Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Preview

Licence Pro Evolution Soccer is currently experiencing a very difficult situation. Since the advent of next-gen consoles, it has lost significant ground to the point of being overtaken by the past few years the competition represented mainly by the saga FIFA. Different grinds portable PES and FIFA have had different fates.

To win back the heart of the players, Konami held extensive discussions with Nintendo to make Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D first set out on the new handheld console from Nintendo. The Japanese firm has identified a particular challenge, she must indeed operate perfectly in a stereoscopic 3D soccer game that is really not conducive to this technology.


Static games like strategy games or sports are relatively few in depth before these effects are expected to offer players a better perception of space. 3DS Nintendo has the distinction of requiring no additional device such as eyeglasses scanning. It suffices to position themselves directly in front of the console and adjust the 3D effect in his own way with a slide button located on the right side of the upper screen.

Surprising as it may seem, the game from Konami knows quite well with this exploit 3D. So, after an inevitable period of accommodation, the player can gain precision in his movements and especially during his deep passes. The 3D offers the public a better perception of depth. Thus, by dint of practice it becomes easy to know the precise position of our teammates from the opponent and avoid giving him the ball too often.


However, all the angles do not value this stereo. The TV view such offers virtually no benefit to the player. Unsurprisingly, the rear view that shows the most adapted to 3D. The game is also surprising to purely visual level, it almost reaches the level of the PlayStation 2 version of Pro Evolution Soccer.

This version also supports the function of 3DS Street Pass for conducting duels between two remote consoles on standby. This function will be based on the statistics of the team he discovers the player. It is not possible to measure the impact beyond the turn of events for example by taking control of our players. This will help in a sense sharing and indirect competition. The guidelines could competitions they done over WiFi.

In this presentation, we left astonished by the good operating capabilities of 3DS. Konami has obviously managed to get the most out of it and avoid playing the card of opportunism in a game with virtually identical to the DS versions. A title that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Release date scheduled for March 25, 2011 on Nintendo 3DS.


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