Warriors: Legends of Troy Preview

After countless renditions of the Dynasty Warriors saga since the last few years, Koei again decided to try its luck with a new setting for their fighting and action games with massive battles, in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms of mythological Greece told in the Homeric poems around the Trojan War. Tecmo Koei is back with Warriors: Legends of Troy, a beat ’em all on a large scale in which the waves of enemies walking in bunch of twelve. It took part in the Trojan War triggered by anger of the Greeks before the abduction of Helen (queen of Sparta) by Paris (Trojan prince). Fighting Homeric heroes that fought on both sides thus serve as a canvas for Warriors: Legends of Troy, a title that looks relatively straightforward if one relies on the level proposed in the preview.

For those who don’t have any idea about legend of the Trojan War (a legendary city until the nineteenth century in the ruins are discovered, although there is still no consent and has not been shown if the war really happened) and summarize in a few words, the trigger for this conflict is the abduction-or-flight of Helen of Sparta at the hands of Prince Paris of Troy, which leads to the formation of a coalition of Achaeans armies that invade the region of Troy to win back the bride of Menelaus.

Designed as a corridor, the proposed level forced us to confront one of the waves of enemies commanded by captains sometimes a bit stronger than the hoplites base. Armed with sword, Achilles could perform a variety of realistic bloody attacks, some not unlike those that could be seen in the movie Troy by Wolfgang Petersen. The finishing moves are fairly well developed, and it differs its attack combos by alternating fast, powerful, and expenses shield. A gauge of fury gave access to a kind of berserk mode during which the screen darkened to make way for the massacre.

In the starting chapters we found that narrates the story in a very correct, never recorded videos with the game’s engine. Actually we found this at the beginning and the end of each chapter, where we see events from different points of view having been pleasantly surprised so far for both the Greeks and the Trojans . In its final version, Warriors: Legends of Troy should allow us to choose our camp and our hero, Achilles transferor then the place to Hector, Paris and Ulysses. It is also expected that there will be some kind of multiplayer mode, as it was said at the time of the first ads on this title. Of challenging parties were also discussed, and several online functions should be managed like a cat or individual rankings and team.

After an complicated sequence in which we consider the arrival of the Greek army to the shores of Troy, took control of the warrior Achilles, having to clear the area of Trojan soldiers to help the landing. There are three basic types of attack: fast, accurate and stunning, being the fourth main button to unleash the fury that will explain later. As defensive moves we have the lock-in that we use the shield in case we have one and that serves to protect us from various attacks and including the launch of arrows, and the option to roll to dodge, also we can set our enemies and collect weapons from our enemies killed in action, something quite important in the case of the spears which will serve to open up defenses. The combos are very simple, and almost all are made by pressing the fast attack many times in combination with precise attack, which we hope will not play against them in the long run and make the gameplay too simple title.

Sometimes when we perform stunning attack on, the display shows the Y button, which indicates that if we want to make a run we have to press that button. These are pretty bloody, killing our enemies by putting our swords through the enemies throat, back or mashing on the ground, these being the most violent moments of the game. By making these bloody executions of the executed co become frightened and may go so far as to run away, so we can use to hunt in the back, even with a spear at a distance of many feet, which is wickedly funny. While performing these special moves rage bar went up, that after completing can make slowing down the action and turning our lethal attacks, filling the screen with blood splatter quite dramatically. We also need to gather points, which are used to purchase items either before the beginning of chapters or when you restart a checkpoint after death. These items are furnished in a grid (the same way as in the fourth and fifth installment of Resident Evil), which has limited space, and gives us a number of improvements, from greater statistical power or life, to new combos or our stronger allies.

Warriors: Legends of Troy is fairly linear game with very low settings, it’s much different of the Dynasty Warriors saga, even though they both beat ’em up or me against the neighborhood are massive. There are off course some new playable added, but the system becomes more complex in combos because although entertaining the game is in danger of being too simple and monotonous, to do little rather than annihilate groups and groups of enemies with a few movements without too complex combos and no strategic ability to give orders to our troops. In short, there are definitely different boss battles, since they are one-on-one in which the difficulty rises significantly, and pounding the buttons is not enough, having to adopt different tactics…

As per the Graphics, if large numbers of characters gather on the screen at the same time, system without the graphics engine will suffer, but we must also mention the repetition and simplicity of all the models. The environments are quite empty, though convincing in the setting of the game, and are repeated many times in the early stages of the adventure, so we expect to play more to see if this is the general tone. The sound meets with a proper melodies and effects that highlight the screams and groans of the enemy, which we hope will moderate. Bestiary of creatures from mythology, such as harpies and Cyclops, should also be part of it. Unable to test several parts or even switch characters, it is probably too early to form an opinion of Warriors: Legends of Troy. But the context is chosen rather attractive and could not be more appropriate in the register of all beat ’em.


The anger of Achilles escapes the influence of time and returns to be a beat ’em all centered on Homer’s Iliad. Achaeans and Trojans will battle to the death in this classic title, moreover we do not expect too linear. If the multiplayer keeps its promises, Warriors: Legends of Troy could succeed at the game, but as per the current situation we prefer to remain cautious. We will wait till the launch of the game that is 15th March to see if this remarkable package of argument and fun approach, added game modes and gameplay changes that will avoid falling into the boredom.


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