FIFA 11 Review

After twelve months of loyal service, and other Pro Set Pieces Virtual,
simulation EA Sports has to make room for its little sister, determined
to go immediately spent to the senior. Sure of its strength, the
development studio has a great deal about the improvements to the
gameplay before going out of its hat a feature demanded of body and
cries from the appearance of a Pro mode: the incarnation of the
goalkeeper. Whereas perhaps the majority of current configs are now
powerful enough to accommodate a decent FIFA, EA Sports has decided to
emulate the PC version for those on the PS3 and Xbox 360. In any case,
what the publisher has announced. In fact, one quickly realizes that
this promise is not entirely accurate.

Natural leader of the virtual market of football for three years, the
series from EA Sports, may still be ignored by a handful of diehards
allergic to gameplay, however well-known, has managed to develop a
database introduced by FIFA 08. By simple details or democratizing
original game modes, the developers have so far always managed to renew
their baby and to just and through a community never stingy with
criticism and good ideas.

Suddenly, after months of intense play on FIFA
10, we were wondering what the studio would be able to put on the table
to continue to advance the franchise. Recent weeks have been an initial
response in quick succession as the Personality + were released, the
center of creation, the publisher of music and songs from fans or the
attraction has since become the feature most often cited: the ability to
play guardian online and Be Pro. So many new developments that follow
the double logic "even more realism, more and more content." But in
fact, FIFA 11 is impressive there as much as we promised? Is
consideration is the best football simulation of all time?

Whether you’re a fan of Fabien Barthez, Rene Higuita, Lev Yashin and
Thomas Price, it is clear that the emphasis placed on guard in a
simulated football has never been equal importance the position. FIFA 11
is the opus of redemption, as a repair as necessary as late this unfair
treatment to one player without whom a soccer game can be played. The
weight of responsibility for much of a result is now on your shoulders.
It’s your heroic parades, flights spectacular climbs desperate on the
last corner of the match, raises risky, the improbable balls … FIFA 11
proposes to embody the porter through its Be A Pro mode, either as a
career in a friendly match or multiplayer via what is now called the 11
against 11 online. Although we would have liked the camera moved into
the line of 7.32 m, it uses the same angle with a fielder, raised and
dynamic. If it covers a large part of the land, the same angle does not
necessarily distinguish precisely the action if it is in the penalty
area. Therefore simply by pressing Select, for example as is the case in
NHL, a player can ask the camera to focus, through a tracking shot on
the ball. Simply pressing the same button you can return to the initial

Controlling the goalkeeper is in part using the left analog stick (or
pad) for travel and the right side for diving. Any particular issue of
anticipation is because at least they are already on the path of the
ball; do not count out the stops reflexes every turn. As for the kicks,
it is imperative to start with a small step to the side before diving,
otherwise, you will arrive at best, only touching the tip of the leather
gloves. However, the player remains largely assisted in his quest to
inviolability of his cage as if the ball jump right over you and you not
putting the slightest gesture, the guard will delay or block the ball
as if you had asked.


Support also exists in the movement as an icon
represents the ideal investment and pressing L1 (or LB), the user can
give orders to his guard scrupulously follow if the science of a good
investment escapes. So, we evolve in relative comfort, even if the
position is not our specialty, even if other controls (exit in the feet,
landing in hand) are less obvious. All that we regret is that a Pro,
the AI does create a handful of situations per game, which makes boring
meetings, regardless of the gap between the teams. Budding suicide
bombers may still draw set pieces and penalties to give a little spice
to the role of caretaker, frankly too quiet for our liking.

For its part, the gameplay "classic" has had adjustments which impact on
your habits may be either non-existent as decisive as our passionate
discussions we have demonstrated to the editors. Actually, this "new"
gameplay has more fans as the players confused. I must say that the
Personality +, which accentuates the major characteristics of the
players (the dribble for knitters, the power for the players physical,
passing for technicians, etc..), Has many strengths but also some
negative effects on the gameplay . After several hours of play, we felt
mainly by controlling teams of 5 stars of the caliber of Barca or Inter
Milan, these clubs have players who dominate their positions in recent
years or that exploded in 2009 – 2010. Puyol a stalk his rival like a
mad dog, a Iniesta dribble with ease in small spaces, Messi will
multiply the ball to hit it "sticks to the feet, Maicon transform into
his lane 100 meter track, a Milito succeed all its controls chest …

Examples are not lacking and if you know your team and its individuals
on the fingertips, you can play on their strengths to each of their
intervention, as in reality. But when it comes down to one or two
stages, when it runs a Sochaux or Clermont Foot, FIFA 11 FIFA 10 becomes
despite the fact that any club has many players with racy profiles.
Worse, some players seem to be affected by a script on the edge of the
penalty area affecting their acceleration. The AI for its part, seems
more than comfortable with the Personality +, the number of players
(defenders, environments, attackers, sometimes very small) wheels and
followers of other charms that exploded.

The other radical change for the system of passes, called Pro Passing.
Spread the word, it comes in the form of a FUMA (for full manual) and
slightly modified affects only partially the players who prefer to play
with the assistance of the transmissions on the ball. It proposes a
relatively hard-core management of passes, as opposed to the famous
passes "ping-pong" that can run the ball without too much risk,
one-touch football. Now, you almost always requires a chain "control +
password" to ensure a successful transmission. If, in the spirit, the
idea is bright and realistic, in fact, it slows down too much
construction, so that the games have become very closed.

In addition,
the introduction of contextual errors, as has long existed on
keystrokes, increases the risk of losing the ball. The balance of the
player, that it is marked or not, on his right foot or not, affects the
quality of his passes. Itself, we fully endorse. The problem is that not
only passes have become very soft and this, whatever the power that
wants them, but the constant pressing of AI and oppresses the player
does not allow it to build properly. As a result, the system is a little
too hardcore and requires a long period of adjustment that goes
perfectly well with the new controls oriented, or not at full speed,
foot or chest. Like the Personality + Passing Pro is pleasant and
efficient with large stables, much less with other formations.
Ultimately, the gameplay has been refined but intelligently the impact
of news is too depending on the level of teams. However, we can only
praise the heavy ball on the strikes, more credible and drooping, which
is not yet the case of transverse float indefinitely.

Besides the gameplay, the content of FIFA benefits from the expertise of
the developers at EA Canada to gain new features that we will learn to
appreciate. The first of them is the customization of the game’s music
and singing supporters. If editing the tracklist is not revolutionary,
being able to choose the mp3 (and only mp3, wma causing the read errors)
played in five separate events gives tremendous power and freedom to
the player. Take the case of OM. In some operations, you can play Jump
at the entrance of the players on the Velodrome, Come with Me to each
goal scored, every songs include Olympians in the stands, trigger bronce
after a defeat or screaming of joy after a victory.


In short, the
interface is much more comprehensive and intuitive than the one we
propose for the carols PES fans. The operation is feasible for any team
in the game sadly, everything is still very unstable. Besides the issues
of format, we are sometimes forced to struggle with the noise level by
default (crowd, comments, speaker …) to hear sounds you have chosen.
Also, some readings may jump sounds, resulting in a freeze of the screen
for two seconds.

Another difference with this version is the Centre for Creation. It
realizes the fantasy players FIFA ranting, rightly, against the limited
edition fashion and especially horribly slow on PS3 as 360. Now
everything is happening on the official game site. This interface allows
you to create your neighborhood team, a dream team, a team of fictional
or fanciful, the New Pie,etc… In short, any training straight out of
your imagination. Name, color jerseys, pennants, stadium, everything is
customizable. Same thing for the players that can be created one to one
via a sequence of screens that inform their personal data, their
physical characteristics or their look. There is therefore an ultimate
tool (although incomplete on the faces and especially reserved for male
players) and well oiled. Once the team is created, it’ll just connect
your machine and import the data to play with your original club.

Finally, we conclude with a note on the career mode in FIFA 11, the
interface and some mechanisms have been reviewed. Now gathering player
modes (A Pro), coach and player-coach, the Quarry wants to be more
progressive and comprehensive than before. Example of which mailbox you
have and which fills quickly enough to inform you of the evolution of
transfers, the shape of your players, their current level or simply the
opinion of your officers on your business. Although the interface is
cumbersome and slow, its format is most readable and most importantly,
allows the player to keep abreast of the rankings of all the World
Championships during his career.


Ideal for anyone wishing to regularly
changing club. Financial management is itself, at least on Legendary,
more delicate than in FIFA 10, every penny must be saved to avoid a
negative result. The gain in realism is evident although separate from
any player is always too easy, even if its premium and its level is
extremely low. However, arrivals are less systematic, players’ very
tough negotiations. In summary, the method in question is progressing
but the mechanical logic has hardly changed. Nothing to do but finally
point out in bulk, as FIFA 11 allows the player to choose how officials
arbitrate hands (defeatable), choose the form of nets and has a menu
management replays now be saved locally .


FIFA 11 will, as its previous versions, the reference of football until
the fall of 2011. In perpetual search of the little detail that makes
the gameplay elements evolve side, developers are sparing no efforts to
improve their baby. However, for the first time since FIFA 08, we see
certain stagnation in the game, as an end of cycle, perhaps heralding a
revolution in twelve months. Anyway, by providing new pack of choice
(goalkeeper playable, the center of creation or editing sounds), EA
Sports makes sure that every fan of football simulation fall for this
iteration without being disappointed.



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