Two Worlds II Preview

The country Antaloor again needs your bravery, your skill with the
sword, your thirst for knowledge and talents of fashion designer. Two
Worlds II will have to erase some bad memories from the minds of the
first game. The good news is that developers are aware and they want to
use it. The good thing about the failure to realize and assume it is
much easier to rectify and follow the right path. This is what has
happened with Reality Pump, the study author of Two Worlds. It was his
first game and got a rich and charming, but had some serious gaps. The
developers have decided to continue the series, but little is retained
in the new title of his predecessor, except, perhaps, that charm that
made many things are forgiven.

Among the views that the study was collected from the players and
forming the basis of the changes include two: that the world was large
and attractive but lacked emotion, basically, in many cases had nothing
to do, and the system combat. Another problem, the bugs seem to be
resolved by the dedication of a different development team dedicated to
each of the three platforms for which leave the game: PC, Xbox 360 and
PS3. Antaloor seems that has not suffered much in the radical change
that has occurred. His appearance is very different because the new
graphics engine GRACE own, in the demo, showing a good chance rain,
smoke, particles, loading times when you get into scenarios only large,
dynamic lighting, ability to interact with many elements Stage …

When we talk with players on the first Two Worlds out there just three
years, opinions are the least clear-cut. On one side is the camp of
those who were cooled by the numerous glitches and collision of the
basic version. On the other, we prefer to speak of history that took
place in a country dominated orca, providing permanent enemy presence in
the game a very special atmosphere quite down-to-earth. But when we
spoke on the occasion of the presentation, the developers of Two Worlds
II has described the scenario of the first installment of "weak". That’s
probably why the result of which we have played few minutes in both its
PC and Xbox 360 version has a little more fantastic Assembly, less
"heroic" and more "fantasy". But, again, is a notice on a test
necessarily too short compared to a role play of such magnitude.

If the first Two Worlds was compared to Oblivion among others, this
second component should be too. It must be said that the nine chapters
that make up this sequel begins with the imprisonment of the hero that
you will run throughout the game and, needless to say, remains one of
the first part this time captured by the evil Gandahar. This is normal
because Two Worlds II must first propose a new chapter in the epic takes
place in Antaloor.

Almost forgotten in the depths of a damp dungeon, your character will
have his hello to the intervention of a group of orcas which is a very
affable assassin meets the sweet name of Dar Phaquar. After quietly
through the throne room of the citadel of the evil they hope to overcome
with your help, members of the group were attacked. This was of course
the opportunity to take stock of the new animations in the game very
compelling for the record, also recall that the studio Reality Pump had
originally planned to develop an extension for the first Two Worlds, but
seen the quality of the graphics engine they had developed and the time
it took them, it was decided that their add-on that would just result.
If we actually enjoyed the variety of moves that his enemies used the
character placed at our disposal (including some "finishing moves"
formidable), is in the details that we have seen the excellent content
rendering. One example is the halo of heat torches that creates a slight
distortion of the image or modeling of high-level armor that will give
you really want to own one.


Known enemies and a handful of new features:

The demo starts with the opening minutes of the game, with the main
character (which you can customize) in prison, of which escapes with the
help of two characters-one of them is Dar Pha, an assassin elf. It
appears an old acquaintance, Gandohar, which sends one of his minions to
capture the character. It is not necessary to have played the first Two
Worlds to understand the story, as an initial video summarizing what

Reality Pump is very ambitious in its projects, and this is one of the
keys to its success. This case has raised a world that looks realistic.
While escaping the protagonist and his new friends see improvements in
artificial intelligence: you must open a door and the characters are not
limited to still wait to get you to do, but try to investigate on their
own, although the situation is not settled without your initiative. The
missions are also trying to adapt to the place where they develop and
when you’re in college you have to give a class on a monster you’ve

These first minutes of play are a kind of tutorial that will learn
everything that can be interesting for your character when you start to
develop. The freedom of the player to create the character is total,
since there are no initial classes or limitation to carry any weapons,
but the character will specialize according to where the points go up
when you reach a new level.

To solve the problem of what to do in the world, Reality Pump’s history
promises to be much more intense guide your steps and you can interact
with other characters that will give you missions, but perhaps more
decisive for the inclusion of videos to be counting history. Not only is
news the same abundance of videos, also highlight the camera movements
in these scenes, a particularly pleasant surprise for the personality
that gives the game. The combat system was the second horse of battle,
and there are significant changes, especially in the use of magic. In
the fight each weapon will have a different animation. He joined the
block with the left trigger, and if you block and attack enemy just
after the wager, you will make a counterattack. If your attack is a
complete, it will damage all enemies within reach of your weapon.

Magic offers a unusual degree of customization based on letters, as in
the first half, although much more complex. You start by choosing a
spell card, one of the five elements, the four regular fire, air, land
and water and a third consisting of a "perverse magic there and another
in which you decide what you want to do the spell. With other cards you
can qualify more. So you can get different spells as a protection of air
or, with minor variations, a tornado that eliminates all enemies around
you. Top Ware Interactive, producer of the title, says that up to 1035
different combinations of spells, including invisibility. The more
powerful the spell, consume more mana, so you need to succeed in the
amount of mana you can eat your character. You can change the spell
whenever you want.

Progression within the game will be on the very traditional mode of
accumulation of experience points to go up in levels to acquire specific
skills that define how to fight the character and correspond to the way
play the user. To this, the developers have added the ability for a fee
to replace a talent not used to anything with a more useful. And to
complete this, it will be possible to deepen their knowledge by visiting
the plethora of books that will cross over to his wanderings. In these
texts, we discover both fighting techniques unpublished, miscellaneous
income and varied but also some clues to solve mysteries.

Attractive Scenarios:

The scenarios are excellent, although from very original inspirations.
Each of the six islands that make up the world is based on human
civilization has Hatmandor medieval iconography while Chadnezzar shows
Arabic influence New Ashos shows a strong oriental inspiration and a
dungeon we saw was full of hieroglyphics and mummies. As an exception,
Castle Gandohar mythology uses role-playing, with giant statues of

Overall, Two Worlds II is visually appealing and hypnotic world. So the
interface itself is charming, with a classic yet renewed. Faced with the
monotony of Two Worlds, its sequel promises great differences between
each location and each dungeon. Furthermore, to explore a cave you can
see how it changes the landscape in the outer parts is palpable human
presence, while the buildings disappear and go deep nature becomes
important sources of natural light, mineral veins, fireflies. …

Reality Pump Two Worlds has developed two types of players in mind,
those who want to follow the story and those who want to explore. For
the latter has established different rewards, so read the books you find
will let you know the best way to defeat certain enemies, and search
boxes allow you to access and explore some special items. Seasoned
players also learn to sell and buy taking into account fluctuations in
the market and prices in each city. The demo is jumping after several
scenarios to show the most representative of the game. We arrived at
Cheznadar. If you draw the sword, you see a bar that is turning red if
you keep an aggressive and can lead to jail. If you climb to the roofs
and doors you’ll discover how to get into some houses.


To transport from one location to another are three main options: a
horse, by teleporting or by boat. This last option is rarely seen in
RPGs. Reality Pump has printed some of that realism and has added a
physical system that presumes. You’ll have to take into account the
direction and strength of the wind to sail in the direction you want.
Despite the interest of the study to give a realistic ingredient to the
game, also allowed some licenses in favor of the gameplay, your
character can swim up to the heavier armor and have up to four
predefined sets of armor from which you can change at any time instantly
with the crosshairs.

Two Worlds contains all the basic elements of traditional role,
including a system of craft weapons. You can remove those that do not
use to improve other that interests you with the materials recovered.
There are other innovative elements into the genre, like a minigame to
open to pick the locks of some chests where you have to line locks, and
will be more or less easy depending on the points you have invested in
this skill. Original Occulus is also the ability to make a trip
extracorporeal the vicinity of the character to carry out a
reconnaissance of the area and locate the enemy. Of course, limited to a
certain perimeter and keep in mind that while you’re "traveling" around
the area your character is vulnerable.

Two Worlds II will also have a crafting system incorporating the idea
developed, notably in Guild Wars, that it will be necessary to remove an
object to retrieve materials. These can be used to improve any other
object. And indeed, this possibility is part of what makes us the least
satisfied in the whole game in that you can engage in crafts absolutely
anywhere: on a beach, in the depths of a wood, etc. . . . We would have
preferred that we cannot do that in places dedicated, as in a
blacksmith’s shop for example. Also note the presence of an object in
principle very interesting game: the Oculus. It is a kind of mechanical
eye that floats a few feet above the ground and can predict what might
await you around. Some models are capable of throwing fireballs, freeze
or even poison your opponents.

Nor is usual with RPG customization of the team that has the character,
but in Two Worlds II is to give importance to the multiplayer, so you
can change the color of all your weapons and armor to distinguish
yourself from other players. There will be three multiplayer modes: the
classic Arena, Quest Mode where up to eight people can play a mission,
and the Village Mode, which will build a city that, after you have
built, is filled with NPCs and you can invite your friends.

On the sidelines of the main part that is to say a quest planned to care
for fifteen to twenty hours (this figure will rise to a hundred hours
of play if you decide to do all the side missions …), developers
provide a means yet mysterious called "Village system. Difficult to find
anything in that regard except that he will be greatly inspired by the
principle of "Settlers". We will no doubt have occasion to revisit this
and other Two Worlds II since it should come out until September. That
will be the opportunity to take a look at the cooperative mode which,
according to the developers, will accommodate up to eight players.
Further tests then we will confirm whether the promises and pledges
received during this session will be held which would allow the license
to obtain valuable recognition to which it aspires.


If you like role-playing style of Oblivion, if you enjoyed the first Two
Worlds, despite his poor formal and if the intentions of better
developers who have clearly emerged during this trial followed the facts
in the final game This result will prove quite commendable. But then,
that’s a lot of "if" … We will soon have the opportunity to confirm
(or not) if our first impression is positive overall justified. It is
undeniable that Reality Pump is a bold and ambitious study, and
highlights the audacity succeeded in Two Worlds. The continuation bet is
just as high. On October 5th, the title will be the time to see if this
time they have fulfilled all the promises or if the title is halfway.




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