Gran Turismo 5 Review


Till I actually understood Gran Turismo 5, I grapple with the trials of
the road rally in special events, timed events between two given places
taking place on the winding roads of the Tuscan countryside. Finally,
after a chaotic sprint, simulation landed on the shelves. The five years
of development have enabled them to realize the fantasies of fans and
most importantly, to change "The Real Driving Simulator". Gran Turismo 5
has, in recent months been the center of all the speculation, sometimes
revered, sometimes criticized, any image, any video contributing to
this massive buzz which culminated in the announcement of the release
date and firm finally on November 24.

Anyway, the wait has enabled Sony and Polyphony to measure the interest
of the community around GT 5, including allowing the developer to take
time to meet everyone’s expectations as far as possible. No pun
intended, Gran Turismo 5 and was expected to turn the station off the
track! The average player is already low base forgiving defects and
absences, imagine its propensity to absolve a development studio after
five long years of waiting … All the promises that have blended and
despite the many delays, Polyphony has always, through the voice of
Kazunori Yamauchi, displayed an unwavering confidence in this release.

About The Game:

Gran Turismo 5 is slightly less than an obsession made game. A
declaration of intent by Yamauchi, creator of the series, which is
slowly getting to reach their goal: finding the final simulator. With
Gran Turismo 5, has not succeeded, but at least he stood at his head.
Each episode of Gran Turismo has introduced a number of developments
beyond its impeccable graphics or lists of dealers available. Gran
Turismo 5 is by far the biggest step since its inception. It would have
been easy for Polyphony Gran Turismo 5 to convert to high definition,
which was the intention of Gran Turismo HD, and that would have given a
great game but would not have been enough for the fans. The study was
known and the fifth installment Fixed-almost-all that improved, with
some aspects that we thought immutable, damage, time and climate
changes-and exceeding the expectations of most competitions or licenses
with completely unexpected-karting, Nascar Rally … -. The avalanche of
options and content is such that this is one of the deepest games and
more travel in recent years. Any lover of driving easily spends more
than 1000 hours of his life to get the best vehicles, times, and of
course, to show his quality in the online game.

Turismo is always a game against the clock than a true racing game. It
feels fast when in fact the first contact international bodies disrupt
the soundtrack of sound effects in part failures. According to the
widely known and scrupulously observed in the series, it opens access to
race and level of interest in five progressive stages, starting from
the modest to the Sunday Cup endurance race that are most demanding. The
player, meanwhile, is building a collection through the new home market
and the opportunity, buying a little bit more expensive, a little
stronger, a little prettier. We also find the famous license that, as in
Gran Turismo 4, are not essential for the right to ride. They merely
allow newcomers to become familiar with driving very atypical of Gran
Turismo. However, developers have not wanted to open all the doors too
quickly by introducing the concept of leveling. A level is required to
unlock access to shopping; it increases over your success. If this
balances perfectly progression, we can not say the same credits that you
are allocated. You’ll finish the game in a timely way and realistic but
the price displayed by certain concessions requires weeks and weeks of
leveling free to sign checks for several million credits…

Gran Turismo 5 has been completely renovated and physical simulation
system. To the delight of the fans motor, Polyphony has not been
"contaminated" by other genres, and has made concessions to include more
public. The public and he know the developer, asked for more realism.
Gran Turismo 5 has not been afraid to become the best simulator, to
rival usually exclusive PC titles that seemed "too hard" to console.
This may like more or less, but this is what makes great GT5, reduce
ambiguity and gives us a game that perfectly complements the pure arcade
speed pitches that are available on the PlayStation 3, which are very


Beginning with the simplest, we have the arcade mode. Little comment
here for those familiar with the series. It is available circuits,
distributed in categories-urban, fictional … – and a vehicle to run
directly, without any credit or similar complications. Although no doubt
that the really interesting is in the "Life GT", it is worth to make
contact with the cars, perhaps, then shuffle to buy. It also serves to
remind circuits returning from previous years or new, before going to
competition in network or to the complex world of simulation.

The arcade options are Single Race, with three difficulty settings. It’s
so easy to explain how the real goal is to finish first. Another
classic is the Time Trial mode, in which we forget about the 15
competitors, opponents and the problems that can cause: here only
consider your ability to overcome your time and your memory of the path.
Drift mode, already present in Prologue puts us aim to make the best
drifts in areas of each circuit, so getting scores, it is not emulate a
Ridge Racer, but it is another option. Arcade mode also finally found
the mode for two players split screen, thanks to online gaming is losing
weight, but is a must in any game worth its salt.

But no doubt, with the multiplayer, the heart of a Gran Turismo is their
way GT, dubbed Life in Gran Turismo 5 GT. First, thank Polyophony the
great effort into creating an interface so complete, elegant yet
orderly, because although the first impression is somewhat intimidating,
always have on hand the most important. Gone are the days when dealers
and competitions were spread over a map of a city of almost disordered,
as are many options here that’s impossible to do today.

It is designed to absorb the player’s life, and become its hub for the
competition. Color can be customized menus, backgrounds and monkey our
driver and setting up a number of fields of information in our profile
to know us better friends. More personal details that make this space
that eventually we will be very time consuming. For example, there are
189 themes available between songs of all kinds, alternative rock,
electronic music, classical, jazz, bossa nova, including regular groups
include Gran Turismo and other games of velocity-like The Hives, Queens
of the Stone Age, Scorpions and many Japanese musicians guitars. By
default, Gran Turismo 5 we get the usual quiet piano music, but the
player is free to compose the atmosphere, and spend the most sugarcane
to the menus, or even add your songs on your hard disk. It may be a
minor issue, but everything in the game seems designed to make life in
our little sanctuary GT racing.

In this mode, we have different categories and other options in which to
participate. What are the main modes A-Spec and B-Spec, special events,
licensing, the dreaded driving licenses so many traumas have created a
whole generation, "the new vehicle dealers, the category of second hand
vehicles cost some bargains, but the listings change every day of play,
always worth taking a look-practice-test our set-up in any circuit-GT
Auto-center, vehicle maintenance, modifications and travel photos – the
famous Photo Mode.

The learning curve is quite comfortable, if you’re a regular player in
the series, will find no problems in getting good times and get the
first position in them, we noticed that even without the best car
possible, we see it as competition in straight-forward artificial
intelligence is benevolent to us at the beginning and we can overtake in
curves. Just a bit of aggression to take up to ten seconds ahead. For
novices in Gran Turismo, or driving simulator in general, this is very
appreciated, because the control here has little to do with this in most
games on the market. There are aids on track as the best route advice
and instructions to slow down or speed up, which later are not

The content of Gran Turismo is also boosted by the emergence of new
licenses and new disciplines. One thinks, for example, whose research
Nascar constant suction is really well made, the phenomenon is well
simulated in the series ever since. The ovals were already there, heavy
vehicles also, he never missed more than a few model stock cars and
their famous type tubular frame and that was it! We cannot be as
positive by talking about the kart is probably among the least credible
of the game! How, with the gameplay grand touring cars to karts,
Polyphony could think for a second be right? Conduct any slippage in
hyper punchy leaves room for testing in which fades karts just turn
around an axis… Finally, on the sidelines of races A-Spec, GT 5
offers B-Spec races, where you are coaching a pilot in real time.
Honestly, this method does nothing and is more annoying than anything
else, the player is limited to "slow down, keep your speed, speed" to
control the peace and progress.

Our pilot in B-Spec has its own personality, with parameters on the
brakes, swerve, accuracy, physical strength, affects the long-endurance
races, mental strength, trajectory, and a character that can be calm or
aggressive. As head of the team, we can send the pilot pressure to act
more aggressively, to keep the pace or try to overtake. Depending on how
you know the pilot, it might be worth increasing the pace or not,
because maybe make a recklessness that buries all the work. The initial
values of the pilot can choose between many options, but except for
character values, the rest is similar, so the difference will actually
make the increased experience in this way, independent of achieved in
A-Spec- . It allows pilots to create multiple profiles, so it may be
interesting to have two distinct and use each other in court trials.

There is a list of over 1000 vehicles, and although we do not doubt that
everyone will miss one or two favorite cars among them, the virtual
garage continues to increase in range with each release. As previously
announced, 200 of them have been recreated for Gran Turismo 5 from the
start, and its level of detail far outweighs any modeling seen to date.
It is not only an unhealthy perfectionism outside, show the
millimeter-shooting mode radiators, crystal lights, tires, also inside:
leather, plastic and all elements of the dashboard have been recreated
for each individual Premium Car.

Another new feature in Gran Turismo 5 is its cool weather! Claimed a hue
and cry from the first part, the weather here too dynamic not concern a
relatively small number of tests by the circuit that hosts them. In
view of the interior, the rain is also less credible that we showed in
the trailers … The weather is a plus but in the end could be better
exploited. Finally, endurance races and some special tests introduce a
day / night cycle pretty flawless in execution. But at night, lack of
visibility is sometimes exaggerated to the point of making the test
virtually unplayable … In summary, Gran Turismo 5 has lots of good
ideas, but each has as many flaws as attributes.

Gran Turismo 5 is the dream of every driver, at least for the solo mode.
As per the gaming community, we find one of the oversights that
distance to the work of Polyphony of perfection. And in the positive
side we have races without delay-lag, "and runs up to 16 competitors,
but also suffers some shortcomings that should be more elaborate, do not
doubt that, being as it is, a star catalog of Sony, will improve over
time based updates. But today, the establishment of boards is not as
complete as we would like.

For example, search filters and creation are limited. With over 1000
vehicles, that the restrictions, if we want to use to avoid large
differences between competitors, the race is limited to karts, F1 and we
choose the garage is, obviously insufficient. As we say, something easy
to correct by Polyphony, which should be a priority from now on the
list of patches? Of course, there are basic options: leave the circuit
to host election or voting, climate change-if accepted-circuit, output
type, the quality of voice chat or connection, or enjoying a career
already underway as a spectator. Sounds good, but not so good for what
we should aspire Gran Turismo 5.

The game offers a track editor. We did not really know what to expect
but the functionality was shining eyes of the fans to their ad. They
fall from the top noting that in reality, what is known track editor is
actually a generator circuits. The difference is significant in that the
player has no control over the format of the track he wants to create.
After choosing the environment, it must first select a layout model that
will serve as a blueprint. Then for him to specify the number of
servings that make up the circuit and then to set the difficulty, the
width of the road and the severity of the bends. From there, the
generator will do its work and propose a circuit done everything! A
gadget despite the opportunity to share their "creations" online.
Another gadget, is the photo function. In addition to in-game (only
during replays), it can take pictures of Premium models in picturesque
locations around the world as the main square or Arhweiler Hangar Red
Bull … Different effects can be added to capture the moment …


In this aspect, you can criticize some aspects, but certainly Polyphony
offers more positives than negatives. Is quite fluid at 60 frames per
second, with a slight tug on big-traffic situations and 1080p
resolution. Few games can say the same. The developer has aimed high and
Premium vehicles are almost a preview of what we see in coming years on
new machines. The same holds true of street circuits, Rome, Madrid and
London are impressive, "though the black point of GT5 is its
inconsistency. Standard vehicles are inherited from the past generation
and for badly-highlighted repetitions. And not all tracks appear to have
the same job on their backs; Cape Ring for example is a green meadow
without much information on stage clashing against the general level.

The game does not lack credibility because it offers color and modeling
circuits in perfect agreement with simulation. In addition, cars are
packed with details and poorly managed despite the damage; it likes to
lurk on every corner of our cars. But what about the countless technical
problems suffered by Gran Turismo 5? Aliasing ubiquitous (on contours,
shadows), clipping, pixelization ashamed of some textures … Besides
the lack of detail around the circuits. There is some heterogeneity that
creaks a bit, sometimes we face the technical roof console, without
question, but looking for tickling with the combination of vehicles and
circuits loose, the result is somewhat sterile. Aspects are easily
forgettable after checking its effects like rain on the glass, dust,
sparks and lighting, in which time there has been a positive

Gran Turismo 5 includes an optional installation for all loads quicker
and smoother, highly recommended but not mandatory. Other features to be
mentioned include support for 3D facial recognition to control the
camera head. The soundtrack is fairly complete, although the actual
music is the roar of metal beasts, and in this section, Polyphony has
also improved quality over previous releases. Still not perfect, and the
sound of the crash does not seem overly strong, but has stopped
recycling tapes crawling out of 32 bits. The most knowledgeable music to
listen to disable the engine performance of hearing and knowing when to
change gear touches.


If Gran Turismo was "The Real Driving Simulator" is no longer the case.
By not challenging any rigid mechanisms and dusty in the series,
Polyphony has developed a game for GT fans and just for them. However,
if every time the method is clumsy and questionable results, Polyphony
has worked hard on the game content and the coating of the races,
probably in defiance of the gameplay. On the one hand, the simulation
mode competitions and GT have managed to fill completely our
expectations. Most technical aspects as well, the damage-that do not
appear until some time after starting the journey in the game, "the
usefulness of the editor, the system of progress and some ideas from the
community show that Polyphony is still plenty of scope to improve the
series, but also missing a route to finding the final game. We have
devoted much attention to some factors while neglecting others, we can
forgive the modeling of standard vehicles, but the online game does not
give the expected size.

But to have us understand, do not believe that Gran Turismo 5 is a bad
game the contrary, the simulation maintains a strong personality and is
the only game console to make such a tribute to all the mechanics and
stuff. Even with some flaws that we’d like to see corrected, Gran
Turismo 5 continues to offer the fun, simulation and unmistakable
departure times. Anyone who has enjoyed the series, you should not doubt
for a moment, because not only is at the number one driving so far, is
also more and better than previously offered, the hallmark of well-being
before a machine oiled and ready to compete.




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