DeathSpank Review

One of the reasons why it is often said that digital distribution is a
great invention is that it allows games to be launched would be
impossible to arrive in stores, or by a touch retro, its brevity and its
small audience. For Deathspank, is a mixture of all this, especially
because it would make the ridiculous compared to other games of its
genre. While the action and RPG titles ever more likely to open worlds,
the complex relationships between characters and, above all, the
spectacular graphics, choose Deathspank humor, frantic action and
sometimes ridiculous, to offer a fresh experience and quick.

Ron Gilbert, co-creator of Monkey Island with Tim Schafer (author of the
recent Brütal Legend), is a guarantee of humor, and Deathspank what
emanates from all sides. If Guybrush Threpwood wanted to be a pirate,
Deathspank is a consummate hero and justice imparter recognized
reputation among the populace, just as it was a cop Torrente in his
films. He is very aware of this and of their increasing responsibilities,
and after a long career redressing wrongs, it’s time to get "the
Artifact." This is the perfect excuse to put us in a world full of
enemies, weapons, items and major and minor adventures more or less
absurd, that is emerging in our step as we crush buttons (all are of
attack) and from time to time we cover or devoured a chicken leg to
regain strength.

About the Game:

DeathSpank is the high quality, low priced romp for XBLA/PSN your
parents hoped you would grow up and marry one day. Charming.
Intelligent. Enigmatic. These are just a few words you won’t be using to
describe DeathSpank. He doesn’t stab first and ask questions later. He
doesn’t realize there are questions. Created by Ron Gilbert, the
legendary mind behind Monkey Island, DeathSpank is the rarest of the
rare: an honestly funny, fun video game.

Described by top scientists (and most reviewers, some of them
scientists) as Monkey Island meets Diablo, DeathSpank is an exciting
hack and slash action RPG set on a massive, dangerous, curvy world. In
between hacking and slashing, DeathSpank solves puzzles and explores an
epic story. DeathSpank will vanquish evil and be a hero to the
downtrodden; he will collect loot, level up, collect loot, acquire new
abilities and collect loot.

As you probably just guessed, DeathSpank is filled to bursting with
hundreds of weapons, armor sets, witty dialog, improbable scenarios,
unexpected villains, and challenging bosses. The action is easily
accessible for short bursts of unsupervised fun, but the story is
revealed over ten to fifteen hours of gameplay. And there’s more!
DeathSpank does not fight alone but with the mighty wizard Sparkles,
letting your real-life flesh friends play alongside you in two-player
local co-op as DeathSpank quests for the mysterious Artifact called…the


  • Massive seamless world!
  • Hundreds
    of pieces of armor!
  • Hundreds of weapons!
  • A real
    story…not a lousy video game story!
  • Mind numbing -yet
    completely fair -adventure game puzzles!
  • A mysterious thing
    called The Artifact!
  • A beautifully hand crafted Quest Log that
    tracks important and unimportant things to do!
  • Stuff that blows
  • Stuff that doesn’t blow up!
  • The most interesting
    and eccentric cast you’ll ever see!

Deathspank The idea is apparently to provide an extremely casual Diablo
clone. The world map opens up as we passed and we’re going to find all
sorts of adventures, both primary and secondary, as we speak with NPCs.
These adventures are organized in a newspaper, dividing them between
"important things to do" and "important things to do" (ie, main and
secondary), but I really do not require the player to squeeze too much
brains. Mainly consist of collecting items, such as supplies for a magic
spell or lost items from passers-by, and how to solve them is not going
much further to go further and killing enemies.

These are very numerous and more diverse and, as usual, will be taking a
higher level, thus changing their abilities and characteristics and
visual appearance. To confront the game features a combat system very
simple. We have a life bar that decreases with each attack and a bar of
justice that fills as you do combos. This allows us to do a special
attack (the next to do with a weapon, ie, automatically), which do more
damage to enemies.

The combat system is quite casual. The four main buttons are assigned to
different weapons, from among the hundreds that we find in the game.
These include swords, axes, machetes, clubs and long-range weapons such
as crossbows, and have several features of damage, reach, effect of
elements such as fire, ice, etc … nothing too complicated or that
requires the player goes to great, to have four arms, and therefore four
attacks, an inventory with lots of space to fill it with everything you
find, and dozens and dozens of items to be collected only from above

The problem with the combat system is perhaps its lack of depth. The
game manages to be simple, and much, becoming addicted quickly, but the
locking system, though well made (by pressing the lock button and it
lasts a few seconds) is not sufficient, in combination with different
attacks, give us an overall feeling control. Many times we will
completely overcome by the enemies or situations, and we will be forced
to heal in extremist with a potion, or escape, eating a chicken leg
while hordes haunt us. This happens constantly and brings hilarity to
the game, but it becomes repetitive and tiresome at times, as the sense
of chaos, to be getting hammered on all sides and be overwhelmed at
times is excessive. It also misses the opportunity to combine best
combos attacks, instead of each weapon is completely independent of the
others. Later we get the Runestones and the game gives a twist to the
fray, making certain combinations of weapons allow special attacks, but
this is not enough to win the whole battle.

But the overall package is great fun and fresh. Deathspank does that
games like Diablo, World of Warcraft or even the recent Borderlands,
always keep wanting to play for a little more top level and get a
"letter of hero again, and of course to find items and armor more
powerful and a more absurd if possible (we can find a gun and chicken
poo of a unicorn, among other things).

Deathspank saved one more surprise: a split-screen cooperative mode in
which the other player controls the Wizard Sparkles mate Deathspank
adventure. It is not a clone of the main character, but of a different
character with a way of playing itself. It has no armor, but with a
series-healing spells, fireball and cloned to be a decoy for enemies,
"is a kind of cooperative use, in which two players have the same
obligations and capabilities, but the second player carries something
like an assistant, also sharing the same energy bar that the main

A technical and artistic level, Deathspank surprised by combining 3D
graphics scenarios and characters and enemies, with the two dimensions
of everything else, such as loose items that enemies and fill the stage
itself, trees, rocks, etc. …-. This contrast is … rare. No one can
say that we are dealing with something innovative can create a fashion
as the Cell-Shading, but neither is wrong. It gives the game a unique
style, not extraordinary, and combines well with good artistic design of
all its elements, though sometimes at a technical level the engine
slows down, it’s strange to not be a game with a great burden polygons,
textures or effects.

A sound level, however, the game has a very funny English dub, which
unfortunately does not have any subtitles in English Castilian-itself.
This is a pity, because the dialogues are funny and have adapted very
well to our language, is understood to be a downloadable game, and with
such dash, the budget does not come into Castilian locate … but it is a
shame. The sound effects are somewhat exaggerated and can become
tiresome, but the music is fun: it has nothing to do with the
fantastic-medieval atmosphere of the game, like that of a Western or a
biker movie.


Similarly simplify many downloadable games, like making them return to
their origins, genres that have become increasingly convoluted over the
years, Deathspank does the same with Diablo-style games, but adding a
touch of humor hilarious and present all the game, from the absurd story
to the enemy, through the memorable dialogues. Anyone looking for a
game without complications, with the ability to classics like Gauntlet
addiction but at the same time with a variety of inventory, you may be
carrying a big surprise with Deathspank. And it would be very good news
that many games are getting this sense of humor, or at least that Ron
Gilbert is encouraged by the success of Deathspank and do more projects.


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