Apple iPad 2 Preview

After the great success of the first edition it was only a matter of time before the Apple iPad 2.   The Primus on the front side of the Tablet is not yet changed. The unit still has an aluminum backing and rounded corners. Through a flatter structure and a reduced weight in iPad 2 but more than ever like an oversized iPhone an iPod Touch.  An optical innovation is the introduction of an alternative white variant, which is already implemented with iPhone 3G. iPad 2 is updated with the latest Apple Operating system i.e. iOS 4.3. There are various convenience improvements for iPad users one of them is Face-time support. “Face Time” is Apple’s program for video chats, comes with two cameras with which photos and videos can be mixed with 1280 x 720 pixels and the resolution for video telephony is 640 x 480 pixels.



Five new features for the new Apple iPad 2 known and refers to the suppliers that will produce the tablet at the moment. These are to be equipped with a front camera face time and to convert the 10-inch set to a digital video camera. In addition, a powerful camera comes on the back. Also new is the display of the Apple iPad 2 with the so-called Gorilla glass which is already introduced with the Apple iPhone 4. The color display could be optimized in this way.  The third feature of the Apple iPad 2 is a three-axis gyroscope is expected, which should make for especially good service games.

Apple iPad 2 Front


The dock of iPad 2 has the dimension of about 241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8 millimeters and weighs 600 grams, it is probably the slimmest tablet currently at all. The option of a white casing is positive.  The biggest change is the CPU, which provides a clear performance boost. Despite more hardware power, the battery endurance continues to record with average usage which should withstand iPad 2 approximately 10 hours. Very encouraging is the fact that Apple’s “iOS 4.3” reaching out to more users and finally iPad “Face Time” integrated in it. Let’s hope the U.S. price tag: The Apple iPad 2 only in the UMTS version slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

iPad 2 Cover


Die-hard Apple disciples at the end of the day should be a little disappointed. Too many new features are there and also hope for a second, smaller seven-inch version has not proved to be unfounded.  Apple continues with the  classic microSD memory card slot and a USB port. Both major drawbacks that have been implemented in most Android Tablets ago.

iPad 2 Case


The Apple iPad 2 can be some major criticisms of its predecessor, unfortunately ignored. Thus, the changes are primarily a visual one. The new case is as beautiful as never before and even a bit more compact. Together with the new edition will also be updated Apple operating system “IOS” in version 4.3.


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