Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review

With the release of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep the list of big
promises from Square Enix for the Sony portable is coming true.
Introduced in 2007, and the titles of Final Fantasy Dissidia and Crisis
Core on the market, the Japanese company launched only subtraction
Parasite Eve the 3rd Birthday and Agito XIII. At the media level,
however, perhaps Kingdom Hearts is the one with more popular support.

Many of the developments have been described in the forward and the
impressions of the game, but after thorough testing its capabilities, we
have seen the strengths and weaknesses more clearly. Without a doubt,
Kingdom Hearts continues to strengthen its prestige, though often at the
cost of off-spin, and alternative titles for portable systems,
sometimes moving, not even from Japan. Again, remember that Birth By
Sleep is actually Chapter Zero, a prequel set up to solve mysteries of
history and time, raising new-that little by little tangled up away from
what was initially a simple game of action and role with Disney and
Square cameos-which this time are few. But the formula worked, could not
be otherwise with two of the most powerful entertainment companies in
their sectors, at least early 2000 Square – wrapping up a game not
lacking in charisma, three-dimensional graphics that fit like a glove
lively style 2D gameplay suitable for both fans of role to the action

The main objective of Birth By Sleep is to have an important event of
the Masters Sword influences seen on PlayStation 2 games, Nintendo DS or
Game Boy Advance. To do so, we will have a single point of view, if not
the three young Keyblade bearers who will be facing a new danger for
them. Terra and Aqua, the two adults, conducted a test to become true
masters, but Terra not exceeded. From here, the disappearance of
Xehanort, one of the Masters, coincides with the invasion of a new
creation that will require three players to go their separate ways and
solve the mystery, which will be revealed as a plot hatched by some
Disney villains.

This is a prequel, so it is theoretically possible to catch the game
with this chapter, but there is a lot of words and references to other
Kingdom Hearts world that can be initially hard for beginners, but
overall, the argument ceases to be a further twist to the battle of
light against darkness. Some of the phrases in the mouths of Xehanort
seem clearly inspired by the Emperor Palpatine would be lecturing to
Darth Vader.

The existence of three characters makes the game can be regarded as
really divided into several histories that intersect at various moments,
different gameplay and difficulty. Each game lasts about 15 hours, so
it’s a reasonable amount of time to get hooked from beginning to end
without notice portions extended more than necessary. It is worth
mentioning that the players share equally and that charisma, although
they may have preferences as the game system, all covering various
personalities: the security and confidence of Aqua, the grays and
doubtful of Terra, and the sincerity and Ven-innocence of the
protagonist "more Disney" and "less Square".

But the gameplay is where the existence of three characters makes
Kingdom Hearts replayed this makes more sense and justification. Terra
is the most powerful and robust, ideal for those who want direct action
and without complications. On the other hand, Ven, the youngest, enjoy
greater flexibility with which to compensate for their physical
strength, and is intended to assault the enemy back, dodging and,
ultimately, effectively control the pace of the fighting. Aqua is based
in magic, so it’s a slower type of game and "cerebral." Not all are more
aligned with our tastes and it is easy for one of them chokes us, but
the fun is always guaranteed.

The story leads us through different worlds as always inspired by
classic Disney films, depending on our argument, for example, seek out
Xehanort ", and we’ll find princesses and characters from the animation,
while we fight against the new" no heart "that populate the game, but
abundant enough dupes and a respectable number. The problem with cameras
is always there and it is very difficult to achieve the vision offers
us a complete picture of the battle, so in more than one occasion we’ll
get back blows, but does not work in Birth By Sleep worse than any other
game of the same gender, so everything is based on avoiding being
surrounded and mentally locate rivals, especially the strongest. There
is an automatic targeting that helps a lot with no enemies dizzy faster,
albeit with some heads will always be impossible to keep the situation
under control.

The combat system we explained in our views is certainly the most
interesting of the whole saga. It is still an action RPG but the actions
menu customization gives much depth. In the game, in addition to the
basic movements like jumping, hit with sword and shields, the commands
are the trick to get out of most situations. These actions, special
moves or magic that can be bought or collected during the progress of
the game, and selected for the menu-on battle-with a limited number of
addresses button. No more game developers to configure your character
how you want them: Now you decide the commands you are interested and
those not.

We can choose a powerful blow, throw the Keyblade as a weapon, use the
potions of life, or insert some elemental magic at the cost of removing
another command. Its use is restricted by waiting until its next use,
and in this way, we forget things like magic points. The commands can be
intermixed with some special object, to create new more powerful, that
they level, so it’s hard to find two players with exactly the same type
of skills. And when one of these commands is dominated, no further
improvement "becomes permanent, similar to how other games,
personalization we can think of the benefits of the equipments of Final
Fantasy IX, for example.

The game rewards up a meter combos for attacks and use of commands,
offering even more power to attack and fighting styles. If we add
movement as a rival to target and launch a devastating attack, there is
another gauge for him not to abuse mechanics is enriched, and they put
the icing on the invocations. Far from being a call to a Disney
character to make a special attack and little else, the system of
liaison between our hero and his companions, or other characters in the
story, gives us new hit squads and inspired by their personalities, for
example, to connect with Terra Maleficent gives us some magic stun, and
Aqua has a useful command Cura. These links are a very handy feature,
especially at the beginning of the game, until little by little our
commands are strong enough not to need this help. In the end, the key to
winning knows dodge blows and eliminate enemies quickly to reap the
rewards that spring-including vitality, "but the great depth of touch
brings more strategy RPG to battle, and that not everything is based in
mash buttons. A well-chosen command can be a great advantage in a given

The combat system is the most elaborate of the series, and although we
would have liked a bit more freedom to explore the scenarios, anyway, is
not very different in this from previous Kingdom Hearts-playable level
has much to teach their predecessors, although the pad has always been
more comfortable in this type of games the PSP. We like to see that
despite the evolution of many other sagas to the simplest
action-if-Parasite Eve, Square Enix has just boosted with Birth By Sleep
RPG Gazette elements and personalization. Also the variety of the game
is high thanks to some worlds have a short duration, unlike other
Kindgom Hearts in that the same site was exploited for hours, sometimes
with simple tricks such as riding the map over and over again for
different events.

Game development no big news for connoisseurs of the series, the stages
are fairly linear, there is much more dialogue than that offered by the
spectacular-to-PSP and cutscenes four steps appear out of nowhere a
large group of dark enemies, crossing occasionally a boss. As an
alternative game to break the monotony of Birth By Sleep, has introduced
a board boxes used to enhance our command that really is more than a
‘mini’ game board. Other games, like a musical or a career on the
Keyblade, but the board has really seemed extremely interesting. It has
its rules, rather complex to be described in a few lines, but we could
sum it up in a "Monopoly" where to buy boxes for points, if one of our
friends fall into them, we must pay.

If luck comes with our given, the goal is to be the first to reap points
through four key boxes, steal them to other players and get to the
finish line first, with the decisive score initially. Win or not, always
go up the level of our command, so it represents more than a break from
battle. Of course it is an optional, but in which no doubt will be
invested many hours to fully experience this Kingdom Hearts. It is also a
way to make the less skilled in combat to gain experience and "levear,"
raise the level above normal, in a simple and very addictive.

Do not forget that Birth by Sleep also includes a multiplayer mode with
battle modes between players in the world of the arena, the usual
training area has always been present in the saga, "cooperation to
survive enemy – skills even calling friends, and enjoy mini-racing
although not as much fun as we imagined, "as the control board. Although
you cannot think of this Kingdom Hearts as a game specifically targeted
for this mode, the fact is that the treaty is well enough to go from
being an anecdote. It’s just ad hoc, but the owners of a PlayStation 3
can use Ad-Hoc Party to extend the fun away smoothly.

The game features install options in memory to speed up loading times,
is really recommended, "are generally acceptable times, although much
more common than home consoles, let’s say that each" room "that can be
field- open-or segment of the route is shorter than 128 bits, so every
bit we will have a little break. Is welcome to incorporate the unusual
option of playing in 222 or 333 Mhz, faster processor slowdowns
virtually disappear and there is a startling fluency, but also the power
consumption is higher. You can also set the color depth from 16 to 32
bits, although in this case we have not noticed much difference to
justify this little extra effort.

In the graphic, you cannot put a lot of snags. It has its limitations,
mainly that the scenarios are more empty pointers PSP games – Metal Gear
Solid Peace Walker, for example-but it is true that most of them ended
up fighting various enemies and always just full of image effects lights
and pyrotechnics. Where the laptop actually keeps the rate compared
with PlayStation 2 is in the sequences, with animations and models
really enviable. Perhaps a little more detail on stage, as "false,"
lifeless "as precious would have increased our interest in stopping a
while to enjoy them, but imagine that it has dealt mainly with load
balancing polygonal flow.

The soundtrack is very predictable for fans of Kingdom Hearts, but no
less good, on the contrary, recycled some of the best songs and
adaptations of Disney ears passed by Yoko Shimomura’s piano, with new
additions in the same style, resulting in a very solid soundtrack led by
Hikari remix of the song, the first game. However, some worlds have
some songs that just too short to be very cyclical, like Cinderella, but
it is not usual. In short, few surprises, but with a meticulous
production that is felt behind.


Birth by Sleep is not perfect, and will not convince who have already
tried-and rejected-the series, but Kingdom Hearts is the most polished
of the series to date, improving the strengths of past deliveries, while
maintaining same philosophy of always. You can criticize the continued
use of many of the world already knows, and the type of enemies, despite
being supposedly new-from the first Kingdom Hearts, or that the
platform remains extremely simple and small, but in the end, this is the
most innovative delivery playable and did not intend any radical
revolution, which, however, must arrive at some point – Kingdom Hearts
III? To avoid falling into the repetition to which it tends. New worlds,
characters from Pixar, a story with less air and more pseudo
philosophical epic moments could be the news that would keep this goose
that lays the golden eggs for making more selling Square.

With more time than usual-perhaps not the 45 hours promised by its
creators, but many, depending on the time invested in mini-and three
stories that we’ll want a complete end, fans of the series will be hard
to resist This Kingdom Hearts. Extras have been added to the Western
version, as an epilogue that cannot be unlocked on easy mode, and just
join a friend with his game to enjoy multiplayer modes for hours.
Without a doubt, an example of how to have a domestic born saga to
portable without making great sacrifices, playable either in paragraph
or figure.




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