Madden NFL 11 Review

This was the second best selling game in the U.S. last year. The
success of Madden NFL is further proof of the other side of the
Atlantic. But obviously, out of the United States is a different story
for EA Sports who always stumbles on the lack of popularity of American
football, also the impatience of newcomers face a gameplay considered
too complex. Madden NFL 11 is the American football in the spotlight,
with a lot of tackles, the touchdowns, tactics, and large barracks on
the playground all represented in 3D, following its short form: each
stage and each player is modeled as a function of reality. The radius of
games, everything goes like clockwork: strategies, travel and
entertainment realistic enough, frenzied mobs (although sometimes a bit
quiet), referee who ensures the grain, and commentators on the lookout
for trivial actions.

Whether you’re a fan of football, golf, hockey or basketball, you know
exactly what it feels like the arrival of a new game with the seal EA
Sports. We cannot wait to try it, it is hoped that small defects will be
corrected, they usually plague at the lack of renewal, but often we end
up being satisfied with the famous change in the continuity offered by
each new edition.

The Madden 2011, however, breaks this routine displaying the outset
other ambitions as an improved version 09. From the main menu recast,
the player loses his habits and finds himself in a way that is
immediately more refined than the bling of years ago. Everything is
perfectly ordered, and suddenly clearer to navigate. This menu is not,
however, less comprehensive than previous editions because it does allow
access to all modes of play that it is reasonable to expect such a
game, whether fast games well course, but also the various rosters of
the NFL Superstar mode or the drives and mini-games to mention that
these modes there. As always, our European fiber regret the absence of
true initiation to discover all the subtleties inherent in this tactical
game, but after all, not FIFA do not offer an introduction to football
and nobody really complains.

Let’s use this pause to remember as it should be that Madden 11 is open
again to the football insiders or those who want to make the effort to
learn the hard way, with no real guidance or help gambling To return to
the main menu, let us finally adding two new options to open a few
multiplayer options. Indeed, Madden NFL 11 now includes the ability to
play games in online cooperative or start a free online gathering 32
players on the servers directly from Electronic Arts. The players then
all participants have the option to access from their computer to a web
page collecting data during the franchise. It is possible to manage his
team from this page or even get an iPhone application to handle it.

To talk about the game itself, the first thing that will please gamers
countless is the amount of music available in the playlist the game, the
choice of titles that have been implemented and especially the
stylistic diversity. You can also play well on the Metallica, Pantera,
Iron Maiden on the Game to name him. EA is thought to satisfy all
players who buy their game, without imposing a style as might be the
case on the first or the Madden NFL games other licenses that have been
marketed so far. Regrettably still unable to change or choose their
music, which really would have led to customization of atmosphere we
want in a game for example, or during a workout. An effort has
nevertheless been made on the "maintenance" of the music currently
listening to, what I mean by this is that the Madden NFL previous years,
it was seldom heard music as a whole during a poorly programmed game
because when changing the phase of the game or other times where the
console could ask loads.

As per the Gameflow, One touch, a kind of automation of the choice of
strategy, where the game chooses the best tactics depending on the
point, and gives advice to the player. It is also possible to pre-create
its own strategies before the match. Not to mention the online play
will make its appearance for parts in 3 by 3. Thus a system of purchase
card collections, complete with storage for a kind of virtual album.

Once on the ground, Madden NFL fans gather their global brands even if
they will note this as another redevelopment (successful) menus and
dressing in general. Again, the work is a pleasure to see and allows him
to identify perhaps more easily in the wealth of tactical options
available before each snap. Recall in passing that beginner can always
turn to John Madden himself to the views of pro on the tactics to use.
During the phases of the game, we note a slightly less buoyant than in
previous iterations of the series. This is perhaps a detail, but
lowering the speed a notch, the series manages to put forward a
simulation that could later fail him in recent years to finally win with
finesse. The few extra hundredths of seconds given to every action
possible to assess the situation more effectively and thereby better
adjust his pass or more easily identify the gap in the opposing line.
The actions are built and more by taking the trouble, we get a football

Madden NFL 11 can also count on a pretty new game system called "The
fight for every yard" widely supported by the new technology pro-Tak to
display more realistic animations between players during contact. The
shocks are actually more realistic and we feel the effort of a player
when he must scrounge a few centimeters while a defender greenhouse
size. In fact, the struggle revolves mainly around the right analog
stick on the controller. This indeed has the difficult task of measuring
the intensity of your tackles and unlike best avoided when wearing a
ball. At a fumble, you will also see several buttons appear on the
screen. By pressing the corresponding buttons until the referee to
intervene, you’ll be able to gain possession.

The quarterback also has new animations related to Pro-Tak. Madden NFL
11’s called the sixth sense, and proposes to make controller vibrate
more intensely when the line side is about to break. It must then use
the right stick to push the linemen that you darken it. We greatly
appreciate the idea, although the practice is less ideal than expected.
The problem comes from the position of the thumbs on the controller. In
preparing to push the linemen, the thumb rest mounted on the right
stick, so far passes and keys being missed good openings just by
preventing the danger.

Regarding the achievement of Madden NFL 11 is once again a credit to the
series will be issued even though some doubts about the sound still
below expectations, because a pair of uninspired commentators who fills
his role very difficult. The atmosphere of the stadium is fortunately
much more convincing and arrived without trouble we get into the swing
of each meeting. The same applies to the graphics. If small details are
sometimes denote (including the public), Madden NFL 11 is shown
generally very pleasant to watch. Athletes are well modeled and are more
animated with lots of natural.

The graphical design is very close to a broadcast television with
everything you need logos and advertising signs. There is even a show at
halftime to get some analysis on the match. Again, the idea is good,
but the result is not as convincing as expected and analysis in question
are too small and brief to be inaccurate or even taken seriously. It is
surprising just zap the movie to go faster on artificial turf. After
all, that we’re there to play. And Madden has understood by making us
enjoy a quality football, perhaps the best football to date.

The method for creating its own NFL star is also suffering from
recurrent gaps enough. In football we know, this kind of model is very
interactive because the action is hardly stopped and did not play in
tune, which can often have access to the ball. In football, this mode is
rather "random" in the sense that if you play Strong Safety (position
defender who will either make a blitz and Sack the quarterback or cover a
receiver), one is not master of fate his team for playing a single
player in defense in the middle of the CPU can sometimes drive you crazy
on some errors he commits.

That said, the purpose of choosing a place to play is the position you
want and for those who like to have the ball all the time, you can also
play quarterback, running back or wide receiver for. To continue on the
gaps we also include regression on interactivity aimed to advance your
character on its capabilities. It will now be impossible to do a
training drill as Packers cornerback Al Harris, so we’re as disappointed
as you but EA does not seem to have wanted the game to advance in this
direction. There is however a test console which you must meet before
joining your first team as a Rookie.

Still, Madden NFL 11 is distinguished by the new technology Pro-Tak,
which was included in the final episode of the series by EA. This
technology can really use your character to your liking with a reaction
time snapshot; you can sometimes cause an unexpected breakthrough for a
touchdown. Protecting the ball hurtling headlong into the helmet before
is no longer a pipe dream, enchained feints while controlling his
character is finally put something in the range of the player.
Electronic Arts offers the opportunity to win THE yard victory with a
flick of the joystick. A new size that propels this episode much higher
than its predecessors and that somewhere listing the determination of
its creator to change the license only football on consoles so really


In the end, only players who were banking on a simple updating of the
roster will be disappointed. The more sedate pace and tweaking the
gameplay enough to clearly reboot. The title may also rely on adding an
online franchise mode to prolong the pleasure, at least for a year until
Madden NFL 11 already at a halt due to confirm the good health of the




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