Panasonic Lumix TZ5 Digital Camera

Panasonic Lumix TZ5 presence stabilized super zoom on a compact digital
camera so it went easily into a pocket. With a 10x zoom, ranging from 28
mm to 280 mm equivalent 35 mm format there are few shooting situations
that bring fear. You are ready to take pictures of everything with the
added advantage of being able deal with a discrete machine which does
not give the eye as a reflex and is easily transportable skills
particularly useful in metropolitan reportage like Street Photography
and travel. The fact that the Leica zoom is marked and that provides
an opening (f / 3.3 – 4.9) acceptable of this price .

The Lumix TZ5 has replaced the Lumix TZ3 with great success, introduced
in January two years ago. The formula has remained essentially the same
the body is compact, lightweight luggage, zoom 28 – 280 mm, simple
operation. But compared to the previous model the TZ5 offers the
possibility to zoom while recording video in high definition (720p) LCD
display more defined (the resolution is increased from 200k to 400k
points per inch) and all the new features that Panasonic has
incorporated the latest compact machines (Intelligent Auto mode).

The Panasonic TZ5 has 9 megapixel. You can print photos with good
quality, in a larger size or enlarge portions of the image, without
loss of quality. The loss of detail and noise especially when
photographing with the sensitivity set to high values.

Design and Controls
The Panasonic Lumix TZ5 is a well made body available in black
professional and silver or blue, very compact size: 104 x 62 x 35 mm.
The weight is only 214 grams without battery and 245 grams for the
machine ready for use. In short a digital camera that can take us below
easily into a pocket . Alternatively you can bet on one of the many
super zoom compact camera,
with still wider objectives, but their overall dimensions and weights
are well above those of Lumix TZ5. If you have the versatility and
comfort of the controls things that matter most, then a better to
switch. If on the contrary, the portability and the discretion are
essential, then the TZ5 is for ours.

The camera body is rugged and challenging, though of course one can
not expect the digital camera of this size . Panasonic however has done
his best acting in the previous design of the machine with small
corrections (grip and back). There is the stabilizer, which works well
and helps a lot, but cannot do miracles.

The TZ5 has the large LCD display of the TZ3 with a diagonal of 3
inches, but this time with a double resolution, 460,000 points to
230,000. The vision in playback has improved although in full sun are
the problem (which also screens with 900,000 points from the latest
reflex). One point against the TZ5 is the lack of optical viewfinder in
this compact.

The upper part of the machinery is extremely simple. I would say
essential button for on / off, controls for zoom extension, before the
shutter button scroll wheel for selecting the mode (That are Normal,
Intelligent Auto, movies, clipboard and two scene mode) and E. Zoom
button. The latter is used to quickly locate the zoom on maximum focal
length and to activate the digital zoom when you press the button

The command to switch between shooting that replay is now positioned in
the top right of the back of the machine. Below is the 4-way control
that allows you to move through menus and by using the four arrows can
rapidly compensation, flash, access to macro mode. The delay for the
self adjustable between 2 and 10 seconds. 

Battery ,storage connectivity
The Panasonic Lumix TZ5 has the rechargeable lithium-ion CGA-S007E,
which has a capacity of 1000mAh. The autonomy is greatly influenced by
the manner in which it uses the compact, the LCD at maximum brightness,
the stabilizer and video recording of the cut. In normal use you can
take approximately 300 photos with refills.

On the right side of the camera protected by a small door, i find DC
input, USB / AV and the exit for the cable DMW-HDC2, which allows the
TZ5 to transfer the files in high definition on an HD TV. The memory
slots which is placed in the same housing for the battery and accepts
SD cards. 

Image Stabilizer
The presence of the tested Panasonic OIS stabilizer provide comfort in
shooting with little light and compact face. The stabilizer compensates
micro movements of the machine by reducing the risk .The stabilizer
mounted on the TZ5 has three modes of operation. In mode 1 the
stabilizer is constantly active. The 2 comes into action only when the
photographer presses the shutter (this is the most effective, but does
not allow to monitor the effect of stabilization before taking). The
third mode allows you to exclude the stabilizer for example when it is
not necessary because the machine is securely anchored to a tripod or
resting on a stable support.

There’s only super zoom between the strengths of the small but
captivating TZ5 but the Leica DC Vario-Elmar 10X zoom certainly does
not pass unnoticed. The objective has a range equivalent on 35 mm film
format, 28 – 280 mm. You can photograph a all kinds of internal group
portraits, from landscapes to reportage. The brightness f/3.3-4.9 is not
the best but not even bad. The jumps are a lot of focus so you can
maneuver well enough zoom to find the desired focus. There are two
speeds for the zoom, which are activated depending on how it acts
on. Macro mode allows zooming a minimum distance of focus of 5 cm. The
lens cap is incorporated and automatic has a guarantee against dust and
accidental bumps.

Face detection
The Lumix TZ5 incorporates recognition technology and the optimization
of the faces. It can recognize up to 15 in the scene. Face detection
works automatically with Intelligent Auto mode but can also be
activated via the menus in Normal Mode.

A good movie compared to the TZ3 from 848×480 pixels to 1280×720 pixels
(30fps) of the TZ5. If you purchase the optional video cable you can
connect the camera to a high definition TV to enjoy the best HD
video. During registration you can use either of the zoom camera is the
image stabilizer (only mode 1). It should be noted that both the quality of the video because
the quality of sound is not even comparable to those of an HD camcorder
also economic. The quality of the video, it is good to have a memory
capacity to record HD in a few minutes.

The TZ5 record 9.1 megapixel images while having a sensor with 10.7
megapixel. This allows you to record images in 4:3 or 3:2 (the same 35
mm) resolution, respectively, 9.1 and 8.5 megapixel. There is also the
wide 16:9 format, with resolution down to 7.5 megapixel.

ISO sensitivity

The range of sensitivity from 100 to 1600 ISO. High Sensitivity mode
allows you to climb up to 6400 ISO, but with reduced resolution to 3

Intelligent Auto Mode
It is a new mode, present in all digital compact made by Panasonic last
year, which combines several features to improve the quality of the
photos: Intelligent ISO, Face and Scene detection (recognizing faces
and the scene), Digital Red-eye Correction ( corrected digital
red-eye), and Intelligent Exposure (improves balance lights-shadows) is
a help to take better photos.

Intelligent ISO

The function recognizes the movement and automatically raises the ISO to allow shooting with a rapid time to freeze the subject.

The built-in flash offers Auto, Auto with reduced defect red-eye, Forced, Slow sync with reduced defect red eye and off .

23 preset Scene
High Speed Burst (bursts of high speed but with reduced resolution) and
Multi Aspect, which takes three pictures with different formats, 4:3,
3:2 and 16:9.

The Panasonic TZ5 is a fast machine that is already appreciates when
the is ready to take in less than two seconds and turns off in a
shorter amount of time. The autofocus system is fast and accurate and
can count on an excellent illumination that was a great help in
difficult shooting situations like low light.

The choice is between two methods of shooting at full resolution over a
third, very fast but with the resolution lowered, Normal mode lets you
shoot at a speed of approximately 2.5 frames per second for a maximum
of three Fine JPEG. Free Burst mode allows you to take an unlimited
number of images to fill the memory card. However implies a slight
reduction in speed about 2 pictures per second. Who wants to go further
is to use the new shooting modes High Speed Burst, which allows you to
get to 6 photos per second but with a 2 megapixel resolution and the
sensitivity range of the contract between 500 – 800 ISO. 

Conclusion :
I can say now that Panasonic has succeeded in recent years to improve
the quality of the photos of his excellent compact while continuing to
increase the number of megapixel. The images taken with the Panasonic
TZ5 is well exposed and show colors generally faithful. The Panasonic
TZ5 has a strength of no little importance as it is a compact
pocket. With a big zoom with a 10X optical zoom. Above is a digital well
built, with the body largely made of metal and feature-rich.

The Lumix TZ5 is a truly versatile, ready to photograph interiors and
monuments where the zoom starts from 28mm equivalent ,as well as group
portraits, landscapes and even something more, thanks to television
support which reaches 280 mm. Zoom Leica shows a level of very low
distortion, very little purple fringing and overall makes a ok in this
category. For all those who are looking for a small but solid camera to
keep in your pocket, for travel, portraits and reportage for the
metropolitan, the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 is well made.


  • 10x zoom with 28mm
  • Stabilizer
  • Response time
  • HD video recording with zoom
  • Large LCD display with 460,000 points
  • System fast and precise autofocus


  • Lack of manual controls
  • Disturbance in and above the photos at ISO 400
  • There is no RAW format
  • There is no optical viewfinder
  • Wide little brighter


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