Fallout: New Vegas Preview


Fallaout 3 was a game that made a big impression. It is true that tends
to polarize enough or you love because you love the almost infinite
possibilities that offers it or hate it just overwhelms you so much
freedom. Yet it is undeniable that this is a remarkable title that
offers an unusual experience. Since its launch has received several
downloadable packages that have expanded the gaming experience to new
areas or new arcs, although they were only expansion of the original and
can not be played separately. There is little to release the game’s
sequel, Fallaout New Vegas, which is presented as a complete game can be
played without having the previous and promises to offer something very
different from what we saw when leaving the shelter.

You can play all the games in New Vegas, and a recently invented card
game called Caravan, which is played worldwide. You will, however, might
want to check in advance how many points you have earned a chance as
this will directly affect your chances of winning. If things go in your
favor, you may also want you going while you profit because it is likely
that the casino manager will point to identify those who win too often.

Story And Gameplay:

The history of the game is brand new, standing four years after the
events narrated in Fallaout 3. Of course they share the world,
post-apocalyptic one in which humanity is taking more of a problem, but
the rest is new. On the one hand not only changes the plot, and another
completely different character, but also the location. And although both
share the game world, the Earth has been affected in the same way and
the fact that the action occurs in another geographical area makes what
we see is totally different.

Experience all the sights and sounds of fabulous New Vegas, brought to
you by Vault-Tec, America’s First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation.
Explore the treacherous wastes of the Great Southwest from the safety
and comfort of your very own vault: Meet new people, confront terrifying
creatures, and arm yourself with the latest high-tech weaponry as you
make a name for yourself on a thrilling new journey across the Mojave
wasteland. A word of warning, however – while Vault-Tec engineers have
prepared for every contingency, in Vegas, fortunes can change in an
instant. Enjoy your stay.

Fallout 3 began with your birth and New Vegas do with your death. At
least you get those who leave you for dead in the middle of the desert. A
robot takes you to the doctor Doc Mitchell, who asks about how you look
to see if you have reconstructed face clearly. At this early stage will
decide how your character. Everything as in Fallout 3 with the
exception that now you can also choose the age. The next step is to
connect to the Vit-o-Matic, a device that allows you to assign the
points you want to characteristics such as strength, intelligence,
stamina, luck … and decide the most important aspects of your
personality through an association test words and your identification
with certain phrases "to suggest what should be your skills in New
Vegas," says Avellone. If you do not agree with the proposal, you can
change the allocation of points.


After you get your essential PipBoy Doctor encourages you to go out to
Goodsprings, in the Mojave Desert and start your adventure by talking to
Sunny Smile. There will be various levels of difficulty, including a
mode hardcore, for those who want a real challenge, "reports the
director of the game. In this way, not regain full health when you use
an object of healing, but it takes a while to heal and you have to be
careful not to get dehydrated when you’re in the desert and you should
make sure to get enough water. In return you will receive a special
prize for achievement or finish the game. Obsidian has maintained the
feeling of desolation own Fallout 3 post-nuclear world, but providing a
much more colorful world, something that has been possible since the
nuclear bombs did not affect Las Vegas: the sky is blue and the
vegetation populated desert area. Although a world devastated by war, no

In this part of the game artistic inspiration has been the west, the
study has tried to maintain consistency in everything you see, so that a
roller coaster is built of wood in keeping with the materials that are
built other elements of the game . The creative director traveled
through the area on a motorcycle during pre-production to ensure that
the game embodied Mojave environment correctly.

The interaction between the factions is a key element of the gameplay of
Fallout: New Vegas. Joining a group will cause the anger of others. The
more you attack a faction, its members become more aggressive towards
you, so much so that some quests you will eventually be banned, since
they involve encounters with characters who you would shoot on sight.
Alternatively, you can mount the factions against each other, changing
allegiance when it suits you. A new reputation system has been
implemented to take account of your actions. It seems he is much more
complex than the old system of positive and negative karma, and your
choices will affect most varied and important than in the previous Thurs
They also determine which of course many purposes possible you will end

One of the casinos was available in the game, so we headed there. Once
inside, we were able to access the play area, where we could encourage
us to try one of the several mini-games that we were, such as black jack
or roulette, and in the process earn some money. The luck we have in
our games will depend on the fate of our character, so it will be
interesting to increase this attribute if we want to become a regular
casino. After letting us touring around the casino, took us to another
most advanced game in which we joined a small militia that wanted to
kill a rival gang. Here we test the combat system, which has remained
unchanged compared to the first part and try some of the new weapons.
And is that in this New Fallout Vegas we all weapons from the previous
game, a great number of new weapons. Another novelty is the presence of a
human companion who will fight by our side and receive orders from us
(even if you leave your air will also act intelligently, saving the
skins from time to time.) To give the instructions we will deploy a
command wheel, a system that will make communication very agile.

Think what you do:

Another novelty is the reputation system that will make our actions have
more impact than ever. So if we get in against a group, for example,
later in the game if we find them we will attack or maybe even our
enmity with them has implications with other groups. In the demo we
played, at one point, shoot the militia to which we were helping and the
person who accompanied us, scolded us, saying it did not seem right, so
we assume that this reputation may also affect our partners.

In the graphic Fallaout New Vegas is in line with its predecessor,
although there are quite a few improvements. We have the base, which is
the same, but it looks like the engine is even more solid, like
everything looks better and appreciate new animations that make the
general result is above. As for the visual appearance is similar to the
previous game, but we also find different things, so we discussed the
principle that we are in the same world but in different areas. So, this
time the colors are more vivid, making the scenarios generally look
less dark. Worth mentioning the city of Las Vegas which, although we
could not see in depth, looks good and is very different to that seen in
Fallout 3.

Many people were left wanting more after completing Fallout 3, and that
the game was not exactly short, so that surely await with open arms this
new release. The game promises to take the baton from the previous and
improve all aspects that were left half, getting a more rounded. Also,
bring a new story (surely one that we will have many hours glued to the
console), new weapons and a reputation system that will make our actions
have consequences, developments make it even more interesting,
especially since note that those who may not have the original to play
this without problems, since it is a standalone game. It is less so that
we can travel to Las Vegas, but you better be armed to the teeth so
that we can find there.

Among the new weapons of close combat include a metal glove style and
Wolverine Golf Club No. 9. They now have secondary attacks. If you
select eg movement "before" with the golf club, your shot will be even
more powerful. The glove, as it can be used for vicious kick below the
belt and powerful uppercuts.

Ultimately, therefore: improved weapons, more useful companions, a new
faction, more visuals smart …. In short, Vegas party seems to be more
an evolution than a revolution in the Fallout series. Fans of the
previous game will not go naturally not complain and we should not
minimize these changes and new features. Judging from what we’ve seen so
far everything has been meticulously planned and seamlessly integrates
into the context that made Fallout 3 a phenomenal success. It may not be
Fallout as you had never seen before, but it certainly Vegas like you
had never seen, and the exploration of this world got all the air of be a
level of hell.


The study claims that Fallout New Vegas will have a size similar to
Fallout 3. Everything is strangely familiar and full of references to
his predecessor in the series it might seem that this is a simple
expansion. But innovations such as weapons or features such system is
that it is not get a simple slap on the use of one of the best RPGs that
has been in the five years, but a variation on an excellent game world
renowned gameplay, which can be very good news.




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