Blackberry Torch 9800 Review


BlackBerry has revolutionized its range by launching a new format of
this slider smartphone complete with large touch screen with a full
QWERTY keyboard. Positioning Mail + Multimedia + Application + Surf
delight the largest number, starting with the Pros who will find this
model a way to improve their daily productivity.

Another innovation of this smartphone is that it incorporates the
newest BlackBerry OS 6 inspired by top designers. The result is clear:
great ergonomics, web browsing fluidity and speed of execution. The
BlackBerry MUST!


I’ve had three BlackBerry devices in my time before using a torch: a
Pearl 8100, a Bold 9000 and its successor, the Bold 9700. Each device
has advantages of design and defects, but the crown achievement of the
Torch is the "fullness." Compared to the Bold 9700, which feels solid,
but light, the torch is a tank. Not that it is a weighing device, but it
is certainly well rounded.

My unit, like most BlackBerry devices I’ve used, has some serious
problems of quality construction. While the regulatory mechanism of the
screen is solid (in fact, is exceptional, and very successful) moves the
screen as a little pig when the keyboard is exposed and interacting
with the touchscreen is rotated slightly back and forth. But this is
probably not the rule but the exception. I only had about five
"exceptions" in my time as owner of a BlackBerry. Something’s Gotta
Give, RIM.

The device layout will be familiar to anyone with a Bold 9700. The
rubber keys are the same as in 9700, the lock and mute at the top is
clicky, and the camera button is two steps perfectly. 

The interesting dichotomy of the device comes in the interaction between
the fingers, the touch screen and trackpad. Most people upgrade to this
device will do it from a non-touchscreen BlackBerry. This means, for
the curve and Bold users, the trackpad will be a second nature, while
the fingers less. The first time you turn the device began to use it as
my Bold, but after a few seconds, you realize that the construction
included in the torch is not optimized for the trackpad. In fact, some
functions may work much better with your fingers. Shift work as it
should, but sometimes using the trackpad to get from input text box to
another does not work. You have to use fingers instead of moving up or

The world, in which this attempt BlackBerry exists, then, is untenable.
The device can be used like a touch screen not once, and most experience
with the new BlackBerry 6 will be the same as they would in the old
operating system. In fact, you can say that it relies heavily OS5 BB6
outside the code, since the BlackBerry button menus are identical. The
inclusions of long press on the screen to select options for background
is an added advantage, but offer nothing essential to the experience. I
prefer to use that annoying button to the left of the trackpad to do
most of the selections in my context.

There is one thing to say about the new AT & T BlackBerry Power
Torch 9800: start a hell of a lot faster than its immediate predecessor,
9700. That’s something the theme of the entire operation as the Torch
is a BlackBerry, but faster, deeper, and like any irritating to the eye.

BlackBerry 6 OS:-

BlackBerry 6 OS fills your every desire. Enjoy user-friendly graphical
menus and intuitive navigation to browse the Web freely. You can even
receive all updates your social networks at the same place through
social flows. Everything is designed to stimulate your senses and make
you an experience more visual, easier and more dynamic. Webphone your
BlackBerry offers a new look: the design, ergonomics and functions have
been optimized while maintaining the advantages of previous

In terms of inspiration, you decide. Whether you choose a high
resolution touch screen that you choose the legendary QWERTY sliding
keyboard or you set out with precision optical trackpad, the new
BlackBerry Torch 9800 is for you.


Carry, watch and share videos, photos, files, etc. BlackBerry 6 OS opens
the doors of the multimedia on your BlackBerry smartphone. Synchronize
your music via Wi-Fi BlackBerry Media Sync, so you can access your
music library right on your BlackBerry webphone. Browse your music is as
easy as view your album art. You can even watch and subscribe to
podcasts you will receive when they become available. And that’s not
all: with 8GB of memory you have to store all kinds of files, no more
idle time, enjoy every moment to give birth to your ideas!

BlackBerry Browsing:-

Unleash your ideas with our redesigned Navigator. Enjoy the best of
BlackBerry navigation through intuitive gestures such as pinch and zoom
and tabs that let you move from one webpage to another. 


Be creative and release the photographer in you through the
stabilization of the image, autofocus, integrated flash and 5 megapixel
image qualities fabulous. Furthermore, with 11 options for shooting
modes the most efficient light capture suit your photos no matter where
you come inspiration. Historically simplified multitasking, multitasking
is part of the benefits of BlackBerry. We are now moving into high gear
with multi connectivity. This means that your applications are
connected, you use them or not. Whatever you do, e-mails, messages,
updates and notifications still arrive. 


The phone works relatively well in the building I am running
This does not mean it’s an enjoyable experience because it is not, but
if you use the BlackBerry Bold 9000 when it came to light, you
understand that as mature operating system, the performance increased
dramatically – to the point that was like running a brand new phone. The
problem with the device is powered by the same processor than the Bold
9000 and 9700. That is, the hardware has not kept up with the industry.
There are snapdragons, hummingbirds, and this feels like an emu. 

Upping the ante in the camera, however, was a nice touch, and the torch
will take pretty pictures! The 5MP camera is much more sensitive than
previous builds, and the flash is bright and capable. With the torch
most likely you can leave your aim and shoot at home. That is, unless
you decide you want to have some video, as the torch only shoots a
regrettable inexcusably 640 x 480 resolution. 

Media and video has given an overhaul, and the applications work as
expected. The sound is clear and smooth video playback. Too bad there is
not out DivX xVid or box, but with the proliferation of BlackBerry
applications in the near future, I have no doubt the choice of media
players will grow. Updated: DivX is not native to the reproduction of
the box, so maybe it was my files were not working. Keeping a fairly low
bitrate and it should work fine. Nice one, RIM! 

There is some slowdown in the device from time to time; the clock will
appear in the most unexpected places. I had an application crash or two
in me, but in general the device feels soft. Home has been reduced to
about 45 seconds, which is a huge improvement over its predecessor.

The browser is another area where performance can be improved, but that
will come with time. As mentioned before, the fact that all sites are
accessible now is a huge blessing for the device.

Call quality is excellent, too. Using the device as a phone is
relatively painless, especially now that Google has integrated contact
synchronization. Next we need to synchronize your calendar, which should
be in a future update of the BIS, and never have Desktop Manager again.

A webphone your image:- 

Find inspiration in the multitude of applications designed exclusively
for BlackBerry App webphone World and put your ideas into practice.
Express yourself by customizing your ringtones, notifications,
wallpapers and themes. 


  1. All in one design
  2. Visual, Fluid interface
  3. Enhanced Browsing
  4. Engaging multimedia
  5. Social feeds
  6. 5 MP Camera
  7. Universal Search
  8. 5.5 hour Battery Life

Specifications of the BlackBerry 9800 Torch:-

  • New BlackBerry OS 6
  • Touchscreen multipoint 8cm
  • Compact QWERTY keyboard and touchpad navigation
  • Send and receive email in real time
  • A-GPS and Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • 5 megapixel autofocus camera with flash
  • Access to HD TV and mobile video on demand
  • 3G + / EDGE / Quadband
  • Synchronization PC and Mac
  • 4GB micro SD card included
  • Expandable memory up to 32 GB


The Good:
There are a lot of good things to say about the torch and the Blackberry
6. Better, faster, nice touch. The keyboard is a dream and the device
is well designed. All that and could do with a BlackBerry is still here,
just refined, improved and accelerated. The browser is absolutely
essential and welcome. You can use it as an old BlackBerry with the
trackpad, or a storm with the touchscreen. The new heist to activate the
menus is attractive, although not required, a natural evolution.
Gesture of support and universal search are brilliant.

The screen, 480x360px, is crisp and easy to read under the sun. But it
remains low resolution compared to the iPhone 4, and it’s disappointing
when you read the text in the WebKit browser. Spend a Samsung S Torch
Galaxy is like reading glasses off, everything is a blur. But I like the
screen and the touch response which is excellent, Soft and very little

The Bad:
The manufacturing process is still very weak, or maybe gives me a
failure, but the quality of construction is relatively weak. On-screen
keyboards are a waste of time, especially in the portrait, but who
cares, right? The paradigm of touchscreen trackpad is still very
confusing, and is more likely to use a unique mash up of both adhering
to one or another. As a result, access to menus of becoming an exercise
in frustration when you do not know what will pop up. There is sometimes
significant slowdown due to the relatively slow processor. There is
512MB of RAM, but give you least expect it. The browser can be painfully
slow loading or scrolling through web pages heavy, but that does not
necessarily mean that it will improve in a future version of the
operating system.

This is an evolutionary product, and indeed the best BlackBerry ever
created. That does not mean it is enough to keep RIM from falling flat,
nor does it mean we can rest on our laurels and not try to significantly
improve the user experience in future iterations of the operating
system. BlackBerry 6 is a worthy upgrade, and if 9650 or 9700 Bold
owners have the opportunity to install, do not hesitate. I also believe
that as the configuration of the new operating system for legacy devices
without touch, had to make some design decisions to appease both. As a
result, the touch does not seem quite right and natural at the torch.

The battery life has also been a theme: Bold compared to 9700, the week
could be two days without charging the phone, and I’m getting about 5-6
hours of use on the torch of life. It is even better than any other
Android phone I’ve used, but that is not an endorsement. I have heard,
however, that because I’m using the AT & T firmware on a Rogers SIM
card, there may be reasons why my battery life is lower than it should
be, and once the torch Rogers is officially released, the firmware must
be optimized for the Rogers 3G network, and use less battery in constant
search of towers. I also hope that fixes the intermittent loss of the
BIS service I have experienced in the past four days.



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