The New Macbook Air Review

Technology giant Apple has presented the next generation of MacBook Air and Lion operating system with which it intends to export its popular features iPad the personal computer business. Available in an LED display 13.3 inch or 11.6 inch backlit with a Core2Duo processor 1.86 GHz and 1.4 GHz. A range of 5 to 7 hours and up to 30 days standby for no storage capacity from 64 to 256 GB. Available in 11- and 13-inch models.  The new ultra-portable as flash memory has a major development that will improve speed and willingness to regular hard drives.  The MacBook Air uses the same technology of solid-state storage of the iPad to offer instant activation, up to seven hours of battery life in operation and up to 30 days in standby mode.

MacBook laptops have already become a legend – they combine the most advanced innovations and stylish, unlike anything else design. Coupled with low weight, mobility, high performance and reliability that makes MacBook a great choice for demanding users. They appreciated the Apple MacBook and awarded him the title of the product ahead of its time. MacBook laptops are divided into three main categories: Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro. Classic MacBook (Apple MacBook) combines the reliability, quality, style and relatively low cost. It not only allows you to easily manage business tasks, but also enjoy the fantastic multimedia possibilities. Business Card Apple MacBook Pro – heavy-duty dual-core processor, easily coping with tasks that require high performance. Because of its phenomenal features these notebooks business series may be a good replacement for a desktop computer. MacBook Air – the embodiment of elegance in design. These laptops combine high performance and compact – maximum thickness of the Apple MacBook Air is only 1.93 cm.

The main novelty is that contain flash memory that will improve speed and willingness to regular hard drives. The first model, with an 11.6-inch screen, will cost 999 and $ 1,199 for the 64GB versions and 128 GB, respectively, and weigh around a kilo. Meanwhile, the second with a 13.3-inch screen will cost $ 1,299 (128GB) or $ 1,599 (256GB) and weighs 1.3 kilos.  Less flashy than the announcement of the new notebooks, but perhaps more important, has been that applications store company, the App Store, which is now used in the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and computers will also Mac.

The new MacBook Air comes in two versions, a 13-inch and one 11. Emphasizes the design, great battery life, the absence of hard disks and body Unibody. It is designed with 100% flash storage to provide greater stability and responsiveness, and includes a trackpad supports multi-touch technology. This technology has already been tested by Apple and has offered excellent results: the use of flash memory, moreover, is the basis of the services offered by iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in terms of start-up and recovery after the stand-by mode. The implementation costs would be even lower than the other two solutions.

Features of 13” Mabook Air

  • Processor 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 6MB shared L2 cache, 2.13GHz processor or Intel Core 2 Duo with 6MB shared L2 cache
  • Memory 2GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM (4GB maximum)
  • Flash Storage 128GB or 256GB.
  • Weight of 1.32 kg.
  • Glossy widescreen LED-backlit 13.3-inch (diagonal) can reproduce millions of colors.
  • Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce 320M with 256 MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory.
  • Full-size keyboard with 78 keys (USA.) Or 79 (ISO), including 11 function keys and 4 arrow keys (arranged as inverted “T”).
  • Multi-Touch trackpad for precise cursor control; supports inertial movement, allowing pinch, rotate, swipe, three and four fingers, tap, double tap and drag.
  • Battery life of up to 7 hours without cables. Up to 30 days of standby.
  • Price: $ 1,299 (128GB – 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo). $ 1.599 (256GB – Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz)

Features of 11” Mabook Air

  • Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz with 3 MB level 2 cache integrated and shared, or Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz optional with 3 MB shared L2 cache.
  • Memory 2 GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM onboard (up to 4 GB).
  • Flash Storage 64GB or 128GB.
  • Weight of 1.06 kg.
  • Glossy widescreen LED-backlit 11.6-inch (diagonal) can reproduce millions of colors.
  • Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce 320M with 256 MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory.
  • Full-size keyboard with 78 keys (USA.) Or 79 (ISO), including 11 function keys and 4 arrow keys (arranged as inverted “T”).
  • Multi-Touch trackpad for precise cursor control; supports inertial movement, allowing pinch, rotate, swipe, three and four fingers, tap, double tap and drag.
  • Battery life of up to 5 hours without cables. Up to 30 days of standby.
  • Price: $ 999.00 (64GB – 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo). $ 1.199 (128GB – Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz)

What is New in Macbook Air

The particularity of this device that will certainly be open-track for the next portable is the adoption of new technology on the data storage medium. The laptop, in fact, lacks a hard drive and also a solid-state drive. The engineers at Apple have decided to integrate directly on the main board flash memory chips needed to provide the storage media. The rate of storage is improved by twice the battery life and good benefits.The flaw is that it becomes physically impossible to increase the memory of your laptop, not even with a technical assistance service center. In other words, your laptop will die with the same amount of memory it had at the time of purchase: the same policy of iPhone , iPad and iPod.

First, has further reduced its thickness to the 11 inch at its lowest, 0.68 in the top. It’s really light weight, 1.3 kg and has an LED display 13. ” It has flash memory for storage of data and four areas to make your battery consumption is very minimal: 7 hours consulting the web and 30 days standby. Flash storage custom designed by Apple is 90 percent smaller and lighter than a conventional laptop hard drive, which contributes to its mobile design. It also incorporates a standard size full keyboard, as well as Multi-Touch trackpad glass present in the MacBook Pro from Apple. Mac Book Air FaceTime also incorporates camera, microphone and stereo speakers.

The design also changes as it will be thicker at the top and less at the bottom. The 13-inch model will have a battery life of 7 hours surfing the Internet instead of the five former model, filed for two years. The flash storage custom designed by Apple is 90% smaller and lighter than a conventional laptop hard drive, which contributes to its mobile design. It also incorporates a standard size full keyboard, as well as Multi-Touch trackpad glass present in the MacBook Pro from Apple. The new generation of these laptops have two USB ports, one on each side, and an SD card slot.

In terms of design, everything should follow those guidelines that have been used for the current models, with the only possible, particularly of the more defined edges. We do not know about the launch price of the new MacBook Air, but the usual voices claim that Apple could point to a lower cost than current models to make it more palatable.


At the release of Macbook Air, Steve Jobs brought forward part of presentation a software of the company for the Mac, nicknamed Lion, which also allow for video chat through the application Facetime, now available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Although ‘Lion’ will be available from summer 2011, Mac users can now download a beta of FaceTime while the App Store is also available in the next 90 days. Lion includes support for full screen applications to extend to the entire system. With Lion the user can enter full screen mode, switch between full screen app to another simply by moving the hand on the trackpad and move back to the desktop to access its multi-window applications.

Lion features a ton of new features, and we hope that the few we’ve had time to show today in anticipation offer users a good idea of where we’re headed,” said Jobs. The new operating system Mac OS X “Lion” is to be introduced next year in the summer. It called Apps at the center – this kind of applications from mobile devices in recent years has fundamentally changed. The finger control of the apps to support the trackpad that is used as a mouse replacement area under the notebook keyboard.


The new MacBook Air is more squared appearance and arrangement of doors on each side is perfectly symmetrical. The power connector has not changed (it is always a MagSafe) and was always on the left and right side we find the connector for the Mini DisplayPort. On the 13.3-inch versions are in more than its 11.6-inch slot for SD Card. The substantial novelty common to both models of the MacBook Air, we find that has been introduced inside a flash memory as hard drive, from 64 0 128GB, 11.6-in models and up to 256GB in 13.3-inch models.

As had been widely anticipated by rumors, new MacBook Air has a more squared profile with the various ports in sight, not protected by a door, as was the case in the previous generation. For the sake of symmetry , the ports are located on both sides of the MacBook Air. The MagSafe magnetic power connector is located on the left side along with a USB 2.0 port to the headphone output and built-in microphone, while the Mini DisplayPort connector is mounted on the right side of the second USB 2.0 port.  On the right side behind a small door a bar with three jacks: one for USB devices, one for headphones and one for an external monitor or projector (micro-DVI). This is pure minimalism. What to do if you want to plug in printers and UMTS card at a time? Use a hub? No – you will not. That would ruin the beautiful piece.

Rumors had also revealed the presence of the slot for SD memory cards, always on the right side, but it is conspicuously present only on models equipped with 13-inch display. Perhaps this choice is due to less space available within the 11-inch MacBook Air, but knowing the policies of Apple may also suspect that a strategic choice very clear. The MacBook Air 11-inch screen has an aggressive price, but the internal flash memory is only 64 or 128 GB, more than adequate to accommodate the operating system and all applications that need a quick start, but an SD card slot would still be very useful to expand the storage space for documents and media files, without having to resort to a pen drive or external adapters.

At the bottom breaks through only a narrow vent the levelness of the case. On the left side stand four tiny brass contacts out of a bush: the power supply. A magnet, as if by magic the plug on the charger and placed him with a spigot in place. Stumble accidentally on the wire, the contact will immediately, without dropping the device from the table. Those who still had no MacBook in hand, is fascinated. These are details that are estimated for the Apple.

Do we need even more connections? No, is Apple’s philosophy. The future is the Internet. The path is wireless. The printer, for example, can be controlled via Wi-Fi – assuming you have at the Apple Wi-Fi base station “Airport Extreme” or the backup hard disk Time Capsule  purchased. And then there’s the matter with the DVD drive. Here again nil. No slot. Again, the heretical question: What DVD and CD? Use the download can solve almost any problem, at least by Apple. Had it wished, could have fit a drive. Other manufacturers do it, too.

App Store

The App Store for the purchase of software is reported to have already integrated in the next three months in the current Mac system. Is for video calls, the June future on the new iPhone software introduced Face Time on the Mac to use – a trial version is available now. The Mac system is used according to the company of world’s 40 million users. By far the dominant computer operating system but Windows from Microsoft.

Jobs also introduced a new version of the multimedia software package from Apple: iLife 11 provides, inter alia, a closer connection to popular online portals such as Facebook or Flickr. Was also redesigned to create photo books and cards, produced by Apple itself. The video software iMovie through audio-editing movies and has taken over from iPhoto the technology for face recognition.


The new 13.3 inch MacBook Air uses a lithium-polymer battery with 50 watt-hours is built solid, Apple specifies a term of up to seven hours. The battery in the little brother is a 35 watt-hours a little weaker in than the previous 13 0.3-inch 40-watt hours, the 11.6-inch set will hold five hours, the times were. According to the company at the wireless surfing at 25 popular websites with a screen brightness of 50% identified. At rest, the battery will run empty in both models after 30 days.

Comparison between 11 inch and 13 inch model

Price Details:

  • U.S. $ 999 model with 64GB 11.6
  • U.S. $ 1199 11.6 with 128 GB
  • $ 1299 13’3 128GB
  • $ 1499 13’3 with 256GB

Apple has released this morning setting up the pack of the new MacBook Air and find that the basic equipment (MagSafe charger and Printed and electronic documentation), there is also a drive recovery software, a USB stick that acts as a startup disk for The MacBook Air that will serve each time you reset or format the MacBook Air. This “key” is called a soft recovery unit.


It is clear that Apple has acquired experience on their mobile devices are making it even harder and smarter to take them back to their Macs. When we thought that inertia would lead to the block to forget about their Macs, is proving that technology carries the smaller gadgets to bigger. This can only mean better products in all areas. By removing the hard drive and use flash storage, it has been possible to include a larger battery, enjoy up to five hours of battery life (with a charge) in the 11-inch model to some incredible seven hours in the model 13. The MacBook Air in sleep mode has 30 days battery. This will allow for greater autonomy and working time away from an outlet.

Now it’s finally time to open the lid of the MacBook Air. Striking are the large trackpad, the small camera on the 13.3 “TFT LED screen and which protrude from the metal casing and inside black keys. A chord from the speaker. The screen lights up brilliantly. “Has a better display installed currently no notebook, wrote the computer magazine Chip. We may not disagree. Air does not come cheap. Ease but has a price. This is also a comparison with the models of the competitors.

The MacBook Air is not a high-end computer: It is clocked at 1.6GHz, the hard drive comes from the iPod, the video attached to the processor. But the go, this notebook is always enough: for Office applications, email and internet. Plus, the MacBook Air is cool. Less rounded design, the next MacBook Air SSD should have a readily removable by the user, so as not to depend on Apple for storage space. In addition to the integration of technology rumored 3G. The move by Apple to be read in fact especially in optical marketing: sales of MacBook Air in the recent past have failed to keep pace of the remaining products in the Apple, and even had a very sharp decrease over time. The new model could be just the injection of fuel into the engine of sales.


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