Nokia 7230 Mobile Phone Review

7230 is the smallest slide phone we’ve seen. With its 100 grams it is
not the easiest. But both of these factors, we can easily forgive when
we see how big the screen is. 2.4" is a right so delicious screen on a
phone that is under a thousand piece.

The screen has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, a resolution that is
about to assume an increasing number of mobiles in price group to 7230.
Strictly speaking, this is not significantly great on this phone, when a
lower resolution would ruin the experience of the big screen in total.

The point is whether this total gives a good and clear screen, with
crisp icons and text. The colors are not a concern about.

Creaky and bad keys

7230 relatively is well screwed together. The two parts are securely
attached to each other, and sliding mechanism could not be more

The phone has five menu buttons plus a five-way navigation key in the
middle of them. Unfortunately, the four keys are not very functional.
The one with the plastic covering at the front of the phone, have no
platform of any kind.

This makes the buttons a bit too hard and difficult to see sometimes,
especially when you write SMS and you need to erase anything. It does
not help either when the key, to erase, is positioned at the top side of
the phone that is as far away from the number keys as it is possible.

We are not entirely satisfied with the numeric keys. The experience was
too hard, thin and too little responsive. After some use, you can feel a
little better, but we would still like to see that Nokia had chosen a
slightly softer plastic – both for the sake of the fingers and to mute
the keypad sounds a little bit.

The back of the phone is in the same-mentioned plastic. Half grove slots
allow you get a good hold of the phone.

7230 has a shortcut key, and it is for the camera. Would you like to do
other things, to control the volume during calls, press up or down from
the five-way navigation key.
Make it personal!

The menus of 7230 are of type Series 40. These are simple and
transparent. In sleep mode, you can go quite personal. It is actually
divided into "invisible" fields you can fill up with features and
shortcuts to programs you use most.

A clever feature we will highlight is the ability to change the font
size in menus and messages. This is nothing new in itself, but for those
who need a little extra sensitive to 7230, its being preferred. With
the 2.4 inch screen its fairly large because of the letters.

You can also download your own themes for the menus, as you can with
other phones with this menu system. The reason we mention it in this
case is that all of the preloaded themes on the 7230 is more or less
psychedelic, which actually make the menus less transparent than they
need to be. A quick google search on "mobile themes series 40" or
similar phrases take up to a wealth of themes you can dress your mobile
menus in.

Sales package includes the following:

  • Nokia 7230 device
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102
  • Nokia 2 GB microSD Card MU-37
  • Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
  • Nokia Battery BL-4CT
  • User guide


The Nokia 7230 is not a surf monster. But taking the price into
consideration, we see no reason to complain.

The phone has both Edge and 3G. The latter means that you both surfed
read and sent email and update your Facebook status without having to
fall asleep while waiting for loading data. Today, most of the country’s
cities and densely populated areas have good 3G coverage.

Would you like to exchange files between your PC and mobile, you can
choose between Bluetooth for wireless and USB for wired transmission.

Internal memory of 7230 is 70 MB. We will call it a good start. You can
even add extra to it up to 2 GB memory card that comes along with the

We are not completely satisfied with battery life of the 7230. At
moderate to low usage, the phone went out about three days. This means
that if you are an avid mobile user, you will probably have to charge
this every other day.

One reason for the battery life could be that the screen draws quite a
lot of energy. Another may be that the battery is low priority in favor
of other items – yes you guessed it – the screen.

Mobile phones in this price group, for each (regardless of available
browsing speed), have been fairly easy to use to manage your e-mail.
Nokia 7230 is no exception. Do you have e-mail account with one of the
big providers (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Windows Live Hotmail); you just
have to enter your username and password. Your phone will find itself
all the information it needs about your account, and after about ten
seconds, you have e-mail on mobile phones.

Among the additional applications on the phone is a Facebook
application, instant messengers, links to Nokia’s Ovi services and Opera
Mini web browser. The latter program is good to have in 7230; for the
built-in browser, it will not work optimally.

in the knees

We tried to download some software from This succeeded
to a certain point, when the browser suddenly gave the message "Not
enough memory". Web pages displayed as well just as they are designed
for a PC monitor, which becomes chaotic when you only have 2.4-inch
screen available. The above-mentioned Opera Mini works better when
browsing the 7230 because it compresses the web pages so that they both
take up less space on your screen and takes up less temporary memory on
the phone.

We like good sound in 7230; this is a good phone to talk in. Respondent
did nothing to delay the sound. With the imminent danger of repeating
ourselves: The included handsfree makes voice metallic and a bit away.
If you’re not too picky on the sound, it works as yet to call.


Also affordable phones has largely more or less good multimedia

7230 has a built-in music player, FM radio and a 3.2 megapixel camera.
In addition, there are five games on the phone. Unfortunately, not all
the possibilities have the deadlines to reuse.

The music player of 7230 is quite simple and straightforward. You do not
have all the world of features, but the player is in turn easy to
understand and manage. You can sort your music by the usual categories
such as genre, artist and playlists. A little subtle thing is that the
music player changes the look of the theme you have on your phone. Do
you think this is annoying; you can also disable the feature.

An audio equalizer is also in place. In addition to that, you can choose
from several pre-installed sound scheme and you can also make two of
your very own preferences.

Poor sound

You should not expect the great sound if you use the speaker on the 7230
to play music. The sound is because virtually total bassless and lose
much of the full picture.

The included handsfree does not strictly make things better; the sound
is just terrible in a different way. Therefore, it is good that the
phone has 3.5-millimeter audio input, so you can plug in a decent
headset itself.

We tried the phone’s music player with headset Koss Porta Pro, an
affordable and popular headset for those who want acceptable sound
without getting burn marks in your wallet.

Enjoying the sound is not bad. A sworn audio enthusiast will probably
get the hot flashes of having to listen to music in 7230, but it is not
so picky; your phone is disgusting unlike other music player if you do
not have with you something else for listening music. The only thing we
have to note is that the sound is somewhat flat and it lacks some depth
and nuances.

In short, we can conclude that 7230 phone is a useless for music and it
is certainly not the one that you would like to connect your own

The built-in FM radio automatically scans for available channels if
desired. The channels are only the same name as the frequency they are
stored. Want a better overview; you must name the channels themselves.

Camera: simple but not so good?

Camera in Nokia 7230 can take pictures in a resolution of 3.2
megapixels. The camera is easy and has no autofocus or flash. However,
you can choose effects such as grayscale and sepia. In addition, you can
adjust the white balance between four different options.

Nokia 7230 can takes pictures but it is not good. Over and under
exposures are fighting for space, and detail reproduction is rather poor
in many situations.

It appears that neither the light nor dark environment is optimal for
the 7230s camera. Nevertheless, we experienced that the images were
surprisingly sharp and clear in special lighting.



  • Form: slide
  • Dimensions: 98 x 48 x
    14.75 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 100 g
  • Volume: 64 cc

Display and User Interface

  • Size: 2.4"
  • Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA)
  • 262,000 colours

Keys and Input Methods

  • Dedicated image capture key
  • 5 way Navi key
  • Call and end keys, and soft keys
  • Alpha numeric keypad


  • Graphite
  • Hot Pink


  • Customisable profiles
  • Video
  • Ringtones: MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, WMA, .mid
  • Themes:
    • wallpapers
    • screensavers
    • ringtones
    • pre-installed themes
    • changeable colour

Power management

  • BL-4C 860 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Talk time (maximum):

    • GSM 324 mins (71%)
    • WCDMA 220 mins (95%)
  • Standby
    time (maximum):

    • GSM 370 h (90%)
    • WCDMA 395 h (95%)
  • Video playback time
    (maximum): 381 mins
  • Video recording time (maximum):
    172 mins
  • Music playback time (offline mode, maximum):
    27 h

Data network

  • GPRS MSC32, max. 100 kbit/s DL /
    max. 60kbit/s UL
  • EDGE MSC32, max. 296 kbit/s DL / max.
    177.6 kbit/s UL
  • DTM MSC11
    max. 384 kbit/s DL / max. 384 kbit/s UL


  • MicroSD
    memory card slot up to 16 GB
  • Internal user memory: 70
    MB (45MB after content preinstallation and user content)

Operating Frequency

  • Quad band GSM EDGE 850/900/1900/2100
  • WCDMA 850/1900/2100 (Latin America, North America, Australia
    and Israel)
  • WCDMA 900/1900/2100 (rest of the world)
  • Automatic switching between GSM bands
  • Flight mode


  • Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR
  • Support for local and remote SyncML synchronisation
  • Full-Speed USB 2.0 (micro USB connector)
  • 3.5 mm AV

Software platform & user interface

  • S40 user interface
  • Active Idle
  • Voice commands
  • FOTA (Firmware update Over The Air)


  • Photo Gallery
  • Radio Player
  • Music Player
  • Nokia Messaging
  • Nokia Email
  • Facebook client
  • Share
    on Ovi
  • Contacts on Ovi
  • Ovi Store
  • Nokia Maps 2.0
  • Nokia Life Tools
  • Nokia Download!
  • My Nokia
  • Opera Mini Browser
  • Widets suppor
  • OSS
  • Java MIDP 2.1
  • Nokia Search 2.0
  • Flickr Image Upload
  • English-Chinese
    dictionary (China, APAC only)
  • Lunar calendar (China
  • Add more applications via over-the-air (OTA)

Personal Information Management (PIM)

  • Phone
    book for 2000 entries
  • World clock
  • Organiser
  • Calculator 2
  • Converter 2
  • Size converte
  • Maps
  • Voice recorder
  • To-do list
  • Stop watch
  • Count down

Email and messaging

  • Email clients (native, OZ, Windows Live)
  • IM clients (native, Google Talk, OZ, Windows Live)
  • Reminder light for message alerts
  • SMS, MMS
  • Audio Messaging (AMS)
  • SMS with
    support for concatenated SMS for long messages
  • Multiple SMS deletion
  • Common inbox for SMS and MMS
  • Windows Live support
  • Voice

Call management

  • Call waiting, call hold, call
  • Call timer
  • Logging of
    dialed, received and missed calls
  • Contacts with images
  • Vibrating alert (internal)


  • 3.2 megapixel camera (2048 x 1536 pixels)
  • Digital focus
  • Still image formats: JPEG
  • Zoom up to 4x (digital zoom)

Image capture

  • White balance modes: automatic, daylight,
    tungsten, fluorescent
  • Capture modes: still, sequence,
    self-timer, video
  • Colour modes: normal, false colours,
    greyscale, sepia, negative, solarise
  • Dedicated capture
  • Photo Editor on device
  • Direct
    printing to compatible picture printers

Video camera

  • 3.2 megapixel video camera
  • Up to
    4x digital zoom
  • Maximum clip length only restricted by
    available free memory
  • White balance modes: automatic,
    daylight, tungsten, fluorescent
  • Colour modes: normal,
    false colours, greyscale, sepia, negative, solarise

Video codecs & formats

  • Video capture at up to 320 x 240
    pixels (QVGA) at 15 fps
  • Video recording file formats:
    MP4 (default), 3GP (for MMS); codecs: H.263, MPEG-4
  • Audio recording file formats: AMR-NB
  • Video playback
    file formats: MP4, 3GP; codecs H.263, H.264
  • DRM
    support: OMA DRM 2 video, Windows DRM-10, WMV

Video sharing
and playback

  • Video sharing support via Share on Ovi
  • Share Online connectivity to popular sharing services
  • Support for video streaming

Music features

  • Music
  • Nokia Music Store support
  • Nokia Music Manager (PC application)
  • Audio file
    formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, NB AMR, WB AMR, MIDI, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+
  • DRM support: WM DRM 10, OMA DRM 2.0
  • Ringtones:

    • up to 64 voice polyphony MIDI ringtones
    • video ringtones
    • Formats:
      MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, WMA


  • Bounce
  • Rally Stars
  • Snake
  • Sudoku


The Nokia 7230 is one of the latest phones for those who prefer not to
look with more than a thousand dollars for a cell phone. There is also a
phone for those who did not need the most advanced technology and
features. The phone is fine in the forms, and comfortable to hold in
your hand.

We are not so happy with the keys. Menu buttons are a bit small
responsive. On the plus side, they are large enough for most types of
fingers. Number keys are in our opinion, both hard and noisy. Writing
SMS in 7230 is both unpleasant and annoying in the long run.

Screen for 7230 is 2.4 inches high, a very comfortable size. Here you
get a good overview of what you are doing, while the screen works well
to view images. Looking bad, you can also get the extra large font size
if you wish.

Want to surf the phone, you will get 3G as the fastest surfing speed.
Your phone’s built-in browser will not work particularly well, but the
Opera Mini web browser is preinstalled in this phone. This ensures a
good browsing experience anyway, because this browser customizes all
pages to the screen of your phone.

To send e-mail with the 7230 is easy. Are you one of the major email
users such as Gmail or Windows Live Hotmail, just enter your address and
password. The remainder is fixed by the phone itself.

The phone has an internal memory of 70 MB, and it comes in addition with
a 2GB card in the package. This is simply not a bad "starter" for a
phone like this.

Battery life in 7230 has been approved, but not among the best we’ve
seen. Do you use your phone a little, you have to expect to charge it
every third or fourth day. Taking the other hand, some calls, send SMS
and browse a little bit each day, you may need to charge as often as
every other day.

The sound of conversation is approved. Currently there is with the sound
of music listening. Both the use of loudspeaker and the included
hands-free kit will sound pretty bad. Words such as tin, flat and
squeezed are emerging rapidly on the retina when the music comes on.
Nokia rescues them partially back by giving the 7230 output of 3.5
millimeter headset. That means you can plug in your headset, and thus
get an acceptable sound.

Nokia 7230 also has a camera on the back. This can take 3.2 megapixel
images. Unfortunately, the camera is not very much to boast of. You must
have a good portion of luck for your photos because it will not be
blurry, grainy or over-or underexposed.

In short, we categorize 7230 as a very nice extra phone. It meets one of
the most important requirements, namely good sound on call. In
addition, the screen is nice and clear. Unfortunately there are too many
other things that break the phone to reach the top.

There are some other options, if you don’t like this mobile. In this
case, we recommend you take a closer look at Nokia C5. This is a bit more advanced in the menus,
but can be adjusted so that the user experience does not become more
complicated because of that. The phone has the same support for regular
headset and also comes with a 2 GB memory card in the package. The keys
are well sized and comfortable.

Nokia has another phone called the 3720 Classic. This phone is designed to withstand
an additional shock. In addition, it is good to talk in and send SMS.
This, however, does not have 3G support for standard headsets.

Are you willing to put in some extra one hundred dollars; then we
recommend the Samsung Lindy. This has touch screen and is very
comfortable to use. It also has good sound in music player.


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