Quake Arena Arcade Review (Xbox 360)

I guess, everyone is aware of the Quake series. The first person action game from iD Software is part of gaming history. Quake is one of the important names in the world of electronic entertainment. Its first 3 releases were made in two innovatory full titles, along with attractive news and gameplay changes with graphics that will finally end up taking as a basis for the launch of the thousands of first-person shooter games that would come. It was not until the appearance of the 3rd installment, Quake 3, where the multiplayer feature obtains very important weight in the iD Software development and durability of the series. With quite a few supplies on their backs, Quake, the FPS franchise with aliens and multiplayer modes, bloody everywhere now takes the shape of downloadable game for Xbox 360 with little innovation and a price too unfair to the final result.

Quake Arena Arcade, is a direct port of Quake 3 Arena, one of the titles that still have the kind in terms of first-person action with on-line . It is one of the star projects of Bethesda, who announced the change of popular gaming console from Microsoft few years ago. Not so far, following numerous delays, cancellations and several semi-problems behind, when it at last arrived the desktop machine. Quake Arena Arcade is a 100 percent multiplayer game. That is, gamers who are looking for a campaign mode or a player, although it will, they should know that will focus solely on the appearance of bots or computer-controlled players in different arenas and levels, and whose sole purpose is the common devastation . The Bottom line is to kill your enemies and progress to the next level. Generally the campaign that’s about. Have at our disposal more than forty different tests from one another, where we start fighting a single enemy, which will rise to level of difficulty and acquiring partners as we move forward in the game.

The other way to play away from the Internet and on-line has to do with the “simulation” of evidence and maps with bots. This system will emulate conditions typical multiplayer games that we will see below (number of deaths, weapons available …) We are quite good to start here if you have not had any contact with the game before, then taking into account the direct action tempo and frenetic gameplay and the games, is very interesting to have a short period of adaptation and acclimatization prior.

Quake Arena Arcade, is one of the games that have laid the foundation of multiplayer games today. Many of the new systems and features introduced at the time are now running as normal and for avid players of online experiences from their consoles. Quake Arena Arcade mode offers two distinctly game online, play games and competitive matches.

The player games allow us to choose certain features, elements or victory conditions, and competitive play will lead directly to action, without a word in between. Quake Arena Arcade supports up to 16 players at the same time, which is a negligible quantity, and more than enough to have fun shooting and jumping by maps us the game. As for game modes, Quake Arena offers exactly what was in his day: six ways to play absolutely frantic and classic that will delight those players willing to penetrate in their games faster. In game downloads, we can access the typical modes of play against teams fighting all against all, the usual “Capture the Flag” and the way in scoring (which kill more enemies in a given round, wins the game).

Regarding weapons, we have a pretty decent catalog, twelve weapons ready to serve its purpose. We choose shotguns, plasma rifles, machine guns or rocket launchers and grenade launchers. According to the weapon, the damage inflicted on our enemy will be higher or lower. Each character that we face, have a health bar will decrease as you shoot, and like us, will be healing and recovering with different objects like armor kits and are scattered across the map. Boys of the new batches: Forget regenerate automatically. Those before we played well.

Quake Arena for Xbox Live Arcade, maintains over thirty original maps (the oldest shed the odd tear to see those intricate levels adapted to high definition), and added a dozen new locations more than interesting. The new maps included in the update of this classic, well could pass for the maps originally designed, with a predilection for the labyrinthine corridors and platforms in different heights and levels.

Playable Quake Arena Arcade title is a tremendously fast. Something normal taking into account the nature of control based on the keyboard and mouse on PC. The adaptation of the control is more than achieved, with an excellent decision to pad the Xbox 360. Buttons and sticks are so well calibrated that the few hours of playing we will remember not the mouse. We will have hardly breathed in our games, with action and shooting everywhere (especially in games with more players). Absolutely everything is moving at high speed. The same will be pursued by a fighter, that jumping to pursue another. It is as if the famous game of cat and mouse struggle to become a technologically wild with the possibility of changing the papers at any time.

All this assuming that we can play as Quake Arena Arcade carries serious technical problems when you can enjoy a game on-line. Several crashes, connection problems, expulsions momentary heading for no apparent reason … We cannot believe that in these times, and talking about a game with several years standing, have been committed so many mistakes in the most important aspect playable the title. Hopefully be solved soon, because although occasional errors are very specific, quite a drag experience.

Quake Arena Arcade is a game with enough years behind him. As the conversions of PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast games were once a small facelift, the Xbox 360 version has also been adapted to changing times, but without forgetting the origin of the game technology. That is, we’ll see how the graphics have been remodeled and filtered for high definition, but do not expect a devastating technical section. The scenarios and the soldiers will be identical, but with enough filters for the current resolution of the consoles. Quake Arena Arcade also has a constant 60 frames per second, which helps the sense of speed and stability is far more bearable for the player.


The Game, Quake Arena Arcade is packed with everything you that you have already given the game in the beginning, most important is that it has new era of high definition. It’s fun and anxious, well recalibration, and their look is quite comprehensible. It is a pretty decent reworked copy, but holds certain faults in online experience that cannot be unnoticed. While they are solving problems that end up with several updates in the future, we believe there is good beginning to a long-awaited game. In addition, it costs about 1,200 points in the Xbox Live Arcade.


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