Ghostbusters The Video Game

Ghostbusters The Video Game comes shortly after the second film, a chronological point of view, and in the worthy tradition of the first, in terms of humor and kidding nonsense "ectoplasmic" . This action game is full but does not forget the atmosphere. A treat.

Terminal Reality developed the Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 versions, while Red Fly Studio developed the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Wii versions, and Zen Studios developed the Nintendo DS version.

We forget sometimes! A video game is not a derivative as the others. Contrary to a T-shirt to potential "fun" uncertain or a mug, by nature moderately entertaining, a game should at least be fun. From this side, the team Terminal Reality quite pulled it off. Action, atmosphere, and vicious boss for the third person: Ghostbusters recipe includes Gears of War and Company. The only difference is that your foes are ghosts that you’ll need to capture with the help of a pack of protons, a formidable weapon spewing "fragrance." It changes the big guns.


That’s not all. Other types of rays will gradually enrich your arsenal: the arrows bosons (comparable to a rocket launcher), the diffuser particles (equivalent of a shotgun), the concentrated flow (self-guided gun projectiles), the effluvium icy stasis (a kind of … something … weird) and even the stream of green slime, especially useful for closing the gates to the world of ghosts, and can also act as unsavory grab. The accessory "sham" ultimate at a foam party.

All these rays have no alternative spell of good old scent, but have the merit of bringing a little diversity. Especially we can improve outcomes with the money collected at each capture ghost. Note that if the "real" ghosts must be weakened, then captured using a portable trap, the little foot soldiers (usually objects animated by spirits minors) must be destroyed simply to "nag" without too thinking. Ghostbusters loses some of its charm to become a clone of Gears of War over. Fortunately, even if the action is the pride of size, Ghostbusters is a game atmosphere.

A scenario concocted by screenwriters original

Ghostbusters is not a beast transpose the world of movies. He wants a true third installment in the saga. If we believe the very cinematic intro, the script was even written by the pair Aykroyd/Ramis, already responsible for films.


We find the Ghostbusters two years after the second film. You’re a new recruit who falls post snoring but thankless experimental equipment technician. Basically, you are going to test the new material concocted by Egon on his free time. And both say it does not drag because your first day, a wave ectoplasm shook the city: Gozer the Destroyer is back. To visit the Sedgewick Hotel in the library, through the struggle against the Marshmallow Bibendum, has everything to recall memories of lovers of the first film (the second reference to being more discreet). That lack of imagination, but fans should be ecstatic.

Developer-friendly work

For the originality of the screenplay could use some work. But the quality of the dialogues, however, applauded wildly. Ghostbusters is probably the action game best writing ever. Replica fuses and often flies. Especially since Ghostbusters has the luxury of being doubled by the original actors! We thus find our four ghost hunters, including Bill Murray, and even their secretary Janine or the very zealous inspector Peck.


A rare thing: by default, the game features squarely subtitles. In fact, the soundtrack as a whole is very successful, since it is exclusively composed music for the film. Damage, however, that the subtitles, sometimes strangely translated spoil the transition a lot of valves!

Also in short game references, it’s almost a tear in his eye that finds Ecto-1, Headquarters (full of tricks to do and see between each mission), or the proton pack, all modeled with maniacal care. Even the very cheap psycho surface meter is present and directly usable. The game then goes to the first person through the detector low-tech, we can try bonus hidden, invisible enemies and secret passages.

A realization premium

When it is itself a prestigious name that attracts even non-gamers, why trouble to make a title that technically takes the road? After all, most buyers have remained to Tetris … Again, Ghostbusters swimming against the tide, and what appears on screen is worthy of a major production. OK, some environments, including indoors, are less good, the PS3 in any case, it sometimes feels that the console sentence.

But the design of ghosts, demonic realms and characters is quite successful. Special mention for facial animation stunning, and not only during cutscenes. Hat also destructible scenery. Apart from the walls (and again), almost everything can be broken. After a confrontation, our Ghostbusters leave behind only ruins and desolation. A nice nod to their methods of nickel feet.

And like any destruction is rewarded with points to make it fun for the zeal, the history of mainstream chart-high scores. The AI is also rather compelling. Except, it was always one, two or three hunters ghosts with them, and those are never idle. They will spin a proud hand and will not hesitate to ask their own traps or destroy elements of the set to facilitate their growth.


Although Ghostbusters has its weaknesses, it is what should be any adjustment of film: both a way to a world religion, but also a good game if those who have not seen the film have the right to ignore the fans will not remain indifferent to his charms, even if it is unfortunately too short.

Although these six hours of play are ultimately more rich slime in marshmallow, dipped in fragrance and valves that both films combined. It only remains for the same team that we offer back to the Future 4, and all our fantasies of teenagers are now being met.

  • Developer:
    Windows, PS3, Xbox 360 – Terminal Reality (single player), Threewave Software (multi player); PS2, Wii, PSP – Red Fly Studio: Nintendo DS – Zen Studios
  • Publisher:
    Atari, Sony Computer Entertainment (Europe only, PS2 and PS3 versions)
  • Distributor: Atari, Sony Computer Entertainment(retail),Steam(online)
  • Engine
    Infernal Engine (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)
  • Native resolution: Xbox 360: 720p; PS3: 1024×576
  • Platform:
    Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
  • Release date: NA: June 16, 2009: EU: June 19, 2009 (PS2, PS3), October 23, 2009 (Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PSP, Windows)
  • Genre:
    Action game, third-person shooter
  • Media:
    Blu-ray Disc, DVD, DS Game Card, Wii Optical Disc, UMD
  • System requirements:
    Dual core processor, 2 GB RAM, 512 MB Shader 3.0 capable video card, 9 GB free hard drive space


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