Dell Streak Tablet Review


Since Apple has opened a gap in the market shelves, competitors are working hard to provide equivalents which fall more or less in competition for the iPad. Two and a half months after Apple’s foray in the market, Dell offers Streak, a small tablet with a telephony function. At first contact, the form factor of the announcement on Streak color. While Dell communicates on the ‘shelf’ product, it discovers a device that looks more like a smartphone communicator to template a little more imposing Touch HD 2 . Finally, the new mobile Dell does not really trampling the flowerbeds of the iPad. It is rather a small tablet communicating with the resolution remains the same as a high-end smartphone. Downstream of the confirmation of the CEO of Dell , Michael Dell, the development of model smartphone with Android onboard (with relatively similar characteristics to those seen for the Chinese market) in the U.S., new details have leaked about a second device based on Android under development. The object in question is called Dell Streak, a device 5-inch WVGA 800 x 480 touchscreen Android 2.0 Donut MID with WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G WAN connectivity.

The Dell Streak – was labeled as a prototype is a camera 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, It also has a microSD card slot along with a 1300mAh battery. This is only the first of a whole new range of handeld with which Dell plans to expand its field of action in the mobile segment. Soon will follow the Android Dell Aero, oriented to the bottom end of the market and towards the end of 2010.

A dock connector multifunction has been prepared on the bottom of the phone and, presumably, what you see on the top left of the phone is a second lens for video calls. On the tag "engineering sample", you can identify the model variant "U.S.", which suggests that the device is currently being tested following the specific U.S. 3G. The existence of this device, it must be to reignite the rumors in June, when the Wall Street Journal stated that Dell was being developed for Android prototype MID. Described as "larger than an iPod touch, speculation about this device was further backed by the comments of the president of Dell’s consumer division, Ronald Garriques, who noted how his company was working on screens from 4 to 12 inches.

Design and structure:

The Dell Streak is characterized by elegant and refined aesthetic choices and a shiny black color (other colors also available). The jewel of Dell measuring 152.2 x 79.1 x 9.98mm and has a weight within 220 grams. Particularly low thickness of about 10 millimeters (less than Apple’s iPhone 3Gs for instance), makes a device easily transportable and storable, even in a pocket.

In front, the display is accompanied by three touch buttons (Back, Menu and Home) and the light sensor that automatically adjusts the level of illumination of the display according to external conditions. On one side you can find the 3.5 mm connector for headphones, the button to activate the camera, one for volume control and the key for the ignition and putting in stand-by. On the other side is the 30 pin connector. The assembly is to ensure the quality and Dell Streak good robustness, which can be felt from the first handle.

Camera and autonomy

The Dell Streak is fitted with two cameras: the main one, located in the rear, features a 5 megapixel sensor and a dual LED flash, and the front, VGA, for video calls. Regarding the photographs, the Streak proves to be a valid device especially when shooting outdoors. The picture quality is pretty good and the colors are bright and vivid. Autofocus works very well and allows you to focus, easily, the subjects to capture. Even in low light conditions the pictures are of decent quality, although the contribution provided by the dual LED flash is not as decisive as one might have expected.

One area that has less convinced, however, is the speaker system unable to provide an audio experience of high profile. Overall, when playing videos or MP3s, the sound was satisfactory, but the maximum volume reached does not allow an easy listening in the presence of intense ambient noise. The 1530 mAh battery deals with the autonomy of the device. The high capacity is a key factor for a device like that streak, thus, continues to be operational for 10 hours per charge, if we consider a 3G connection always on. Evidently, the activation of the Wi-Fi or other ancillary technologies degrades the performance in terms of operations.

Additional Features:

1. It ‘s a tablet:

At least that is what the marketing says, although the 5-inch screen with 16:9 resolution of 800 x 480 pixels it would rightly fall into the category of MID .

2. Can make calls:

For hours normally tablets are not used to make phone calls, and in fact is a great smartphone, but, given the size, ‘s a bit ridiculous to use it as a phone, but fortunately you can connect a Bluetooth headset.

3. The Android operating system:

The version currently used is 1.6, with a series of widgets that add some more features to the standard, there are also the Android Market for the purchase of applications and turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps with GPS integrated. At the end of the year Dell will release an update to version 2.2 of Android with full support for Flash 10.1.

4. The processor is an Atom and a Snapdragon:

Manufactured by Qualcomm ARM to 1 GHz Dell So in this case, Intel has abandoned, but it is working on a new version of the Atom processor specifically dedicated to smartphones can also support Android.

5. It ‘s a device to make video conferencing:

It has a front VGA camera, and Dell has promised that more will come forward applications for video chat and other innovative features. For normal photo on the back there is a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, also with a simple click you can upload the pictures on the web.

6. The glass is super resistant :

As evidenced by this video

7. The internal memory is not great :

Only 2 GB, but through microSD cards can be expanded up to 32 GB and 16 GB card is included in the package.

8. The box is made of Bamboo:

100% biodegradable, says Dell.


  • Correct finish
  • Sync and backup program



  • Camera and video capture withdrawal 
  • No Flash Player, Android 1.6! 
  • Poorly defined strategic positioning
  • Disappointing performance


The least we can say is that the streak does not leave a lasting memory. First, we can really wonder about the term "tablet" chosen by Dell.  On a purely technical level this time, the software and hardware parts are perplexing. First, while the 2.2 version of Android (Froyo) is officially extended, and that it provides significant improvements (Flash, installing programs on SD card, etc..), It is unclear why we Dell OS provides a stamped 1.6 … Fortunately, the manufacturer promises to remedy this problem by deploying Froyo end 2010 (Android 2.2) for all Streak (including French market). In terms of hardware design, we find that the results of the tests are not aligned with the platform. Strangely, the Dell tablet is almost always behind by devices with a similar processor. The Snapdragon 1 GHz the team Streak yet widely proven in competition.

To promote its product, Dell highlights the fact that now, Google offers a free program for car navigation. Version "Navigation" Google Maps actually works well on the streak, but the mapping information is downloaded on an ongoing basis via the link 3G (or EDGE). With little or no coverage area networking, the program is ineffective. It will not replace a program as too "full" charge (as Navigon, for example) with this application, even if it can help if needed. It only remains to hope that Dell corrects concerns by issuing a new software update (2.2, in the best case). Meanwhile, in its current form, the streak does not really convinced.


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