Raskulls for Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft and Halfbrick us a new option for Xbox Live Arcade, which demonstrates the potential of this service to offer varied and unique titles, able to go into territories beyond what are usually the proposals that follow the guidelines in the most popular large market. Raskulls, undoubtedly, is a title that strictly meets this definition because it is a title with a unique personal style and not playing in the same league as many of the great shots we see throughout the year in the Microsoft machine. Just look at the screens that accompany this text to realize what the game is unique, not ashamed at any time of his humble spirit and gets most importantly, have fun and chuckle.

Raskulls is a hectic platform game full of crazy action to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Embark on an adventure full of action in the Mega Quest of Raskulls, starring the lovely and egocentric King, the tough but fair Bonecrusher and the Dragon, a most unexpected hero. Save the world and unlock achievements in Mega Quest of a player that lasts for 3 chapters and more than 60 levels! Demonstrate your mastery of online platforms worldwide, or relax with your friends in multiplayer Raskulls. Raskulls is here to stay, so jump, fall, anything and make your way to every inch of the rich world of Raskulls.

It is certainly a very interesting and suitable for the whole family, a nice Christmas gift that brightens the holidays for many users. And, although far from a perfect game and have many elements in their mechanics that require a few strokes to polish, Raskulls has plenty of charisma as to leave a good impression. Maybe it’s inconsequential in the long run, but gets it while we are enjoying the big game as we go, even to get hooked, unable to leave office with the traditional feel of the traditional arcade “just a game more.”

The approach of the game presents a fictional world in which they live are the title characters in this work, the Raskulls. They are a sort of skeletons that are guilty of a very naive, and there are several types: the king, knight, pirate, police, dragon, duck, Little Red Riding Hood, the magician, the ninja, the millionaire … differences are mainly aesthetic in terms of gameplay, but its main differentiators we find it in their personality, conveyed through the abundance of dialogue that remain between them. It seems almost incredible that a few characters so simple in design can come to have the charisma and self-confidence showing on screen, but no doubt this is one of the points that wins the game.

But the happy Raskulls have a great enemy just as interesting, are the Pirates, creatures that are rats traveling through the universe in search of the cheese world, but because of technical failure have finished hitting the Raskulls world. To be able to resume their journey and continue their search, the pirates must find the energy to your ship, and this will not be another bright stones on the planet, objects of great power. However, are of great importance to the natives of the planet, so the King prepared a plan to prevent them from stealing the shiny stone organizing a major public event in which the winner will stay with her.

Game Plot :

The hunt for the sparkling rock is divided into individual worlds, much like a classic Jump ‘n’ Run (as Super Mario World). But once in the level, stress is announced. Raskulls is basically a race, either against other figures, against the clock or isolated bosses. To survive in the wild hunt, many factors are paramount: First, you should go hang sent to not stay. Second, most are colorful blocks in the way, to be dissolved by X-button as clever. So such a way that is free, thunder of the character but no loose blocks on the head, because that is paralyzing the skinny guy for a few seconds.

Until now, the wild hunt sounds relatively straightforward. Were it is not for numerous power-ups that provide a lot of vortices. Most important are Boosties that fill your frenzy meter lower left. So you can insert for limited the turbo gear and your character rushes a lot faster through the levels. Then there are limited power-ups, much like in Mario Kart, that it clears away a number of blocks such as equal or offensive or defensive actions ignite others. It continues with water blocks, you have to swim through the iron blocks that explode on contact or boost fields which swirl the figures with Schmackes through the air. Finish is a totally chaotic circuit where the only players to respond as quickly as reschedule triumph in the end.

In such a race track quickly breaks from hectic, but in the positive sense, just like a good Funracer. But there are also quieter passages where you have to, for example, with a minimum resolution blocks to the finish. One other time bombs are to be mitigated, without the falling blocks to them. Altogether there are ten game modes, although most are racing disciplines, some also call for thoughtful approach and a lot of work for the little gray cells (just like a good puzzle game). This is Raskulls not only very diverse, but also just as entertaining and darn funny. And as the individual levels are usually dissolved in a few minutes, and extremely motivating. Before you equip yourselves, the single player mode is through.

Gameplay on XBLA

Raskull also good idea to propose levels of platforms quite diverse, with a final goal that changes sometimes. In all cases, the mechanisms of gameplay are pretty much the same, effective but conventional. Your character will have a level crossing in 2D and scrolling, using some kind of zapper to eliminate the different blocks that hinder its progress. Logically, the obstacles you will fall erase other blocks previously supported, it will not take on the head. But in any case, you will not die, but only lose a little time … pesky thing anyway, since the goal will often arrive first at the end of the level, facing one or more opponents, depending on the scenario. Other Levels will also ask you to do three laps before the end of time. Other variations will also be timed to the game.

The small world of Raskull is experiencing a major panic. A band of pirate’s rats was determined to steal the precious stone of power in the kingdom. This is a particularly classic pitch to start a crazy adventure that is much less. The play deals with the story (not voluntarily spoiler) with a particularly twisted humor, on the edge of parody. The graphic style help, cinematics give the player the impression of being in front of an old Looney Toons, unlike almost all the characters here have a skull head. Quest Mode game invites you to turn controls three different characters to overcome the villainous pirates.

The background is established, it now remains to define the principle of the game, and that’s where things get complicated. Raskull is a kind of potpourri learned from Mister Driller, Mario Bros. and Super Mario Kart. It was thought strange, know that alchemy is perfectly proportioned and that everything is working to the coat. The basic gameplay is to reach the finish the level by destroying color blocks to clear a path. The concern is that, depending on the level, various constraints will be imposed. For example, it will cross the finish line before time runs out, without getting crushed, to arrive before its competitors or destroying the fewest blocks possible. Obviously, the gameplay is not just to break the block, and it will be possible to jump, run a turbo gauge and use various items. The game is a gem variety, and you will not get bored before you see the end.


If the main quest is not particularly long (it should still have 5 good hours), the latter allows you to unlock a number of characters to be used for Grand Prix and multiplayer modes. And therein lies the real heart of the game Like a Bomberman or Mario Kart, is playing more you enjoy the game at its fair value. The Grand Prix mode being a solo version of the multi cons IA, we move quickly on it. The multiplayer can participate in tournaments (single or tournaments) up to 4 players, either online or locally. The game is particularly well-balanced games are often very tight, and fun present throughout the race. Being in the lead at the outset is clearly no guarantee of finishing first, and reversals are common. However, we regret the relatively low number of levels (4 sections of 4 levels), but enough to be fun for a while, and we trust the DLC to fix it very soon.

The game features a well-balanced difficulty (some passages are still challenging) solo and multiplayer fun in bar. Achievement level, Raskull is really generous, with very nice graphics (in a style similar to Castle Crashers), a band-quality sound, and gameplay with onions. The animation is no exception, and the little characters each have their little gestures. Finally, note that the game is part of Operation “Games For The Holidays” alongside World of Keflings and ilomilo. Unlock success in each of these games will unlock a bonus character in Raskull. Conversely, obtaining at least one success in Raskull will see them emigrate in the other two games.

In addition to your zap, used to clear the obstacles, you pick up some useful objects, especially against enemies. Load ignited, thunder stick, Mega Mix, whistle vitamins … All these tools allow to change the gameplay without revolutionize anything. More importantly, a gauge of frenzy serves boost, making the game much more dynamic, since your speed is thereby greatly increased. You need to get vitamins by breaking small blocks, or pick up the vials placed in your path for this state to engage exhilarating. But of course, the famous gauge well drop rapidly, it will therefore try to keep the bonus as long as possible by collecting other vials. If this frenzy is not essential at certain levels, it sometimes becomes compulsory in optional challenges

Puzzles & Levels :

Raskulls gameplay is very simple: it is a title that combines puzzles platforms. The scenarios are filled with mazes of colored pieces, the Puyo style: when shooting in color, will disappear all the pieces of that color with which it is connected directly, and the pieces fall, merging if the same color. They are, as we say, phases of a traditional platform, with these blocks on the medium according to box, and we meet the objectives of each test. For example, we find ourselves in a race against other Raskulls where we come in first position to the finish line to complete the race before time runs out, get to the finish line without running out of shots to clear blocks, able to save houses that are on the blocks, and so on.

There is no denying that there is a very wide and extensive variety of tests, since according to the different nuances that you give each level we can find different ideas and concepts, even when intrinsic level it is always the same system playable. This can cause, unfortunately, some of exhaustion, and that falls on repetition and the feeling that we are constantly stuck in the same gameplay that is repeated cyclically. Without doubt, this is the aspect that hampers a title loaded with humor, charm and variety of options, but is unable to overcome time constraints and reaches saturation concept. It’s a shame, because the overall experience is satisfying enough to be able to go much further

Although the levels are based on a series of pillars that are repeated constantly, the fact is that there are a variety of game modes. For a player we already mentioned the story mode, Mega Quest, as well as separate tournaments like the Grand Prize or a Quick Race. The latter two modes can compete with up to four player’s offline and over Xbox Live. In these cases, we can fill the gaps with the IA (with 4 levels of difficulty), which guarantees unforgettable epic items. In addition, we can choose between 20 different characters, 18 of which are variants of Raskulls and 2 are invited to IloMilo and A World of Keflings, that we have these games to access them.

Multiplayer :

Multiplayer is the app just saw, because it can devote to the stroke, four-line or locally in split screen. Beyond the fun times provided by these addictive games against friends, or at least real players, this multi tired quickly because of its redundancy. Modes available locally (Grand Prix and Quick Race) does not differ enough to truly flesh out what is proposed. As a solo, you can activate objects to penalize your competitors like a Mario Kart, or play them to drop blocks on the head for the delay. But something a little disappointing, the player in mind will facilitate the progress of his pursuers by killing himself often all obstacles. Then they will free bonuses (buffs, objects) that will fall on retardants, clearly favoring. We will have an incentive to stay behind to take all this quietly, waiting for the final push to accelerate.

In the end, is a game Raskull platforms very pleasant, standing out because of its pervasive humor and variety of goals to accomplish in its levels. We still regret the lack of depth of gameplay fun, but a little too simple and redundant mechanisms. Raskull nonetheless a fun title in single-and multi, offered at an affordable price on Xbox Live Arcade. The character design is successful, the kind and funny cartoon. Environments proposed are quite varied and also change within the same world. Without being exceptional, the graphics are doing very well, thanks to the colorful atmosphere typical. The game mechanics work well, but repeat themselves too much. Fortunately, the challenges sometimes optional punctuate your progress which offers diversity, making the parties more intense, and slightly increasing the level of difficulty. Raskull offers a fun adventure, the gameplay effective, despite its shortcomings. But it is above its atmosphere and humor take over, bringing the game a bit over the lot. In short, a game of friendly platforms, whether in solo or multiplayer.

Some Achievements:

  • Bone! :  Win a race in Mega Quest!
  • Too much energy! : Keep frenzy for 10 seconds (not counting main enemies and “Stay in frenzy.”)
  • Rayotazo! : Lanza Raskulls up with the Staff of Thunder 10 times. (Local or Xbox LIVE Multiplayer).
  • Five times Raskull : Win 5 Xbox LIVE Grand Prix!
  • Crazy : Unleash your power and defeat the main enemy at the end of Chapter 2.
  • Tell your friends : Win a Grand Prize for four local players … And do not forget to show it off!
  • Flame grilled : Raskulls reaches three with a single load of Fire.
  • Cheaters never prosper : Defeat the cowardly thief at the end of chapter 1.
  • Talented stonecutter : Destroy 20,000 blocks in all modes. (The small blocks are large blocks).
  • King of Things Bright : Collect all the Mega Quest medallions.
  • Nerd : Earn jumping from another Raskull to an unattainable goal. (Local or Xbox LIVE Multiplayer)
  • Salute to the King : Complete Mega Quest and brings peace to Raskulls.

So it’s a nice adventure that invites us this mode solo Raskull, largely thanks to his caustic humor and challenges and levels rather nice. But despite a lifetime of somewhat limited (allow about 4 hours), the gameplay, though varied, hard to really capture the attention of the player, probably because of its lack of depth. After analyzing a race level, it becomes quickly realize that there same elements are repeated endlessly. Blocks to break, drive through some surfaces with some ski cubic … all this is repeated until the end of the game solo, you can also access a Grand Prix mode and a Quick Race mode, which merely keep the recipe Raskull, proposing a series of races against three opponents controlled by AI. Suffice to say that this party has no great interest.


Raskulls is a completely original puzzle platformer with a wealthy campaign single player and online multiplayer addictive component. Mixtures platform game, puzzles and careers. With hundreds of blocks arranged in a Tetris-style through each world, players must use a block-smashing wand to find their way through the level of the most efficient way possible.

Take on a breathtaking adventure mode Mega-mission in the company of the King, so funny and selfish, the stern but fair-minded and a Dragon Bone saw in the unlikely role of hero.  Save the world and unlock goals in the three chapters of the Mega-mission single player, completing more than 60 levels! Measured online with players from around the world, or limited to challenge your friends in Multiplayer mode! Jump, fall, swimming and squash in the variegated world of Raskulls: a success that will last!

The relatively manageable length of the solo mode is almost the only shortcoming of Raskulls. The mix of Mario Kart , Bomberman , and Castle Crashers has everything: a hot groovy while clever gameplay, Pirate or Ninja) charming funny characters (and the eponymous Raskulls are available in numerous variants, such as knights, and, last but not least, also a furious multi-player mode. It can unsubscribe you against up to three human opponent’s race and that’s mad fun. At least if you have a bit of practice, because the first is the action, especially in split screen, very confusing.  

Raskull itself as one of the good surprises of the Xbox Live Arcade in late 2010. Halfbrick the game turns out to be a sort of Mr Driller ultra fun, colorful and literally addictive multiplayer in which small funny characters dig their tunnels to reach the faster the finish line. Mixture of reflection and platforms, it is a little nugget of fun, unfortunately rather short solo gameplay and offering far too basic for you to occupy more than three hours.. Despite an average lifetime (but respectable) Raskull enters the pantheon of the best titles of the support. Fun, friendly, funny, beautiful and playable Halfbrick title is a little gem as we would love to have more often. He will sit safely in your library of games alongside Castle Crashers Trials HD Splosion Man or Super Meat Boy.


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