Logitech Harmony 900 universal remote

Meanwhile there are already plenty of universal remotes from Logitech
on the market. The low-end model in the series is the Harmony 525
Advanced Universal Remote. This model can control up to ten devices and
features a gate that you learn the signals from another remote control
can turn on. The Harmony 555 and Harmony 785 can control up to fifteen
devices, the Harmony 785 is a color available.

The Harmony 895 has the extra equipment that it to a distance of thirty
meters can operate. This is possible by applying an infrared receiver
that is radio controlled. Most famous is probably the Harmony Remote
Harmony One, Logitech which has created much publicity. This remote has
a color screen that is touch sensitive. The latest model in the Harmony
series, the Harmony 900 is device ships with an IR blaster and two
"mini blasters," all of which work together in order to get crucial
instructions from your remote to devices neatly hidden behind closed
doors. The remote itself packs a full color touchscreen and can pull
down codes for over 225,000 devices, and there’s also a rechargeable
battery and a base station to keep things juiced up when not in use.
Additionally, Logitech has added a row of buttons in the middle of the
remote that correspond to the red, blue, green, and yellow tabs you’ll
find on Blu-ray player remotes to control interactivity options during
playback of Blu-ray Discs. (These buttons are also useful for mapping
to various confirmation buttons that appear on DVRs and cable/satellite

The other big change we should talk about up front is the addition of
RF (radio frequency), and its implementation. With previous Harmony RF
models, you had to set up the remote and RF separately by connecting
both the remote and RF module to your computer via the USB port. Every
time you updated the remote, you had to update the RF module, which was
a major pain if you had an intricate setup and had to take the RF
module out of a cabinet or closet each time you updated the remote.


Features of  Harmony 900

  • Wireless RF connection: There’s no need to aim your remote, and
    you can even control devices that you keep behind closed cabinet doors
    and walls (up to 100 feet away).
  • Easy-to-install RF system: It’s easy to extend your reach and
    turn RF signals into IR commands your devices can understand. Just
    place the simple-to-install IR blaster and mini blasters near the
    equipment you want to control.
  • Replaces up to 15 remotes: Reduce the clutter and complexity of your living room.
  • One touch to your entertainment: No more complicated lists of
    what to turn on or which button to select.
    Everyone can select what
    they want to do—such as “Watch TV”—and your Harmony remote does the
  • Full-color touch screen: You get easy, one-touch access to your
    entertainment activities—such as watching a DVD, watching TV, listening
    to music—as well as your favorite channels. Sculpted, backlit buttons
    in a smart layout: You’ll find the right channel—even in the dark.
  • Ergonomic design: Fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Charged and ready: Your rechargeable remote can go a week
    between charges. Just set it in the base station and it charges up. You
    won’t be looking for batteries when you want to be watching TV.
  • Online setup: You connect your Harmony remote to your computer,
    select the equipment you have and your Harmony gets set up. There’s no
    trial and error, or looking up and punching codes into your remote to
    get it working.
  • Live answers to your questions: If you hit a snag, live customer support is ready to help.
  • Constantly updated A/V control database: How can you be sure it
    will control what you have? With more than 5,000 brands and 225,000
    devices supported, you know we’ve got you covered. And with more added
    every day, what you get tomorrow will work too.


Installation of Harmony 900

For installing your harmony 900 you need
to first create a login account and after you need to select any device
and give it’s name like DVD player, TV or AV receiver.After you specify which brand you have and then enter the type number. After selecting device it’s time to configure them. In this configuration you need to specify the time of use. So you can select which devices you use to watch TV, what source
you use and what output to your TV stand. All appliances are you such a
configuration.Furthermore the program lets you indicate that you
encounter errors. To read the settings, such as the effect of the
device. Also you can indicate that you have an error when you do get a
list of options, including that you have the wrong input device or the
device is not on.

RF blaster
The unit asked directly, after everything was working, whether I wanted
to set the RF system. If you do not immediately get here easily through
the options menu. I’ve done right, it’s all very simple. You connect
the blaster to the outlet and he has been working on the remote you
check the devices you want to work with the blaster and the
installation is done. If your device has two or three boxes have been
distributed this no problem, besides the big blaster are two more
little ones. This allows you to connect large. You can use the blaster
to thirty meters, according to Logitech. But I had only to reach 22
meter, this can have many causes, but personally I’m not 22 meter away
from the device. Really fast, the RF technology is not really. With the
infrared takes quite long, but now longer. The system now converts each
to each device, so when you turn on three devices at once should you
still be patient.

Logitech Harmony 900 looks

The Logitech Harmony 900 looks in appearance just like the Logitech
Harmony One. There are a number of buttons added, such as red, green,
yellow and blue button. How the remote for the rest look for.

The front side of Logitech Harmony 900 looks like any other remote,
it only has a touchscreen. The normal buttons as up / down and program
up / down just sit there. You use the touch screen above for the
options as teletext and screen size. The teletext button was a damper
here because we can not use the analogue teletext while watching
digital TV. With the Logitech Harmony One for each device you have
several options, such as the radio did you choose the band (AM / FM)
and since this is regulated is very easy wrong. Now you deeper into the
menu to adjust this. Personally, I have found that the better you can
specify yourself what features / options in the menu you want.

Rest of the remote
Rest of the unit is tight finish. At the head there is a small
cover that hides the USB input. There is also a flap on the bottom,
below is the battery. Furthermore, the back finished with
slip-resistant material so it does not slip from your sweaty hand while
watching an exciting movie.

If your remote run down, no problem. You do not need looking for new
batteries, because there is simply furnished with a charger. The remote
fits neatly in your charger and it looks quite chic.

Easy keys
There are a number of keys on your remote to make life a lot easier. As
the Help button. If something is not functioning the device is not
whether such output is not good, you can press this button. You go
through a kind of installation that ask questions, first ask whether
the device you want the guided help, or you know where the problem
lies. Often you see what the problem itself, as the band of the radio
is wrong, or the entrance to the TV is wrong. Then you can simply
indicate this on the remote. Everything points to him.


The Logitech Harmony 900 is a long device as compared to the Harmony One, ai also supports the
RF-technology. RF setup is also significantly better, so Logitech upgrades the RF module and blasters that come with its
tablet-style remote and the
remote is very user friendly, but on the other end it takes a very long time for a device to boot.


  • Great ergonomics
  • Seemingly reliable charging system
  • Very easy setup


  • Crappy RF system
  • Weird IR blasters


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