Valkyria Chronicles II Review

Released in 2008 on PS3, the first Valkyria Chronicles has already
conquered many fans of role-playing tactics. It must be said that the
title of Sega not wanting for arguments to emerge as a kind of
unavoidable. The license gives birth today to a suite on the handheld
console, Sony PSP. This change of support translates naturally some
concessions on the form, but we will not complain since Sega took the
opportunity to serve us even deeper gameplay. A war of pocket, offer
many new features, and more freedoms than in the previous pane.

Despite the commercial failure (less than one million sales worldwide),
Valkyria Chronicles has made a place in the heart of RPG fans for
itself, reaching the status of an anthem, or even cursed. Because if we
do not hesitate to point the finger kind in Japan, we quickly forget a
little top that this Valkyria Chronicles, a true revival of
tactical-RPG, and quite simply the best RPG of its generation. Beyond
that, the game also symbolized the return of Sega to the forefront, even
more than the saga Yakuza with a title at its greatest successes. In
short, a gem that is found with great pleasure on Sony’s portable but
also a little apprehensive due to the passage of the PS3 to the PSP.

We recall that the first part of Valkyria Chronicles took part as an
imaginary World War II. The action took place in 1935; Europe was torn
by the conflict between the two superpowers of the continent and the
small nation of Gallia trying somehow to defend its independence. This
sequel takes us two years later, war still rages, but it is not really
against its powerful neighbors Gallia must now defend the country is
facing a civil war. The fact that the Archduchess Cordelia has made
public its origins Darksen has caused confusion in the population. The
Darksens are indeed an ethnic group persecuted ancestral and racism
against them is still very present in the country. A group of
revolutionaries led by Commander Gassenarl no longer recognize the
authority of the crown and have simply seceded in taking control of
southern Iraq. These rebels are not content to attack the army; they
also undertake a real ethnic cleansing of areas where their influence

It is in this context as eventful as you get to know Hardins Avan, a
young man who decides to enter the military academy in order to
understand the circumstances of the death of his older brother. This is
indeed missing when he was just a junior. Soldiers of Gallia lack of
hands to deal with the rebels, the militia can not intervene because it
is not external aggression and is therefore forced to resort to military
academy students to perform certain tasks. In the end the atmosphere of
Valkyria Chronicles It may seem rather confusing: you follow the daily
lives of students who lead their lives older adolescents in the confines
of their campus, but who train in real conditions and which will also
regularly in combat against rebels reluctant to give them gifts.

In fact, the story progresses over the months of the school year and
numerous cut-scenes are interposed between the missions themselves.
These small scenes allow you to really know all the classmates of Avan,
the same that you will lead in combat. The background of the characters
is more elaborate than in the first game where we could find to control
the fighters without knowing their history. This time, each new student
of the famous G is entitled to his presentation and you’ll soon meet him
in the hallways of the school to learn more about its history and


All these little stories schedules are not taken lightly, they will
sometimes allow you to access optional missions’ rather interesting fact
related to the misadventures of the students. Under these conditions,
you understand that the focus quickly to classmates Avan and it does not
want to lose even one during this mission. Do not worry, your troops
can not really die if they are put down and you will not get them in
time, they will simply be consigned to the infirmary for your next two
missions. Moreover, this second part is particularly rich in missions;
you must pass a minimum of them to go to the big main mission which
marks the transition to the next month.

You can always choose to repeat as many times as you sing all the side
missions, and they are numerous. With a little practice you pick then
maybe you better grades and earn most valuable resources. We find for
the occasion the same rewards in terms of money and experience points.
The little money you can improve your equipment, purchase bonus missions
or articles detailing the background of the game experience points are
always used to simultaneously increase the level of all combatants of
the same class, or to buy new orders used in fighting. Note in passing
that it is Welkin and Alicia, the hero of the first component, which you
just learn these famous orders…

Returning for a moment on the combat system that was already present in
the first round. The special license Valkyria Chronicles is proposing
fighting tactics that do not remain locked in the traditional system of
boxes. Here, each unit has a gauge of AP which defines more or less the
number of steps it is capable of doing. You play well each unit in turn,
but once you control it, you move directly to the battlefield in real
time. That is to say for example that most enemies counterattack
automatically if you pass within their range of action. Therefore,
always use the elements of the set to stay as possible cover and play
the placement of troops to cover your positions before the coming round
of the enemy. You use command points every time you move a body, the end
of your turn once you’ve exhausted. None of your actions will be
unnecessary wastage these points of command are usually punished in a
brutal manner. While early missions are still affordable here, you
quickly realize that the fighting is becoming increasingly tight over
the year. You will eventually develop tactics incredibly complex to hope
to undermine the commanders of the rebel army.

The Valkyria Chronicles II largely reflects the system put in place by
his predecessor, but the passage of the PS3 to the PSP will necessarily
be some small impact. So you can not usually deploy more troops six
simultaneously in a fight and only five of them on the same map. Indeed,
the battlefields of this album consist of several small environments.
You can switch from one to another by controlling the camps, they are
always marked with flags. The capture of the camp takes on even more
importance than in the previous section: it not only allows you to cut
short the enemy reinforcements and redeploying your own strength, but
also from an assault on another part of battlefield.

One could criticize this new approach will take you to come back in the
same small pieces of environments through the different missions, but
eventually the fact that these battlefields are arranged differently and
that the goals come to renew a mission the other prevents weariness
settle. Note in passing that mission may be some surprises even if you
have already successfully several times, the location and nature of the
enemies can vary considerably from one time to another … One last
little novelty comes messing habits lovers first Valkyria Chronicles: A
moral gauge tells you the mood of your troops. It goes up when you kill
enemies or when capturing camps and it decreases when you are in a bad
position. You automatically lose the battle if your men are totally
demoralized, but cons you get bonuses if their morale is not rosy.

Another novelty of this album lies in its PSP system classes. We find
for the occasion almost unchanged three classes of first component: the
scouts (scouts in good French), shocktroopers (shock troops) and
shooting (Lancers) initially appear to have stagnated. The ingineers
(engineers) have a bit more advanced as they are now both specialized in
the repair of vehicles in the care of troops. A new class is also being
introduced: the armored techs. These fighters equipped with heavy
armor, a large shield and a huge hammer. They move slowly, attacking the
body-to-hand and do not really fear for the bullets.

They are now the ones who are responsible to rebuild sandbags and defuse
mines. We must admit that it is not always obvious to use these shells
on legs properly. At first you will probably need you to do violence to
include them in your squad, but eventually you’ll certainly appreciate
their help when it comes forward before a curtain of bullets. You note
in passing that the sniper seems to have disappeared. In reality the
system is now a bit more complex: it is possible to change the class of
each fighter individually. The sniper is nothing but a scout improved.

As already said, your performance during a mission you can win money and
experience points, they can be used to directly increase the level of
all characters belonging to the same class. In parallel fighters also
earn credits from different types individually and based on the actions
they have undertaken. They can then use those credits to change famous
class. A Scout base has the potential to become a veteran scout to the
increased capacity or a sniper, he can then specialize the second time
in elite Scout in Boy Scout with a heavy grenade rifle, sniper elite
sniper or in tank … You will find the same type of tree for all
classes of characters: shocktrooper can become a gunner and use a gun
big tent, throw into a mortar that has a mobile mortar, the engineer
become an anthem that corp motivates his peers as the bugle sounds, the
tech armor to become a fencer uses a large sword instead of a hammer …
Each specialty has its own interest but you will have to redo and
secondary levels if you ever want to raise enough money for quick access
to all these classes.

Your stubbornness will also allow you to get your hands on raw materials
and plans which are essential to improving your weapons. The tech tree
of this album is more complete than its predecessor, it leaves such as
greater flexibility in customizing vehicles, you can use a transport
vehicle or various types of tanks, adding camouflage or even stickers to
change their features, add a lamp to cancel penalties due to the night
… Not enough time to discuss in detail the latest development in this
episode: the integration of a multiplayer mode that allows you to
challenge another player or invite up to three friends to perform
certain tasks in cooperation. In the end, you will understand what
Valkyria Chronicles II is the height of his eldest and won without
problem as the tactical-RPG missed the PSP.

To be totally complete, note the presence of a multiplayer mode that
offers to make parts versus or cooperative. This second option appears
the most interesting as the game may prove a formidable time we spent.
In case if the first few hours proved easy, and a little boring
(probably need a time for everything to be put in place in the academy),
Valkyria Chronicles II then allowed to escape all the beauty and
richness of its combat system, that developers have been able to
improve, to offer an experience can be even more intense than on PS3.


The license Valkyria Chronicles is back on PSP with a more complete
component and addictive than its predecessor. The first part was already
good but this sequel is just richer and better tied. It only remains
fingers crossed that the series stays on the rails to offer us a third
album that approach an excellence. It was feared that the series loses
its superb passing on PSP, but not at all. Developers are able to
inflate even more strategy to combat system already revolutionary.
Valkyria Chronicles II manages to once again renew tactical-RPG.




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