Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of DS Osborne House Review

Who does not know him? The famous Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Dr. Watson have been solved so many cases. In numerous books, films and games, the two figures had been their various appearances. After the great detective in a recent action film again had a greater presence, game follows Nintendo’s portable console for now. It wait a few challenging puzzles for detective fans. Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective in the world, returns to Nintendo’s portable console with a new original adventure called Sherlock Holmes and the Secret of Osborne House.

In this new adventure specifically designed for manual system of Nintendo’s, you play as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and should shed light on interesting events. When Queen Victoria was stolen genealogical records, the royal family decides to put you in the case and asks you to solve this strange mystery. Sherlock Holmes is back – in a riveting criminal case for your Nintendo DS. Slip into this brand new adventure in the role of the famous detective and bring light into the darkness strange events. Stuffs are stolen, when the results of the genealogy of Queen Victoria decides the Royal Family to hand over to you the case. Supported by your wise and loyal friend Doctor Watson, you must use logic and observation to solve dozens of riddles, puzzles, and puzzles of all kinds. Travel around dozens of beautiful, hand-drawn scenes in order to search for clues and mysteries to uncover. Meet many charismatic people of Victorian England, which help you to solve a strange case and finally bring the truth to light. Challenging puzzle and puzzle fun for your head.

Osborne House will be the title of the next game which will see ‘Sherlock Holmes starring on the Nintendo DS. In addition to our hero with a pipe, we will play with the trusty Dr. Watson in an adventure that Focus Home announced today. Developers will obviously Frowgares. In the game, Holmes is hired by the Royal family, to look for important documents stolen from Queen Victoria. So been promised a lot of puzzles, a good variety of backgrounds and characters drawn by hand. Froqwares view of recent times, even in this case I reserve the right to say that this may be a Casual Game.   Then, as always your wise and loyal friend Dr. Watson, and armed with the Nintendo DS Stylus you have to use logic and observation of feelings through dozens of riddles, puzzles, and puzzles of all kinds. In this great adventure, you travel through dozens of beautifully drawn in search of keys and new mysteries to solve. You will also meet with a number of charismatic characters, including the famous characters from Victorian England to help you solve this strange case, and finally learn the truth.

Features :

  • Investigate! Are interviewing the characters and find all the clues to solve the puzzle!
  • Check! Collect additional items that will help you on your way.
  • Use your mind! Solve more than 40 exciting puzzles and puzzles.
  • Choose one of two different modes – “Investigation” or “puzzle-solving.”
  • Take a trip to 40 different places, including Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.



Sherlock Holmes on Nintendo DS, but for the first time with an adventure designed exclusively for this mobile platform, titled Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House. Once again, the development has been entrusted to the guys at Frogwares and publisher Focus Home Interactive. In the adventure course, play as the detective Sherlock Holmes, which will shed light on some mysterious happenings: genealogical archives of Queen Victoria were eliminated and the royal family will entrust the investigation to Holmes and his solution to this strange case. Accompanied, as usual, from the tips of your trusty Watson, you must use logic and your powers of observation to solve all sorts of mystery and puzzles. You’ll have to explore dozens of locations superbly hand-drawn looking for new clues and riddles, encountering numerous charismatic characters that will help solve this particular case to find out the truth at the end.

Beautifully designed, will whisk you the secret of the queen in an exciting and exclusive criminal case. Play Sherlock Holmes, assisted by his loyal friend Doctor Watson and hit the many riddles and puzzles that will make your brain during this great adventure to the test! The intuitive stylus control, you move through magnificent, hand-painted scenes and search for information, advice and tools that help in solving the case. Meet colorful characters and interview, write down your statements and categorize your own conclusions. Search across London to critical clues to solve the mysteries that drive the criminal case.

It has long been nothing more happened. Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson are longing back to a larger, particularly interesting case. Do they first have to be something special to turn, she suddenly found a much more important and bigger case with a hidden message, the Prime Minister asks the famous man from Baker Street, the investigation of a burglary in Windsor Castle included. It seems even from the start, not everything to be clean, especially since the whole case is kept private and appears in a short time the first body

Story :

It is certainly not the crime story that on the DS is offered here. But it fits well into the concept of such detective games, and so must be written perfectly for the younger players. Not always you have to know the feeling, exactly what might happen next, but are amateur detective’s soon finding time to move in that direction the whole events. A lot more but it is the witty and generous dialogue that can make even the experienced players, even a smile in the face. All in all, a passable story with some unfortunately a few surprises.

Sherlock Holmes & the Mystery of Osborne House will allow you to play as Holmes, so that he must solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of genealogical records of Queen Victoria. So with your fellow Watson, you need to solve dozens of puzzles spread across multiple environments hand-drawn. Note that you’ll also encounter several characters throughout your investigation. The records of Queen Victoria’s genealogy have been stolen! The royal family decided in secret to pass the case to the greatest detective Sherlock Holmes. Followed by his trusty friend Dr. Watson has to do the famous detective hands full in order to unravel the strange mystery. And why does the Royal Family stop the robbery necessarily secret?

The mysterious investigation leads you and Doctor Watson across London and into the interior of legendary buildings such as Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace or the British Museum. Sometimes things are very different from what they seem at first. You will need to use all your smarts to convict the perpetrators and uncover the mystery of the Queen. The royal family is all their hope in Sherlock Holmes with recovering the vital records. This time the nose is accompanied by assistant Dr. Watson. It helps Sherlock Holmes to uncover clues and solve the mystery of the case with logic.

Puzzles :

Sherlock Holmes DS is a Point’n’Click adventures are compared with well. The interaction takes place only with the stylus, and so must be different objects taken a closer look, people questioned or evidence to be found. All of this clearly delineated on the touch screen. During the very beginning of the puzzles all still a little too easily seem, there is every now and again to solve some very tricky problems. You can then also like a bit or goes again through all the scenarios one more time. Fortunately it always has a help function, can choose from, but if the task seems unsolvable. Although it will be awarded fewer points overall, but if you finally come in time to your destination.

But you have really always nice to keep an eye on the game. It does nothing, simply click through the conversations and any items not specifically to look at. The makers have probably seen it, that the inventors are among the players really enjoyed. But if you also weathered the difficult puzzles me, it goes forward again quite quickly, and, soon, the game is then over. Too bad.

In order to uncover the mysterious happenings, it is essential for developers, the solution of many mysteries and puzzles of all kinds, your intuition and good observation. Here you visit a variety of hand-painted scenes and meet some charismatic personalities that you will help in the investigation of the case.


A quiet and shape of the sound and atmosphere matching the game nicely painted villages throughout the period of time. While still had a little bit more movement can be brought into play, but the game can be seen visually. Something missing from it and do a speech that the game would have done really well. The reading of the dialogues on the screen goes without problems. Of course one can gamble so the game without sound. Perfect for travel. As always, in the company of wise and faithful friend Dr. Watson, you will need all your powers of observation and logical way to unleash dozens of riddles, puzzles, and puzzles of all kinds. You travel a lot and beautiful hand-drawn environments, looking for new clues and mysteries.

 The game clearly fulfilled all expectations. With a name like Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Queen Puzzle fans are of course all the detective and addressed, and once again get good food for your portable console. Here and there one would have wished but balanced puzzles and a bit more action, but makes the game safe in the short term fun. But just a little longer it should have been already.


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