Dead Rising 2 Review

Capcom is still committed to the zombies, and seem to be clearly
determined to give much importance to this saga is full, in fact,
touches of black humor and represents a much more carefree and
uninhibited arcade close to its veteran horror franchise Resident Evil.
We’re talking, of course, Dead Rising 2, which makes this delivery
platform declared that arrives simultaneously on Xbox 360, PC and
PlayStation 3.

The game is accompanied also two downloadable games: the already
published Case Zero and the upcoming Case West , who come to be a sort
of epilogue and prologue of the game before us now, although the titles
of digital distribution, the least for now exclusive to Microsoft’s
console. After a first game by internal studies, this new release have
made Canadians Blue Castle, which recently have been acquired by Capcom ,
so the end result has often been leaving everything at home, and it
seems that this acquisition ensure continuity of the series, soon to
accompany sales.

However, it should be noted that most of the new intellectual property
are often launched at the beginning of the new generation of consoles,
taking advantage of the most celebrated are often made to wait and there
are many forward by the public, and this is more receptive to "risk"
with a brand that does not know. Many disappear with the first delivery
(something wrong in a given industry is betting on the sequels even
movies), and others just failing because its sequels, although the same
or higher quality, do not have enough commercial push against the big
names in the catalog that has been formed. Thus, although Capcom in
general and in particular Keiji Inafune (producer of the game, to be
exact) have high hopes for the series, this will be the key to its
future delivery, but if quality is concerned, the foundations appear

The series takes a lighthearted touch, something that can be appreciated
from the outset, and presents a world that, at bottom, turns out to be
very cynical about society, but through a world full of zombies. In a
way, it touches on its way to portray the world created for the occasion
that reminds us of some of the films of Paul Verhoeven acid, a live
action film and that hides a lot after entertaining surface. We find in
this game with Chuck Green, a new protagonist who already knows some of
that Zero Case, who travels with his young daughter Katey, who needs a
regular dose of Zombrex, getting medicine to stop the process of
zombification. Chuck arrives at a shelter (the facts are linked quite
well, in fact, between the end of Case Zero and the principle of Dead
Rising 2).

But the truth is that the story, basically, is not far from the point of
this title looks good, no surprises, and so on, but the plot and not
its execution, which is really interesting. All within a time limit of
72 hours before arrival of the military and trapped in a shelter that
connects with a huge casino-hotel is the perfect excuse for all kinds of
environments far beyond the commercial center of the first delivery.

Not that I’m wrong, but it is clear that the pace of the game in the
first few hours is not very successful, especially since there are some
fine cuts abundance of sequences that do not provide much. When the game
comes in quite the best thing, but in the early hours these scenes make
us crave more of what is desirable may take action, and seems to lose
some the notion that this is an arcade with a tendency to be frenzy,
which itself shows clearly later. The feeling is enhanced because the
load times are slightly longer than is desirable, but much better than
the final versions have been tested.

When we are playing, loading points are only zoning, and they generally
are fairly large, so do not cut much the pace of play. When we walk
exploring the surroundings to find an object (or target) Specifically,
we may change the area because you cannot always knowing exactly where
the borders between them, which shows that the environments are
perceived as unified, despite it is not so in reality, but has the
downside of that maybe you’ve changed your area has passed the loading
time and really just wanted to get closer to something that had
attracted attention and has cut the rate too .

In the field playable on Dead Rising 2, we find that clearly is the
hallmark of the series: hordes of zombies completely exaggerated levels,
which are to annoy us and make life impossible. However, the ultimate
goal of the game is not dead leave it all (or even bust the evil plans
of world conquest to a pharmacist, of course), but move up the missions,
secondary objectives, etc., with zombies as an entertainment. Removing
them is not even very difficult, and is adding to our score with joy,
making it a great hobby and therefore the main focus of the fun of the

Zombie elimination results in a system of accumulation of experience
points with which we can improve aspects of the character and give us
access among other things, more options of combining objects to create
weapons, where is also a good part of fun. The progression of the
character, rolero plan is very superficial, but enough to motivate many
zombies as face time constraints (deadlines as Katey medicine) and other
targets allow. The duration of the game is sufficient, though not
particularly remarkable, but its replay value is guaranteed by what is
about to experience, and different situations where we are, and how the
multiplayer, and weapons, aspects of which we then.

Therefore, a key element of its gameplay mechanics lies in the possible
combinations of weapons, giving much freedom to our most perverse and
sadistic imagination. We start with the obvious things, like taking a
baseball bat, some nails, look for a DIY table and make a good club with
spikes, stronger, durable and effective. But it can go further as we
go, and the combinations seem limited only by our imagination, but
actually within the parameters defined by default by the developer. The
advantage is that it is more than obvious that you have spent much time
in this system; while not completely free itself there is great scope
for extension. The obvious choices are very helpful and imaginative are
fun, but all have something to contribute to the gameplay.

Most objects that we have a supplementary to build a new weapon, and not
all seem logical. Take a vacuum cleaner and a radio, a cube and a
drill, or a teddy bear and go you know. The trick is really to
experience for you, because sometimes most unexpected things work. It
also helps us to add additional points of expertise to enhance Chuck. In
any case, this combination is not completely blind, because we can
unlock recipes. The standard weapons are mostly everyday objects, as far
as it goes, as pipes, nail machines, notices that the floor is
scrubbed, pots, etc.., with many interactive elements scattered around
the stage. Each object has a strength, agility and stamina some, but
there is something that does not change: eventually break. In this way,
you have to carry different weapons in the box, but also some objects to
recover energy, of course, and be attentive to what we’re finding
across the stage to change weapon when necessary.

The co-op is a key added in Dead Rising 2 stands out for its gameplay
and not by their integration into the story, though, of course, when
zombies kill everywhere in the company, it is not that matters much. The
game does not try to justify this company at any time, simply added a
second player and ready, which can annoy the users. In any case, it is
further proof that although there are interesting moments, and curious
aspects of history, others are neglected and the narrative can be
improved, with neglected aspects such as the absence of the second
character in the video sequences (but these are always with the game
engine and displayed in real time the changes we make in the appearance
of the player, where, as above, there is much room for humor).

Although Capcom has presented its work as more open as possible to
survey an entire city, saying it should minimize any. Indeed, despite
its name, Fortune City is ultimately nothing but a huge mall dedicated
to the world of gambling. The idea is the same: to allow the player to
move from one building to another and this in several ways: by opening
the doors stupidly, through the outside or using a bit of a railway
line. However, in absolute terms, if the playing surface is larger, it
is nevertheless also compartmentalized. This is understandable in the
sense that it had been technically difficult to provide a more open as
full of zombies. Unfortunately, the state, there are two major problems
associated with the construction of the game.

First, it is regrettable that Blue Castle Games has not changed the way
to get missions. In sum, pending a goal by advancing the story, we will
have the opportunity to enter the side quests. Problem will require
constantly running to the right and left and will pay countless loads of
time with each change of building. We can also find silly duty must
wait until the timer reaches the main mission near term in order to
trigger it. Very logical and very annoying especially if you are at the
other end of the map because you need to go back to PC security to talk
to the beautiful Stacey. In short, it will be necessary to constantly
monitor the gauges associated with temporary assignments or checking
your watch to see if the time slot to give vaccine to your daughter is

The important thing is how you play, and knows that the title work. The
difficulty is adjusted for the presence of a second killer wandering
rotting flesh, but without forgetting that these adjustments should
allow even a sense of collaboration and for being in company. Where
power is fun especially in boss battles that we encounter in the game.
As before, we talked about-in essence-crazed survivors and very
dangerous, with several surprises in this field. The cooperative,
therefore, works perfectly on the ground playable, which is what matters
most in this kind of experience, but not integrated at all in the
narrative field.

The cooperative is a key element to enhance the replay value, but if we
do not like to be able to add people to the game at any time you have to
change this preference in the options. Gains in dynamism playable,
although the general feeling is that the game gained in consistency in
their missions, although the length has not been extended. Very arcade
like experience, however, the important thing is not so much how long it
takes to see the credits, but how many times you see them after having

Visually, the game employs a fairly intelligent interface, using
standard indicators on the screen, but also integrated elements of a
realistic, like Chuck clock, allowing us to maintain the time monitored
to know when to give the dose the child Zombrex , which is important
because it will die both excess and deficiency of it. The map is perhaps
the least integrated, and it takes a little time to load, but like
everything connected to this aspect has greatly improved the final
version. Of course, there is some level of popping, especially with some
objects, which is palpable to go running, but the zombies are not
affected by this. The textures are also generated and passed to higher
grades in fits and starts, but in this case the uses of motion blur
technique helps disguise this fact and when we are playing largely

Whether suits are a real plus, multiplayer is no exception. We
congratulate both the right to a cooperative adventure but also and
especially the multi for four. This is a particularly well integrated
into the world since we can participate in Reality Show Terror IS excels
in which Chuck Green. This variant Award Danger will offer no fewer
than nine mini-games, each more feeble than each other during which he
will most undead possible to find yourself leading the pack. As you can
imagine, the events will be placed under the sign of hemoglobin but also
the good laugh. It must be said that projecting stiffs dressed a deer
head, to wear ridiculous costumes and accessories for zombies to laugh
hearing or complete a blood vessel perched on a tank anti-zombies will
be enough to giggle. The icing on the cake if you can win first place at
the end of an episode, you get bonus items that will be used in single

The music and sound effects are good, pretty strong betting on issues
that accompany it to the theme and character of the protagonist, a
handyman biker prepared for the tough task of crushing zombies. The
voices are in English, and the performances are actually quite generic,
but they play well, and thanks to the subtitles in Castilian the jokes
can be understood by the public.

As can be seen, Dead Rising 2 will show much more generous than its
grandfather while harboring many pitfalls. As such, it will do with it
is still annoying to see that many mistakes along the way could have
been easily avoided. We think here at the IA undeveloped survivors or
because they will not follow you from one building to another if they do
not stick to the skirts when you leave a place. Exasperating even then
we must re-enter that building to come out with another ball and
therefore pay twice as much time to load! We can also point the finger
at the prohibitive prices of certain objects or vehicles (including
cars), this fact is clearly designed to force us to resume the adventure
many times.

Nevertheless, we can console them by riding tricycles, motorcycles or
trucks. Note finally that it is now possible to save in three separate
locations, serving option breath of fresh air. There was, however,
enjoyed an extra automatic backup system so as not to lose an hour of
play after being accidentally dropped a psychopath on the corner of a
hallway. But that’s no problem because if Dead Rising 2 demonstrates a
sling load of defects terribly frustrating, it nevertheless retains
great qualities making the adventure even more enjoyable than before.


Dead Rising 2 has emerged as a continuation of all laws, it has
identified what worked in the first part, has recovered to this, has
included interesting news (like multiplayer), and did not intend to go
much beyond. I.e., is continuous. This is not a franchise operated, or
with symptoms of exhaustion, of course, it is the second installment,
but it is also true that it has been very safe. Work, fun, and meet
their objectives, but to provide continuity should begin to think about
renewing the formula with more substantial elements.

In sum, if the concept does not change, we salute again the second stage
of the company and especially its appearance definitely fun. However,
if developers have struggled to swing a few new features making the game
system more comprehensive and flexible, it is regrettable that the
defects of the previous album are again present. However, with a good
multiplayer fendard, a solo adventure completely blocked and countless
customization options for weapons or simply order clothing, no doubt you
will find it hard to resist this new aspect that shines through more




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