Nail’d Review

For quite some time, racing games have come to be one of the most
challenging on our home console, in the point that many companies have
targeted cars and the market has become saturated with so many games
that although in most cases enjoy enormous quality differences between
them are often non-existent. However, there are some titles like
Motorstorm or Pure saga that have tried to give a twist to the genre.
It’s the sly Nail’d that appeared on steam earlier than estimated. A
discreet arrival as sudden as that, when not hurt, allows PC users to
play a title before multichannel consoles.

Nail’d joins this new trend where our car arcade reflexes, speed and
extreme scenarios will be the main protagonists, not only for its size,
which will certainly be considerable, but also for the special care and
dedication that seem to have turned Techland guys each and every one of
the circuits. They not only compete against our rivals, but we must also
grapple with high speed hundreds of obstacles of various kinds such as
billboards, moving trains, wind farms, dams and many more …

Nail’d invented nothing and does not even hide it. The game developed by
Techland is a kind of "plus" version of Pure, released in late 2008 and
since then has experienced neither order nor inspiration. "Plus" in the
sense that everything goes faster, higher, where the gameplay is more
arcade and behavior of motorcycles and quads more unlikely. Said like
that, the offer does not seem very attractive, especially in terms of
offroad racing surreal, Pure had outbid her way. Yes but then the
sensations are different insofar Nail’d quickly turns to test reflexes
and dexterity. The excellence of leveldesign is not because foreign
developers have imagined tortuous paths, full of shortcuts, impossible
to capture in one turn.

The interest of the game lies almost exclusively in the architecture of
the tracks since we must admit that the repetitiveness of Nail’d and
finally, its lack of originality; cost him dearly in the medium and long
term. The game offers 14 circuits divided into four real locations,
based on some of the most stunning natural environments of our planet.
Yosemite National Park in California, full of cliffs, vertical walls and
trees of great realism, the Andes whose paths will tour various
ecosystems and natural landscapes as cold to warmer, a Mediterranean
natural environment showing multiple details of our habitat and finally,
the spectacular desert of Arizona where you can enjoy walking the dusty
racing legendary Grand Canyon and their steep slopes.

Although at all times travel at speeds of heart attack, some circuits
will be so extensive to overcome a single round can take three to four
minutes, which together we can choose different routes to reach the
goal, it gives us idea of the wide expanse of the stage. In them, we
will continually jumping impossible where even control the fall, bump
into hopelessly against rivals cumbersome and we will have to do to
limit wheelspin if we get those thousandths separating victory from

But before becoming uncomfortable with Nail’d, pay tribute to
leveldesign which presents itself as one of the best in terms of
off-road racing for many years. Designed to disorient you nicely, it
makes each of the 14 plots an unnamed Micmac where mix and intermingle
with countless routes. However, the invisible walls, signs indicating
the respawn and automatic (or manual) allow the player to never really
be lost although the readability of the races is not always obvious. We
could have done such mudslides projected on the screen until you hardly
distinguish your own driver … An effect that is a bit more kitsch
which he should know not to abuse. Still, it takes a terrible walk to
visit every corner of the slopes, digging up the history that we will
springboard tu balloons. Because yes, we can take the brunt if a ball is
being used as the boost that is available at the right time. The
example just to give you an idea of the improbability of the races. But
then, Nail’d goes so fast that you usually do not feel totally in
control of your quad or motorcycle. From there, it becomes very
difficult to play the tactics by taking the fastest route or the most
generous boost refills…

Among the vehicles available, we will find the classic ATV’s, bogeys,
motorcycles and other similar (each with its own characteristics) that
can be configured to our liking, not only aesthetically but also have
access to a range of settings internal vehicle that fit our driving
adjustments at any time break with nature arcade which boasts the title.
We will also have the appeal of a turbo type use "nitro" which allows
even more extreme speeds, each time we go through a series of rings of

Speed racing is both exhilarating and penalizing. Certainly, it is not
sure what other title offers to drive ATVs and motorcycles can swallow
slopes or winding trails at these speeds but anything that great ambient
can quickly turn into a succession of crashes chopping progression. We
taste the rocks and obstacles that litter the tracks simply because
everything went too fast, despite the ingenious ability to lead his
horse when flat. Some passages even require you to slalom between
balloons or near mountains located right on the trajectory, if indeed it
exists. Nevertheless, taking into account that Nail’d nag is a game to
perfection, there is a tactical frankly not bad in this game Besides
your ability to borrow passages faster and advantageous Nail’d ask you
first of all to master your craft. For example, to land two or four
wheels flat after a vertiginous leap gives a little boost. The pilot
also plays constantly with his position on his car, either to prepare
for a jump, to extend or to improve the grip on a bumpy section. As for
the music department, will Nail’d powerful American Rock groups so
challenged in extreme sports games such as Rise Against, Barbies or
American Backyard Sixgun to name a few, who will accompany us throughout
all our wacky races .We appreciate honest.

Online multiplayer section is one of the highlights of the game. For now
we know they can participate to a maximum of twelve players
simultaneously, with the particularity that allows servers to compete
even twelve members of the same country. We just hope they do not
abandon this interesting option as with the extraordinary Pure, which
only let her play in net, and take note of the stunning multiplayer
shown by Motorstorm 2, allowed to play up to four competitors in a
single console.

There are some faults as well like repetitiveness of the races and the
cruel lack of originality in single player … Fourteen small races,
only four environments that tend to be redundant, we end up turning
around and looking for the real personality of the game What’s more, it
lacks some mechanisms Nail’d as a rear view camera or other that which
we proposed. Furthermore, how is thought progression incentive not
really testing different frames? In all ways, there are only two that
can be improved by mechanically unlocking new parts that boost their
characteristics … Hmm. The interface seems to have been made in a
hurry and we regret that other means have not been considered cool to
push a little further delirium (outside "tournaments" me). Finally, a
word on the soundtrack … Once again, we fell into the stereotype that
says that an off-road race should always be accompanied by themes
metalheads who for once act as fig leaf. Indeed, among the sounds of
engine barely audible and sounds totally missed, we do not know what to
pester cons to that level.


Nail’d is a cool game, direct fun without complications that does not
look beyond. It is a good distraction, easy to handle and purveyor of
unique sensation of speed on the gaming market off-road. Indeed, once
they known, the player is running in circles, either because the AI is
not enough coal or because the single player mode is sorely lacking in
originality. There are attractive graphics and huge environments,
decreases in heart rate, jumps that break any rule physical, fun in
abundance, dust, mud and lots more. In addition, the soundtrack is not
level, which impacts much more than you might think.




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