DarkStar One: Broken Alliance Preview


Despite being a genre that has many supporters in the PC for which each
year leaves the odd work of this kind with enough quality, space
simulators have not been lavished on consoles historically much, being
more numerous and better received games Craft arcade and more direct
action, assuming the companies that console players do not want to get
very complicated when the head part in space battles. Xbox 360 in the
closest thing the game has been launched which we speak might be Project
Sylpheed and Star Trek: Legacy, saving the big differences since the
former is more oriented to action and the second can be considered a
strategy game therefore Darkstar One: Broken Alliance can be considered a
single game in the catalog of X360.

The origin of this title dates from 2006 when Darkstar One appeared on
PC, developed by Ascaron German best known for creating the role-playing
game series Sacred, a space simulator of a modest study was correct but
not very enthusiastic reception by criticism and it was something best
seen by an audience very devoted to this kind of games. Last summer
Ascaron disbanded and its members formed a new company called Minds
Gaming Studios, under another German publisher Kalypso, who acquired the
rights to Darkstar One, which decided to launch this new console
version that does not leave to be a makeover of that game appeared in

Game Story:

In Darkstar One – Broken Alliance, command the mysterious spacecraft,
the Darkstar One, allowing near infinite customization capabilities
using the latest and even mysterious alien weapons and technologies.
Blast into space for in-your-face 3D combat in full 1080p High
Definition, explore over 300 alien worlds, buy and sell cargo or
services, all while exploring a vast and beautiful universe in a quest
to uncover the mystery behind the main character’s father.

In the midst of a political climate increasingly tense in which the
peace in the universe hangs by a thread will take the role of Kayron
Jarvis, the son of a renowned space pilot from which to begin the
venture will inherit the mysterious ship Darkstar One After some first
bars that serve as tutorials to learn and get used to the controls
discover a big secret concerning the death of our father and our ship,
which happens to be of alien origin have the power to dominate and
unique that we acquire throughout the adventure, at which events are
fired and begins the real story.

The script is quite complex and more so for the genre in question, and
the story is telling us through dialogue that will remain on the ship
itself and animated sequences totaling nearly an hour of video, the same
version original if you doubt that back then someone mad as four years
later they have not been sitting particularly well. Unfortunately follow
the plot is hard if we have advanced knowledge in English, as well as
the voices texts are untranslated, and this is a game with a lot of
texts. At least we have the option to enable subtitles to appear at any


  • Action
    and adventure in one exciting package
  • Play as pirate, trader, mercenary, bounty hunter, smuggler or
  • Explore a universe of more than 300 solar systems populated by 6
    distinct alien races
  • Fully customize the Darkstar One with weapons, engines, shields and
    over 200 components
  • Amazing visuals and sound – enjoy more than 35 hours of true 1080p
    High Definition gameplay, over 40 minutes of cut-scene storytelling and
    90 minutes of original music


When you start playing the first thing we will find is a menu where we
can access news and important information we will reveal details of the
plot, access to the choice of missions that we offer, a shop where you
can buy new weapons or improvements to the ship, trading in minerals,
plants and even alien life forms, and manage the employment of escorts
to help us in missions. Once we decide to take off from the space
station controlled the game in first person and the controls are quite
simple, in a few minutes we’ll do with them without major headaches.

Move the ship in any direction and speed up or slow it down, use one of
three different shots from lasers to missiles that can set at any time
engage in communications with other ships and finally access to this
already complex menu from which we see the conditions of our mission
today, reading email, set up the inventory, see our reputation and
access the star map and more.

The action is pretty fun and straightforward by not having to memorize
too many buttons and as often happens in these games is massive battles
when the game reaches greater heights of fun, although some individual
battles also will challenge and entertain us.

The controls offer no major problems and even in the early stages the
ship may seem too slow as we progress and improving it’ll no doubt
noting the increased speed and the application of these improvements
will be really satisfying to see how they affect the game directly. The
simple control is a double-edged sword for what at first may seem a
clear advantage as we rapidly with the controls when we post a few hours
of play that lack of depth in the management and causes blamed all
fights are very similar to each other, can become monotonous, avoid this
or not depends on what we have managed to capture the complex universe
reflected in the game.

The default difficulty is located quite low although it is a demanding
game and does not allow too many licenses and will have to be careful
what we do, but for fans of major challenges in the game any time we can
increase the difficulty, which we seems very successful as this game
can please the more experienced players.

The missions can Serna responsible both political and military entities
as other less formal and space pirates, and the choice and
implementation of these will be what our reputation varied can have
multiple trends: pirate, murderer, merchant, bounty hunter, mercenary or
smuggler. From nearly the beginning we shall have enough missions to
choose from so that development from the beginning is quite open and not
just the choice of missions vary our reputation but our conduct during
them can do to change things much. For example at the beginning of the
game is a scouting mission in which you have to do a photo when you do a
particular army will warn you that you’ve made in a restricted area and
you do the favor of deleting, you will choose whether to make them or
flight case with the photo, this being one of the strengths of the game,
the decision-making.

Different Missions:

The missions are varied and are from typical to defeat an enemy in
particular, protecting a target escort, transportation of any goods that
have just been complicated by some undesirable to other exploration in
which we investigate artifacts of unknown origin or even some in which
we have to take pictures as we mentioned earlier. In both its quantity
and its variety can not get bored, and if anything the only thing that
gets heavier are initially travel between targets or movements between
galaxies, looking for simulation and realism to us and we can jump
distances within the same galaxy are quite long, but we have an option
to speed up the time and slowly get better for the ship to automate
certain tasks such as landing at the stations so this is not a big stick
just in case the early stages of the adventure.

There are about 300 solar systems of considerable size each and all of
them are distinguished by different political systems, races and trade.
The scenarios chosen regardless of the mission have their own life and
find police and military patrol, a pirate that another will also appear
and we have to be careful with the law and inflict a star system like
that of the GTA is present and as the stars go up increased pressure
from law enforcement about us.

With so many missions, ships and characters to interact, opportunities
for improvements in our ship and to make trade with other systems and
developed and deeper than is the history we have a game long enough, you
can overcome peacefully the 30 hours. Comment that we should take
special care to the management of saved games, because the game has
auto-save and that makes us forget ourselves and save the game can get
to save a game in a compromising position and not reversible we do have
to restart the game so it is advisable to store from time to time our
own games if we want to take some anger as has happened to us.

Unfortunately for fans of multiplayer gaming, here is not the option for
the same. Some will miss the opportunity to play online battles, some
not, the fact is that having a single player mode as long we do not
appears that this is the case of a major flaw, or perhaps even think it

Graphics and Textures:

The game does not have large graphic effects, textures normalitas has a
simple fucking, models of ships are very simple and has great artwork,
but thanks to the use of higher resolution console, 1080p, all is very
crisp and pleasing to the eye. There are other games on the console
catalog or more graphically as mediocre as this and do not display in
1080p native resolution X360 very unusual, so it appreciates the efforts
of the programmers, because it shows all the elements very sharp and
great colors, on the few occasions where the environment permits.
Everything is very fluid but could not hide its graphics engine or four
years ago then had to be pointer, so it jumps to the quickly view which
we have a very poor game in the technical but has no major flaws to

What difference does the song no doubt are the video sequences that tell
the story, coming from the original title appears more than 2006 times
look like the first PlayStation, and not exaggerate. Do their job of
narrating the events that occur when we are driving our ship but are a
little sonrojantes for these times these characters modeled as squared
free expression and so robotic movements, perhaps lovers will appreciate
the retro, the remainder will serve for a laugh. As a final paste texts
that could be a little more generous in size, they are very numerous
and despite playing on a large screen should make an extra effort to
read, a pretty silly detail but which have fallen about few games in
this generation.

The music in the game shines almost absent during the examination and
made an appearance in the video scenes and especially when they start
fighting, with some melodies between electronic and encouraging enough
rocker action without going to fall in love but encouraged to decrease
the volume. The voices in English are common without being annoying or
comical, with different accents differentiating the many races that
populate the game universe.


If you like space simulators with touches of role, many hours in front
and a vast universe to explore you should pay attention to this game as
there is no equal in X360. Many missions, a long history, hundreds of
galaxies with different races, political and economic systems,
configuration and ongoing improvements to the ship, a fairly complete
game that can not conceal its character at any time in its technical
sections humble but contented to very specific audience, and top out at a
reduced price so if someone had long been expecting a game similar
characteristics on Xbox, he should try it. But taking into account that
is completely in English and it takes an average level and to enjoy it
their development history is one of his strong points. Not only triple A
man lives and must be given an opportunity once in a while modest but
well-made games like this, yes, only recommended for stalwarts of the




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