA competitors prefer to
try their luck on a lot more arch, while Tiger Woods is right in his
boots with a golf simulation technology, complete and official.

About the game:

Rather than playing the escalation of anecdotal features, Electronic
Arts has chosen to mark the occasion for Tiger Woods 2011. This year,
the publisher has tried to emphasize quality over quantity. Let us
therefore finds powdered sugar as the new points system experience to
address immediately the news that matters. There are only two, but they
are remarkable. Content side, first of all, PGA Tour 11 hosts the Ryder
Cup, the prestigious international golf tournament whose characteristic
is to compare the best American and European golfers in team matches.
After the FedEx Cup and of course the PGA Tour, the series is therefore a
step closer to completeness, the image of most licensed games EA Sports
that shine through the density of their contents. Although this
tournament is very similar to others, longer, but it still offers a new
highlight in the game casting Scotsman Colin Montgomerie and Norway’s
Suzann Pettersen against the Americans Anthony Kim Tiger Woods or, it

Lead your team to glory in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11! Fight for honor,
fight for country in the all-new Ryder Cup Challenge on The Celtic Manor
Resort in Wales in 2010, which is the course of this year’s Ryder Cup.
Strategy comes into play as you create your own team and take on others
in Online Team Play – up to 12 versus 12.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 on the Wii brings the links to your living room
with two all-new enhanced swing mechanics while using the Wii
MotionPlus. The Advanced Plus swing difficulty will read rotation and
swing angle while the Tour Pro swing mechanic assesses rotation, swing
plane and point of contact. The Tour Pro swing features an innovative
first-person camera angle from the tee box to the putting green called
True View. True View creates the most immersive and authentic golf
experience in any video game – you are no longer watching the golfer,
you are the golfer!

Game Features:

  • Bring
    Home the Ryder Cup:
    Represent either the U.S. or European squad and
    play your way through the prestigious Ryder Cup tournament on the
    beautiful Celtic Manor course. Assume the role of captain and tweak
    match-ups on the fly and participate in the various competitions –
    better ball, alternate shot and match play. Lead your team to glory in
    the last great sporting event founded on prestige, rather than prize

  • Take the Team Online: Compete in an all-new team golf mode
    that allows up to 24 players to compete head-to-head as members of a
    team. Join a team or create your own, then hit the links to see if your
    team can rise to the top of the leaderboards.

  • Graphical Enhancements: Even more graphical detail has been
    added to the game via textured clothing, flowing hair and apparel and
    time of day changes during the round.

  • Championship Courses: Take on the best of the best on many of
    the PGA TOUR’s most renowned championship courses, including TPC

  • Wii MotionPlus Enhanced: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 takes the
    Wii MotionPlus swing mechanics up a notch with Advanced Plus and Tour
    Pro swing options. Advanced Plus not only tracks swing rotation, but now
    also tracks swing plane; reading the virtual path of your club. The
    Tour Pro option enhances the swing mechanic by measuring the point of
    contact on the ball, making it possible to miss the ball completely!

Some will perhaps remember that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was last year
one of the very first Wii games to take advantage of the improved
detection of movements of the Wii MotionPlus. Enthused by this
attachment promising, Electronic Arts had spared no pains to exploit the
different advantages and the result was clearly convincing. Of course,
the Wii MotionPlus is once again honored this year to analyze with
precision the least formidable of our swings and putts of our (the
putting accuracy is back). Even better, it now allows software to
evaluate the tilt of the Wiimote, swing our plan and our wrist rotation
through two new types of gameplay extremely realistic reserved for the
most seasoned players. Already very high mode Avanced Plus, the
challenge becomes downright superhuman mode since Pro Tour assistance
will be reduced to a minimum.

The online game is also the pride of the team to 24 players divided
between the camp and the camp is west, even if it is of course not
obliged to pull to one side or another. Please note that access to
multiplayer online -subscription is a single use code provided in the
booklet of the game or through the Financial Xbox Live , according to
the new policy of EA in this area. Fortunately, the rest of the usual
content is present in version 100% free for all, whether one ball
variants (all players play the same ball to turn), the creation of
characters from photographs, customizing clubs, mini-games type hanged,
target shooting, etc..

The second significant change relates to the 2011 episode gameplay ,
which is already a micro-event in the series Tiger Woods , more
accustomed to small timid approaches in this field. Gestures and
technical millimeters golfers are now in a gauge Focus which allows them
to increase the power of swing, accuracy, or both simultaneously. The
feeling is great, especially since the interface has been revised and
corrected for accuracy. Managing the effects of ball is particularly
facilitated by the new display. Attention is talking about the HUD and
all the information that appears when you type, because the realization
has not changed, alternating between fair and poor on the PGA Tour
circuit, however, maintained with such care in real life.

Anxious to offer veterans of the series even more immersive experience,
Electronic Arts has also devised a first-person view that allows players
to see action through the eyes of a golfer. The intention was laudable
and it is true that the time to type a few bullets, we gladly let
seduce. However, as original as it is, this option (mandatory mode Pro
Tour) ultimately limit too our field of vision to be truly playable.
When swing or putt for example, unable to raise his head to see off is
both absurd and seriously disabling. The player who seeks the
effectiveness of this will happen so quickly and unique view of the
beginner shun like the plague.

Novices, however, would be wrong to believe that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
is destined for an elite of hardcore fans of golf. Indeed, after making
some adjustments, the software is within the reach of most awkward
novice. A simple pendulum can send the ball almost anywhere you want and
there are many fewer parameters to be taken into account. In addition,
the game modes are so numerous and so varied that everyone will find
something to suit him necessarily. Parts of the traditional festive game
modes through the mini-games, the number of possibilities is absolutely
appalling. Register New additions are noted mainly the appearance of
the prestigious Ryder Cup between a European team and an American team
throughout several trials. It also provides some technical challenges
offered by the biggest names in golf today to earn experience or real
mini golf to relax. Acclaimed by the players, the excellent manner Disc
Golf is now available in online multiplayer, what will certainly true
moments of anthology.

For the rest nothing has changed. It is always possible to create an
avatar from scratch using an editor arch-complete before launching into a
long career PGA Tour. Most great courses and meet the famous FedExCup
course be present. It can launch fast games to play alone or against
friends in stroke play, Greensome, Skins, Stableford, etc.. Challenges
await us play through various mini-games such as Target, TIGER, or
Capture the Flag. As the party-game with Golf Party multiplayer online
by connecting to the Net. In short, the enormous content of the last
edition in addition to significant innovations of this year, it is
really the ultimate golf simulation on the Wii. And even though its
graphics are starting a bit dated, it would be hard to find real faults.


Pushing the credibility even further thanks to the judicious use of the
Wii MotionPlus, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is certainly far one of the
games of golf’s most realistic and most comprehensive market on all
platforms. No fan of the genre should not miss out decently.This year
the series dating back more than ten years of happy union minimum to
satisfy fans of console golf. Hands in pockets, Tiger still managed to
gain respect through his natural class and a solid foundation on which
it rests. The addition of the Ryder Cup and a little effort to clarify
and development side gameplay allow this wine in 2011 to stay on top of
his art without having to leave the big game even advice for previous
editions, So Tiger Woods 11 is the game to begin to grasp the virtual
golf, but no need to rush when you already have one of the variations in
recent years.




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