Motorola FlipOut Mobile Phone Review


Motorola Charm, Droid X or Milestone XT720, these three mobile phone names, as you know already, function with Google Android. The Milestone XT720, announced in early June was no exception to the rule and was also embarked Android in its Flash version (2.1). Faced with the shadows made by the models mentioned above and especially to compete from other brands have also chosen to include Android and lots of social predispositions, what chance has got the little FlipOut, natural replacement of Microsoft Kin explosive sales? With its small size, funky colors and amazingly easy to show us around the maze of communication, let us see the test of this phone like no other has given us.

Design and finishing

At first glance, the Motorola FlipOut surprised us because of its square shape, with dimensions of 67 x 67 x 17 mm 120g, the Motorola device will appeal to anyone whose first selection criterion is portability. Remember the tamagotchis? The FlipOut is almost designed in the same spirit. With its touch screen and hidden rotary qwerty keyboard, the phone seems to prevail in the ruthless world of smartphones.
When closed, the screen is even more highlighted. It shows three touch buttons: left for menus, for welcoming environment and had to go back to the right. When you slide the screen to the right, an alphanumeric keyboard with mini directional pad included appears.

It is noted on the left button of the mobile to raise and lower the volume on the top lock and for the key in and if turned off then a 3.5mm jack to plug in your headphones can be noticed. On the right side, just at the door, a microUSB for data transfer but also charging the mobile is included.
With pure side design, the color blends FlipOut with matt chrome, for us, the rear seat is orange, but the motive is also available in blue, green, pink and black.


Handling and overall use

The FlipOut slide has a system that seems very fluid and strong. Regarding autonomy, the phone can hold two full days usage of battery (calls, internet …) a good average if one takes into account the wealth of the system from Android. In addition to this, the phone is very ergonomic. What you will certainly regret is the low resolution of the screen that displays a poor color rendering and sharpness.


Features and Characteristics

The Motorola FlipOut is shipped thankfully with Flash version of Android, which makes it really easy to manipulate. If you are familiar with the giant’s suite of tools, your life will be simplified. "Competitor" Live from Microsoft Kin? Looks good. But with a longer life, inevitably … Like the above cited mobile on FlipOut is a terminal for social vocation. We find MotoBlur integrated mobile similarly, other software used to simplify your life as much as they combine all your mobile buddies and social networks with parameterized included. Speaking of social networks, we find the essential Facebook and Twitter (not Twidroid, phew!), Picasa, MySpace, Last FM, Skyrock and Photobucket.

You will find all information related to various accounts that you set in advance in an "Events". Small snag, since everything is mixed, the fast tracking of information is prohibited.

The phone incorporates the QuickOffice suite that can play different file, excel, word, powerpoint. A configuration wizard for Email, ofcourse Gmail and Google Maps GPS, are finally included in the mobile.


The main feature that you will understand, is the Formfactor mobile. Accustomed to big screens or flat screen, Motorola has risked changing trend with this square for the mobile office and instant communication with friends.

Multimedia, Camera and Video

The Motorola FlipOut integrates a quite basic music player but with a lot of customization anyways with sorting by Artists, Albums, Songs, or Playlists. Another thing to note, it has a music identifier, useful when you want to know a title that is played on the radio in a shop etc … The sound is ok, no great feat.

As for the 3.1 megapixel camera, it is not so good, even if it does then it does very little to the mobile because pictures taken outdoors are as always much prettier than the pictures taken indoors, but the whole is pixelated. It is normal, with a target of this quality. The panorama mode was a good initiative, but remains hard to handle.

With regard to the camera, the films are quite fluid, although the grain of the image is indeed present.


Internet connectivity, social networks

We are amazed by the speed of the page delivery of Motorola FlipOut. The 3G connection on the device allows the browser to be fluid and Wi-Fi is easily accessible: simply find the access point and connect.

The connect and share photos on social networks that are found, can be associated with the mobile Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, very simple and quick. More or less known, we also find Picasa, MySpace, Last FM, Skyrock and Photobucket. Finally, there is a Bluetooth, as in any good smartphone.


The thing that we regret the most is the screen resolution that affects the apparent design of the mobile, rather attractive as fun. Again, Android wins our hearts, and the fairly sophisticated touch. Finally, Motorola could have made an effort on the digital camera, which is really inefficient, especially to support its mobile social vocation.


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