Disney Epic Mickey Review


Mickey is a true epic artistic success and screenwriting. Intended
primarily but not exclusively to fans of the little mouse, it is also a
wonderful tribute to the forgotten past Disney. Since its debut in 1928
in Plane Crazy, Steamboat Willie and especially since the same year,
Mickey Mouse has become inescapable icon of Disney. More than 80 years
to dream the kids around the world with cartoons become legends through
their childish and colorful universe. Yet the most famous mouse in the
world is now back in Disney Mickey Epic, title prohibits age seven and
graphic style and screenplay rather dark. There was a time in the 16
bits, in which Mickey Mouse games were one of the great envy of the
competition (Castle of Illusion and Magical Quest, without going
further), they represented fun games, well-built and technically amazing
. Gradually the bellows and was lost mouse away, or rather to focus on
proposals and other interactive edutainment for children, but far-from

Everyone had the same reaction to the first images of Mickey Epic …
But what does our hero with large ears in an app like this? Where is the
idol of the young, its atmosphere and its vibrant colors namby-pamby?
Warren Specter’s leg would have they defiled forever? No, do not worry;
if the universe may seem somewhat confusing at first glance, it’s more a
stroke of genius than a stroke of madness. But better to be aware of
the content, you begin by telling the story.

About The Game:

It is difficult to get away from that perspective the horizon of
expectations, but even with them, pointing high, Epic Mickey is one of
the most important productions of the year, on any platform. And it does
so through a remarkable exploration work in the past often forgotten in
the company, exploring characters, short films, and environments
created by Disney but we’ve been relegated to oblivion. That is the
basic plot of this game, and results in a tribute to the dream factory.

No one escapes the consequences of his actions, that is basically what
tells us the beginning of Epic Mickey. Carefree and curious, Mickey has
indeed blundered by trying to observe the world created by a great
magician. He accidentally spilled a bottle of solvent on what could pass
for a simple a priori model. However, this model is a true microcosm of
the world of desolation. And as its name suggests, all is far from
being pink. The fact is that in the immediate, Mickey did not realize
the damage he has committed and it is only years later that he will be
overtaken by destiny. It materializes as a ghost who, like the white
rabbit from Alice will lead literally Mickey on the other side of the
mirror and jump into the world of desolation.

But years later, as what karma is tenacious, a terrifying ghost Mickey
will snap through the mirror to another universe, that of "model". He
finds himself actually in the World of Desolation, which met all the
Disney characters fell into oblivion with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit,
driven a road full of glory following the creation of Mickey. The mouse
will understand the terrifying impact has had a bottle of solvent in
this world, and will do anything to fix his mistakes, with your help.

For this you only have two weapons, your brush and solvent. With these
accessories, you can paint at leisure and dilute much of your
surroundings. Create platforms or boxes, dissolve a gear to stop the
operation of a machine, everything is possible as long as we stay within
the limits imposed. Moreover, speaking of limits, know that you have a
gauge for each of your two powers. But where Disney Mickey Epic gets
really interesting is the duality between the solvent and paint,
transfer of good and evil, respectively. Indeed, if the use of solvent
can eliminate your enemies can paint you make friends, ready to defend
yourself. This dichotomy rises to another level when it comes to quests.
If you’re not forced to do the many quests that litter your path, do
not help your neighbor give you a bad reputation, and characters you
meet you will clearly know. This has a direct impact on gameplay as some
quests will not be accessible, not to mention that there are four
possible endings depending on your actions.


The game, as platforms can be overcome in about eight hours, but the
truth is that some would like us to explore in some depth the game
reached half easily. Moreover, the decisions we make affect their
development, and in the final scene we’ll see, so the replay value is
beyond question. During the game we go 3D stages of development remind
us sinister and peculiar versions of some of the most famous attractions
of the various Disney theme parks, and others, cutting 2D, complete
short films inspired by classics. These are translated with a taste
sublime on the screen, showing an unquestionable artistic work in both
3D and 2D, in which the character designs and environments rivaling many
carefully animations and waste of expression of its protagonist.

This is an enormously creative proposal that knows nurtured a rich
world, Disney, to compose it from their own universe that is based on an
internal structure, not revolutionize anything, is well defined and
functional. So in essence we have a distribution center, a sort of
central world, with much exploration, some character development (though
in reality, is irrelevant in the game), finding side quests,
relationships with other characters, etc. From the access areas of 3D
action, with plataformeo, enemies, puzzles, etc., And a transit zone,
which are two-dimensional platform sequences inspired by classic Disney

It is very unfortunate to say, but the latter managed to systematically
place where he should not. Whether for the phases of jumps or the
fighting is sometimes a real pain. And yet, everything was done so that
we can reframe ourselves: first-person view, moving the directional pad
or a button to place it behind the character, nothing works. As a
result, some passages may be difficult, leaving a bit player in the
world yet so profound, largely based on nostalgia. Epic because Mickey
is a true advocate for the old cartoons of yesteryear, as evidenced by
numerous passages in 2D environments known cartoon mouse or other
significant figures signed Disney. Steamboat Willie to Oh, What a Knight
is more than thirty of these mini-levels that will punctuate your
adventure. Certainly, as they each keep their style, artistic quality
ranges from excellent and the dubious (Plutonia, even with hindsight, it
goes through), but the result is more appreciable.

In essence, Mickey ranges between good and bad side. An early example is
when we can save a character, or get a treasure. Choice excludes the
other automatically, so the question is what we do. However, we stress
the Manichean vision: the best choice is usually very good and the bad,
very bad. It is questionable, as is characteristic of fairy tales,
almost inherent to its narrative, but is far from a world of gray and
nuance that would have been enlightening. Most significantly, in any
case, is that whatever we do the prizes awarded have little bearing on
the amount and quality of services, and is not very evident in the game.
Of course, the end of the game varies at key points, so in the end,
there is a substantial result, although a hard time coming up to him to
understand its significant contribution to the game.

With regard to the adventure, you pass very often Mean Street, where you
can make purchases through the E-Tickets recovered during the
adventure. Many quests leave this place seems to be the hub for much of
history. From time to time he will make small surveys for Horace
example, we thus leaving the beaten track to offer us a different style
of gameplay. When traveling in areas most hostile, Disney Mickey Epic
offers a mix of research, action and platforms, perfectly balanced to
not tire the player. Although all the passages are not the most
original, but regardless, the diversity of situations is sufficient to

What we cannot ignore is that Epic Mickey has a problem with the pace in
the early stages of the game. Start slow, perhaps too much, especially
for a platformer that has virtually no playable approach of great
complexity, and its stage of tutorial is too long and persistent in some
respects. After improvement, and far, but the fact is that the opening
bars are not your best sample button, which can be problematic because
it requires some patience to play until the title is completely open.
Furthermore, although the graphics are wonderful artistic level, and
certainly is at the technical forefront Wii, the camera leaves much to
be desired. We can reposition it to the back of Mickey with the C button
the nunchuk, and is something that, in fact, we have to do much. Has a
tendency, in short, not knowing where to stand to give us a good
perspective, angle and distance relationship with the character, and you
have to work with, something that is never desirable.

The brand is also carried by one of the best soundtracks of the year,
with each visual world of an appropriate theme song, often vibrating
between joy and melancholy. The distribution seems the best for the
challenges posed, but sometimes seems to lack some softness in its
response, especially in the case of the jumps. This gives no real
problems until perhaps the final stage of the game. If you start too
easy and slow, it is certain that the final climax is the result of a
difficulty curve well drawn, but certainly gets us into trouble.

As the enemies are tough, abundant, and sometimes are too damn locations
and platforms that add up very tight, arrives to claim an accuracy not
always give us, which is combined with camera problems. Nothing
impossible, or very frustrating, but far from ideal. Moreover, the
melancholy is without doubt one of the main subjects of history, Epic
Mickey is also carried by a scenario much deeper than one might think.
Oswald is a being related, being away from everyone’s mind, who seeks
the affection and love of others. It’s the same for many characters
encountered throughout the adventure, trying to recall their roles in
mouse cartoons set in 80 year old … In short, Disney Mickey Epic is a
journey full of surprises, that would have really been a hit in its
power without recurring problems with cameras. However, we recommend
without hesitation for all owners of Wii, as it would be blasphemous to
pass up an adventure also involved.


Disney Mickey Epic is well and truly artistic achievement. Like most
scholarly review of Disney world is priceless and as a platform
adventure is the best I have come to market in recent years. It is witty
and full of imagination and good experiences, no doubt, supply the
defects we have mentioned. Worked environments and consistent and a
soundtrack worthy of the greatest productions brilliantly underscore a
world dark and penetrating. In addition, the gameplay looked good with
its principle of paint and solvent Arising full of clever ideas
whatsoever at the platform, action or adventure. However, the purchase
of Disney Mickey Epic is highly recommended, chances are you will not
regret it. Its strengths, virtues, weigh more, and make this a fun and
solid game that is played with a smile from ear to ear.


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