Need For Speed World Online Review

Developed by EA Black Box in Vancouver, Need For Speed World is the
opportunity to finally return to a fairly classic gameplay for the
series: that of street racing, tuning and chases with the police. In
this sense, the game is very similar to titles such as Most Wanted, and
this, even if it adds many elements borrowed massively multiplayer
titles. If it is not any question of subscription for the privilege of
playing, the system of micro-transactions has been chosen to ensure the
financial future of the game.

Away from the futuristic epic adventures or to which we are accustomed
if we talk about massively multiplayer online, this time taking the role
as cars and street racing. We talk about Need for Speed World, the
transfer of the NFS series to the Internet. A world where we face a
number of rivals whose intelligence is not artificial. For the first
time in years we are faced with a game suited to much of the mid-range
computers and also free.

After a few such initiatives that have been successful with EA risk
unexplored market in the online section, the automotive competitions.
The player has the feeling of wandering in the world, Need for Speed
Carbon or we met in Most Wanted. The city of tall buildings and urban
landscapes is home to player so that it can play different degrees in
many parts of the world with completely different people in every race.
The use of our login and password will allow us to keep our progress and
earn money, then we can invest in the purchase, improvement and car
hire and reputation, we will gradually increase in level.

Funding for this type of games are done mainly through advertising of
commercial and automotive brands. It should be noted that as the player
is raising the level of reputation and leadership will be able to access
more vehicles and payment options as well as car rental or other
predefined drivers during some races. This vehicle owners earn cash to
reinvest in improvements after the machine or exterior remodeling of
this, a point largely popular in the series and is now back stronger
than ever.

World Map:

Hit ‘M’ to view the World’s Map (and M’ to hide it). Once the map is
open, you can click and drag on the corners to expand or contract it.
You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in for greater detail. Race events
will appear on the map with an icon indicating what type of Race is at
that location. Drag the cursor over the event icon for more information
about the Race or click the icon to get a menu with two options:
Teleport or Join Race. Other players appear on the map in orange, with
friends appearing in Orange.

Race Icons:

There are currently two types of Races available in the Need for Speed
World Beta, with each represented by a different icon. Circuit Races are
multiple laps and are represented by a circular icon on the map, while
Sprint Races are quick, point-to-point matches represented by an arrow


Cops are always lurking around the next corner in Need for Speed World,
waiting for you to make a mistake. When you’re in the world, they’re
pretty easy to spot with cruisers decked out in the standard
black-and-white coloring. As you level-up, assigning points to the Radar
skill will help you greatly, as it highlights the cops to you on both
your mini-map and world map making it easier to avoid capture.


Full customization:

The changes have been a tonic for Speed Need for throughout its history.
Different editions of the game have always had a differential touch on
the title above and be the change of cars, type of races – closed
circuits, street racing – or the plot which gave a more personal touch
to the game.

In this sense, the customization of cars has also undergone many
changes. Since the first models where we could just change the color of
the machine to the latest editions where there were so many possible
configurations – or more – as people played the game. The last movements
of Electronic Arts, giving the game a lot more cutting simulation also
overrode the ability to "tune" to move to a much more professional car
racing and where the spirit NFS back to the top. World In this case
returns to the essence of the tuning and street racing with a very
acceptable size and driving on desktop computers behaved with dignity.

The map of the world we find three modes of racing, the free race where
we can field to our street smart as we did in the old titles in the
series, racing against other drivers and finally the persecutions. What
would a Need for Speed without the police cars that evolve as our level
of notoriety? In these street racing also enjoy a series of "skills"
that will make the police can get us off once we cornered – a dream for
people who race after race had twenty-five police cars lurking – or even
we can apply a magnet to attract our opponents in their path to all
traffic, hinder the extent that it will allow us to race and overtake
with ease. The relationship between pilots, with the implementation will
be more strained than ever, but this is not the only way in which
players can engage in conversation.

Social networks and World:

News of the game goes through social networks and the Internet. It is
absurd to speak of a posh game without that person has his supporters,
fan page or official page on Facebook or Twitter. World’s creators have
tried to make a direct nod to these platforms and has enabled a number
of features that enable the "driver" promotion and relations with other
pilots in the face of established groups like those that existed in the
game to meet some of each race.

The publication of results and the full chat, the purest style of
massive online games, including the game will enable us at all times be
aware of the talks also complain, reproach or initiate a discussion with
rival that has put us in the last corner or has made a very clean
maneuver during an overtaking.

The fusion of social networking game and it has done for a while and
works well. Players can post their scores and rankings so that others
can access them easily without having to access any special server. This
does not mean that the game features a full menu of rankings and
ratings to people who are discharged from the service – which we can
begin to request access but the beta does not come out until next June –
can access easily.

It is premature to say numbers and numbers on the claim that this game
will result in the network. Many car enthusiasts and video game Need for
Speed see as one of the most legendary franchises in the history of
videogames. The evolution of the game from the nineties has been
outstanding not only in terms of history but also graphics. The
spectacle is one of the hallmarks of identity of NFS.

Graphical and playable Guarantee:

Talking about the NFS series is to make quality and brands. The presence
of the cars we’ve always dreamed of having in our garage has always
been a plus for realism to the game at the same pressure the modeling
study commissioned by the cars so that they fit the reality. World’s
case is no different. During the times that we could test the beta of
the game – which you will be adding more locations, cars and
customization options – we saw some graphics very similar to those we
saw in Most Wanted. The rendering was good and spaces, very large, very
well recreated.

The recreation of the cars has been carefully and see that despite a lot
of locations to remind some titles in the series, they have undergone
serious changes to bring the game to modern times. With that Electronic
Arts will try to pump your spine Motor City Online, an MMO that came out
in 2001 but lasted only two years on the network. The version of this
game, which will likely during the last part of 2010 will be available
exclusively for PC and binds to the dynamics of other massive online
games that have already taken this path successfully. While waiting for
the private beta for comment new movements in the streets of Need for
Speed World can only recommend to fans of speed in video games to watch
for what might happen.

Game Controls:

Number Keys:
1 : Power-up 1
2 : Power-up 2
3 : Power-up 3
4 : Power-up 4

Cursor Keys:
Up : Accelerate
Down : Brake/Reverse
Left : Steer Left
Right : Steer Right
+ : Help Gadget
Backspace : Reset Car

Number Pad:
2 : Power-up 4
4 : Power-up 2
6 : Power-up 3
8 : Power-up 1

Letter Keys:
W : Accelerate
E : Look Back
U : Profile Gadget
O : Friends List
[ : Multiplayer
] : Single-Player
: Open Race Gadget
A : Turn Left
S : Brake/Reverse
D : Turn Right
H : Safehouse
Enter: Focus on Chat
C : Camera Angle
N : News
M : World Map
Space: Handbrake


This release of EA is a new era of massively multiplayer online action
racing game for your system no matter what you use. You just need to
connect and race with your freinds online anywhere around the world. If
you are a challenger then you can fight against other champanions around
the world. You get a open world of racing and fight with any one. The
gameplay style is mostly based on Most Wanted and Carbon. In this the
game is mostl based on illegal racing and police chases. The MMO
elements are nicely blends and you get to use special abilities.




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