Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 Preview


In March 2009, Ubisoft launched HAWX , a new stamped license Tom Clancy.
Direct competitor of Ace Combat, HAWX does not lack assets, but
suffered from many small flaws that prevented it from becoming
inevitable. For this sequel, Ubisoft has done everything to make the
experience more fun and, most importantly, more varied. In the games
we’ve had war for all sides. Land, sea and air have been key players in
this business year after year brings new developments in the field of
war. In this case it is the turn the aircraft and a title whose first
game got taste and good taste to leave but not without leaving some
Purity a bit disappointed with the gameplay and some technical aspects
of the game.

The fact that the nomenclature is in the Tom Clancy game box always
gives a more quality. Advertising and force with which Ubisoft – one of
the hallmarks of security for any player – they wanted to enter the
market was expected to colossal quality title would try plugging the
"Almighty" Ace Combat, which dominated the game from the sky their
marketing. HAWX went well, both the gameplay, the modeling of each
aircraft was remarkable. The history and various moves of the characters
were collected. The plot twists were an interesting background for a
type of game that fans are fans and who are not as visible from laying a
little afraid to take up the controls of a fighter.

Developers have quite widely emphasized the dramatic confrontations and
efforts have been made to ensure that the player is immersed in a
scenario much more complex than the first tier. The main focus will
however be no more complicated; it will eradicate the terrorist threat
and avoid the latter use of nuclear weapons they have stolen from
Russia. The originality of this second study is that the player
represents not one but three pilots, one American, one Russian and
English, who deal with people directly related to their faction and use
of different aircraft. Quote pell-mell the F-22 Raptor, the F-35
Lightning II, Su-37 Terminator, the Eurofighter Typhoon, Rafale, the
F-117 Nighthawk and the legendary F-14A Tomcat … New drones are also
planned for fans of the genre could develop their own strategies
although, again, HAWX 2 remains very accessible and actually quite
linear. The mission objectives are repeated at the screen and having
chosen to activate all visual aids, the player has no trouble
identifying. Obviously, to spice up the difficulty, he can do without,
what will no doubt be purists.

Riding the skies:

The first mission in February HAWX will bring something new to the world
of aviation game. What we saw in the first title had already been
developed. Despite its great graphics provided no better or graphical
technique or distance himself from his main rival.

The good thing was the action game before the game printed throughout
the flight. From start to find the first spacecraft was achieved against
a background of combat in which we could go to enjoy the scenery and
the maneuvers that enabled us. Just as the first contact with the enemy
into battle became a very well negotiated by the developer who had a
slaughter in the air.

On these premises and also the sense of speed to take up flying they
strove to make points to get to Ace. The story begins in a world in
which several Russian nuclear warheads have disappeared from a
warehouse. Along with our squad we should find the person responsible
for these events and expose the motives that led him to the robbery.

To do this we have to drive one of the ships available at the aerodrome
and go unlock many more of them. As for the technology used, Hawx2
provide a much broader array of what we saw in the first degree. Among
the developments which give us find the legendary AC-130U, a giant plane
normally manned by more than 13 people who will provide air support and
more than thirty aircraft that the skies will be much easier.

War Hawks:

Nice but not exciting, the first HAWX not impress by its development nor
its rhythm, two weaknesses that this sequel seems to have failed to
fully divest. If the playing field is even larger, with cards that
reaches 130 km away and take you from the Indian Ocean to the Arctic via
the Caucasus and the Persian Gulf, the plating of satellite images to
ground is still not developed. By far, the record seems fairly
realistic, but as soon as you get closer, the lack of finish is obvious.
Flirting with the tops of trees or mountainous areas is however
tempting. Still halfway between arcade and simulation, this result is
very easy to handle and the last of the chain may allophones loops,
dodge and stall maneuvers between two peaks, and multiply the victories
without much fatigue, for objective or subjective.

Ubisoft retains the foundation of the first component, both good and
less successful, but adds a few novel gameplay, such as sequences of
aerial refueling. Launched in a long-term task, sometimes you need to
refuel at ten thousand feet, connecting the refueling boom of your gear
in a large pipe carrying armored fuel. Fun on the principle, the
sequence is still far from satisfactory, and requires both precision and
patience, unless you use a steering assistance very bad for the ego, it
breaks the rhythm of the game. A little later, a trip to the Middle
East will allow you to try another method of upgrading: the landing on a
makeshift runway.

Casual Flight Simulator:

Despite some innovations, HAWX 2 away very little of its predecessor.
Clearly we are dealing with an evolution in the soft, applying a proven
recipe while polishing many details. The grip varies very little and it
is still easy to locker an opponent to send a missile salvo in the
behind. Only a few special maneuvers require more attention. The
landing, as mentioned above, but also air refueling. Another new feature
proudly displayed by the developers, this supply requires tight timing
and precision to any event.

Witness the mission where you must reach the aircraft fuel provider in a
limited time, then come very slowly from his perch hard to cling
quietly. An event not so obvious, especially when we feel like a thread
in a needle. Does not worry, you still spend most of your playing time
to explode the hunter to destroy infrastructure or to order a few
precision shots. Again, we can see a variety of objectives which, though
mostly total eradication can address different battles.

The armies are distinguished by the unmistakable green cursor,
indicating the direction and distance of a group of buildings that must
be reached. A cross represents the base on the barren desert, watching
the map of the corner of the eye trays and beds of rivers define the
landscape. There are a few homes, but less and less, I head to the next
point of interest, a convoy of trucks sheeted another set of huts

Many news:

Other developments are also incorporated in this case the night attack.
The secrecy and the difficulty of flying in total darkness guided by
technology gives a plus to this game does not try to pretend but to
offer the player the ability to live as an airman living in the moment
before an attack on a large scale. The technologies used are, in all
cases, derived from those used by large armies worldwide. Without going
any further, if the Lockheed AC-130s is an example, one of several
aircraft used by the United States Army.

Other noteworthy new products are Jamming System Pod, an inhibitor which
often misleads our adversaries before attacking or known as ERS, a
computer system of routes that will help riders the novice to find new
ways to reach different goals. Convert the battlefield into an inferno
is much easier to innovation in weaponry and arsenal HAWX two places in
our hangars.

There will be new precision weapons like bombs and missiles that can
even be guided manually by the player. In addition, allied support units
will also fall in battle if you ask. The zoom of some of these weapons
will allow the gun board, which previously could control, is much more
deadly thanks to the technological approach of the objectives. In the
most technical aspect we will be able to refuel in flight and make
landings and takeoffs from naval vessels, aircraft carriers. In
addition, the vision of the pilot cockpit be equal to the actual and
visual enjoyment of all instruments available.

One of the strengths of the previous title was the locations. The
islands of the Pacific, the lush jungles or the city of Rio de Janeiro
with Sugar Loaf a few meters give way now to the African arid deserts or
cities like Moscow. The Russian capital acojerá great aerial combat
flying scenarios we will be emblematic protagonists as Moscow’s Red
Square and the Kremlin itself.

Among the ways that we can enjoy encontramos the "Free Flight" where we
will explore the maps in our own way on board our aircraft, the
"Campaign for a player," like any story mode in a game of war and also
two modes that will HAWX 2 is extended to a game, the multiplayer. In
this second part there will also be the modes Cooperative Campaign
"where we play two to four players, and" Multiplayer "where they will
meet two to eight players on the modalities of" adversary "or" Combat
Team. "

Other devices are known to exist in our hangar for aircraft like the
F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F-22 Raptor, the F-35 Lighting II or the Euro
fighter Typhoon, all-purpose fighters that we choose according to our
needs, speed, need one or another type of weapon – land, air, air to air
… -. Prior knowledge of the player in fighting games allows you to
mount various types of aircraft with multiple weapon systems to suit
each mission.

HAWX two well-off:

The vision of the different missions and look great studio work both in
technique and gameplay seem to pass the test with flying. The sight of
oil rigs, factories or in the middle of the desert people seem to have
improved and in this second version of the game will be much better. The
explosions also have gained in realism and the impacts are much more
credible. The dynamics of motion does not hinder the vision of the shock
wave and this gives a much more realistic touch to the game.

The variety of places also seems foolproof and enjoyed each mission
presented its own atmosphere: glowing desert, snowy mountains, green
fields, maritime expanse … We may therefore see the landscape. To
complete the purely technical HAWX 2 promises to be much more dramatic
in terms of special effects. The explosions impose the wreckage off in
all directions and the side blockbuster Hollywood "is more than ever put
forward. You will understand, Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 seems to take steps
to conquer a wider audience. It remains to be seen whether this will
provide a more intense and varied experience will be found throughout
the single player mode.

The PC gamer is lucky enough to be able to configure this game enjoy the
most brutal effects on the air. The act of crossing an explosion after
an enemy fighter shot down or pass through a cloud of dust and smoke is
spectacular. Nothing to say about the night attacks, the image of our
plane across the sky turned night vision is amazing; the explosions
become green in the dark bursts just discovered by the tiny dots that
create the city at our feet.


Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 brings depth and realism to the first component
while immersing the player into a triple quest should be more
breathless. Despite achieving a saw tooth, it has convinced us,
especially with the new weapons available, and the credibility of the
situations we encountered on five missions. With a multi apparently
already solid game from Ubisoft Bucharest has a few more months to be
perfected and advance the "series" as it should. The game will be
available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Nintendo Wii at prices
ranging from 60 Euros, starting on 7th September 2010.




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