Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

The Naruto series is adding high-speed video games, and although some stay in Japan or arrive very late to western lands, others are released with very tight timeframes. These gaps correspond to editorial issues, schedules, sales forecasts … many factors come into play when publishing titles based on one of the most powerful open sleeves worldwide. Arriving for the first time HD console, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm had not yet completely transcended the public, and it is with delight tinged with surprise that we are forced to bow to the formidable this suite! With Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 we find a direct continuation of the first installment, which was exclusive to PlayStation 3, but now crosses over Sony’s console as Microsoft’s. But Xbox 360 owners should not fear anything: curiously, the story of this game starts where they left off the previous games that appeared on this platform, since it is a period that coincides with the issue in the first Ninja Storm. Thus, there are no gaps or overlapping events, though the Xbox 360 was made by Ubisoft, and it belongs, like its predecessor, to Namco Bandai.

As its name suggests, we will part of the story from the Shippuden series, which is what we could understand how a second part of the manga, and it has been a temporary lapse of nearly three years, and the characters have matured (some more , and others less, regardless of physical appearance). The followers of the manga, or the animated series, locate the facts that are narrated in the story line without problem, and those who are not big fans need not worry, because the narrative is efficient. By focusing the assistance of those responsible for producing animated and setting the goal line near the first reproduction of the unfolding of history designed by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto Shippuden designers: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 were able to find the formula magic of a successful adaptation.

This implies that if one does not follow the series can play without problems, or at least no more problems than if you play a game resumed anyone, but, of course, is more enjoyable if you know the series to enhance the sense of interactively revive the drawings that one previously enjoyed. In this adventure, Naruto returns to his village after training with Jiraiya has ended, but while Sakura is in your life, Sasuke’s fate weighs in excess of the characters. The final acts of the first part of the fighting, and have followed very different paths. The facts are told promptly, and the plot follows the steps to a quite remarkable fidelity to the original.

This is achieved through a story mode successful, we will presenting the facts and the characters, many of them new. Given that the series is essentially a series of adventures with action in the form of fighting; the fighting will be a prominent part of the game, which places it in line with its predecessor. The characters are drawn from the manga, and add a special guest: Lars Anderson, Tekken 6, collaboration that Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto illustrator, Bandai Namco did when designing your clothes for that game.

But before you implement each of the key elements of this new opus, he had already taken the trouble to correct the defect updated in the first Ultimate Ninja Storm. A step that did not forget to adjust the game designers in choosing this time to develop the game on PS3 but the Xbox 360. Claimed a hue and cry by the players, the online battles are now allowed in this second phase through the matches with friends or ranked matches with the possibility to modify their profile by collecting cards ninjas. Sometimes both empty and little variety in the first game, the environments are now benefiting from a brand new 2.5D graphics rendering that reflects a much more credible sets of the anime. Modeled in 3D, the characters move freely with the opportunity to interact with many objects that could camouflage materials. Materials that are then used to make new items that will then be available for purchase in stores Konoha. Plus the chance to devour the bentos that enhances your character’s stats temporarily with a delicate battle.

Although the cast of characters adds up to about forty, must take into account that the main way we will also secondary. The story mode is more extensive and robust than in the previous game, and, as we have said on several occasions, the narration is competent and much better taken, which shows that attention has been paid to what were the main shortcomings of previous title. Furthermore, we insist on doing a good job when putting players in position. The development is, however, somewhat irregular, as there are side quests rather weak in duration, objectives and other elements in addition to the rate that is printed is not entirely successful due in part to the static scenario, something that remains dynamic. That is, manages to offer very reliable pictures of the manga, but playing is not as fun as it should. Has taken important steps toward improvement, but still has a long way to go to get to be fun and equally with the other sections.

In that sense, the battles are clearly higher and direct heirs of his predecessor. Visually appealing, often interesting, and a reliable control system, being playable, seeks to be a reflection of the manga. They are sprinkled on many occasions interactive animated sequences (the so-called quick time events), which provide an interactive narrative factor in the struggle, as well as an additional element of showmanship.

Within the story mode, in fact, these elements disrupting the fight sometimes exceeding it in prominence, so it surprises the player and offer different challenges that could be considered as a sort of mini-games integrated into the combat system, which which gives a very interesting variation game plan. Small changes gender, away from the fight will also be present, but the truth is that they work more for the surprise factor and how well they look on screen for what they bring to the gameplay. If we choose to fight in the normal fighting system, these spectacular battles lost by not prewritten elements that allow the integration of disrupting playable as ever. On the positive side, there is options online gambling, which is a major improvement on its predecessor, and will delight fans. In this sense, the game runs like a title fight against each one enough to use, even with their own personal items, many of them derived from their own manga, and other control system, the presence of supporting characters who provide an additional strategic component when looking for our best options for fighting.

The control system is standard for all characters, with little variation in the implementation of special attacks, although they are quite different in their main attributes, namely, power, agility, speed, etc., And a set of movements while running in identical or similar results in different actions on the screen. Is a line we’ve seen in other games of this style, like many of the titles of Dragon Ball, and likes some of the accessibility that implies, and dislikes others for basically just that.

The Ultimate Adventure mode also opens the doors of the Hidden Leaf Village to finally allow us to explore other regions in the period mentioned ninjas Shippuden. For if the first part had the merit of covering the entire first part of the manga, this suite is responsible to report the facts that arise from the return of Naruto to Konoha after training with Jiraiya to confrontation against Pain. Suffice to say that the remark is meant less light, the characters have matured along with the audience. And although the game is aimed primarily at fans of manga or anime, the storytelling proves robust enough to hold in suspense even more complete neophytes. The software multiplies the cut-scenes by taking not only plans but also replicas of the original work, with the added bonus of voice dubbing Japanese anime series. The immersion is total and we shudder to imagine the idea of how developers will manage to transcribe the next fight against a key member of the Akatsuki.

Of course, anyone looking for a technical fighting game is not going to find in this title, nor in any other of this style as it is anything other sagas born into video games, and have been evolving and refining their concepts such as Tekken, Virtua Fighter or Street Fighter, just to say popular, nevertheless imply different levels of complexity and differentiation in the control of the characters. Exciting in a straight line, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 nonetheless open in terms of freedom of action, and the view changes regularly depending on the course of history for us to embody a large number of different players. But the big highlight of the Ultimate Adventure mode is still fighting it’s scripted against bosses that give rise to special sequences where a single battle is out of hand quickly. Modeled with exquisite fidelity to the vision proposed by the author of the manga, these games have a setting that goes far beyond anything we had seen on the subject in a fighting game. Even the transition sequences have been fully reproduced in an interactive way, the player is then faced with QTY (sets of keys to quickly validate) the success of which influences the course of the battle. By optimizing all through the QTE optional, you can even unlock secret factors called flashback scenes that reveal the keys to the first part of the story of Naruto. And as if the player had not already full view, these clashes are sometimes embellished with memorable special sequences where the gameplay tries to delusions typed arcade that will surely surprise the player already literally conquered.


In the game screen looks great, but does not represent any tangible progress with respect to its predecessor. The important thing is that the use of cel-shading technique to apply a visual style faithfully recreated in good manga designs, and everything moves smoothly. It’s spectacular, and although the funds are somewhat blander and better finishes than the characters, works well. In the story mode scenarios are static, to the extent that the screen does not move with the character, but are “windows” to go and as we loaded up the sides, and that detracts rhythm and cohesion, and is a technical decision questionable. Static scenarios are the main drawback, but it is certainly not the only one: the secondary characters are clearly perceived fewer workers than the actors and wrestlers.

Of course, the game includes a majority of classic confrontations where we can take stock of the many improvements injected into the combat system. The regulars will find that the clashes between jutsus have disappeared, like the punch loaded and running vertically, all in a simplification which does not impair the enjoyment of the game, the gameplay is none less complete with the possibility of rushes towards the enemy with a rush chakra to give Klitschko a few combos, or otherwise away from it quickly reversed with a rush. The parade performed with good timing can perform a permutation to be placed directly into the back of his opponent to the project in the air, unless you prefer the remote to hit shots shurikens chakra. Always at the center of the action, the management of chakra is required for the execution of ninjutsu techniques, secret or not, knowing that the potential of the combatants is often restrained in Adventure mode for greater fidelity to history. Versus Mode and online battles allow you to test, however, all the furies of the 40 players in the game, once they released. The number of combatants has also almost doubled since the previous panel, including even some unexpected figures as the fourth hokage Minato (immediately releasable for owners of collector’s version) and Lars Alexandersson Masashi Kishimoto for which had created an outfit in Tekken 6.

The use of teammates is more important that it also helps to create a few openings in the defense of the opponent, even though it may also appeal. Finally, note that now supports three types: offensive, defensive or balanced, and can occur automatically if used frequently. You understand that CyberConnect 2 pointed out all the stops for this new adaptation of Naruto is up to the expectations of fans. The result is frankly convincing and might even encourage more resistant to discover one of the best shounen manga of the moment through this adjustment.


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a continuation with a few notable developments and technical stagnation, but remarkable in most of the time. The highlight is the presence of the option of online multiplayer battles, a system that leverages much replayability and fun (and seeks to counteract their lack of game modes), but that is not accompanied by changes playable interest something that would complete the package. Similarly, the story mode has improved somewhat, but still not up to what must be claimed according to current standards and, in fact, Naruto games have appeared in previous years are still much higher in this regard. Therefore, although there are improvements, it continues and some are downright positive and others, although good progress, still do not comply with the requirements.

The game is certainly the most faithful videogame adaptation of a manga that we have seen to date. Real tribute to the work of Masashi Kishimoto, the title reproduced in every detail of the clashes between Shippuden taking care especially narrative passages and staging. The battle system is also not left out and remains both subtle and accessible. With its forty playable characters and new online mode, this sequel does justice to one of the greatest shounen manga of the moment.



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