Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough

When the Spider offers more of a challenge in so many varied secrets and
hidden items within the levels, all it takes to convince us to make a
walkthrough. Here is a comprehensive guide that should allow you to fly
quietly to the aid of Spider-Men 4. Each level is detailed in text and
pictures and every boss, like the special passages, enjoy videos. You
will also find a bonus game for anything that relates to unlock extras
such as emblems of spiders, spiders itself, the challenges needed to
create the fabric of fate and any other funny related to Spider-Man

Game Tips:

  • Very
    early in the game, get used to activate your sense of the spider when
    you locate things in the air of play It can be civilians to save, to
    reach places, enemies or even to identify elements to be activated. This
    power is very useful if not essential, so be sure to lock it when
  • The insignia of spiders, you can regain some
    life. The gold will make you even almost all your life bar! So remember
    to let in some available during the fighting, just to refuel in case
    something goes wrong.
  • During the melee, you are placed as
    if you were Spider-Man in terms of the angle of view. During these
    sequences, just to hit and evade the enemy until had enough. Vary your
    shots up (different inclinations of the analog sticks allow different
    shots) to prevent the opponent does against you. In terms of dodging,
    just perform a simultaneous tilt of both sticks down when the command
    appears on the screen.
  • Remember to make regular
    improvements to save energy but also new techniques that you can imagine
    will be very useful when you’re fighting in the game
  • The
    emblems of spiders are not strictly included in the walkthrough for the
    simple reason that there are enough to allow you to unlock the
    challenges calmly. Just remember to activate your spider sense to locate
    them more easily and the collection should be easier.


Chapter 1: Kraven

The spider man woke up, strap on up above the vacuum using your canvas.
Continue this until you recover before a large wooden gate. Kraven will
open after you have taunted the piece of artifact you need to retrieve
the hand. Pursue the enemy until he pauses. A battle against several
individuals will start soon. Get rid of these second-class thugs and win
the next platform. Beat you again, then climb the white wall for you to
raise the level suite.

Several waves of enemies will follow. Fight systematically to unlock the
access. The enemies stationed on the piers can be quickly dislodged by
targeting the pillars on which they are, with your canvas. By continuing
your journey, you will eventually reach an area of ponds where many
opponents await you. Feel free to multiply the rolls to dodge enemy
attacks. Multiply the combos to eliminate the click. Continue through
the door will open once the cleared area. Later, Kraven will take you
into his line of sight, forcing you to stay always in motion to take no
balls. Kill the enemies in the area and position yourself in front of
the tree on the left (for each case) and dodge just before the enemy
draws session’s sniper type. Kraven and damage the tree that will serve
as a bridge to the island next.

Shortly after start your first game against Kraven. Start by eliminating
his henchmen that he deigns to speak for himself. Let the attack and
then dodge then beat with a chain. The enemy regularly takes flight at
the same time by activating traps. Peaks emerge from the ground and then
you will absolutely fly you to one of the media at up to stay safe.
Directly targeting the post where Kraven find shelter to dislodge.
Continue to do mess around until a prompt before it lets you start the
stage body to body. Then use the analog sticks left and right to deliver
several blows to the opponent. Vary the attack to not get stuck and
remember to keep both sticks down in case of retaliation. You will have
to dodge, and then hit the opponent until they withdrew. A final phase
of body-to-hand will close the duel.

The fight is over; continue to pursue it to Kraven takes you to an area
housing a large platform. Select 5 times the switches by throwing your
canvas with the key shown on screen and by locating the lowest to
highest. The last switch allows you to reach the cave where you battle
the Boss Kraven for the second and final time.

Kraven will challenge you again using this time the powers of the
fragment of the tablet. The enemy is too fast for your frontal attacks.
Rusez therefore a maximum in projecting you towards it with your canvas
(B or O depending on the support bracket), or dodge its attacks ahead of
him to reciprocate in a short sequence of moves. When Kraven mount on
poles, one aim of his position with the key swing cloth to remove it.
Chaining him right after. Try to return when his bombs will be used. It
then suffices to use the technique of flying objects by picking up his
weapons on the floor. Finally, Kraven will be post on the top of the
remnant. Jump height in hoisting you using your canvas and then do an
attack like "Taken" (B or O) to reach the enemy and end once and for

Chapter 2: Hammerhead

For starters, you’ll need to follow Hammerhead by ensuring you do not
find. Let him talk and his men by staying on the hills and wait until
they are finally on the road. In the world of Spider-Man Black,
infiltration bonus and you must seek to eliminate your enemies without
being noticed. If this scenario occurs, immediately run away and look
for a shadow to disappear. Neutralize the guards remaining in the first
zone just above, then join Hammerhead (always staying perched) to attend
a short scene will appear where a hostage. Eliminate the guard
patrolling near the gates to start, then release it to civilian opens
the gates that allow you to continue. The next box will ask you to
remove three guards and freeing a hostage. Remember to wait Hammerhead
decamp and his escort before taking action.

The next area has more guards. Take your time to get rid of it. The
hostage is in the small alley on the right. Continue behind the gates
and turn your spider sense to spot easily the way you need to borrow to
continue. Climb on the wall and then sneak into the opening.

In the ducts, follow Hammerhead keeping an eye on him since the grids.
Your spider sense will allow you once again find the rest of the route.
Stand next to the plate revealed by using your powers and your canvas as
shown on the screen to pull the object. The next area is once again an
arena with many guards inside. The challenge this time is much more
pointed since your enemies span multiple levels. Start by looking after
those on the ground, then try the other interested in taking care of the
track behind.

Hammerhead barricaded himself inside a coliseum and uses a machine gun
coupled with a formidable you track lighting. Avoid areas of light and
turn in one direction or another to sneak behind your opponent to take
it to default. Arrived near the enemy, use the trigger allowing you to
focus and make you quiet. Perform the same operation three times to win.
You’ll need to follow up after just crammed with other areas of
hostages and guards. The first of them includes only the guards.
Eliminate them all or not, before you squeeze the upper level where the
stairs you will continue. Take the opening not far to find out.

You’re in the perimeter of the larger level. This includes 5 civilians
and save a multitude of guards on patrol. Enable sense to identify all
these people proved to be quite good. It is advisable to start by
neutralizing the guards, so you can then quietly take hostages. Note
that you will use your fabric on wire racks to free civilians. You’ll
need more to transport them to safe places, symbolized by halos of

You will then have to fight against several individuals in a limited
arena. Beware of passing trains and eliminate all these reckless.
Remember to use for dodging, especially the last guy particularly
strong. Move along the path leading to the tower and prepare to do
battle once and for all with the Boss.

Hammerhead makes use of the fragment and thus its capacity tenfold. To
defeat him, you should begin by repeating 3 times the same operation.
Tip: take an object and swing in full face, you stand behind one of the 3
generators pending its response, and finally enjoy the explosion to
sneak behind him and use a sneak attack. Use high beams to reach the
enemy quietly. Hammerhead annoyed very quickly starts to chase you. You
post next to a wall and let it sink towards you to dodge at the last
moment. You will just grab you by the enemy and to linking phase
hand-to-finish body.

Chapter 3: Hobgoblin

The level begins with a very steep decline in New York in 2099. Sprint
into space to catch the Goblin, and then move it a few shots by
referring to the onscreen instructions. On land, face the enemy and send
him his explosives routinely (B or O). The accelerated focus will allow
you to send him a pumpkin without the second when you take double its
projections. Avoid his attacks and then finish it when it will pause at
your fingertips. Continue across the Goblin vacuum that follows with a
lot of stars. Come to the next platform, the security forces of the
future you are targeting. You will cross a series of corridors rich
opponents. Kill them all before going out again. Then remove the spy
vehicles by making you closer together with the Jester.

You will have to fight against both the military and the Super Clown.
Start by removing a maximum of soldiers and enemy vehicles before
targeting him for the buffoon easily send their bombs with the previous
method. The damaged elevator, continue climbing the glass and swing a
blow canvas top (in the yellow marker) to finish your climb. New
corridors armored opponents armor waits. Eliminate Men’s Jester and
continue to stick to the skirts of Jesters to start a second session of
free fall. Catch it as many times as possible for him to paste a few
peaches. We will see a new confrontation with the forces of order with
the added Goblin to putting a spoke in the wheels. Do sort out the
enemies directly in range before you take the Goblin. Feel free to use
the accelerated focus for failing to ground units. Then proceed to the
elevator and ride it to start a cutscene.

Start by eliminating false clowns (red), and then releases the air to
avoid the enemy before they come upon you. Then dodge, and then hit the
enemy during the short respite that follows. Aiming accelerated may be
useful to easily pass his time. Perform the same sequence of operation
three times and return him to his new bombs to triumph for good (after a
small melee baston however).

Chapter 4: Electro

In the first box, make sure to remove all clones Electro before
continuing into the tunnel. In the cascade area, you must save 4 workers
before the water covers them. Start with the lowest being placed
otherwise it will not be possible to complete the objective. The vision
of spider can help. Wear them to the light zone and they will thank you
by opening the next door.Start by attacking normally. Take the air,
electrify the central platform, and then dislodge it from power
generators to attack again. The enemy will also try to sweep you using
light beams from the center of the arena. Jump over or simply bypass the
enemy. To know exactly when the enemy is vulnerable, watch the bubble
that surrounds sometimes. If it is present, it means that you cannot
even attack.

The fight is over, continue to pursue Electro. This will force you to
beat you systematically against its clones. Eliminate all of them to
unlock access to the following areas. Along the way, the super power of
the symbiotic becomes usable. Feel free to use it as soon as the bar is
outside. A, rapid rise to power of the son not to get stuck with the
manipulations of the enemy. Change if he came over just to the
electrifying. Two small things to remember during this confrontation.
The first concerns the School of Electro to recharge and thus raising
its energy. It uses this technique when it moves to the center of the
generators. Then consider the hit to interrupt. The second key element
in this struggle is to make the most of idle time where the enemy will
drop his guard to rest. Hit him in those moments and dodge just before
it starts to his feet. Remember also to eliminate his clones to clear
the area from time to time.

Continue until the transition to the coils. Cannot move there without
the aid workers. Engage your spider sense to spot them easily, then
drive them to wherever the circles of light. They’ll turn off the coils
following so you can continue into the unknown. Just think well
protected from enemy attack during their activity period. The final
showdown against Electro starts just after the hall to the workers and
generators. It is a giant version that you need to face this time. Dodge
his beams through the double jumps, and then paste your paintings with
his hands where the statement appears on the screen. Then use the debris
swirling around him to reach the other shore. From here, dodge his
attacks with his fist, and then annihilate all the clones. Leave the
area will shorten until a contextual action allows you to directly
strike the head of Boss. Fortunately it does not need to triumph over

Chapter 5: Sandman

From the beginning of the level, walk towards the tornado when planning
your canvas on the different projectiles in suspension. Then let
yourself fall to the right of way to reverse the water tank. The first
round against the Sandman will start right after the cutscene. To touch
the sand man and cause him damage, it will be essential to take the
trouble to get it wet before. To do this, simply throw barrels of water
or to bring it under water jets. Remove the valves of the pipes to
maximize your chances and take your time during the melee phase, history
of dodge powerful attacks of the enemy.

Proceed inside the barn where clones sands welcome you. Swing their
drums to moisten, and then finish them with your standard attacks. Fight
your way up to the next issue opens by itself. In the next section,
you’ll have to move from platform to platform using the many items taken
from the spiral of the tornado in order to cross empty areas. Happened
to the water tank, a monster sand 1st class will get you butts. Use your
powerful attacks to get rid of as quickly as possible, and then Use
your canvas on the vessel to stop the human tornado sand. Continue
silted up the meet for the second clash of the level.

It is this time an oversized version of the sand man you will face. Go
carts in barrels and dodge his attacks with his right hand at the right
time to strike back against right behind. + Continue like this until the
second phase of the battle where you must throw barrels directly to
your target. Moved, Sandman eventually collapses head first and you will
only hounding you on the top of his skull. The confrontation ended,
follow the enemy once again. You’ll eventually reach a new outdoor area
where there is an impressive tornado. As before, make use of suspended
objects to achieve different platforms leading to water tanks. You must
topple this time and two water towers on top of that, it will be
imperative to overcome a series of clones of sand to each platform. Take
your time and remember that you can catch a sudden trigger during a bad
fall to the sand.

Sand then chaining parts until you fined a drill. Then take your left to
reach a hallway where a man saved. Wear it to the circle of light
located just right of the machine so he could steer the drill and you
reach a hole in the wall. However, you will vanquish two large clones of
sand during the worker’s labor. Hurry up to shatter the two intruders
without which the machine could not function if they were to damage it
too. In the following passage, progress in reverse camera through your
paintings. The final face to face with the man sand occurs at the center
of a huge storm that is impossible to escape. Use your paintings on the
many objects suspended for not falling in the sand and stay away from
enemy heads. The goal is simple: throw barrels of water on their faces
and rush on them when they turn black and then hardened (and therefore
vulnerable). You will have a short moment to beat the opponent. Walk
away quickly after a chain so you do not suck and vary the faces that
you try to touch when you get to the end of combat.

Chapter 6: Vulture

You will begin by crossing a series of alleys closely monitored. Stay in
the shadows and disappear quickly if dumpling. Build up slowly but
surely until you find the entrance to a club. Inside, get ready to fight
a click of second-class thugs. Get out, then cross the wall from left
to right, avoiding the best light. After that awaits you once again a
fight in the arena closed. Come out victorious from the fray to have the
honor to rub first time the vulture. Start by attacking normally, then
lure him to then activate the headlamps and dazzle. Then quickly join
the enemy to stick him in a few.

The baston is hardly over for you to start running. Use your cloth to
progress faster and avoid finishing under a train. A little bit later,
you must save civilians held captive on rooftops. Progress through
blocks of buildings and bring people into the circle of light to save
them. Remember to snap your spider sense to locate individuals more
easily. Continue up the tower where many innocent inflamed wait
patiently until you save their implementation. Here is a video showing
you exactly what to do and which route to take on this mission fire.

Shortly after, you need to empty a room of his enemies continue to hope.
Remain as unobtrusive as possible to maximize your chances. Continue in
the direction of votes to regain our strange bird. This second
confrontation with the Vulture closely resembles the first. Try to send
him on his explosive cargo of TNT during head to head on the floor, then
make sure you get the lights to burn the enemy and hit him right after.
A melee will take place before and after the fight.

Chapter 7: Scorpion

Eliminate law enforcement, then continue through the door will open.
Other battles in merging lanes that follows. Use the vision behind the
accelerated from individuals armed with a shield. Throw an egg acid on
the door for you to create an access. Shortly after, you will aim to
save troubled scientists. There are two and barricaded themselves in
rooms that you must force with a lot of acid. Wear then the gentlemen in
white coats and drop them on the circles of light on the upper floors.
Protect be restless on their machines when you unlock a new access.

Kill the guards and use an egg acid to force the next door. You will
then find that you’ll need the Scorpion fight. Send him their eggs when
roosting and chained to the ceiling after a burst of shots. Also dodge
his attacks against ground-attack power easily right after. In the
subway, you must make sure to save the civilians before they succumb to
attacks scorpions mutants. Pick them up quickly (not worth fighting your
enemies) for deposit into the circle of light where they will be safe.
Save everyone and then continue the Scorpion (the one, true) while not
you take the missiles.

Arrived at the terminal, you’ll have to take part in a merry mess when
the police confronted scorpions. Zap everyone without exception, then
jump on the elevator to reach the top of a tower where you will find a
new boxing. Remove the entire world to start a fall upward as short as
easy to negotiate. The benchmark used Scorpio Arena this ultimate face
to face with the monster. Dodge enemy attacks which will become
increasingly complex over the fight. Three times Scorpio will roost in
the central area and three times you will throw him one of her eggs to
drop acid to. Remember to engage the under accelerated to have the time
to send a projectile without risking morfler.

Chapter 8: Deadpool

The level of Deadpool is a great treasure hunt where you do most of the
time as the sole objective of finding and destroying lots of cameras in
playgrounds quite enormous. Some are not particularly easy to find,
we’ve compiled some videos to show you the locations. Again, remember to
engage your sense of spider or otherwise the task will prove to be
really huge. Who said scavenger hunt also says happy pirates. So expect
quite a lot of fighting!

Deadpool is not a very strong enemy and leave willingly strike early in
the fight. The second phase is a little annoying because this gentleman
will always escape to go and post somewhere on the battle arena. Engage
your sense of the spider to quickly identify and approach it from behind
so he could escape again. Behind his back, press the button indicated
on the screen (B or O depending on your game support) and repeat
yesteryear times as necessary.

A speed test will be available shortly after the fifth quest for the
cameras. The supports for the canvas being particularly rare, you’re
forced to touch the water during your swings. Use the vertical canvas
only when the waves come closer to winning the platform in time. At the
end of the course, use the edge on the right boat to reach the last

Nothing too complicated for this confrontation. Hit directly Deadpool
clones and chaining rounds up the victory. Remember to snap your fury
bar to reap more damage from the opponent.

Chapter 9: Juggernaut

The level begins with a confrontation with the Scourge. Dodge his
attacks and hit just after. The enemy will mark pauses of varying
lengths each time. Remember to make the contextual actions (press
repeatedly on the button that appears on the screen). Avoid shots of
vehicles and other missiles, but try not to get away from the Scourge in
order to have time-cons attack. In the following sequence, you must
face a few enemies, otherwise you cannot leave. Explode all these
troublemakers around in circles for the helicopter sets you free
passage. Remember to use the mug taken with the gunmen to end a
manipulation. In addition, 5 new enemies await you. Four of them have
shields. Start those small jets canvas by using the lower right trigger
to take advantage of the distraction to get behind them. The next part
is once again synonymous with combat. Build up slowly so you do not find
yourself in one with all the enemies on their backs, then evacuate
after the release deserted by helicopters.

Remove the stone blocks of the next zone and enter inside the building
where you expect many guards. You do not have to conquer all and can
earn the first level directly when a grid should be removed to continue.
Cross the next field and go into the ducts to continue the Scourge.
Again, you have no obligation with respect to the removal of guards.
Back outside, you have to help 3 workers for filing nearly three control
centers. Turn your sense of the spider to identify locations where
workers and bring them. No need to get rid of enemies in the area if
you’re the kind of hurry. Then continue between the large red pipe which
escaped the flames just before.

A large reinforcement fabric, climb the next building. The only
difficulty may come from the helicopters that will send a few rockets
from time to time. Be quick not to let them in on occasion. Arriving on
the roof of the building, a sequence during which you must fight in
close combat with the Scourge starts. Vary your shots and dodge when
necessary to end quickly. The Scourge is back with some additional
powers but these do not change much in the course of the bout from the
first. Dodge the blows of the opponent to attack-cons behind. Take care
essentially overpowered her jumps that will create shock waves
accompanied by waves of rubble. The rest is all a matter of timing and

Chapter 10: Goblin

The level begins with a lengthy salvage company. The perimeter of the
park is relatively large, the enemies are numerous, and regular
screening of fireworks often puts you at risk. More than ever, look for
shadows. Three civilians are to be saved. Bring them outside the park
when you get released. Then head to the door shaped head clown. You’ll
be attacked by the Goblin. Dodge his attacks at the right time and flank
him a few potatoes to make it clear off. Penetrate inside the tent to
start a session baston cons several thugs Jester. Kill them all to begin
a second phase of rescue. Three civilians will once again be released.
However, you will make this time in a very precise order and start with
the help of only three men would not be retained within a cage. Release
them gradually.

Continue through the clown’s head and find yourself in a room with
multiple exits. Choose to take the one located right in front of you.
Kill the enemies that will try to pick you, then climb the wall and
climb while avoiding areas of light. Cross the hallway after taking care
of pausing before the gas jets. Since the second room with multiple
exits, just choose the top right. You will then attack the Jester for
the third time. Negotiate the melee as above, then exit to the outside.
Hurry to join the civilian trapped in the car and releases it to save
him from certain death. Proceed down the aisle to begin following the
last confrontation of the level.

As usual, remember to duck before it hit. The Fool has some rudimentary
attacks that unashamedly uses the outset of the duel. Its weakness lies
in his back, so be sure to find yourself behind in your attacks. Several
times you will be plunged into darkness. Then climb the ropes and take
the enemy by surprise. Osborne then attacks you with pillars. A first
single and the second time escorted by a dozen individuals. Wait until
the enemy sets the pillar that he manipulates into the ground to strike
(although from behind if it does not work). Finally, leave it up to the
Goblin himself to clean house among the troops came to his rescue.
Finish it after the fact.

Chapter 11: Doctor Octopus

It starts with a free fall. Use the accelerated focus to avoid you takes
the arm of Octopus. Further down, turn your sense of spider to find the
weak point of the machine. You might have to disable four generations
before you rub the end of level Boss. Start by eliminating the mutants
in the area to which you start. Large have a good defense to break with
powerful attacks, so that small should be removed quickly before they
explode in your face. Continue with the outcome than when access will be
unlocked. Disable the reactor that you find pulling the big round
button. Then go back on your feet and head to the ball to the four
outgoing cables. There are three branches to explore. We decry the left
to right for our case.

The exploration of the left branch is the opportunity to fight with a
giant mechanical arm. Position yourself on the bright opening to the
ground to paralyze the arm Octopus when it hit the ground, then jump on
the machine to bind the enemy with a power grabs. Perform this operation
twice to access the next room. On the spot, fight all the small mutants
and continue to the end that opens afterwards. Cross the gap using your
paintings and you reach another room where you will release a
scientific. Eliminate the enemies in advance to have free rein. Continue
to the second generator you deactivate exactly the same way as the

No sooner will the generator he was disengaged that you must escape and
recover the scientific way. Use your blinds move quickly through the
corridors as shown on video. Then head to the nucleus following a new
confrontation with the mutants. Kill them all to disable the force field
preventing you from continuing. Fight the small mutants the next room
to access an area where you will get a hold of 3 scientists to carry
them to safety. Go to each platform and eliminate mutant vehicles and
guards, in order to help them. The 3 buddies safe will open at the same
time access to the third generator. Disable it before retracing your
steps to the central core.

The destruction of a new mechanical arm will be needed to enter the last
generator. You will also ensure the safety of a scientist before you
can access the generator. Fight your enemy by staying as close as
possible to the man so it does not happen too often attacked. Turn off
the generator, and then return to the core to reach the room on the big

Start by rooting out the three switches from their pedestals. Beware
laser beams! Let them go to enjoy more time if needed. Directly attack
the enemy from taking a mug to dislodge the machine. Octopus you darken
over time at a rate quite reasonable. Activate the vision for
accelerated time to dodge and follow the trail of slabs activated ground
does not make you catch up. Avoid then the wave energy of your opponent
before making a new type attack mug that will allow you to perform a
contextual action. Do this until the last phase of combat. Then attract
the rays on the mutants who disappeared leaving behind a ball of energy.
Octopus balls on the ship before them eventually implode. Three bombs
should be enough to stun the enemy.




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