iRoach for iPhone Review

I have learned in school days that cockroaches are one of the oldest
living things on this planet and these insect is the most annoying and
ugly creature we find in our surroundings. To clean them from our
surroundings we require professional pest control. Now on your Apple
iPhone or iPod Touch, iRoach from Suponix just needs a fast finger along
with open-mindedness for nastiness.

iRoach is pure vengeance video game for your device. It is one of those
games that you will love for sure. The game is packed with 2-minute
clock where you have to execute higher number of possible bugs. Some of
these bugs can be executed just by a single or a small number of your
fingers taps while some murmur so speedily that you need to take some
time to kill them. Doesn’t it sound very easier? But it is not. There is
the challenge that make you stuck with iRoach.

As soon as you commence the game, insects would show up from all corners
of your iPhone, start tapping to destroy them and make points. You can
also join with your friends as it is a multiplayer game. Though, don’t
undervalue their pace they are approaching in group and are very speedy.
Note that if you miss to kill a cockroach, you will get negative point
for every tap.

Check out the games features:

  • Life-like creatures:
    • bugs
    • fly
    • spider
    • ladybug (don’t kill it please)
  • Realistic animation
  • Great music and sounds
  • Various backgrounds
  • Daily online Top 100 scores board
  • OpenFeint leaderboard & achievements
  • Post your score on Facebook and Twitter


iRoach is packed with great graphics and attractive funny sounds to
boot. The cockroaches and other insects look and move just like real
ones. When you squash them, see them torn into pieces with insides
flowing out. Also it is suitable for every age in your family, from
babies to your grandparents. Earn points during game rounds and get to
the top of online scores list.



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