Divinity II – The Dragon Knight Saga Review (PC)

Divinity II – The Dragon Knight Saga Review (PC)

The Divinity saga never had a great deal in the games world. Previously released Divinity II: Ego Draconis , in late 2009 found in the place of underdog aligned with 2 competitors of size, Dragon Age: Origins and Risen. Their first parts, a direct descendant of hack and slash genre, pleasured in relative achievement. The RPG of Larian Studios has yet captivated all who are addicted, as its small flaws do not weigh heavy next to its outstanding script and energetic gameplay. Only the conclusion of a splendid audacity has left some displeased. Its success led to the release of a second part, which while trying to delve deeper into the gameplay and storyline well-built sense of the first release. Larian will be able to leave their frustration in Divinity II: The Dragon Knight saga. This pack contains the basic game and its expansion Flames of reprisal, which closes this masterful epic saga.

With the arrival of new times, Larian Studios required giving the franchise a new direction and the fact is that they were not too bad. Divinity II: Ego Draconis was an outstanding entertainment and in spite of its flaws and its relatively slack optimization for Xbox 360, confirmed that the saga could carry on good results and comments from critics and audiences. Capable to adapt a concept and gender playable limited and available control consoles. Divinity II: Ego Draconis was a good game, but was overwhelmed by bugs Xbox not especially by lack of desire, but because of immaturity with the hardware. But now Larian Studios offered 1 of those revelations with the appearance of the third part of the saga Divinity, a restructure of the first game and sequel of the second with some interesting stuffs.

Divinity II: Ego Draconis was a game with a long conception. The draft RPG and action of Larian Studios, took nearly five years to complete. Graphic engine changes, problems with licenses, total number of re-start … A difficult delivery. When it came to stores, the response was quite positive, but exposed one of the biggest fears for the gamers: their adaptation to console left something to be desired. Leaving away its pace and sudden ending story, the game drew more than a few charts and technical imperfections, that could disrupt more than one item. In a generation where there are patches and round the point, the game obtained its own to be set. Even though overall experience could be victorious, the Larian knew it could give a great deal and started working again.

In Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga, contains the original game for Xbox 360, totally retrofitted and upgraded free of errors and bugs. Say you fix the problems caused by dreadful optimization and remade for the enhanced, much of the graphic section. From a technical point of view, it is not essential to have finished the basic game to launch Flames of Vengeance. For if this extension, it lets you to trade in a final backup, it also offers you the aptitude to create a new character to level 35, by choosing a predefined archetype (fighter, mage, ranger and priest) or by allotting yourself points awarded. But screenwriting speaking, it seems essential to have experienced the epilogue Ego Draconis to enjoy this new campaign.

In Divinity 2, the shift from a traditional role-playing a kind of action game with dragons, came a few hours of play, and here goes (obviously) the same thing. When the player creates control mechanics and control, as well as the strengths of the history and background of Divinity 2, the title hits us directly to the power to teach one of its major new playable (and, above, do worthy of unusual originality in genus applicable). When we become a dragon, Divinity 2 becomes full, allowing the player an absolute domination of the skies of the world where the game is environmental. Airspaces immense combat them against all sorts of creatures, enemies and ships. To make matters worse, the component of improvement and present role in the game when we walk will also be present, allowing us to greatly improve training and skills of our alter ego draconian.

The game structure and mission remains exactly the same. In Divinity 2 we set up our character to like, even if the original publisher still so impoverished and short as it was in last year’s game. The skills and branches that affiliate and to learn from, are still there, reflecting the enormous freedom available playable. There are a variety of combat skills, both melee and magic. The main missions, as well as high schools, demonstrate that, unlike other games, Divinity 2 everything has a meaning or purpose. The side quest available by way of some NPC (characters not controllable by the player, as people, fellow missionaries and others), it will seem simple or “stuffed.”

The final twist, bold and puzzling, you revealed in fact that your avatar was manipulated, just as Zandalor by the wily Talanna / Igraine. Damian has not only been conquered, but you have even helped him find his own half. Brilliant or frustrating, depending on your point of view, this epilogue left still points to a suite, since the couple left while his evil armada was preparing to attack Rivellon. Flames of Vengeance opens on the seat and Aleroth Zandalor desperate attempt to protect the city in order to obtain the power necessary to erect an energy shield around the walls, the mage pointed hat is forced to prison break the magic that kept the soul of a certain Behrlihn in captivity. The Flames of Vengeance adventure takes place almost entirely within the city of Aleroth, you had a foretaste in the previous installment, and you have perhaps already covered in Divine Divinity. Protected from the incessant onslaught of flying fortresses by Damian shield Zandalor, invaded in its lower part by hordes of undead, the city takes on a twilight that does not prevent its neighborhoods to stay lively. This is an opportunity to see the graphical improvement enjoyed this extension: antialiasing, textures, high definition and management much more convincing light sources are on the program, knowing that you will still have a good machine to enjoy while maintaining acceptable frame rates.

Flames of revenge renewed by the same gameplay, without proposing any new skill. Rather than following the usual specifications, Larian Studios has preferred to concentrate all its efforts on writing. The original game is virtually identical, pointing out the obvious improvements in graphics and physics engine and some minor changes in the interface and control. In this version of Divinity 2, find better models, new textures and more consistent and customized graphic effects to the power of Xbox 360. The previous game is not that bad saw, but could improve and get more spectacular performance by one motor coach. The physics engine improvements are also highlighted.

This architecture is brilliant and jubilant screenplay based on dialogue so well written that they seem out of the best point’s click, and if the NPCs are sometimes caricatured, is to better serve end and offbeat humor that often fly. Here you will be dealing with an abandoned theater where baroque ghosts want a play that failed a few decades earlier. There, you will help a circle of scholar’s macho, charmed by a vamp that turned them into vegetables. Again, this is a murder in a brothel you have to be elucidated. You also come across some characters Ego Draconis, as Willy to cheat you will have the opportunity to make his own coin. Flames of Vengeance is full of cultural references and last film you can have fun to meet (Terminator, Star Wars, Herbert West – Reanimator, etc..). And it offers only about twenty hours of gameplay, we find in all that was concentrated wealth and interest in the basic game.

Flames of Vengeance, the expansion that accompanies the original title, is all an addition. Following directly the argument of Divinity 2, will take us through new locations, highlighting the huge megalopolis of Aleroth. Aleroth more pronounced is the new expansion, and then spend much of their time in it. Its streets, dungeons, plazas and enigmatic buildings, will become the main venue for this new adventure (which limits long our transformations into a dragon). The missions are raised in much the same way as in Divinity 2, which makes it quite clear that this is an extension of the main game. Although we find new skills and items and armor designed and created for the occasion, Flames of Vengeance is simply an added focus to further emphasize the good results and aspects of Divinity 2. What is not so bad! The creatures are no longer beaten or harmless when they have more than 3 levels away with you. Anyway, the adventure is far more urban and social than the basic game, the battles are less prominent. You will still have the opportunity to fight in your dragon form in a spectacular sequence. The cocktail is perfectly balanced, and the immense pleasure.


In fact, Larian earns our credit. Always against the tide, they have selected not to suggest any new gameplay and imprison the action in a single place, moreover somewhat extended, to think only on writing. Fixed all bugs including both, graphic and technical, as playable. They have modified the multifaceted interfaces of evidence of this scale, for the control available through a console pad. They have expanded and improved success in mission planning as well. The consequence is an exhilarating experience; together with the narrative qualities of well-known references refer to like Planescape Torment. They have worked to get better and adapt the best way possible, and for all audiences (especially in the console) the result of its formation. And that’s appreciated forever. This add-on includes a premastered version of the basic game, completely essential for all gamers who had chosen to overlook this little masterpiece. Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight is a game not only suggested for enthusiasts of the original, but for any person who is willing to carry out a new role-playing adventure with a huge dose of smart humor.


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