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Directly from Nokia Beta Labs is the new application Situations Nokia, a special application installed on a Symbian Smartphone allows the cell to understand the place where there is some configuration to adapt automatically, especially with regard to the profiles, ringtones and call volume.  The idea is simple, you can configure a variety of settings (ring, vibrate, launching an app, theme, SMS auto reply, etc.), save them in a situation and define a number of criteria (time of day, day, geolocation, etc.).    Situations with Nokia, you can instruct your phone to behave in a certain way in a certain situation, and then adapt the right parameters to others. And so the Smartphone goes from normal mode to silent, realizing that there is no need to interrupt a business meeting, or automatically respond to missed calls via SMS, to warn that it is not currently available. From a simple object of which control the operation of entities that can meet the needs of the owner, complying with the requirements in each case.

Nokia Situations is designed to give the user to use with your phone in an much easier way. It will automatically adjust to the situations of everyday life, such as meetings, going to work, picking up the children, etc. The settings of the user to behave as the text differently depending on what time of day or what day of the week straight. In NOKIA SITUATIONS INTRO VIDEO, the example of Concert popup appears, for the N8 automatically at a specific time which set the phone to mute. But the whereabouts of the individual situations can be defined also via the GPS is determined. Or certain functions start automatically when dialing into a WLAN network.

In the different situations, different tones are selected, or that the Smartphone is in silent mode or off the vibration. It can also be programmed to answer automatically to incoming messages with an absence note. Furthermore, Bluetooth is activated or deactivated. If desired in certain situations also needed apps or web pages eye hit. Finally, can the theme of the user interface can be adapted to the changed conditions. To act as sensory organs in a position to understand the context in which the phone may be different chips are installed on the motherboard, such as a GPS module, or accessories to play an additional role as well, such as the camera or microphone. The CPU can then interpret the signals coming from outside, by rearranging the information necessary to understand the situation surrounding acting accordingly on the ring volume settings, the background of the display, energy saving and so on. To help the entire asset management can come to the rescue as well as some software: recording a meeting on your calendar, you can for example indicate that commitment to cell phones, with which it will adapt its profile to the situation.

With their versatile connectivity and multiple sensors, smart phones can do more than being mere tools of communication. And there are situations and places where the ringing of the phone is inappropriate, or where you would like the phone is configured a certain way.  This is what the Nokia situations devised by Nokia Beta Labs, which can trigger actions or change settings according to various parameters that can be GPS position, nature and / or name of a network Bluetooth or Wi-Fi particular.

It creates new patterns of use (such as General, Silent, Vibrate, etc.) and activate automatically depending on a number of criteria. Besides the control functions of the phone (ring, vibrate, etc.), it can go until the opening of specific applications or activation of bookmarks that will be ready to be viewed without manipulation as soon as conditions are met. A total of twenty possibilities are available.

An example: once you get into your car and your N8 connects to your Bluetooth hands-free kit, the car mode is set up and the phone activates the fact that the name of the contact calling you. Or when it detects that you get from your grandmother, it turns off the ringer, this kind of thing.

The application is based on GPS chipset or via Wi-Fi to understand the exact location or timing parameters, time and events to automatically activate certain parameters. The application reminds Nokia Bot with the geolocation option.

Among the parameters are configurable:

  • ·         Ring, which can move from our traditional ringing or silent vibration system (useful for business meetings)
  • ·         Power Management: You can disable or Bluetooth Wi-Fi profiles and send the phone on standby in case if you cannot use (for example, if we are to cinema)
  • ·         Change the automatic background;
  • ·         Open a specific web page.
  • ·         The sequence of events can be set via GPS (GPS chipset Maps e) using the GSM cell using a Wi-Fi access point or Bluetooth or by day and time.


You can say it is a kind of a  mobile chameleon, able to change their behavior depending on the location, moments and situations in which we find ourselves in a completely autonomous. Nokia’s plan for the future seems to be just that, as shown by the ‘ formalization of the first beta version of Situations, the application can give your Smartphone the ability to adapt to the context.

The end of the program is to automate some tasks that are currently carried out in certain situations and in specific places. The examples are in the pipeline: it is possible turn on some way to use depending on where we are, whether in breeding or in the office to turn on and defuse some features such as Bluetooth dark When, sleeping, responds to a text message or missed, the at once, see the weather with the preferred application of our awakening. Rather interesting application that lends itself well after a low training to suit all a bit ‘. “To pardon the” situations “in which they apply the desired operations, the program uses the position of the connectivity (GSM, GPS or wireless), or more regular slot. Situations is free and is compatible with S60 3rd Edition (FP2) ^ 3 for Symbian, it is possible to download, after the account page.

How to Use

  • The text of the change, making the phone in silent mode or go faster, turn vibration on / off, and all other profile settings.
  • Reply by SMS with missed calls. Especially when you set the phone to silent mode, you can also make it respond to missed calls, contacts in the phonebook, SMS with a pre-defined.
  • Save energy. Not using the phone for a bit, ‘as when they sleep? Activate Bluetooth on / off or let the phone change in power saving mode entirely.
  • Change the theme IU / Wallpaper. Want to make your phone look different in different situations? Change the topic during their free time than when you are at work.
  • Open a bookmark or web application. Want to see the weather forecast for the day when you wake up? Look at the calendar first? Alternatively, open your favorite TV show talk page during the show? Or maybe when you change the device mode to work?

To enable the device to act on the situation, you can tell the device to watch the following conditions (alone or in combination):

  • Plan. Period of time, days of operation, set during the events of the active calendar.
  • Location. Nearby (GSM location), the current position (GPS fix), from a map (Use Maps)
  • Connectivity. Wi-Fi (when in range), Bluetooth


Having a phone that can do everything is fine, but having a phone that can react automatically based on context, is even better. Nokia Conversations is proposed as an experiment (it is not a final version) on a wide range of Symbian devices and Symbian S60 ^ 3 and complements other similar applications, such as Nokia or Nokia Bots Feel, bringing a beginning of interactivity in the context of the user. It is freely downloadable from the website of Nokia Beta Labs. The latest app from the Nokia Beta Labs makes it easier to adapt his text to everyday challenges. With situation can be set in advance at what time the equipment is to be quiet.

Situations with Nokia phones compatible with the Symbian S60 (3rd & 5th) or Symbian ^ 3 as the operating system have. The app is available for free on be downloaded. There, interested parties will also have the opportunity to share their suggestions on the new app to do and to learn about its further development. A number of preset profiles are available from the first install, modify to suit your needs. To use all the features offered by Nokia Situations is necessary to leave the application in the background, you will be able to act independently. The whole system is still being tested, being released a few hours from Nokia Beta Labs, and therefore needs a break-in period during which developers trust in an important contribution from users who are invited to try and provide Situations Feedback and useful information to its improvement.

Potential problems with the condition if the Bluetooth device is activated Bluetooth or WLAN with high traffic such as VoIP.  Network-location condition saves only the cells of the network device is connected Eg if the 3G network, no 2G coverage saved. (Ps remember to move around enough for your position when the setting condition of the network to capture the largest possible number of cells)



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